Seth Rollins drills Braun Strowman with three straight Stomps: Clash of Champions 2019 (WWE Network)

>>Braun turning Rollins down into a sleeper hold. Braun was going for
the running power slam.>>Desperation, it doesn’t matter
if you’re nearly 400 pounds. If you can’t breathe, if the blood gets
cut off to your head, you’re going down.>>Rollins has Strowman down to one knee. Sleeper’s in. Strowman may be fading now. He’s down at both knees. Strowman is out. Strowman is going out here.>>[SOUND]
>>Strowman trying to somehow fight back.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The power of Strowman.>>[SOUND]
>>Stop by Rollins! Cover to and a kick at one.>>He just kicked out at one. That was the stuff, the stuff.>>Look at the look on
Seth’s face right now!>>Rollins realizes that was his moment. He hit Strowman with a Stomp.>>[SOUND]
>>And now Seth going for a second Stomp. Cover again.>>One, two.>>[SOUND]
>>Cover again and another kickout by Strowman,
this time in two.>>[SOUND]
>>Do it again Rollins. This is everything you’ve worked for. This is your universal title.>>Braun’s already
kicked out twice though.>>The hell with it, you gotta keep going.>>And stop by Rollins. Another cover by the champion,
is it enough to retain the title? It’s ruined! Kicked out at two and a half!>>[SOUND]

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