Meet Glenn Jacobs: WWE Wrestling Star And Knox County Mayor-Elect | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Meet Glenn Jacobs: WWE Wrestling Star And Knox County Mayor-Elect | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Meet Glenn Jacobs: WWE Wrestling Star And Knox County Mayor-Elect | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. Nice video.

    I wanna see kane come back in his. Cape attire he had in 1997.

    This is the ultimate questions and answers that needs to be said in kane and undertaker interviews:


    1. Who came up with your original attire that came with the cape?
    2. Will we ever see u wear your 1997 attire or full body attire your wore in 1998 before you retire?
    3. How did u cope with your 1998 full body attire since that I believe was your hardest attire to wear?
    4. What did u think of the undertakers mask attire he had in 1995 to 1996 when u faught him as your Isaac yankem dds gimmick?
    5. How did they manage to put the undertaker in your full body attire from 1998 to 1999 and how did u like wearing the undertakers attire in a segment where stone cold on raw threw u in a hearse and at the drivers seat was the undertaker?
    6. Why didn't they use the full body suit u had when u had the angle with the impostor kane?
    7. Wore there other of your attires that were made from 1997 to 2001 but not have been released?

    The undertaker:
    1. Will we ever u see u wear your old school attires from 1990 to 1999 with the theme songs that came with it before you retire?
    2. How come u stopped walking slow during your matches u had in 1991 till 1996?
    3. Why did u say no to Vince asking u to end the streak in 2014?
    4. How come your rare red attire u had that was never released in 1996 u didn't use that?
    5. Were there gonna be other color attires that u had from 1990 to 1996?

    These types of questions need to be answered in interviews for undertaker and kane that would be the holly grail of questions.

    I wonder what the wwe warehouse looks like showing all kane attires and the undertakers attires wwe needs to make a video on this and even show the undertakers unreleased red attire he had in 1996 and the mask kane used in his 2012 return promo that was never used it was the same type of his 1997 debut mask but without the mouth cover.

    When the undertaker and kane when opponents use to hit them they didn't flench at all from 1991 to 1996 and 1997 to 1999. These days undertaker and kane do flinch. 

    If I was Vince the final match for undertaker and kane should be undertaker 1994 purple attire and the grim reaper theme song vs kane 1997 attire book it Vince.

  2. cane is not running for a vice president position.why is she trapping him.and im a democrat .Good for you kane .yu are better than the typical politicians

  3. Kane is not running for a vice president position.why is she trapping him ?and im a democrat .Good for you kane .you are better than the typical politicians

  4. I like what he said, about a Democracy works… if we are allowed to voice everyone's ideas. not this crap we have today in politics.

  5. This reporter is akin to the dumbasses on Fox News who treat differing opinions as "Anti-American." Horseshoe Theory is real, people.

  6. Nice try trying to smash a Republican. She's too stupid to get a man like Glen Jacobs to fall for her traps. Just a swamp rat that got stomped by an elephant.

  7. Glen jacobs as kane, is a father and grandfather of 2, is the man who chokeslam people in wrestling sports, and now is the mayor of notts county. Nice.

  8. I feel as if the reporter was trying to cause a fight to start a promo because SHE wants the WWE TITLE!!

  9. He wanted to chokeslam slam her ,he could not get one word in without trying to confuse him , but she failed

  10. If he does plan on returning to the wrestling business he should do his first WWE gimmick during old school raw

  11. Me and jacob used to study in same school, he was my senior..such a nice guy and we used to hangout together.

  12. Like fighting senator, there is wrestler mayor both of them have great personality and they care about their respective community

  13. I have the best critical thinking skills in the world. Dave Harris was non talkative. He did not like post game conferences. Speech is not everything when it comes to socialization skills. Some schools Viral Patel. Is there really alot of work in college? Jordan Vazquez said at the Lenhardts if you go to Suny Albany to just be a student and not party. You are wasting your time.

  14. I was a bit nervous Kane might act like most of the politicians I've heard by side stepping any and all questions with bs that sounded good, but not answering anything. I was relieved when he not just answered her questions but gave instances to back things up. We need more politicians like him – I believe he genuinely cares. And that woman did her job brilliantly. TV news reporters are very well known for trying to start fights, start chaos, and only report on negative news. So obviously she's been trained old school – focusing on any negative she can think of.

  15. Fake news is always trying to put that riff even if this fake between Donald Trump and everybody else . Donald trumps most successful president in years

  16. Kane is the most humble guy i have ever seen. I have never seen a kind guy like him. Then why wwe potrayed him as a 'monster'.

  17. Omg, These people lost to Trump and still going at it? It's freaking 2019.Now they're going after popular tv stars like glen? Enough is enough with the indoctrination…. jeezuwiz, smh

  18. I am not a Republican but I can definitely see why President Trump hates networks like MSNBC. The whole interview she just chose to focus on president Trump when it should have been about Glenn's accomplishment. Kudos to him for not falling for her bs. I have always liked Kane but after seeing this I definitely have a lot more respect for him.

  19. "People in Knox County said they were tired of the divide… the voted for Trump"

    That's like being tired of having a high murder rate so you murder all of the murderers

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