Ronda Rousey Fighting BEFORE WWE WrestleMania 34?! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2018

Ronda Rousey Fighting BEFORE WWE WrestleMania 34?! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis. Present In The Bank
Seth Rollins is so hot right now. Like, as in, he’s got a lot of momentum
from the gauntlet matchI mean, he looks great too, but that’s beside the… Ooooh Kingslayer. Great escape, Davis. So what a treat for your bae to gift you a
Crossfit Rambo Apocalypse Jesus signed photo, like uber Seth Rollins fan Clare Ashford on
Twitter: “You know you have a great fella @hicko2016
when he sends you a picture of your WWE fancy fella” with a signed photo from Monday Night
Rollins himself. The 2014 Money in the Bank match – what a
great memory to have immortalised by the man’s hand himse-
“That’s not my autograph. Not even close.” Awkward. How about we move onto some real Money in
the Bank promotional material. Segue. Money In The Bank Plans Revealed
Following WrestleMania 34, all WWE pay-per-views will be dual-branded events – meaning you’ll
have matches and wrestlers from both Raw and SmackDown. But what does that mean for big stipulation
matches like the Elimination Chamber and Money in the Bank, where the winner usually gets
a shot at their brand’s respective title? Thankfully we won’t be getting four Money
in the Bank ladder matches at June’s Chicago show – with both mens and womens bouts for
both Raw and SmackDown – as the Allstate Arena is promoting just two ladder matches will
FROM RAW AND SMACKDOWN LIVE.” Last year’s show was a SmackDown-exclusive
event, meaning this will be the first ever Raw and SmackDown women’s Money in the Bank
ladder match. Perhaps that’s how Ronda Rousey will eventually
get into the title picture. But let’s get WrestleMania out the way first. Ronda Rousey Fighting Before WrestleMania? Last night’s episode of Raw didn’t only
see the announcement of Ronda’s debut WWE match, where she’ll tag with Kurt Angle
against Stephanie McMahon and Triple H at WrestleMania 34; also revealed that
Rousey “will appear on every single episode of Raw leading up to WrestleMania”. But the appearances don’t stop there. PWInsider are reporting that WWE have discussed
booking Ronda for the 16th March Madison Square Garden Raw house show. Given WWE’s history with the Garden, Vince
McMahon always likes to book something special for their shows there – and in addition to
a SmackDown tag team bout, the live event might include Rousey’s debut match to warm
her up for WrestleMania several weeks after. Support WrestleTalk! Write For! That’s the end of the news, so venture forth
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100 thoughts on “Ronda Rousey Fighting BEFORE WWE WrestleMania 34?! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2018

  1. I figured they would do interpromotional MITB matches. I just hope they don't try to pack as many people as they can into the matches.

  2. Who the hell even holds the MITB suitcases right now? I honestly can't recall. Carmella had one but she is hardly ever ON the TV never mind cashing in! Who had/has the male suitcase?

  3. Seriously, why couldnt they just do two men’s MitB ladder match like in the old days? Women’s MitB is shit and doesnt really do anyone any favors

  4. Interesting spoiler I saw on South African television:

    WWE have advertised that in their tour to South Africa, on 17 April 2018, The Miz will defend his Intercontinental championship against Roman Reigns in the main event at the show. This is spoils the result of the planned triple threat match at WrestleMania between The Miz, Rolling & Balor. Come on WWE, like seriously?

  5. Well gee I wonder how many news outlets will be covering Ronda Rousey's first match at Madison Square Garden? I think it kind of takes away from her first match being at Wrestlemania. Well hopefully someone will record the whole match.

  6. MITB Million Dollar Championship  where you get the Million Dollar Belt and 1 Million Dollars in your Bank account!

  7. +Wretletalktv Ollie & Luke,u guys should make a topic videos regarding the top wrestling events of the year,including the Wwe or indy wrestling,you should do it by the end of this year or early 2019….it’s a good idea and it will help the channel,the video should have this title:”top wrestling events of 2018”,u also can start from early wrestling days like 1995-2000 and keep going till reach 2018..

  8. I submitted to the writing thing, but gawd I really have a new appreciation for what you do. Took way longer than I expected!!

  9. “Great escape Davis”
    Lmao!! Keep up the great work ser. I live it when you yell at coachmen.

  10. Alexa Bliss vs Asuka at wrestlemania. Asuka wins (duh) Carmella cashes in money in the bank on Asuka = first to pin Asuka.

  11. I dont know if its a spoiler or not but on smacdown in canada they just anouced a live event with asuka and nia vs alexa and bailey so it might be spoiling heel and face turns from nia and bayley maybe????


  13. But nice way to try in keep subscribers…id try out to be a part of your team if…..i was telling pepole facts!!! Not best guess,after a while I'd feel foolish getting it wrong constantly

  14. WrestleTalkMania!!!!! The 500k subscriber Title is on the line here! SUPPORT WRESTLETALK AND SUBSCRIBE!!! SO US, THE FANS, CAN WIN IN THE MAIN EVENT!!!

  15. If Ronda is serious about getting the fans to love her then she better work a full time schedule as she claimed she was gonna do

  16. My dream is to be involved with the Wrestling Industry and WrestleTalk!! I love the business and have since seemingly forever! I have always loved creative journalism and have dreamed of being able to be creative and comedic through the love of this business and it's media outlets. I'd absolutely pour my heart into providing enjoying entertainment for the fans and critics alike to get an opportunity to work with WrestleTalk! It's my biggest dream and I will dedicate everything I have to show that I'm worth the time! Thank you so much for giving the opportunity to be able to join the best of the best in all of Wrestling Entertainment Media!

  17. I'd apply for the job. I once once a good writer. I probably still am. But a decade of social media rants have left me forgetful on how to compose a proper paragraph.

    It's probably for the best, though. You likely aren't interested in long, opinion based editorials.

  18. So Ronda will be on more Raw's the their main champion?
    Also she doesn't get a tittle shot handed to her like the main champion….

  19. I don't think Ronda should be in the WWE. I believe she us emotionally unstable. She hasn't felt thousands of people cheer for her since the UFC and she breaks character when she heard cheers. What will happen when they start booing or she gets a loss in a match a thing she is not use to. Two losses and she quit the UFC fell into depression. I hope it goes good for her don't get me wrong I really hope she changed and got humble.

  20. Finn Balor wins MiTB. Seth Wins IC title in WM34. Reigns beats Lesnar for UC title. Balor cashes in and robs Reigns' title. I bet Vince doesn't have the balls to book this.

  21. Every time I hear Oli say Ohhhh king slayer.. I think of Ernest

  22. Hearing you saying "ohh kingslayer" makes me want to go outside and shoot a kid in the face please stop

  23. I think the ladder matches will have half the members from each brand (6 men, 3 from SD, 3 for RAW; same for women) with qualifying matches. Seems cool. Js.

  24. People complain WWE is too predictable, yet everytime I turn around here is another leak video about WWE and their plans. Major eye roll. Lol

  25. & also y Is everyone still not questioning the fact that Roman should be fired & arrested not just because he's terrible in ring & has no charisma, or mic skills, but if u ppl r true wrestling fans & supporters then u would compare him to luccha Libra then u would see real wrestling, & don't forget the fact he takes enhanced drugs just to compete longer & boost stamina in ring like steroids that's illegal he was caught not once but twice he could get ppl seriously injured doing what he's doing but he's semi related to the rock( wait no he's not that's a lie he's not by blood related a true wrestling fans would know that). But yet u reigns ppl r still supporting him wow, u new generation non-wrestling fans.

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