Sting’s MISSING WrestleMania Matches!

Sting’s MISSING WrestleMania Matches!

Since WCW closed its doors in 2001, pretty
much all of its top stars jumped across to WWE in one way or another. Hulk Hogan, Kevin
Nash, Scott Hall, Scott Steiner, Ric Flair and many others made their move to Vince McMahon’s
company, with varying degrees of success. However there was one name that alluded McMahon:
Sting. He would eventually work for WWE in 2014, but there were previous attempts to
get The Icon to perform at WrestleMania more than a decade earlier. I am Luke Owen and
this is Sting’s Missing WrestleMania Matches. Like a lot of his WCW compatriots, Sting was
approached by the then WWF to join the company during the 2001 InVasion storyline if he took
a huge paycut from his WCW contract. However in interviews Sting has said that he didn’t
want to join WWF because he saw during how WCW guys were treated during the WWF vs. Alliance
angle. “Something in me never trusted what would
happen up there, based entirely on the track record with other WCW guys and everything
that went on after Vince bought WCW.” – Sting, The Daily Star, Date Unknown Specifically, Sting talked about a moment
during The InVasion when The Rock faced off against Booker T in the ring and said to him,
‘who are you?’. “That one little comment is all it took
to bury somebody – in my opinion – bury somebody like Booker T. It was a way to let everyone
know that, ‘you’re a WCW guy and you’re a pion here’.” Sting, Sting – Return of
an Icon, 2006 However there were negotiations taking place
the following year in 2002 for Sting to come into for WrestleMania X8. 2002 was a very
interesting year following the InVasion, as WCW’s top guys like Hogan, Hall, Nash and
Flair had all joined since they were now free agents. Vince wanted Sting to be one of those
guys, and had even earmarked a match for him at WrestleMania against Kurt Angle. “It was pitched that at Wrestlemania X8
Sting would face Kurt Angle. If you remember, Kurt was eventually thrown into a match with
Kane with little setup.” – Dave Lagana, I Want Wrestling, 2011 This deal apparently fell through according
to former WWE writer Dave Lagana as Sting wasn’t willing to work the full-time schedule.
And while that deal fell through, Vince McMahon and WWE reached out again the following year
for WrestleMania XIX – where he would face off against Stone Cold Steve Austin. “Negotiations fell apart and it never happened,
but it makes you wonder, ‘What if?’ That was one of the times I was talking with Vince,
and it would’ve been an incredible night that would’ve translated into some major, major
rivalries and match-ups for years to come.” – Sting, WWE: Attitude Era, 2015 “I actually had no idea that he was that
close to signing at one point, but it would’ve been a moment for the ages. As a wrestling
fan and as a fan of Sting, it’s too bad that it never happened.” Steve Austin, WWE:
Attitude Era, 2015 Instead Austin faced The Rock in the final
of their three WrestleMania encounters – and although no one knew it at the time but Austin
himself, it would be Stone Cold’s final ever match. Rather than sign with WWE, Sting went over
to the up-and-coming company TNA and made his debut on their first anniversary on June
18th 2003 where he teamed with AJ Styles to defeat Jeff Jarrett and Syxx Pac. After a
few more sporadic appearances, he signed officially with TNA in 2006 – and eventually had that
dream match with Kurt Angle. When did The Attitude Era officially start?
And is there real-life heat between The Rock and Triple H? Click the videos to the left
to find out more. Press subscribe and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve been Luke Owen
and that was wrestling.

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  2. You missed negotiations for Sting VS Undertaker at WrestleMania 27 in 2011 when he faced Jeff Hardy in a 5-star match at Victory Road instead

  3. I'm happy that Sting never faced Taker at Wrestlemania 27 so we got the 5 Star Match between Jeff Hardy and him at Victory Road 2011!

  4. He's a proud guy, and I respect him for that. I can imagine if he had signed a deal with WWF/E they would eventually make him job to guys like The Rock and Triple H (aw snap, that already happened), rather than protecting him as The Icon. I am glad that he didn't join.

  5. Sting was right when he stayed long time ago now, they don’t know how to use his character to do something great with him…#Sad

  6. WWE should've respected those WCW wrestlers. Sting should've worked in WWF in 2001 and left in 2002 like how Goldberg in 2003-04. Sting could have still joined TNA in late 2005 early 06 and still made a big splash in their organization. WWF already had their own talent set so not everyone could've been WWF champion but that's why they had the WCW heavyweight championship. I would've had the NWO lead the Raw invasion. WCW and ECW could've took over Smackdown and turned it into a brand while invading Raw but still have ECW wrestlers battle WCW wrestlers to gain control of Smackdown. That would have been a good connection to the 2006 ECW 2nd invasion. The WWF had many ways to write a good invasion angle but Vince's ego had to really get in the way of great story in it's time. WWF in mid 2001 had so much to offer but gave so little to make a big splash.

  7. Sting is the first superstar to be in HOF by fighting in 3 matches but never pin or submit to the other superstars in wwe….1-2 is the best record of sting in wwe…Sting the icon, The legend, never won a championship in wwe not even US title or IC title that even Santino Marella wins….F**k you WWE for missing the match of Sting Vs Undertaker Just F**k you.

  8. Sting initially not signing with WWE in 2001 I think was a good move. Sting had his reasons, and you can not blame him. Also with Sting choosing not to sign out the gate probably gave him a bit of leverage as far as negotiating a contract with WWE, and the positioning of his character as during this time period Sting was the hottest free agent, and WWE would have probably done what they needed to just to sign Sting which maybe would have allowed Sting much better positioning from a character standpoint than any of the other WCW defectors. With that said, I do believe Sting missed a golden opportunity 2 times with WWE. First was in 2003 when Sting would have been put right away in the main event scene by going right into a program with either Kurt Angle or Steve Austin. The second time was in 2011 when basically just about all the stars were aligned for that Sting, and Undertaker dream match at WrestleMania XXVII in 2011 in Atlanta Georgia. That year leading up to the month of Mania there were even those coded eerie short vignettes that aired, and according to various outlets those were done to eventually promote that matchup as during this time WWE were in discussions with Sting, and this was very very close to happening. But in the end talks fell through. I am a proponent of better late than never. At least we got some Sting in WWE rather than never at all. Sting had a good run with TNA, and did some good things there. But his time during these lost years would have been much better served working for WWE in the long run because he was such a high profile performer, and his legend would have been that much more elevated spent on WWE's platform.

  9. Sting did the right thing. After leaving WCW , staying home collect $500,000 a wk, ride out his WCW contract then going to TNA. Dispute TNA drop there were some great matches.

    Check JR’s podcast.

  10. I wish sting would've joined WWE or atleast made a deal alot sooner than he did, but I get why he didn't sign on right away.

    But imagine the matches he could've had at Mania of he had of signed earlier.. alot earlier.

    But he did have some classics in TNA, that nobody can deny (tna fan or not)

  11. Bound for Glory 2 (2006) Sting Vs. Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship
    Bound for Glory 3 (2007) Sting Vs. Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
    Bound for Glory 4 (2008) Sting Vs. Samoa Joe for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
    Bound for Glory 5 (2009) Sting Vs. AJ Styles for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
    Bound for Glory 7 (2011) Sting Vs. Hulk Hogan
    Bound for Glory 9 (2013) Sting Vs. Magnus

    Bound for Glory 6 & 8 (2010 & 2012) had Sting in a Tag Team Match

    I'm pretty sure Sting's Bound for Glory Matches from 2006-2009, & 2011 are much better than what WWE would've given him. For Christ Sake, Sting fuckin' jobbed to Triple H in WrestleMania 31 in 2015 which is his Very First Match in WWE when Sting was Undefeated at Bound for Glory with a 3-0 record from 2006-2008

    Sting's TNA Career where he became a TNA Hall of Famer in 2012 over his WWE Career anyday

  12. point of convoy translation ( 2002- TNA,ROH,&CZW all launched and WWE has been hoarding& stealing there talent ever since) as well as HOG,PWG,NJPW,ICW,etc. enough said

  13. always got the feeling Sting would have joined WWE long before he did if he wasn't such a nice guy. didn't want to disappoint Dixie so kept signing on for another year

  14. Something that a lot of us didn’t know. I’m impressed. Usually these channels just tells us what we already know.

  15. I feel sting did amazing in his career and for the idiots who say he didnt wrestle from 2006-2014 mofos y'all missed tna/gfw or wtf he had amazing maches in tna threw out that time he was the scorpion king in tna for sure only Mach that was a down side and I hate to say it cuz I love the hardyz but sting vs Jeff was trash ppl know what I'm talking about and why no need to mention it but u get my fn point!

  16. Sting's WWE matches are forgettable, but i bet he was paid quite handsomely. he deserved a memorable WM moment buuut WWE/HHH things.

  17. hi luke you forgot to talk about in 2011 when sing was free agent lot thought sting on raw because there video package that came out lot people online thought sting may join wwe it was raw we found out it undertaker instead sting lo people thought were going have sting vs under taker but instead we got hhh vs under taker then a few months latter sting resigned with tna that was right same time when booker t and kiven nash came back to wwe even kiven nash said that sting going to wwe because there all freinds

  18. According to my sources: Vince wants to wrestle Cena in a KY lube match but Cena want olive oil so.. It will never happen.

  19. depending on the fan type you are, you can look at this in two ways, either Sting screwed a lot of his fans out of matches we all would of loved to see or Sting was a very loyal guy to a fault and stood by his beliefs.

  20. You said real life heat between the Rock and Triple H but the video is about Chris Jericho and Triple H. Is there a video about the Rock and Triple H?

  21. I don't want Sting to have anymore WM matches anyway. They'll just job him out again. Sting should've beat Trips, or should've gone against Taker.

  22. Had Sting worked for WWF/E during the Invasion, it would've been great to see him in matches with Stone Cold, The Rock, Kane and Undertaker and eventually Shawn Michaels. I think Sting would be treated like Booker T, yes…but at least he would've had those WrestleMania matches.

  23. I completely support Sting's refusal to join WWE for less money in '01. Even with Booker T being the only WCW import being in a decent position on the card, even he had some problems with upward mobility. What Sting mentioned about Rock's comment toward Booker T in the ring one night was telling.

  24. Sting's treatment by WWE pisses me off! Prime example of WWE, Vince's and Triple H's ego poor booking and habitual disconnect between WWE and it's fans.

    Wanted Sting vs Undertaker. Nope! Triple needs the spotlight. At least let Sting have his theme musi- nope! Don't want him to be associate with anything that exemplified his greatness from WCW, other than his reputation. At least let Sting win. Nope! Triple H is WWE, and Sting is WCW.

    Then get Sting to cut a promo praising Triple H…

    Sting gets a title shot though! Let him win… Nope! Put over Seth Rollins. And Seth Rollins injures Sting as he did John Cena, Finn Bàlor, and *himself*… But ENDS STING'S CAREER!

    Then get Sting to do an interview putting over Seth Rollins.

    At least he got a Hall of Fame induction! That makes up for one of the worse runs of a superstar ever in WWE.

  25. It's sad seeing how bad Sting is in ring nowadays. I remember way back when he was in a tag team with the Ultimate Warror, and damn could he wrestle back then. Sure, I wasn't born then, but I've watched some of the few ppv's they recorded back then, and it was amazing seeing them. They were like Michaels and Jannetty, only 4 years prior to the Rockers. And then things went awry. Give him a bat, have him lumber around in a match more than Nash, and you eventually end up with Wrestlemania 31. Sad.

  26. I really wish that Luke would start wearing a beanie or toboggan bc seeing the way he tucks his ears into his is about to drive me crazy

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