Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose Fastlane 2016 Promo HD

the main event at Fastlane will be a triple threat match between Dean Ambrose Roman reigns the Beast the winner main events WrestleMania against Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship you haven’t dug and scratched and clawed to earn your way back to this and you have met with wall after wall after wall on just the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion I was put on this earth to seek and destroy in to hurt people is that sadistic maybe to something yeah well I don’t pick a fight with somebody say you can’t keep down you can’t keep me down just keeps dumping me oh man and it keeps dumping me on my head and it keeps dumping them dumping me on my head and I just keep getting back up and that’s when he gets his ankle broke and that’s when it gets his finger broken that’s when he gets his nose broken that’s when he get his the eyeball gouged out and when his eyeballs dangling above the man he starts to wonder then maybe I should have took Dean Ambrose just a little bit more seriously finally retribution the opportunity to headline WrestleMania is that gonna cause animosity between YouTube no matter what walrus P brothers our brothers now but it’s on I came back to this company for one reason one reason only and that was to be at the top to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion

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