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The Hardy Boyz are the new Smackdown Tag Team
Champions! Braun Strowman shows up! And what’s in the bird box? It’s an Oli Davis joke
that not many people got. And was Ronda Rousey really unhappy with WrestleMania? Click the
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of the day: Do you think Lacey Evans is a good first feud for Becky Two Belts? I am
Luke Owen, and why yes I am wearing a snazzy new bit of WrestleTalk merchandise, which
you can buy from the link down below. This is the Smackdown Live After WrestleMania 35.
New Day opened the show to have a celebration for Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship win
at WrestleMania, where Xavier Woods and Big E both gave emotional and heartfelt speeches
about how much Kofi means to them. This was all genuinely lovely with true emotion that
hit everyone in the Barclays Centre and those watching at home right in the feels. Kofi
even gave a shoutout to his family at ringside including his Kofi Kidstons, and his wife
Chichi, which got a Chi Chi chant from the crowd. But like a loud fart that spoils a
first date, The Bar showed up for some generic heel heat. I don’t know how, but this is
all your fault Baron Corbin. The Bar challenged New Day to a six-man tag, revealing they would
have The Scottish Cycle Path Drew McIntyre on their side.
But before that we’ve got another six-man tag with well-established tag team Aleister
Black & Ricochet teaming with Ali to take on other well-established tag team Rusev & Shinsuke
Nakamura with Andrade. There was a fun spot when all babyfaces sat down in a row, and
everyone hit their big moves. Zelina Vega turned on her real-life husband Aleister Black
to cause a nearfall, but Ali picked up the win for the good guys with the 450 on Andrade.
Nothing to write home about, but fun for what it was. And then all of a sudden Randy Orton
RKO’d Ali from out of nowhere, and Kevin Owens gave Rusev the Stunner similarly from
out of nowhere. That was all pretty crazy to be honest.
Carmella and R-Truth came out to recap who won Championships at WrestleMania, with Truth
congratulating Mella for beating Andre The Giant in the Royal Rumble. Mella said she
was looking to get her career back on track now she’s won the WrestleMania Women’s
Battle Royal, but was interrupted by Samoa Joe who laid out Truth with the Coquina Clutch.
He then cut a firey and intense promo about beating Rey Mysterio in less than a minute
last Sunday, and promised to do that again to anyone that got in his way. Braun Strowman
then showed up and he and Joe got into a fantastic brawl, which saw Joe unable to get Strowman
in the Clutch, and Braun unable to slam the United States Champion. This was a segment
that Braun really needed to wash off the stink of doing comedy nonsense for the last couple
of months, and this teased the idea that both men could end up on the same brand next week
to set up a US title feud – which I am really into.
However, all of that was then overshadowed by the return of everyone’s new favourite
gimmick: BIRD RAPTOR. Now I know a lot of people are saying this is a buzzard, but it’s
not. It’s a Bird Raptor… in a Haiwain shirt. This of course is to tease the return
of Bray Wyatt, who looks to be coming back as a demonic Jim Henson.
IIconics then came out with their brand new Tag Team Championships to cut a fabulous and
hilarious promo about how they will be fighting champions. And their first test? The fierce,
brutal and undefeated Brooklyn Belles of Karissa & Kristen! They’ve got a record of 45-0,
which Corey Graves verified by looking it up on Wikipedia. Paige was watching backstage
– NOT NOW PAIGE – and IIconics got the win and ended the streak of the Brooklyn Belles.
It probably shocked this man. This was Edge and Christian levels of brilliance, and I
hope that WWE allow these two to have a good run with these belts, as this is the first
time they’ve actually felt important since Boss N Hug first won them at Elimination Chamber.
PAIGE HERE then said that she would bring some competition for Peyton Royce and Billie
Kay next week, which I genuinely cannot wait for. Did you know that WWE was talked about a lot
on Twitter on Monday, even more than the basketball game? I didn’t know that, but did you know
that basketball game drew nearly 20 million viewers while Raw had its lowest post-Mania
rating in history? Down 25% from last year? But it’s okay, people talked about it on
Twitter and I guess that’s somehow better. Shane McMahon came out to recap who won Championships
at WrestleMania. Shane, we’ve already had New Day, Truth, Carmella and IIconics tell
us all this, we don’t need you doing it in a sweatier manner. He made fun of MizDad,
and then bullied Greg Hamilton into doing his intro better. This provided some really
good acting from Hamilton, who eventually nailed the Best in the World intro, to a chorus
of CM Punk chants from the Smackdown crowd. While I enjoyed the stuff between Hamilton
and Shane – who has been so much better since his heel turn – this went on for far too long.
Which is something we’ll come back to when the main event rolls around.
We then got a dream match next, as The Usos defended their Smackdown Tag Team Championships
against The Hardy Boyz. Despite some awkwardness and botchiness at the start, this turned into
a really good match that was filled with drama and nearfalls – with The Hardy Boyz becoming
eight time tag champs after a Jeff Hardy Swanton Bomb to the joy of Sal and Q from Impractical
Jokers. This would also suggest we could see The Usos jump to Raw next week in the Superstar
Shake-Up. Kayla Braxton got in the ring in a groovy
suit baby, yeah – but Lars Sullivan lurked his way down to the ring and laid out both
Hardy Boyz – echoing the debut of Brock Lesnar in 2002 to leave the Hardyz MizDaded – no
really that’s now a verb now it’s on Urban Dictionary and it’s credited to me. Thanks
Matt for submitting it. Becky Lynch came out to announce that she
beat Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania and was now Becky Two Belts, only to get laid
out by Lacey Evans. No wait sorry, I appear to have my Raw notes up. Let me see here.
Nope, they did just essentially do the same angle from Raw on Smackdown. I actually quite
like this though, and Becky having a fresh feud can only be a good thing. Sure someone
like Asuka, Sonya Deville, Ruby Riott or Naomi would have been better, but at least WWE are
now doing something with two of their six On Their Way To WWE NXT Call-Ups that have
been sitting on their arses doing bugger all for nearly five months now. Plus its put a
stop to that catwalk gimmick wasting time on shows.
Speaking of wasting time, and Sami Zayn came out at the start of the six-man tag main event,
and said the crowd aren’t worth his time – which actually got a cheer from the audience.
That heel turn really worked out for him. New Day took on The Bar & Drew McIntyre in
a match that was mostly ad break, with only a few minutes of actual wrestling happening
on screen. Drew McIntyre just disappeared, and Kofi pinned Sheamus with the Trouble in
Paradise. With how short this match was, I would have preferred the Shane segment to
go a lot shorter, and give this way more time. New Day celebrated in the ring with the Kidstons,
and Smackdown went off the air with a lovely feeling.
There was a lot to enjoy about this week’s show, particularly the New Day promo at the
top of the show, Braun vs. Joe, and IIconics becoming my new favourite act that isn’t
Bird Raptor. It was nothing special and certainly not a newsworthy Smackdown After Mania show,
but it was very enjoyable and there was little to complain about. This week’s Smackdown
Live is a low SmackTastic. So I’m happy, but not everyone has been
so happy with WWE this week. Great segue, Luke. Almost as good… as the
Segway on my brand new ‘King of Segway Style Wonder Oli’ t-shirt available now from,
the link’s in the video description below. Yeah, we just used a segue to plug a Segway
t-shirt. How post-modern. Talking of people not happy with WWE… The main event of WrestleMania 35 saw lady
people headline WWE’s biggest show of the year just four years after women’s wrestling
was invented by Stephanie McMahon. It was a huge achievement (about at least a decade
too late), and had the feelgood outcome of fan favourite Becky Lynch winning both the
Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships. Unfortunately, though, all that has been rather
overshadowed by the botched finish to the match.
The three way ended in confusion when Lynch rolled up Ronda in a crucifix pin, which the
referee counted despite Rousey’s shoulders being up. Despite the commentary team pointed
this out, though, the botched pin hasn’t been mentioned on WWE TV since.
Despite some sites claiming this wasn’t meant to be the finish at all, with the actual
plan calling for Becky to submit Charlotte, the very reliable Wrestling Observer and Fightful
are reporting Becky’s crucifix pin on Ronda was always the intended ending – but Rousey
botched it by getting her shoulders up. So, naturally, it’s the referee’s fault.
Fightful is reporting that match official Rod Zapata initially gained some heat backstage
for his role in the finish, “but that quickly seemed to dissipate”. At the following night’s
Raw, though, “Zapata was pulled aside by Vince McMahon, who discussed the situation,
and Zapata was subsequently fined for the main event finish.”
The rule in WWE is that referees should call matches as if they’re real. So if a wrestler
fails to kick out at the right time and they lose the match when they’re meant to win,
that’s the wrestler’s fault, not the referee’s. Which is how we got the accidental US title
change at Battleground 2017 when AJ Styles didn’t kick out of a roll up in time.
It could be argued, though, that the first ever all-female WrestleMania main event is
a rather special case, and apparently some backstage agree that if Zapata didn’t count
the pin, Rousey “could have struggled to regain her bearings” and improvise to finish
the match. Presumably set upon a referee punishing rampage,
McMahon reportedly also fine Rudy Charles on the following night’s Raw for a “small”
incident in the Chad Gable & Bobby Roode vs well-established tag team Aleister Black & Ricochet
match – just because he “wanted to set an example.” The referee and Ronda appear to be jointly
responsible for the botched WrestleMania match finish, which could be why Fightful is reporting
Rousey “was said to ‘not be happy’ as she returned from backstage”. It should
be noted, though, that she had broken her hand during the main event, so you’d understand
if she was a little bit grumpy. Over on Sports Illustrated, however, Justin
Barrasso claims “Ronda Rousey is not finished in WWE” and that her getting the shoulders
up was part of the planned ending all along! According to Barrasso, Ronda getting her shoulder
up was WWE’s way of protecting her, so Rousey can now “say Lynch did not legitimately
defeat her.” This will apparently build to a “tentatively
slated” Rousey vs Lynch rematch at WrestleMani-ARRRR 36 next year. It’s a pirate theme.
Barrasso’s sources have been off the mark in the past, though, and seem to occasionally
feed him information to further WWE’s own agenda. With that in mind, Fightful’s report
that Ronda botched the pin is far more credible. Was that the worst Raw after WrestleMania
ever? Find out our thoughts in the WrestleRamble Raw review by clicking the video on the right!
And buy your very own King of Segway Style Wonder Oli t-shirt by clicking the link there!
I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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