100 thoughts on “Nightline episode on pro wrestling

  1. Fucking Democrats always trying to fuck up everything. Times haven’t changed much. Just more liberal but pretty much the same old dribble.

  2. Very interesting that in the intro, just as the guy says "You mean wrestling isn't real?" they show an early shot of Mick Foley (as Cactus Jack), a man who would come to symbolize the very "realness" of wrestling…

  3. Back when news places thought they were really on to something telling people it was fake. Also look at Captain Lou still kayfaben the whole thing.

  4. nightline….guy says one at a time or else..LOL……now they have 5 panelists talking all at once on msnbc and cnn and all that…and its encouraged for chaotic reasons..LOL

  5. Stossel, “I’m going to ask the standard questions”, proceeds to declare, “I think this is fake”, hows that a question idiot, I loved it back then when he got slapped and it’s still great to see it.

  6. Vince McMahon didn't expose the business as scripted. This Nightline episode or Captain Lou didn't do it either. Hacksaw Jim Duggan and The Iron Sheik getting arrested for having cocaine while they were riding in the same car at the time they were feuding did that.

  7. very cool footage to see all these years later. as a young kid, watching Wrestling on all the cable channels or in person, it was unimaginable to think that outcome was pre-determined. IMO, the WWF/WWE ruined pro wrestling. their obvious greed for every single dollar caused the demise of pro wrestling


  9. I rewatched a bunch of these,it's pretty sad how bad people wanted to find out if wrestling was predetermined,when it's obvious its a show,even when I was younger I knew it wasn't on the level,something was up,and truthfully made me love it even more.
    Best part in my opinion was.
    "Exhibition yes,but a dangerous exhibition"
    Perfectly said.

  10. Growing up I kinda knew Pro Wrestling was fixed but I didn't care if it was because it was entertaining. I would never say it was fake because those wrestlers put their bodies through hell for our viewing pleasure .

  11. Wrestling is so hot and gay, those muscular big men sweating with their gay ass fake punches and hot swollen cocks!

  12. Am I the only one who thinks it's funny to see wrestling in an outside context? It's just funny to see all these fancy reporters trying to talk about wrestling.

  13. The fact that they had to debate this. I used to love wrestling when I was a kid in the 80s I knew it was a work when I was 5/6 years old. Hell i watched it into my teens in the 90s I still respected what these guys did and oh themselves through to entertain.

  14. 1:35 Color, Gigging, Juicing, Blading. That’s what they use – Shocked they showed it here! Get a little COLOR in your Life!! 🌈 I love that Assemblyman (?) from California incorrectly explaining how it works. It’s very little blood what you’re seeing is sweat mixed with it – when done correctly anyway…

  15. Take a lesson from Lou on promos everybody. He knew what was up, but you couldn't tell by the way he talked!

  16. The bullshit is mega fake now and no longer fun to watch. I love the old NWA of the 70s and 80s. It was fake but the wrestlers were great showmen and got down to the nitty gritty

  17. That 20/20 show exposed wrestling 5 years before this, but at least Dr D slapped the dog shit out of one of their reporters, helping the business save face, but after this, I rarely watched it anymore. It's hard to suspend disbelief when they admit it's fake.

  18. Wwf ruined it for AWA and NWA those were the really good ones than WCW. everything after that was crap including wwe

  19. The goal of any "theatrical performance" is to make you "temporarily suspend your disbelief". The fact that wrestling is often performed live, and create characters who – when successful – you either pay to cheer for or see get their butts kicked is what blurs the reality line. Yes, we know that it's scripted. So is every other TV show. Here's what is real. People on the job do get injured, promoted, demoted, hyped, mis-used, given crap gimmicks, and given great exposure. Federations can be co-operative or competitive with each other. Quite frankly, I find the behind the scenes stuff as fascinating as the athletics on the mat. It's ……. entertaining.

  20. Fucking people just enjoy the althleticisim and the story telling in the ring. These guys put their body on the line for people to have a good time.

  21. I found out wrestling was fake when I saw Kevin Von Erich drive into the parking lot fine then saw him come out with his arm in a sling saying he was injured by so and so a few nights ago in Ft Worth lol – still loved it regardless i miss 80's wrestling

  22. Of course some of this stuff is real I'd like to see some of these reporters get put in the piledriver got to be in shape to take some of these moves.its dangerous as it can be let a 160 pound man get in the ring in 2 minutes after they shit in there pants crawling across the ring crying screaming no more please no more, its fucking not fake like we thought. Very physical sport ,or a fake but painful sport. That's why they got all these crazy highflying moves mess up one time could cripple your ass.

  23. They look like they’re working, they seem like they have our best interest in mind, and they appear to represent their constituents. Of course, I’m talking about these phonies called politicians.

  24. How dumb are these reporters and The News if they need a guy to analyze it and tell them what's going on. If someone keeps getting punched, kicked slammed, what happens? They'll be knocked out and in the hospital.

  25. Come on people, everyone knows this is fake…I mean really, in what world would there ever be a Democrat senator who didn't want to take money he wasn't entitled to? PS, mad respect to Captain Lou for keeping kayfabe alive! I miss those days!

  26. Vince just had to open his big mouth and ruin the sport I idolized as a child.Now Pro Wrestling struggles to survive in a world that dose not believe in it.

  27. This is so fucking infuriating watching these rabid fucktards deliberately misunderstand the whole concept of wresl…"sports entertainment". Thank you Lou, it's really none of their damn business and things have been basically the same since promoters realised the crowds have a better experience with a controlled outcome.

  28. "Laughing all the way to the bank" yeah and mocking god as much as possible and pulling as many people away from god and into the hands of lucifer as they can along the way.

  29. People who call wrestling fake have never been in a wrestling ring. Some of the action can be brutal.

  30. The NWA and AWA were very stiff and everyone knows it was a work, but that doesn't take away the physical toll and pain that wrestlers went through. I hate that the WWF made it completely unwatchable with their cartoon character style in the 80's and trashy Jerry Springer style in the 90's. New companies are on the rise, but the magic and art that was Pro Wrestling in the NWA and AWA are gone and it's now only Sports Entertainment that a much smaller audience is interested in now

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