Styles and Nakamara pull out all the stops in dream match: WrestleMania 34 (WWE Network Exclusive)

Styles and Nakamara pull out all the stops in dream match: WrestleMania 34 (WWE Network Exclusive)

Shinsuke has spent weeks trying to
get inside the mind of the champion.>>Up on the shoulders there for a moment. Nakamara saw it coming. Shot to the back and
now look at AJ Styles.>>Pump handle.>>Gut buster. And Nakamara’s down. Another cover. Nakamara kicked out.>>Just barely. Styles drove all of the wind out of
Nakamara’s body with that gut buster, and Shinskay nearly watched his
opportunity slip through his fingers.>>Watch this one more time. Off the pump handle and spinning Nakamara right into the-
>>Boom.>>Right into the knee,
compressing the mid-section. Styles wasted no time. Realized how valuable
the pending opportunity was. Nakamara.>>AJ looking for a Styles Clash.>>Thinking about putting away
Nakamara here with a Styles Clash, and Nakamara backing up to the ropes. Styles to the outside.>>So agile.>>You could hear the connection there.>>Aj. Wait a minute. Caught styles and Nakamara.>>Landslide.>>Cover to win the title. Kick out.>>Shinsiki reaching deep into his
arsenall almost out of desperation. Picking AJ off the top rope.

100 thoughts on “Styles and Nakamara pull out all the stops in dream match: WrestleMania 34 (WWE Network Exclusive)

  1. So this is how champions fight now , why are they supposed to punch each-others when they don't get hurt at all hahaha, i can't believe people watch this trash!!

  2. After shinsuke Nakamura give a move like aa reffre pin 3 times and at 4th pin aj styles kick out the hell is this man.

  3. See when AJ was hitting forearm and nakamura countered and hitted like AA refree counted 4 counts that is great mistake

  4. Hey you look shinsuke nakamura is real champ reffre count 3 or reffre count 4 an kickot 4 pin aj kickout what look video replay

  5. This match did not live up to the hype but nakamura turning heel was the start of the rivalry and more matches that we will see between these two

  6. Yes indeed, this match was not of a dream match calibre ( it certainly disappointed me though ), but still it was an amazing match. The fact is that they placed that match around the 4th hour of the 5 hour show. Firstly, the NOLA crowd. Although the crowd was tired, they showed their enthusiasm during the initial stages of the match ( somewhere around the bell ringing ). And that's all, they almost slept. In my opinion, even a poor match can be well showcased with great crowd reactions. Sometimes, a match is judged to be good just from the crowd reactions itself. So this match, basically, had no crowd involvement whatsoever. That basically made this match seem to be almost boring. From what i saw, their in – ring action was amazing itself. It is just that the crowd didn't care to react.
    Secondly, FATIGUE. Not only the crowd, but the people watching it at home too. I myself, who took regular intervals between matches ( I was watching recap on the internet ), found it hard to concentrate on this match and i was feeling way too fatigued to watch another wrestling match.. I mean, this five hour thing may very well be the down side of Wrestlemania. I guarantee you, watch this match on another day, you being fresh and all, will find it way more entertaining than how you felt when you watched it for the first time on the day of Wrestlemania. You'll get to notice the moves, how the momentum shifts, the energy and all ( cuz that's how i concentrate on a match, I was not able to do this when i watched it for the first time ). Plus, this match could have gone a bit longer. On a side note, I'm also speculating that Vince would have told them to make this match a bit less entertaining ( say like, they could have put on a 5 star match, but instead Vince told them to put on a 4 star match ), so that it wouldn't overshadow Reigns Vs. Lesnar. Also, WWE is too good at hyping stuffs. The hype for this match was so big that the match itself could have never lived up to it.

    I'm not kissin' up to this match or anything. Even i found this to be not of a dream match sort of thing. But still it was amazing, not as bad as people here claim it to be. The thing is, when analysed properly, you would realise why something like this happened.

  7. Damn, I rewatched their Wrestle Kingdom match and compared to that, this was… eh. You can tell how restricted their moveset was.

  8. AJ Styles, by far the greatest talent I have ever seen perform in the ring. He has never had a bad match, been watching him for 16 years.

  9. Referee are stupid to count 4 times and aj kick out at third count very funny 😂😂😂😂😂
    And wwe do not make this mistake next time ok but it was very funny
    And the match is very good ok

  10. crowd ruined this match, hyped it up for nearly a year then sat like silent idiots throughout the whole match

  11. When shinsuke nakamura counters aj phenomenal for then nakamura covers aj and aj styles hasnt kicked out of 2 he kicked out on 4 fall

  12. Biggest disappointment ever worst scripted ever thanks wwe thank you for ruining the best wrestler in the world

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