Sasha Banks AEW Tease! WrestleMania to UK?! MAJOR WWE Injury Updates! | WrestleTalk News June 2019

Sasha Banks AEW Tease! WrestleMania to UK?! MAJOR WWE Injury Updates! | WrestleTalk News June 2019

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk STACKED
News, I am Chopper Pete Quinnell. We’ve got a packed show for you today, including
an update on Lars Sullivan’s serious injury, Sasha Banks teasing links with AEW, and WrestleMania
potentially coming to the UK! It’s about bloody time. Before we get into it though, make sure to
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UK…or anywhere that isn’t the US or Canada for that matter? But first let’s talk small scale as Orange
Cassidy has revealed some brand new merch, and befitting of his low-effort gimmick, the
merch is equally, and hilariously, low effort. I mean, who wouldn’t want to wear a shirt
promoting C:UsersDesktopNewFolderstufNewFolderNewfoldershirtbaybeeprowresteesNewfolderfreshly-squeezed7.gif Cassidy tweeting on the matter, saying “I
definitely didn’t do this right”. Or maybe you did, Orange, if that is your real name. But don’t worry, if you want some merch
but t-shirts aren’t your thing, or you can’t fit into some right now because, I don’t
know, let’s say your pregnant, WWE has the answer, as they’ve now released some amazing
Adam Cole merch, including ADAM COLE BAY BAY…on board bumper stickers.
While WWE’s merchandise department takes a fair amount of flack for some of their designs,
sometimes they just do something right, and this…this is one of those times. If there was an award for best WWE merch,
I’m sure this would be thrown into the mix. Speaking of awards… ESPN hosts an annual award ceremony dubbed
“The ESPYS”, where they hand out awards for some of the top sporting achievements
of the year, including Best Performance, Best Viral Moment, Best Athlete in Sport, Best
Athlete in a League, and now…Best WWE Moment. The relationship between ESPN and WWE has
grown exponentially, with ESPN covering more and more of WWE’s product in recent times.
However a Best WWE moment category is a bit weird when there’s no Best NFL, NBA, or
NHL moment. It’s like the Slammys, but like, sort of legitimate this time? Perhaps WWE
created it themselves just so they could give themselves an award and harp on about it on
commentary. Yeah it’s definitely that. Here comes the Big Dog, former Universal Champion,
former WWE Champion, former Intercontinental Champion, former United States Champion, ESPY
award winner, WrestleMania main eventer…yeah I can see it. Now we’ve got some UK themed news, as it’s
now been confirmed that WWE will be leaving Sky to be broadcast on BT Sport beginning
in January 2020. This is actually a pretty huge deal as WWE has been partnered with Sky
for over 30 years, but things have been sour between the two companies since the introduction
of the WWE Network. Now WWE will join the Premier League and UFC
on BT Sport, but they are taking a pretty massive cut in potential viewership, as according
to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Sky is currently in “8.56 million” homes,
whereas BT Sport is currently only in “2.19 million” homes. And the UK news keeps on coming, as we may
be getting a WrestleMania in the UK?! What?! WWE recently issued a marketing study regarding
future locations for WrestleMania 37 and 38, with the idea of gauging interest in various
cities. The locations included “Chicago, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Santa Clara, Houston,
Dallas, Philadelphia, Toronto, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and interestingly, London.” UK fans have been asking for a WrestleMania
for years, and it’s interesting it’s being considered now bearing in mind the logistics
of having to pull off an event like that with time zones and broadcasting being considerably
more difficult. It’s also notable that Tampa is being considered,
as WrestleMania 36 will already be in Tampa, and the only other really noteworthy name
on the list is Jacksonville, as this is the defacto home of AEW. The president of AEW,
Tony Khan, and his family, own the Jacksonville Jaguars, or Jag-wars if you’re American,
so their home base is Jacksonville. Could WWE be planning a takeover of Jacksonville,
much in the same way Ring of Honor and New Japan took over Madison Square Garden, the
spiritual home of WWE, earlier this year? Having said that, GIVE ME WHAT I WANT. I want
a WrestleMania. Pretty please and thank you. Something else I want is Tommaso Ciampa to
make a full recovery, and boy, does it sure seem like he’s heading that way. Ciampa took to Twitter yesterday to post an
update, and in a video, you can see Ciampa training and looking like a beast, because
that’s what he does. The best moment came though, after he puts down his dumbbell and
goes to walk off, just turns to the camera and says “f*** Adam Cole”, with the tweet
also including the BayBay hashtag, just in case you didn’t pick up on the subtleties
of him not liking Cole. It looks like Ciampa will be gunning for Goldie when he comes back
then, no messing around. I love Ciampa. Get well soon buddy. Someone who might need to take some tips on
recovery from Ciampa though, is Lars Sullivan, who over the weekend was reported to have
a picked up a knee injury, which might have been more serious than originally thought.
Now though, it’s been confirmed to be very serious. Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling
Observer are reporting that Lars Sullivan underwent successful surgery for his knee
injury yesterday, but could still be out for 6-9 months, which is a whole bunch longer
than originally anticipated when it was a week. The injury hasn’t been confirmed by WWE
as of yet, however the injury was reportedly picked up by doing something incredibly routine
and was a complete fluke, which is truly unlucky for Lars. 6-9 months would put Lars out until
December, or around WrestleMania 36 season, so perhaps a Rumble return is on the cards
for him. Someone who definitely won’t be returning
to the ring though, is former Divas champion, Nikki Bella. On a recent appearance on The Tonight Show
with Jimmy Fallon, Nikki confirmed that she will never wrestle again due to health problems,
despite her and Brie wanting to return to fight for the women’s tag team championships. “I really wanted to go back and fight for
the tag titles and you know I’ve always had my neck issues and after neck surgery
it hasn’t been okay. So I feel like I needed to get that check-up before we went back for
the tag titles. And it came back, I herniated the disc above where I had surgery, I have
all this inflammation around the metal, and I have a cyst on my brain. So they were like,
‘you’re done, no more, you’re out.’” It’s unclear whether this is WWE doctors
or her own personal doctors talking, but Nikki is being kept out of the ring for her own
safety, which is very much a good thing, as fun as a Bella Twins return for the women’s
tag titles would be, and yes I’m being 100% serious when I say that. Granted, it should have only been for a one
off and not a semi-permanent return like them just hanging around after SummerSlam last
year, but alas, it now cannot happen at all. Wishing Nikki the best if she needs any further
treatment or medical attention regarding her health. Someone else who won’t be returning to WWE
any time soon, though for very different reasons, is KENTA, the former Hideo Itami, who recently
showed up in New Japan Pro Wrestling and will be participating in this year’s G1 Climax
alongside former WWE colleague, Jon Moxley. KENTA recently conducted an interview with
Weekly Pro Wrestling, a magazine publication in Japan, and from the sounds of it, he doesn’t
exactly have glowing reviews of his time in WWE, especially during his time on 205 Live. According to Post Wrestling’s translation
of the interview, KENTA said that he was “excited to move to 205 Live”, but things began to
deteriorate, he felt like he “could never find Hideo Itami’s character” due to a
lack on in-ring time, and that he was “defanged” on 205 Live, and “no good memories come
to mind”. That is some pretty scathing analysis when
no good memories can come to mind about an entire run in a company. Hopefully he can
find the happiness he needs elsewhere in New Japan. Someone else who might be looking to find
happiness elsewhere, man I am killing these segues today, is Sasha Banks, who’s been
on rocky terms with WWE since WrestleMania 35, not appearing on TV since then and reportedly
being in a stalemate with the company over creative frustrations. Banks began following
AEW and its representatives after Mania 35, and now she’s done one better than just
following. Banks has added fuel to the speculative fire
by retweeting a tweet from AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes, which in and of itself
isn’t necessarily a huge deal, however the tweet in question was just a link promoting
AEW’s next show, Fyter Fest, which takes place on June 29, so in essence, Banks just
promoted a rival promotion’s show. While of course, this is just speculation
and can be drawn out in any number of ways, it’s curious timing considering a major
announcement for the women’s division has just been made for AEW’s All Out on August
31 in the video that Banks retweeted. On the road to Fyter Fest Episode 3, it was
revealed by Brandi Rhodes that, much like Bret Hart unveiled the men’s championship
at Double or Nothing, the women’s championship will be unveiled at All Out later this year.
While the details of its appearance, who will be doing the unveiling and how the inaugural
winner will be decided are yet to be announced, perhaps this is what has made Sasha Banks
so keen to promote the event. With her being unhappy with her current WWE
situation, there’s no doubt she might be eyeing some other options, and with a women’s
belt in AEW now an option, perhaps that’s where she’s looking to go once her contract
expires. There’s no guarantee that even if she could
eventually join AEW, she would become the women’s champion straight away, with other
talent such as Britt Baker, Bea Priestley and Nyla Rose all vying for the title. Those
are some pretty stacked names. Does the Spider-Man: Far From Home end credits
reveal the future of the MCU? Press the video to my right to be taken to ScreenStalker to
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Quinnell, and that, was wrestling.

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