New Day Tease LEAVING WWE! MAJOR WWE WrestleMania 35 RETURN LEAKED?! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2019

New Day Tease LEAVING WWE!  MAJOR WWE WrestleMania 35 RETURN LEAKED?! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2019

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are into it too. New Day Tease Leaving WWE
This week’s SmackDown saw Kofi Kingston defeat Sheamus, Cesaro, Rowan, Samoa Joe and
Randy Orton in a row to earn a WWE Championship match at WrestleMania… after he’d beaten
just one more opponent hand picked by Vince McMahon – Charlotte Flai- I mean Kevin Owen-
I mean the WWE Champion himself Daniel Bryan. Fatigued from wrestling 50 minutes already,
Kofi lost the match with McMahon screwing him out of a title shot yet again. In a post-SmackDown video on YouTube entitled
‘Is The New Day thinking of quitting WWE?’, Big E angrily asked Kingston afterwards:
“You’ll punch through that glass ceiling, they’ll just put another one there. It doesn’t matter. What else have we done here, what more do
we have to do here?” With Xavier Woods adding: “There’s absolutely
no reason that should happen. So, as a matter of fact, I think we should
quit, honestly. If I’m being honest, I think we should quit.” Kingston decided to persevere, though. But that hasn’t stopped his New Day partners
from playing up they’ll be leaving WWE on social media, with Big E focusing on the racial
context to the storyline: People like us will only get so far, that
you can climb the mountain – they’ll let you climb the mountain. But as far as, getting to the peak or staying
at the peak, it’s not a thing. People like us, historically, and moving forward,
clearly, can only get so far. We’ve done a lot of cool things here. We’ve been able to do a lot of cool things
that we never would’ve imagined we could do, but, clearly, we are never meant to be
more than this. And for people like us, that’s not enough. And it will never be enough. So, we have to sit back and think about whether,
continuing to be gone for 250 days plus a year is worth it. Of missing the family time, of doing this
to our bodies. Leaving a piece of yourself in the ring that
you can never get back. All the things that we give – if it’s
worth it when we can only get this far. So we have a lot of thinking to do. Obviously proud of Kofi, proud of us as a
trio, proud of what we’ve done. But if this is all we ever will be, I don’t
know if it’s worth it. And Xavier Woods insinuating he could leave
WWE and focus on his gaming channel. Because gaming channels are a good idea… “I’m sure you guys saw what happened this
past Tuesday to Kofi, you guys probably watched the video that E did, and he kind of said
it best, so just kinda each those sentiments. We have other things that we enjoy doing,
we have other skills. Me? I love video games, I’m a part of this community
and I love this community, with all of my heart. And this community loves me back. That’s a relationship that I’m willing
to be in. And considering the fact that I am attempting
to create a small video game studio, that is another skill that I have, that is another
way to feed myself and my family that I have. So you fully understand that constantly being
treated in the way that we, New Day, has been treated – and mostly likely be treated from
here on out… I just want to say that I appreciate what
you did Vince, thank you very much. Because it’s definitely shown me which direction
I need to go in to take care of myself, and take care of my family.” Big E and Xavier Woods to AEW confirmed! The New Day’s threats to leave WWE is most
definitely a storyline, and it’ll likely play into the speculated Occupy SmackDown
segment for next week’s episode to get Kofi his WrestleMania match. It’s a great way to build a storyline using
social media, blurring the lines of what’s real and scripted. Unfortunately nobody told that to The Undertaker. The Undertaker Returning At WrestleMania 35? Because his wife Michelle McCool keeps posting
stuff on Instagram like “when your little hits you with a combo that makes you draw
ten cards before the game has even started!!! CRYING WITH LAUGHTER EMOJI! You’re exposing the business, Taker. But the Deadman’s hand isn’t the only
notable thing about that picture. It’s also his hair. The Undertaker doesn’t currently have a
match at WrestleMania 35 – making it the first time he’s not featured on the annual show
for almost two decades. The Wrestling Observer reported last month
that Vince McMahon was trying to get him to appear at the Grandest Stage of Them All in
exchange for dropping his Starrcast II convention appearance. While little is known on how those talks have
developed, Undertaker’s hair is dyed in this photo – a colour change that has usually
foreshadowed his returns to WWE in the past. Wrestling Inc have also noted The Undertaker’s
image was featured advertising WrestleMania on one of the production trucks at this week’s
Raw in Chicago. I’m now off to challenge El Fakidor in the
Super News up later today. Make sure to subscribe to his evil ScreenStalker
channel to see what’s up. And download Vikings: War of Clans using my
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100 thoughts on “New Day Tease LEAVING WWE! MAJOR WWE WrestleMania 35 RETURN LEAKED?! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2019

  1. Remember when zack ryder used social media to get himself over free press for wwe vince must be rubbing his hands with glee smell that moneyyyyy lol

  2. WrestleTalk: "First ever wrestlemania undertaker won't appear at"
    Also WrestleTalk: "Undertaker leaked to return at Wrestlemania!"
    yay journalism!

  3. Why are all the best WWE youtube channels British? This, WhattCulture, Wrestlemania, Cultaholic etc. Though shout out to Wrestling With Wregret, the best American channel. You guys are my favourite of the lot. Your comedic personalities are awesome.

  4. I don’t like that they are making this a racist angle but I like even less that they’re making it a racist angle without blatantly saying it’s about race.

  5. The new day thing is a shoot WWE has them do everything no way they let them walk to give them anything they want almost

  6. angle vs taker.. taker will take out corbin and replace him.. or probably cena vs taker 2 reason why both wasn't on the card yet

  7. Angle v Corbin: Kurt wins with ankle lock in seconds. Stands there with arms raised and says "Is this it?"

    Cena's music hits, he comes down to the ring and says "Ok Kurt, let's go one more time".

  8. His hair is dyed due to his upcoming appearances and signings. He is maintaining the character outside wwe to make more money. I’m sure he’ll appear at mania, but won’t be surprised too much if he isn’t.

  9. We get the undertaker music in the brock v rollins match for then the ring to be surrounded by the hounds rollins takes the win for then regins to then attack rollins with the uso's and set up a match between the 2 of them before we get draft and go to the different brands where at suvior series they are both captains of there teams to actually make that ppv back to meaning something with proper bragging rights going for which ever show wins

  10. Sorry to say but I don't think the new logo and graphics are a win… I get you're using the logo across WT and ScreenStalker to connect the channels as a family, but using the weird Arrow E as a logo for each is just strange and confusing. It makes me think of old Uber 'backwards C' logo – another logo that made no sense…

  11. My predictions threw WM: Kofi beats Daniel Jodi has a friendly feud with the new day then drops the title after a few months to Joe and Daniel has a feud with Bray and Luke Harper for a few months before joining them then jump ship to feud with the shield. The End.

  12. Big E is main event material, why he has never been in that picture is injustice. He has the size, he has insane amounts of charisma, great talker, and good in the ring.

  13. Oli, these new graphics, especially the darker blues in the background aren't working well. It looks far too dark and your lighting isn't bright enough to make you guys pop from the background. The blue radial gradient you've got going on behind you isn't as clean as it should be due to video compression as well so it looks a bit off on some of the devices I view your content on. Just a bit of constructive criticism, hope you'll notice the posts regarding the new colours as I've noticed a lot of your audience commenting on it regarding the darkness.

  14. This “occupy SD” idea is just like what they did for dbryan a few years back , now he’s on the other side of it. Calling kofi a B+ player like HHH did to him. The racial aspect isn’t needed

  15. Remember the time when Vince brought Batista out after cena had won the chamber in 2010. In all honesty Vince character is actually consistent.

  16. One rumour I’ve heard is taker vs demon balor….would have have been decent match 5 or 6 years ago not sure about now, but think of anyone can decent match out of taker Finns the guy

  17. I think what should happen with taker at mania is he wants to challenge a “new comer” and the. Demon Finn Balor comes out and squashes undertaker and undertaker retires (hopefully)

  18. Those who even believe the New Day will be leaving don't know what WWE storyline is about. Lol.

    The New Day is never leaving. It's all a work. Geez….

  19. Big E and Xavier will turn on Kofi after Mania. They'll hold him on their shoulders to celebrate and do a back body drop on him to end it. Break the glass ceiling before they do, right? 😊

  20. I like how ppl on here pay my great wrestling acumen absolutely no attention, what about me, what about Raven🤔err……..I mean SheeshguyCP

  21. The fact that New Day are all shits and giggles most of the time makes it even more impactful when they get super serious like Big E did on this Twitter Video.

  22. If The Undertaker is indeed going to be at WM35, hopefully WWE can replace Corbin as Angle's final WM opponent & have Kurt face The Phenom at WM one last time instead, fingers crossed people!!!

  23. I'm really tired of the racial stuff. Nobody wants to watch another story about I'm being kept down because I'm black. That's a bunch of bull. If anything you have more opportunities because you're black these days. Opportunity just because you're black

  24. If this racist scripted WWE should be taken off tv there comparing themselves to MLK and Nelson Mandella

  25. Duh, Kofi vs. Bryant at Mania. This is all a work to REASSURE wrestling fans that the WWE bases there decisions on what the fans want, creating a false feeling of empowerment because everyone can see the company is essentially using the same formula they've always used. Ex. (Baby vs. Heel, Physical appearances="talent", etc.) this formula has always worked but with time, things change and fans are sick of those peramiters. It makes the show highly predictable and mundane. Heels vs. Heels would draw, same with Baby vs. Baby. Fans don't care about a wrestlers muscles, in all actuality WWE would be able to relate to the consumer more with average looking wrestlers (physically) that are highly athletic and can wrestle i.e "blue collar." CM PUNK'S pipe bomb was amazing not just cause his is good on the mic but because of the unpredictable shoot he gave, breaking the "fourth wall." Wwe is attempting this with Kofi using the hard worker that's overlooked angle ( old formula ) with a twist of current event issues, suggesting, but not actually saying(PG)he didn't get the opportunity because of racial discrepancy. They need this kind of stuff on every shoot. We watch wrestling for unpredictable, chaotic relatable mayhem. Not Good vs.Evil b.s.

  26. So ladies and gents of wrestletalk since vince is lurking the interweb. Forget Alexa hosting ….WE WANT OLI WE WANT OLI!!!!!!

  27. Let's be real Vince McMahon needs to stop being Petty undertaker had his back when hulk Hogan walked off on him when Bret Hart walked off on him when macho Man left when Ric Flair left undertaker was there when the stadium so small I remember watching wwe and they barely had fans in the stadium guess who was wrestling undertaker let that man live his life because he was loyal to you and a loyal man should always get great payment not just financially but out of respect I'm not a big undertaker fan but I am a fan of loyalty and undertaker is that straight loyal and you can't find loyalty anywhere so you need to honor that Vince straight up

  28. With a recent video Xavier just did, talking about his gaming, and what he talked about, they ain't going anywhere. Just a storyline

  29. 6:10 taker will be showing up at wretlemina 100 still killing at like 130 years old McMahon must be working on a youth serum tht will be rdy any time now

  30. I think Vince make Kofi wrestle the Undertaker WM35 if and I do mean if he can beat the deadman then he will finally get his much earned title match with Daniel Brian.

  31. Taker needs to stay away.. what's the point of him coming just to win when they carry him through the match?

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