Sami Zayn praises Shinsuke Nakamura’s performance: WWE Exclusive, Sept. 15, 2019

Shinsuke, congratulations on retaining
your Intercontinental Championship. It seems like this partnership is
really working out in your favor.>>Do you not understand the dynamic of
this partnership whatever you want to call it? Why are you asking this man questions in
English expecting an answer in English. You’re asking him to debase himself and express himself in a way that
he can’t fully articulate. What it is in his heart, what is in his
soul, but if you wanna know about it, his win tonight has nothing
to do with our partnership. His win has everything to do with
him being better than The Miz. For so long now, how long has it been? The Miz keeps talking about
returning prestige to the Intercontinental Championship. What he doesn’t realize is that this
championship has never been more prestigious than it is when it’s on
the shoulder of this man, the artist, the king of strong style Shin Nakamura. Now please, no more questions because I’m
having difficulty turning my neck, and this is aggravating my injury. Please, if you don’t mind just go,
just go.>>Thank you.
>>Yeah.>>Just go.

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