micro Bruce Prichard shoots on Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker

well let’s let’s keep it going let’s talk about the main event or I’m sorry the last match its Undertaker and Shawn Michaels their first singles pay-per-view match maybe the first match means such a huge rivalry they’re gonna have for the rest of the career so many great matches including the one the following month bad blood one of the best matches ever we talked about earlier in the show how this all got started at SummerSlam there was a a crime committed Bret Hart accidentally stole the championship from the Undertaker with an errant chair shot from Shawn Michaels now this main event is no crime at all there we go 16 minutes and 3 seconds the whole deal is about 23 minutes between a nearly five-minute pre-match brawl and then a few man a few minutes postman sprawl excellent work but a lot of ref bumps maybe some I don’t know contrived booking I think Meltzer would say because we’re using knuckles and the referees are down and Rick Rudes here but the big thing that happens here I can’t believe this is a thing the Undertaker does a running Dobb over the top rope to the floor and this is a dive that even Meltzer would say would have made psychosis or great Sasuke proud really unbelievable there go to a note contest here but the work is so good Meltzer still gives it a three and a quarter star three and three-quarter stars chat me up though when did you know the Undertaker was going to do this fucking dive the flying cow I probably knew that night but it just one of those okay we’ll see it it’s a big agile goddamn hell of an athlete so nothing surprised me with what he would do what he would try but you know you look at this and going back and watching it it was it was Wild West Gaga everything all over the building but again in hindsight when you look at it you have to understand the story it was telling was to get us to hell on a cell and the beauty of that know doing that and you watch it it’s like oh my god some of the best storytelling and tremendous effort on everyone’s part because everybody did play a part in there that’s just adding one more level of the importance of Hell in a Cell in putting that match in this brand-new structure that no one knows what the hell it is so I thought that was incredibly cool and going back and watching it that’s one where you put your pin down and and sit back and enjoy because it was that good of a match what was it about Shawn Michaels an undertaker that works so well is it typical david-and-goliath just won’t accept with one of the best big men and arguably the best little man or you know normal human I mean these guys are just clicking on all cylinders not just here but bad blood and every other time they had a match just outstanding stuff I think it was two things trust and respect they trusted one another just complete blind trust and they both had respect for one another in the ring Shawn Michaels is at his very best Shawn Michaels here elsewhere to even call it a Michaels bum Pathan I mean he’s taking bumps on the ramp and the bushes on the set just everywhere if you’re gonna watch one match from this show I would recommend the meaning one or this one this of course is going to be the beginning of a huge feud Hell in a Cell coming then Royal Rumble 98 and then there are two WrestleMania matches many years later that many people would say are the best matches they’ve ever seen just really click it on all cylinders you

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