“Stop a Douchebag” Ep.14 – Bully Vs. Wrestler 2

“Stop a Douchebag” Ep.14 – Bully Vs. Wrestler 2

100 thoughts on ““Stop a Douchebag” Ep.14 – Bully Vs. Wrestler 2

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  2. This faggot looked like an invalid after he was body-slammed by The Wrestler. "Did you see my tags?" What a douchebag….

  3. How to explain this to your loving wife who has to put up with your shit every day as a first rate douche bag?

  4. It's like a when a street gang becomes polite and helpful.
    Are gangs in ny need to start doing this shit instead of shooting at each other.

  5. 3:10 lmfao at the tough guy in camo and flip flops 🤣

    Your mans Judo whizzer was on point 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  6. This is why you always pack heat and just shoot them in the leg and then laugh at them while standing over them. Everyones a hard ass til they get shot. Just sayin 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  7. Women are the worst. They will not admit to anything and play the victim, and blames everything to the men.

  8. Son entero sarapao lo guachos culioa que bengan a chile que le pegamos los meo plomaso a los cuchetumare

  9. Des putains denculer qui se sont pris pour la police alors que il ont une chaîne yt rinsé qui font chier les gens pressés j'aurais était un conducteur je l'aurais coller une balle aux mec qui mets des putains d'autocollants

  10. Brilliant!!! Squeeze the like out of him then smash to the floor like the little bitch he was.. to see his skinny pussy ass limping off made my day

  11. Stop a douchebag hope one off youre actions some one off your asshole crew will be injured very bad stupid losers

  12. I'm Irish and i fucking love Russia and Russian way of life, have a problem kick the shit out of it……..BUT your treatment of LGBTQ needs to change

  13. Bitch you can’t do that you are not police u just made money from YouTube don’t think you did for be good people

  14. It would have been fantastic to confuse the wannabe-Tarzan on Sandals a bit more. Instead of offering him help to get up, telling him; "there's nothing wrong if you're homosexual, we're all different!" .

  15. From all of them you just decide to jump on the fittest and for even better experience he is a wrestler 🤣🤣🤣 this guy is just out of luck or brain cells

  16. This is kinda messed up, putting a permanent sticker in a windshield, and then bodying for him when he tries to get you to get away from him. I see why your doing it, but damn that would be a little bit of a costly replacement for a windshield.

  17. Derbedei bătăuși, fără serviciu, nedoriți de comunitate, dar activi împotriva evidenței: lipsa locurilor de parcare față de explozia distribuirii de numere de circulație!

  18. There’s no need for this in my opinion
    Just contact the police
    No need to intimidate people in front of their families
    Apart from the guy at the end

  19. What if someone was really in a dire emergency and you guys were just douchebags putting stickers on their windshields? Ever think about that?

  20. You can tell the vigilante fucks don't give a fuck about traffic laws based on the fact they COVER THE DRIVER'S WINDSHIELD making it way more dangerous for them to drive. They're just virtue signalling and being dickheads.

  21. That was a beautiful hip throw with perfect restraint as well. Well done guys, but do you guys ever get in trouble for putting stickers on there property?

  22. As far as the dumb ass's climbing on the car's, that's just plain fucking stupid, one of you will get killed one of these days by someone as stupid as you.

  23. These fuckers putting stickers on peoples car and stopping them should be ran over. Someone please drive 100 mph and run these fuckers over!

  24. Παρτο πουστη ,εχω 2 νταν στο καρατε οποτε με συμφερει γενικα για οταν μεγαλωσω ,ετοιμαστειτε γαμημεμενοι🤗

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