100 thoughts on “RuPaul Loves Wrestling ‘For All The Reasons You Think’

  1. I met him in South Beach years ago. My friend was at a hotel and she asked me to pick her up. I knocked on the wrong room and Rupal answered. I apologized and started to walk away and he asked, “Do you want to have some orange juice and pecan sandies?” I smiled and accepted. He was so gracious and warm I felt like a million bucks afterwards.

  2. RuPaul is out here livin his best life❕🙅🏽‍♀️❕Jimmy let him motormouth all night👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  3. damn RuPaul is the grandpa that everyone wants to have…i want him to make a netflix show just for telling his stories😍

  4. Wow! At first glance I thought RuPaul was the actress that played Harriet Tubman in the movie “Harriet”…oops.

  5. Ru is a fantastic actor. ❤️ Check out AJ and the Queen on Netflix! It is an awesome story. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, etc etc.

  6. What’s wrong with ru right eye looks straight is right eye turn right. Stay on right. is he blind or has a lazy eye anyone notices that too.

  7. Rupaul is such a happy person. Makes me smile and happy. His stories remind me of my Uncle Troy who lived in San Francisco.

  8. Everyone..Everyone NEEDS TO WATCH AJ AND THE QUEEN. I’m sad they didn’t show a clip. RuPaul is a born actor as the actress playing Aj, as well as all of the cast. There’s some inconsistencies in the story the writers need to work on. I truly believe RuPaul will be up for some awards for his genuine acting abilities. When he’s upset your grabbing tissues. You fall in love with the love that forms between the 2 main characters, and look for many surprises in actors and actresses that pop in and out of the show. I can’t wait for part 2 of the Netflix series it ranks up there with the best of Netflix series.

    It reaches the heart. My husband has had a anger-phobia of watching any shows with gays following a brother who died at 18 from AIDS. Surprise he loved the show…slowly watching over my shoulder to sitting in for entire episodes on my second or third screening of the show. The show heals, it’s real, it’s heart and most of all a beautiful story of love and a testament to belief in your abilities to making your dreams come true.

    Thank you RuPaul and cast it’s a lovely piece of art that reaches the heart.

    And to anyone who misses this amazing show I say “Oh no You did Not!!!!!”🌹

  9. He’s got great comedic timing.

    Also, he would be great at a stage spoken word show. Just telling stories and stuff. People would be into it.

  10. Love. This. Person. Hoping next season of "AJ & The Queen" will just be "The Queen." The kid. Yikes. Precocious, but not in a cute way.

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