Real Reason Daniel Bryan WON The WWE Championship At WrestleMania 30! | WWE Backstage Expose

Real Reason Daniel Bryan WON The WWE Championship At WrestleMania 30! | WWE Backstage Expose

In 2014 it seemed unlikely that WWE were going
to capitalize on the fan support for Daniel Bryan, but the departure of one of their key
WrestleMania stars changed those plans. I am Luke Owen and this is how Daniel Bryan
won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 30. Headline: WWE’s Revisionist History In January 2016, WWE Network posted an episode
of Legends With JBL where he interviewed Brian James, the former Road Dogg who is now a part
of the WWE creative team. During this interview, JBL made mention of
Daniel Bryan’s road to WrestleMania 30 – calling it one of the greatest builds the company
has ever done which Road Dogg agrees with. In this version of WWE’s history, Bryan
losing throughout the second half of 2013 was “all part of the plan” to crown him
champion at WrestleMania 30 the following year. Only that’s not the case whatsoever. Headline: Daniel Bryan – B+ Player In the summer of 2013, Daniel Bryan was one
of the most popular acts in WWE [4-screen]. His ‘yes’ chant was not only chanted during
WWE shows, it was even heard during major sports events around the country. It was transcending WWE and actually getting
mainstream attention. It was with this that John Cena handpicked
Bryan to take the WWE Championship from him at Summerslam as he was taking time off to
heal from an injury. However after Bryan won the championship,
special guest referee Triple H turned heel and allowed Randy Orton to cash in his Money
in the Bank contract to win the WWE Championship from him. This kickstarted the Authority storyline where
Triple H labelled Daniel Bryan as nothing more than a B+ Player in the company, and
not someone who could be the face of WWE. As PWinsider reported, “When [Vince McMahon]
had HHH call Bryan a B+ player, that is because Vince saw Bryan that way. Vince was just going to screw Bryan in the
storylines and then push him down the card.”. This storyline was reported to culminate at
WrestleMania 30 where Triple H would feud with the McMahons over control of the company
– leading to Triple H facing off against an opponent hand-picked by babyface Vince. According to Dave Meltzer at the time, the
two top names were Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock – however neither man would commit
to the match. Headline: Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania 30
Plans The next few months saw Bryan unsuccessfully
challenge Orton for the WWE Championship – winning it at Night of Champions [9] but stripped
of it the following night, failing at Battleground and failing again at Hell in a Cell. WWE then shot an angle where Bryan – who had
been screwed out of the WWE Championship by Shawn Michaels – put him in the Yes Lock – which
led to speculation that he might face HBK at WrestleMania. Dave Meltzer wrote in the Observer that many
people in the company believed the match could happen, but those close to Michaels said he
wasn’t interested. So where did this leave Bryan in the plans
for WrestleMania? By this point it had been revealed that Batista
was returning to WWE to win the Royal Rumble and face Orton for the WWE Championship, with
The Undertaker taking on Brock Lesnar and Triple H vs. CM Punk – removing the McMahon
element from the story that had been teased at Summerslam. Bryan was set to be programmed with Bray Wyatt
in December and January, with the intent on getting Wyatt over at a main event level so
he could feud with John Cena at Mania. As Dave Meltzer noted, “It’s not even
clear what the direction [for Bryan] is, except apparently as a way to make Wyatt into a star
capable of working with Cena at WrestleMania, as is the plan. Where Bryan fits into the show is unknown.” The fact that Bryan didn’t have a WrestleMania
match seemed even more baffling when the John Cena vs. Randy Orton WWE Championship match
at Royal Rumble was hijacked by the crowd – who then also booed Rey Mysterio entering
the match at number 30 because they wanted it to be Bryan. Meltzer wrote, “Orton was very upset after
the match which was filled with chants of ‘Daniel Bryan,’ ‘We Want Refunds,’
‘Boring,’ ‘We Want Divas,’ ‘Yes,’ ‘We Want Angle’ ‘Randy Savage’ , ‘Y2J,’
‘End this match,’ [and] ‘This is awful.’” So if Bryan was so popular throughout the
second half of 2013, why wasn’t he factored into their WrestleMania plans? Dave Meltzer wrote in December 2013, “The
first test was SummerSlam, which did the lowest total buys and second lowest North American
buys of the modern era. The dynamic of John Cena hand picking Bryan
as his opponent, Vince McMahon constantly reinforcing that he’s not a main eventer,
combined with the support of Brock Lesnar vs. C.M. Punk, was a swing and a miss according to
McMahon.” In his autobiography and in subsequent interviews
after his retirement, Bryan revealed that his WrestleMania 30 plans were to face Sheamus
– a rematch of their 18-second WrestleMania 28 clash. He told Alternative Nation in January 2015,
“I wasn’t supposed to be anywhere near the top of the card. I think I was scheduled to wrestle Sheamus,
and probably be 5th or 6th match from the top, and maybe get a 10 minute match if we
were lucky” Headline: CM Punk Leaves WWE But then following the Royal Rumble, CM Punk
walked out on WWE – or was fired depending on who is telling the story – and Triple H’s
WrestleMania match was suddenly out the window. Punk confirmed on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling
that he was scheduled to face Triple H at WrestleMania, which he would have won. Combined with the crowd hijacking Royal Rumble,
Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania plans were also set to change. Meltzer wrote in the 9th February 2014 edition
of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, “WWE had talked of changing up the planned WrestleMania
show based not just on Punk leaving, but the crowd reactions at the Royal Rumble. At this point, we are not aware of any major
changes. The belief is Daniel Bryan vs. HHH will take
the place [instead] of Punk vs. HHH.” Headline: WrestleMania 30 Plans Change With Batista turning heel – after being booed
out the building when he won the Royal Rumble to set up his match with Orton at WrestleMania
– several wrestling journalists and fans began to theorise that Bryan would be added into
the main event to make it a triple threat. Going by the reaction at Royal Rumble, the
WrestleMania crowd would not react well to a heel vs. heel match of Batista vs. Orton. Meltzer joked, “Without Bryan or Punk inserted
into that match, it risked becoming the perfect ten year anniversary of the Bill Goldberg
vs. Brock Lesnar match at WrestleMania 20.” In the end it was announced that whoever won
the match between Daniel Bryan and Triple H would be inserted into the main event of
WrestleMania 30. Which ended up being Bryan, who then beat
Batista and Orton to capture the WWE Championship. It was an incredible feel-good ending to the
show – but one that wasn’t the original plan. We’ve got other WWE Backstage Expose episodes
so click the video on screen right now for more awesome wrestling content.

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  1. Have him go beat Brock and lames for the belt after Vince comes on smack down to fire him. Vince also fires Kurt who after WrestleMania is announced as Smackdown lives new general manager.

  2. This right here. Is a perfect example of how much Vince is out of touch. And he will never listen to the fans. Seem like we as fans know more about what needs to be done in WWE than the owner of the company himself. Vince, this isn't 1990s anymore. Listen to us you old bastard.

  3. Because Daniel Bryan was over and Batista was rejected. The WWE couldn’t ignore the fans anymore. Video done.

  4. As a kid I was excited to see Goldberg vs Lesnar at Mania 20. It wasn't a good match by any means but the worse part was the butthurt crowd crying the whole time like self-entitled little brats.

  5. Okey sorry, but all this was coincidence Punk left because he had medical issues besides all the other reasons.
    Daniel Bryan was over af and he deserved that winning at Wrestlemania.
    And Batista was predictible and boring.

  6. I was so early that the name of this video was "read reason Daniel Bryan won the WWE championship at WrestleMania 30"

  7. I missed the whole video because of reading the comments about the read reason… Shit… Restart the video.

  8. Vince blew the greatest WrestleMania match that never was Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair so Vince isn't perfect (far from it)

  9. Thank You CM Punk, and just imagine that the new up and comer back then roman reigns won he rumble and beat batista, orton or even hhh at the main event .. still wouldn't have worked because we boo roman so bad that he no chance to make it .. even in the past 😀 We're Awesome, Aren't We ?

  10. What I really want to know is if Bryan was indeed loved by the fans and wants to see him succeed, why didn't they bought summerslam 2013 to support him ?

  11. Pretty sure we already knew it was mostly because Punk bailed.
    I don't buy that crowd reaction had anything to do with it, because fans were already voicing their displeasure with the direction things were going, and hijacking segments with DB chants more than a month prior to Royal Rumble. Remember when they were unifying the titles that December, and neither Orton, Cena, Triple H, or Steph could even get a word in over the crowd for the first half of the segment? That was the same night it became apparent that Punk no longer gave a fuck, because he was in the background mocking Steph when she called Trips one of the greatest champs of all time.

    Personally; I don't think they ever thought Punk would actually follow through with his threats to leave, and when he did they went into panic mode, wondering who might be next to bail.

    And by all appearances Vince never wanted Daniel Bryan in that role, and I suspect a day will come when we find out his health was never bad enough to warrant putting the guy on the shelf for two years. It's always seemed a bit strange that the only Doctors who determined he was unfit to compete, were those on the company's payroll.

  12. You mess up on a title and your fans turn on your faster than James Ellsworth turned on Dean Ambrose in 2016….

  13. so let me get this straight, Daniel Bryan pulls in a shit ppv buyrate at summerslam 2013 and u smarks blame Vince for not wanting to push him? get the fuck out of here with that shit, what fucking business man would want someone who is only hurting their company financially on top?

  14. I can see why Vince thought of Bryan as a B+ wrestler. Let's be honest, the yes chant is more over than DB himself.

  15. Why must you remind me of these horrible PPVs with Randy Orton? and that horrible Authority storyline???

  16. To all the late viewers,to make it clearer Luke and Oli made a botch where they wrote read reason instead of real reason.

  17. If there's anyone who deserves to be called a "B+ Player" it's Triple H. He's like the Roman Reigns of the Attitude Era. He's not even a main event guy, he wrestled a main event guy.

  18. Just more proof that Vince has lost connection with the fans and has no idea what he's doing anymore. I truly hope that if and win he leaves that HHH will not continue to have inept and incompetent booking and writers. I love WWE, but it's hard to watch when you have great stuff going on in NJPW and RoH, or even in NXT.

  19. But no matter how much reigns gets booed in arena's around the world, wwe (mainly vince) aint gonna take him out the main event picture

  20. Vince McMahon got lucky a lot during his career. In reality he’s a complete idiot and that’s why wrestling is niche entertainment.

  21. All these events leading Bryan to the top of the card almost seemed like a work of God. If Vince won't help him to the top, God will.

  22. So basically all we have to know is exactly what we could figure out for ourselves because everything that was planned got nixed because the crowd hijacked the Royal Rumble and pretty much the entire WWE programming schedule from SummerSlam until Mania. So without knowing all the backstage plans up until Mania it's fair to say that it's redundant anyhow because the "Yes movement" wasn't just heard by Bryan, McMahon and WWE officials, they were being heard by the rest of the locker room and sick of getting negative attention or no attention at all unless they were working directly with Bryan. In the end it was the crowd that forced the hand of WWE management so regardless of original plans myself and all Daniel Bryan fans got what we wanted. Are you trying to take the credit away from the fans by stating the original plans leading up to Mania 30? Because it sounds like WWE had no choice otherwise if they wanted mania to be successful. I love you guys but don't try to take away credit from the people who actually made a difference of some sort by letting their voice be heard. They could of raised Andre from the dead and we still would of wanted Daniel Bryan to main event the show.

  23. I seriously hate myself and it could be because of this video. Having a perfectly nice dream, until it takes a sharp turn towards wrestling. Now its ruined Mania for me. Picture this. Go Home Raw. Taker in the ring with a casket. Talking about how he'd love to do a match with Cena only his body just cant take it. Cena's pleading with him. Casket opens, Cena peers in, Its Taker, only its not its Kane dressed as taker. A 2 v 1 beat down starts, Cena is helpless, until CM fucking Punk runs to the ring, Cult of Personality blazing to make the save. Fuck My LIfe, no reason from a story point of view, and bet ur last penny it wont happen, but my god do I wanna see that now. Cheers guys for mentioning him in this video. 😉

  24. I just realized something. If daniel bryan was cleared from concussions and can wrestle,i think corey graves should do the same thing too right?

  25. Wwe definitely did not plan DB winning at WM. no one who watched week to week believes this. They had jerked around a wrestler in storylines for close to a year (Since Daniel Bryan was called the weak link of Team Hell No), and then just expected people to forget, or just not care, about the most underdog wrestler who had a story for the whole year which just needed a moment to FINALLY culminate with his success. It was ridiculous for Wwe to be so narrow minded and callous in that time period

  26. GOD!!
    Taker lost on this show 🙁
    I'm happy for Bryan but it still isn't a good feeling show for me atleast. 🙁

  27. Vince, THINKS he CONTROLS what the fans like, and don't like. Maybe in the 80's. He thinks we wanted Rocky Miavia, we didn't. Dwayne Johnson created The ROCK.
    Vince thinks, we wanted THE RINGMASTER, we didn't, Steve Austin, created STONE COLD.
    Vince, YOU DID NOT create them, THEY did. But for whatever reason, HE STILL THINKS that he can tells us WHO we should cheer for, WHO we should boo. He hasn't, for DECADES. Sure, he might be able to convince a few smarks, but ratings for the last decade show otherwise.

    I'm grateful for everything you invest into WWE Vince, I really am. But will you STOP getting INVOLVED? You TRIED to bury Daniel Bryan into the MID card, and look at Bryan. You try to PUSH Roman, and look at Roman. Maybe, you should let ROMAN choose and try to make his OWN ROMAN. Who knows, we might love it.

    LISTEN to the fans, they're chanting RUSEV DAY, and his shirt is the top selling shirt. You DIDN'T EVEN HAVE HIM IN A MATCH in RASSLEMANIA until YOU FINALLY decided to put him in the U.S. title match. You had him ….NO WHERE? in the Giant Memorial Rumble? HE'S OVER, we CHOSE for him to be OVER. ANd what did YOU DO? You put him UNDER. WTG.

    Hey… How's Cody Vince? Well, just an idea. let wrestlers try to create for themselves once in a while.
    You never know what you might get.
    You might get……….. BROKEN MATT HARDY and the BROKEN UNIVERSE, and its so out there, it worked. Not sure how, but GAWD DAMMIT THE FANS LIKE IT.

    Well Vince, hope you listen.. Since you "LISTEN TO THE FANS" now. Anyway, tomorrow is April 1st. Happy Rusev Day.

  28. Luke need to stop sayin sheduled if y’all are brits and invented English say it as it’s spelled or admit yall English rubbish

  29. Why does WWE treat Daniel Bryan's World title win at WRESTLEMANIA as if it was his first World title? he'd been World champion a few times before that!

  30. Of course Vince wasn't gonna put the title on Bryan because he never listens to the fans. Why do you think he's not pushing Rusev? He doesn't care what us fans think and that's what's causing WWE to go downhill. The only thing that can save WWE is HHH because he is an excellent booker and he listens to the fans on who to push. Just look at Velveteen Dream in NXT

  31. It took all that for Bryan just to have a match at that show? That shows you how tone-deaf WWE management can be many times.

  32. Vince is a complete piece of shit, and I can't wait for the day he steps down, leaving Triple H in charge. Triple H is a prick too, but he's not nearly as stubborn as Vince. If he sees a guy who's incredibly over with the fans, even if it's not his ideal kind of superstar, he'd still push that guy to the moon because that's what's best for business. Look at the way he runs NXT, which is a million times better than the way the main roster/shows are handled by Vince.

  33. daniel bryan beating Triple H and then Randy and Batista for the title the same night at wrestlemania 30 was total bullshytt

  34. Daniel Bryan is awesome I can’t believe Vince was going to push him down the card that’s just BS fans were screaming at the top of their lungs at the Royal Rumble
    CM Punk and the crowd reaction saved Daniel Bryan
    Thank you to CM Punk now it sucks that he walked out but it made wrestlemania 30 good The crowd reaction doesn’t matter in Vince’s mind but it makes sense Vince and
    Triple H get some credit for letting Bryan have his Wrestlemania moment
    Triple H main event
    3 wrestlemanias in row (2004-2006)
    John Cena again
    3 wrestlemanias in row (2011-2013)
    Roman Reigns no F*cking comment also I heard that Vince or some dumb ass said CM Punk is not a draw really he sold more shirts than John Cena in 2012 that’s BS Vince has no logic when’s it comes to crowd reactions and who should be in the main event at least John Cena has great personality Roman Reigns is not that bad but for him to main event Wrestlemania 4 f*cking years in a row and he has not even been in the company for more than 5 years and he still got some Punk will never get
    CM Punk worked for WWE for about 8 or 9 years and never the wrestlemania main event sometimes WWE sucks but Thank God Daniel Bryan got what he and the True WWE fans what they deserve

  35. So ur telling me that cm punk would have been in the main event n be champion THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE BEST WRESTLEMANIA EVER also would have been like the chris benoit wrestlemania win.

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