Ronda Rousey, Kurt Angle & Triple H WrestleMania 34 Match REVEALED! | WWE Raw, Mar. 5 2018 Review

Ronda Rousey, Kurt Angle & Triple H WrestleMania 34 Match REVEALED! | WWE Raw, Mar. 5 2018 Review

Is Nia Jax turning babyface? Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey vs Triple H and
Stephanie McMahon booked for WrestleMania 34! And two huge WWE debuts! I’m talking about Skarsgard the Dilapidated
Boat and Vanguard 1. I’m Oli Davis, and this is the 5th March,
2018 episode of Monday Night Raw …in about 4 minutes. Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey vs. Triple H & Stephanie
McMahon Inappropriate Uncle Kurt Angle kicked off
Raw by calling out Triple H for sucker punching him last week. He even took off his clothes! He’s ready for a fight…but he also really
wants to keep his job. Stephanie McMahon reminded Kurt he has Heath
Slater’s gimmick. He’s got kids. Many of whom he probably doesn’t even know
about yet. Ronda Rousey came out in Kurt’s defence,
and challenged Stephanie to a WrestleMania match. Angle quickly made it official, and added
himself and Triple H to make it an intergender tag. Despite her awkwardness, Ronda is connecting
with the crowd, and Kurt is far more comfortable when he can back up his words with physicality. He took out Hunter, while Rousey hit Stephanie
with a Samoan Drop. This was stuff good. Asuka beat Nia Jax
Which went straight into a stuff good match, the second best of Nia Jax and Asuka’s three
encounters so far. The story was simple: Jax dominated Asuka
with her freakish strength, but ultimately tapped to a prolonged armbar – an awesome
finish that got over Asuka’s skill and grit in equal measure. Weirdly, despite Asuka winning, they gave
Nia a babyface post-match angle, where the crowd clapped her losing effort. This was built on later, where Alexa Bliss
pointed out how rubbish Nia is in the guise of friendly counsel, causing Jax to impressively
cry on cue. While I personally wouldn’t book Monster
Nia crying, it does give her a new babyface dimension for her Bliss feud. But no matter how much character work they
do, I still won’t understand why Mickie James is now with Alexa! They’re even wearing matching outfits now! The Bar beat The Revival
The Bar beat The Revival, because Raw’s tag division now mostly takes place on Twitter. John Cena beat Goldust
Free Agent John Cena promoted SmackDown’s Fastlane pay-per-view on a Raw show – promising
to win a record-breaking 17th world championship, which would set up a three-way between himself,
AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura at WrestleMania – which is a plausible wrinkle to throw us
off the Undertaker scent. Then Goldust of all people came out to stop
Cena’s WrestleMania journey, presumably just because it was the Oscars the previous
night. And he’s dressed up like a giant Oscar. Cena then went onto beat the 90th Academy
Awards. That’ll teach you for not rewarding Ferdinand! Bayley beat Mandy Rose
Despite Sonya Deville interfering at ringside, Bayley managed a roll-up win against Mandy
Rose. Her tension with Sasha Banks was furthered
in the post-match, where Bayley shoved off a hug from her best friend no longer forever. Braun Strowman beat Elias
It’s time to be sports entertained – because next up, Braun Strowman beat Elias in a Symphony
of Destruction match. Not only did we have Braun lift up a car,
smash “the biggest guitar in the world” – GREAT CALL, COACHMAN! – and play a baby
grand piano; we also had Elias’ most assured pre-match performance yet. The guy has one of the best acts in WWE right
now. Braun won, of course, with Elias having to
be stretchered off at the end. Bray Wyatt beat Rhyno
After a quick Bray Wyatt win over Rhyno, Woken Matt Hardy appeared on the TitanTron to announce
THE ULTIMATE DELETION at The Hardy Compound. Woken Matt has been flattened out to just
a blue backdrop in his WWE run so far, but the prospect of the Compound, and the WWE
onscreen debuts of both Vanguard 1 and Skarsgard the Dilapidated Boat, will hopefully jumpstart
the gimmick. Or just get off-puttingly weird. Seth Rollins & Finn Balor beat The Miztourage
Miz then held a very funny 3rd Annual Mizzies ceremony, where every nomination for Worst
Decision went to Kurt Angle, and he delivered the scathing line to Finn Balor: “you need
far more than a hand sign that isn’t even yours to get over.” Which Finn just took standing there smiling. This turned into a fun handicap match with
Balor and Rollins tagging against Miz and his Miztourage. Despite Finn and Seth bickering, they still
easily won – prompting Kurt to book a triple threat for the Intercontinental title at WrestleMania
between Balor, Rollins and Miz. Paul Heyman Vs. Roman Reigns
Paul Heyman cut a masterful promo as always for the main event, teasing that when Brock
Lesnar returns for his first post-WrestleMania title defence, he’ll have the UFC Heavyweight
Championship with him. It did get a bit weird, though. Heyman went a bit too deep into his ‘the
title is Lesnar’s bitch’ metaphor. And then he weirdly implied he’s going to
poison Roman’s dad the night before WrestleMania. But it’s all good. Because he said a swearword! This eventually brought out Roman, who called
Brock a bitch again. But really, it sounds like Reigns is the bitch. He complained he doesn’t want Lesnar to
just show up every week in WWE; he wants him to want to show up. Which is the same argument I hear about loading
the dishwasher. I don’t want you to just load the dishwasher. I want you to want to load the dishwasher. So that was this week’s Raw in about four
minutes. Vote in the poll above my head to give your
rating, where you can choose from – In Awe, Cor, AVRAWGE, Poor and Bore. This was a mighty solid episode, a great balance
of newsworthy announcements, fun matches and storyline progression. This week’s Raw is Cor. But how should Braun Strowman win his first
ever Universal Title! Luke and I pitch our storylines in the latest
Fantasy Booking Warfare! Click the video to the left to watch that
now… and vote for me.

100 thoughts on “Ronda Rousey, Kurt Angle & Triple H WrestleMania 34 Match REVEALED! | WWE Raw, Mar. 5 2018 Review

  1. All I know is that Alexa is always heel and Bayley is always face. I’m not sure about all the other woman. Although they do all stand in a row together pretty well.

  2. Seems like I'm the only one being bored to death by the Rousey opening (totally ruining the great anouncement of her opponent by whispering "you" right into the drum roll) and the "main event" – what a lame way to end RAW.

  3. I would rather have AJ and Nakamura be a 1 on 1 match than have Cena thrown in. Multiman matches are the death of WWE. At least NXT still believes in 1 on 1 championship matches.

  4. My Fastlane prediction…
    Cana loses to Styles. As Cena leaves the ring in disgrace for losing his WM opportunity, the Undertaker gong hits.

  5. Micki James is only there because of Bliss (according to story). She was Bliss's masked henchman. Duh

  6. Kurt was looking slow and stiff , triple h had to turn into a ankle lock over selling I didn't like it ik its fake but make it look good I expected better from h and angle

  7. I loved this match a lot. Nia Jax vs. Asuka. Oh, and, BIG HIGH 5's to Oli Davis and Luke Owen and friends.

  8. Nia is better as a monster heel, but WWE has to book her right… I see Auska winning the title at WM, then at some point feuding again with Nia, with Nia eventually breaking Auska's streak finally winning the title…

  9. Finn is over….as in his career is over. He keeps on smiling, WWE treats him like an ultimate mid carder. He's not the NXT champion badass Finn balor. He isnt the bad ass BULLET CLUB leader. Plus he now wears weird blue color trunks and jackets. And just doesnt feel like the Finn I knew. sigh…

  10. I'm sick of WWE screwing Nia Jax and it's always around Wrestlemania. ..she's a dominant athlete for her size….GIVE HER A TITLE MATCH AT WRESTLEMANIA. …SHE DESERVE IT.

  11. Honestly, a Jax face turn does nothing for me. If I wasn’t interested in her as a heel then I’m most likely not going to feel anything when she turns face.

  12. Raw was a big pile of predictable nothing. If you enjoyed that, you have not been watching wrestling for over 30 years. And so many more shows before Mania with predictable feet dragging mush.

  13. The Nia /Asuka match made Nia look week or at least dumb she was in the rope and all the time she spent slamming to get the hold broke could have been done by staying in the corner holding the rope. Unimpressed with Raw in general this week. Perfect heel turn for Bayley finally agreeing to hug Sasha and turn it into a Bayley to Belly. The show has become too predictable and boring

  14. I hate Aska because they are babying her and milking her win streak. I saw most of her matches and she was either lucky or she had to cheat. I wish someone breaks her streak and ends her career. It's pathetic watching her fight! Oh and Aska, it's not that you have skill, they were all told to throw the fight because you can see it in the way her opponent sells the fight!

  15. If Alexa wants to rock the “goddess” moniker, why doesn’t she dress like one? Have half-nude dudes carrying her to the ring on a carriage and use them to walk into the ring. It would make more sense.

  16. Asuka needs to stop being over sold, tired of her undefeated storyline already. Real life Nia would have just beaten her in under a minute.

  17. Nia crying was just cringeworthy. Of course she is turning face and they are going to botch her face run big time. I know you need to keep a character fresh, but a face run right now will hurt her career.

  18. The Bliss James pairing reminds me of the Aj Tamina pairing. They take the heel champ, redress a old unused talent an put them together.

    *Insert Luke Owen copy paste gimmick thing.

  19. Just go Away Paul Heyman, so sick of you and Brock Lesnar, the most overpaid laziest wrestler ever! I know Brock doesn't even talk match, but was Brock even backstage at Raw or sitting his couch at home?

  20. If we're talking about WWE, they might just make the whole Total Deletion thing look weird if the House of Horrors match is anything to go by.

  21. I havent seen a more dead crowd than this. The show was solid, the promos and acts were denied by the shit crowd.

  22. Does Roman know another word than calling his competitor a bitch? Whether its Cena or Lesnar. How scripted and fake is Roman…..

  23. Nia crying was the first time I took interest in her. Great stuff. I wish they would calm down with acting as though she's strong and not fat.

  24. Ronda has bad timing. and seems nervous in the ring, hope she gets more comfortable.

    Nia as a babyface?? Why not… If Goldust can flip-flop between face and heel, then YNotNia?? xD

  25. SAPUORT RISSLE TAWK!!!!!! Jax be cryin', Rousey be tryin', 205 live finally be flyin', the Wrestlemania card be dyin', and we the fans be screamin' "whyin'?!!?" Why in' the HELL can't they just give us a good Wrestlemania?! All finances aside, Mysterio, Neville, Ziggler, Taker, Kane, even Strowman, Angle, Goldberg, Sting, and HHH should have STRAIGHT UP WRETLING MATCHES, NO GIMMICKS, IT'S WHAT FANS WANT, BAAAAD! Okay. I'm done venting, but it's not that hard to do what New Japan is doing for the fans and business, GIVING US, ("WHAT'S THAT?!?!"), ACTUAL PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING!!! On a consistent level no less. 205 live is better than ever, and RAW doing a 2hr Gauntlet match WORKED!!!! WRESTLING, keep the storylines, but cut the boring a$$ drawn-out bullsh*t! Even just a little bit, more solid f n WRASSSSSLIN'! Dammit!

  26. Nia doesn't need to be a babyface. She is much better as a heel or anti-hero ala Stone Cold. She could be the next Monster Ripper or Bull Nakano and be a beast in the women's division. She is booked wrong by the WWE plain and simple.

  27. Ronda really need to stop doing a full smile, she looks so derpy.
    A smirk fits more to her character and when she does a full smile, it just ruins her character.

  28. This was a goofy show. Who would think Elias would have a chance? Goldust beating Cena 😂 a waste bray filler. I liked the Miz and Ronda segments respectively and Brock and Roman's segment was all right. A high AVRAWGE

  29. Just a thought – perhaps this possible 'face' turn for Nia is an indication that Wrestlemania will be Alexa's final match before she retires.

    Who better to lose the title to than your best friend considering the fact Alexa's already achieved quite a lot since being on both SD Live and MN Raw.

    The only two outstanding things left for Alexa – pick up a victory over Charlotte – the final member of the Four Horsewomen and do everything in her power to break Trish's title record.

    From an 'achievement' point of view – it makes sense to hand the spotlight to her friend while she goes onto other things.

  30. The diss that Miz said to finn Balor about the hand gesture was one of the best insults in WWE history

  31. Reigns still got the biggest pop from a dead crowd whilst doing virtually nothing.. Reigns is totally over!! Whether you admit it or not

  32. Yeah. Nia Jax a baby face. That’s a fat baby. Heel or baby face, she’s a fat pig, and no one will like her.

  33. I think the promo by Bliss and her psychological torture of Jax is one of the best segments I've ever seen. So subtle yet brilliant from Bliss

  34. I didn't like the Nia segment.
    The match was epic. I loved how they showed how strong she was and how tenacious Asuka was for holding on.
    I loved the respect Nia got on the way backstage… but then they basically make Alexa Bliss bring all this shit up about her weight and make Nia cry!?
    Just what the actual fuck? It reminds me of the late 90s where Kane (another monster heel) was friends with X-pac until he betrayed him. It feels like they're trying to do the same here.
    It also looks like they're trying to replace heel Nia with heel Mickie.

    I like the idea of Face Nia. I love her and I think she has been used poorly during her time so far. So hopefully this will get the crowd behind her and lead to a decent push… I doubt it because they're obviously gonna push Ronda Rousey – probably feeding Asuka's streak to her at some point.

  35. This is not gonna help any1. The inter gender match is gonna be crap. We should have immediately had her in the MAIN FUCKING EVENT.

  36. Dishwasher analogy was far better than the many analogies in this Heyman-Roman segment! ROFL! Mizzies were the best part of this overall solid show — WTG Miz!

  37. so Cena's WM storyline this year is that he has no WM storyline.
    dude just retire, Taker too, his WM "fueds" are so throw together these days.
    pretty much ever since they struck out on Sting..

  38. perfect time for Jason Jordan to turn full heel and screw angle in his wrestle-mania match.. crowd already hates him. still no idea why wwe signed up rousey.. she's a fighter not an entertainer. i really do hope they have great plans for her.

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