Roman Reigns To WWE Smackdown? Wrestlemania 33 Surprise Return Revealed!? | WrestleTalk News 2017

Roman Reigns To WWE Smackdown? Wrestlemania 33 Surprise Return Revealed!? | WrestleTalk News 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News! I’m Oli Davis, and I’ll be replying to
as many comments on this video as I can. The Undertaker disappearing from WWE for long
periods of time is pretty expected. Those souls ain’t gonna dig their own holes. But Kane – in a rather unique feat for a ‘big
guy’ wrestler – has had very few extended periods off in his WWE career. That is, until recently – where his last WWE
appearance was losing to Baron Corbin on the 22nd November episode of Smackdown Live. SportsKeeda are reporting that The Big Red
Machine has been granted time off from WWE to prepare for his Knox County mayor campaign
for 2018 and to work on his insurance agency business with his wife – which offers coverage
for your car, home, motorcycle, RV, boat and life. Although getting sold life insurance from
Kane might feel like a thinly veiled threat. Are you sure you don’t want to be covered
against death by evisceration, sir? Tuesday nights won’t soon just be missing
Kane. Following Wrestlemania 33, John Cena is expected
to take another hiatus from WWE to shoot at least two movies The Pact and Daddy’s Home
2. So who could replace the 16 time world champion
as the face of Smackdown Live? If you answered AJ Styles, The Miz or any
other current Smackdown star deserving of a chance, you’d be wrong. Because according to PWInsider Elite, the
top name discussed right now for the next WWE draft is Roman Reigns to the blue brand. The report reveals, via Wrestling Inc: “there
have been discussions to solidify this move, and make him the top pick to defect.” This would put Reigns against heels not called
Kevin Owens – namely The Miz and Baron Corbin – and would continue the reported plan to
make Roman the company’s top babyface by next year’s Wrestlemania. Of course, that reported plan also calls for
Reigns to defeat Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at Wrestlemania 34, so perhaps
a Royal Rumble 2018 win is in store for Roman so he can challenge for the Raw belt despite
being on Tuesday nights. When answering a question about Brock Lesnar’s
WWE contract coming up next year, Dave Meltzer pointed out:
“The whole big thing for Brock, all along, has been to become a monster, be unbeatable,
run through everybody, and then lose to Roman Reigns. That has been the idea for Brock for years
now.” Meltzer speculated that once Lesnar has served
this purpose, Vince McMahon might reasses whether The Beast Incarnate is still worth
the big money, part-time deal he’s currently on. It’s Patreon shout out time for those who’ve
donated over $10 a month or more. Thank you The Nightmare Michael D Bellemare
(who you can follow on Twitter @mickd487), Joseph ‘Punch You in the Face’ Pusateri,
and JS Woooooooo-ten. We’re currently within $3 of our first goal
– the long-called for weekly reviews of Smackdown Live! Cheers guys, just in time for Roman Reigns
reportedly moving over there. A Wrestlemania 33 surprise return looks like
it’s been revealed. Naomi had to relinquish her Smackdown Women’s
Championship belt just a week after she won it at last month’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view
because of a knee injury said to be very similar to the one suffered by Seth Rollins. She was meant to be the big homecoming champion
at Wrestlemania 33, being held in her hometown of Orlando. Daniel Bryan later announced subsequent champion
Alexa Bliss will defend her title at WWE’s biggest show of the year against “every
available woman on the Smackdown Live roster” – a very vague match-up many saw as a way
to leave a space open for Naomi’s return. Naomi’s father, however, has accidentally
cleared up all that vagueness, answering a fan’s question about her recovery status
on Twitter in a since-deleted tweet: “she will be back by Wrestlemania”
Might Hulk Hogan also be returning at Wrestlemania 33? And Paige and Xavier Woods have been caught
up in a leaked sex tape scandal. Click the videos to the left to find out more,
and press subscribe. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Roman Reigns To WWE Smackdown? Wrestlemania 33 Surprise Return Revealed!? | WrestleTalk News 2017

  1. Not a Roman hater nor a fan, but in my opinion Roman vs Taker at Mania is actually great, I don't have a problem with Roman winning, he just needs to destroy Taker causing him to turn heel.

  2. hey Oli I know this video was posted quite some hours ago… but i just wAnted you to comment on the Undertakers facial expression before Roman Reigns speared him on last night's Raw … just while you're doing the Raw review?

  3. What do you mean by heel reigns someone who beat the others when be dont have what he want or just someone dont need fan. If he begin to start beating people like corbin or ziggler it will kill the character.

  4. how the hell will naomi be back in less than 2 months if she has the same injury as seth – seems very fishy to me, as if she is not really injured at all

  5. In all fairness, Smackdown could make Roman better, I know what I'm saying sounds crazy but if you look at Smackdown its been so much better than Raw. While I would of preferred Rollins or Cesaro go over there but hopefully Smackdown will make Reigns better again… So I'm hoping.

  6. today when I was sleeping I saw a dream jeff hardy return in wwe and I was there I was soi excited. plzz wwe bring hardy boyz back

  7. looks like they have future plan for roman reigns yahh i am soo pissed off from roman reigns he dont deserve that.

  8. I'm worried about the undertaker he looked like he was hobbled before the spear his hip is gone ,even the best can't run with that

  9. He deserves to go out when he physically can this will make him look bad at wrestlemania he has earns the right

  10. Reigns winning the Rumble again to challenge for the Universal Championship just sounds stupid when he'd be on the same brand as the WWE Champion (Which I'm hoping is still Bray Wyatt after WM).

    They could have Roman win MITB since it's a Smackdown PPV (though I do think this PPV should be open to both brands with only one MITB match with 3 RAW Vs. 3 SD!) and have him make a surprise cash in on Brock Lesnar for a match (like RVD did with Cena) rather than some run in.

  11. roman to smack down? i can work because the characters of raw are soooo boring (except chris jericho)…. the smackdown roster might make roman get better on the mic. he seems so stiff and monotone. he can have better matches there too

  12. If they wanted Brock to look like an unbeatable monster, they blew it loooong ago. Should have kept him undefeated since beating The Streak. Now all I remember is him jobbing to old man Goldberg.

  13. My picks to be Smackdown face in no partticular order: Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Shelton Benjamin when he returns, Nakamura, and possibly any member of the New day if they get traded. I would love to see Xavier Woods become a champion


  15. lmao ppl kill me with this!! ppl say this that and the third, oh he beat such and such, like really when all know wins and losses are based of 1 person maybe 2, so if ppl gonna shit on reigns for whom he beats, then you mind as well shit on every match that's ever been done cause the all in the same way with a decision from 1 man! so be mad at him, and not the one that's basically doing what the hell his job title requires or basically what his boss is telling him to do

  16. OHOHOHOH, I know for sure Vince wants Roman to work with Miz , thinking Miz will be able to put Roman over. To be honest, I think ROman will get over only when he delivers his retirement speech and it should be on NXT instead of Raw or Smackdown. OH, the crowd will go nuts!

  17. The thing is. Brock has lost all momentum. Even if he beats Oldberg. It'll be the same ass promos by him and Heyman over and over again. If he's Universal champion for a year, then the main RAW title picture will be bloody boring. Don't get me wrong, Lesnar is great, so is Heyman. But the same ol stick of coming back, same promo, wrestle someone, leave for months end has hit it's mark. Lesnar needs to go, while Heyman needs to pick a new guy or girl, or hell form a stable.

  18. no we dont want reigns. vince saw smackdown was doing better in ratings so he is trying to steal aj styles one of our stars. if he does im going to be pissed. if he does i dont want roman reigns we want both sami zayn and cesaro

  19. Taker first threatens the SD! Locker room if they lose at Survivor Series and then he appears on RAW a short while ago with no explanation at all.WHY was he at RAW at all??Usually WWE' writers make a clear explanation for why he is anywhere.

  20. I'd rather Reigns go over Goldberg then have Lesnar get buried by a boring single note guy by which I mean Reigns!

  21. i don't even like not liking roman reigns, he's got no mic skills. The Miz imitating john cena was better than anything Roman has ever done.

  22. Naomi coming back in time for the Smackdown Women's Championship match would be awesome. Just as long as the powers that be can avoid contaminating the bout with the putrid stench of Eva Marie.

    Remember they did say every available athlete on the Smackdown Women's roster and the red haired demoness should be done with her movie commitments and her wellness suspension by then.

  23. I'm not going to go out on a limb and guess what the deal with Roman will be on SD. However he'd better not be a damned face on there. Fans are gonna burn the place down.

  24. Actually I wouldn't mind if Reigns went to Smackdown. With Smackdown 's great writing team and him possibly going heel, we may see a return of badass Reigns from 2014.

  25. Please NO!! If they bring Roman Reigns to smackdown, at least bring AJ to RAW . I REALLY don't want to see AJ job to Roman reigns..

  26. hopefully daniel bryan can change the bad heat on roman and actually give him a freaking heal, he needs it sp bad!!!

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