Pratercatchen Oida! – Day Two | MAIN WRESTLING VLOG

Pratercatchen Oida! – Day Two | MAIN WRESTLING VLOG

Allright so welcome to day number two
welcome to day number two of Pratercatchen I’m right now backstage here… the
dressing our dressing room is open air this is the place where people come in
for the show and today will be another four-way match so we’ll see how that
goes WHUTZUP? the match will start in about
two hours as I said it’s a four-way match and It’ll be a tough one… four countries
against…against each other – have fun enjoy I’ll put the footage in here after
this clip see you later Oh Yo right now I’m here with my new Interview buddy ,,Pippo”. What do you have to say about our lilltle Interview? How did you like it? I really liked it, this guy is the new Shawn Michaels! Watch out for him! That’s cool! Within five ye…no In five years at max he’ll be the new WWE Champion Huh…a bit of a challange but I’ll give my best in order to make it happen! Thanks man! You’ll do it! PASCAL SPALTER…what do you have to say about me kicking your ass a few moments ago? (Laughs)…Well Dennis I’m not sure if you kicked my ass or I kicked yours. But if I remember the result of our match correctly it went 1..2..3 and Pascal Spalter won! Well but that wasn’t agains me, was it? Excuse me? That wasn’t on me. But where were you in that moment? Well…Where was Dennis? Where was he? I just took a little break.. Sure a little break! A short break and he missed everything in the end – Pascal Spalter won 1..2…3 Because Splater is the winner and also Europameister. you what’s up guys this is me again
talking to you from the train back home and I thought I’d do a quick little recap on
the weekend – in general great weekend really enjoyed it
to all you people who came out: these crowds were awesome I really enjoyed working
for them it was just awesome to hear all these reactions they were so strong and
they were so passionate there was so much energy in that tent
you couldn’t believe it and unfortunately it didn’t manage to win, yet I managed to
have a good show – I hopefully made some new fans I talked to a lot of people it
was a great experience it was great fun There were some cool little
chats – thanks to you all people who sent me stuff from the matches – videos and
everything highly appreciated and thanks to all guys who came out there and
supported me, as well as professional wrestling and thank you to you guys who
watch this vlog I really appreciate it and I really appreciate your support so
please keep watching send it out send it to friends don’t forget to
hit the subscribe button click the bell button Do all that kind of stuff –
send it out to your friends who like professional wrestling send it out to
your friends or maybe will like professional wrestling in the future
most importantly stays you are! As this was your man Dan Main, not a superstar
no nobody, but on my way – and right now on my way home on the way to my bed – as
you can see I’m very tired and I will see you the next video have a good one

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  1. hust 4 Nationen hust :b
    Guter Vlog 💪🏻 hoffentlich in 5 Jahren nicht bei der WWE, aber ROH, NJPW oder AEW hätte was 🙂

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