hey guys thank you for watching the slat rock channel if you’re new here don’t forget to subscribe and hit that Bell icon to get notified every time we post a new video and if you’ve already done so just make sure that it’s still active here’s your news for September 13 2019 we all know that being a WWE Superstar is difficult not only do you have to deal with the constant risk of injuries but there’s also life outside of the ring at times some superstars have been sorely tempted by vices they encounter and though many play heroes on screen in real life they’re only human one female fan who wishes to remain anonymous recently reached out to ringside news claiming that current WWE Raw superstar Luke Gallows according to the woman slept with her before telling her he wasn’t wanting a relationship this is a bit of a scumbag move bud things got WAY worse when it was revealed that gallows did start a relationship with somebody else at the same time in a ring site news exclusive the woman provided photo evidence of tinder conversations between the two as well as other evidence that the pair were close she told the website about what allegedly happened between the two though please bear in mind that this is just one side of the story so we met in February this year and he messaged me I actually didn’t even sleep with him so when I went back home to Australia and he kept messaging me I thought he was interested when I found out he was coming up to Singapore we decided to catch up he was very flirty and I was sitting on his lap Ajay had told me when we were at dinner that he was showing pics of me so I thought great he’s interested I slept with him that night and pretty much the next day I only saw him for two minutes because I had bumped into him at the mall I wasn’t happy the woman continued about her alleged or deals with Gallo’s claiming that the OSI member lied to her about wanting to see her again and quickly blocked her online to avoid any confrontation once he got back to the u.s. if someone comes sees you from another country you would assume you would make an effort he got me tickets to the show I let it go and he did say he wanted to see me again after he came back from the States I hardly heard from him and I confronted him and he basically said he’s too busy for any type relationship he blocked me then a week later unblocked me to say sorry that was the day the chasing glory podcast got aired there’s clearly no good way to find out about what Gallo’s reportedly did though the woman explained that listening to the chasing glory podcast when she found out in the worst possible way as Gallo’s reportedly joked about what happened with tag-team partner Carl Anderson so I’m watching it and Carl rips into him for being in a single streak and he goes I’m off the single streak it rang bells in my head so I went to his social media and her Facebook and seen three days later after he told me he was too busy to be in a relationship he was in a relationship with her I did tell her this is why he got matching tattoos after a month because she actually doesn’t trust him and you can’t tag him and pics anymore because that’s how I found out I was furious pretty embarrassing the woman gallows is referencing is Bethenny Gerhart who made a relationship public with gallows last month he should have reimbursed me for Singapore as he told me to come under false pretenses these are some pretty strong allegations about the good brother and certainly doesn’t make gallo seem like a nice guy leading this woman on and sleeping with her only to have a relationship with someone else if things weren’t already controversial enough gallows his ex-wife Amber O’Neal has also been brought into this as she admits that the story of what the anonymous woman claimed happened to her sounds very familiar implying a pattern of behavior from the former raw tag team champion time will only tell whether gallows does pay her back for going to Singapore to see him and what effect these allegations will have on his work in the WWE if they are proven to be facts as we stated this is just one side of the story though with plenty of screenshots as evidence as gallows is yet to come and publicly on the matter unto some much happier family news now as this week Universal Champion Seth Rollins revealed that he recently discovered he has a brother and a sister the architect used the popular 23andme service to trace his family lineage and the DNA tests revealed that the beastslayer does indeed have some siblings who he recently met with for those who may not be aware 23andme is a direct-to-consumer genetic testing service where customers provide saliva that allows the company to populate an ancestry database in a tweet Rollins confirmed the news to his fans saying that life is a crazy awesome thing and he was insanely lucky to get to experience it with this being such a huge change for the former Universal Champion the story was covered by as well as Cathy Kelly who reported the story in a special edition of WWE now in a response on Twitter 23andme congratulated the universal champion on the great news saying they were very happy to help him find his long-lost siblings fans of the architect were also quick to congratulate Seth with some saying that the idea of waking up one day to discover Rollins as your brother is insane and others pointed out that Rollins as siblings will soon have a sister-in-law when the architect marries raining raw Women’s Champion the man Becky Lynch though this is a huge personal moment for the architect it’s just the latest piece of Rollins personal life that fans have been able to get a glimpse at earlier this year WWE showcased the Beast Slayers relationship with Lynch on WWE TV putting a pair in multiple tag matches together against the likes of the Kanellis as well as the team of Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans in 2015 fans got a behind-the-scenes look at sets life when he was forced to vacate the WWE world have you a title due to injury with the architects rehab and return to the ring being covered by the company’s production crew now healthy once again Rollins is clearly having the time of his life not only finding out about his new siblings but also prepping for his wedding to the man and riding high as the top star of WWE as Universal Champion that latter part could come to an end this Sunday though when Rollins takes on braun strowman with the title on the line before that match even happens though the architect and the monster among men will have to work together to defend the raw tag-team titles against Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode who qualified for the show by defeating four teams on Raw in a gauntlet match though Rollins and strohman tag title reign remains up in the air the architect is expected to retain the universal goal though that will probably only lead to more problems with the fiend Bray Wyatt challenging the universal champion at Hell in a Cell it seems Rollins problems will only get worse if he retains the universal title against the monster among men regardless of what happens this Sunday at least the beasts lair will know that he has two new fans cheering him on thanks to the incredible work at 23andme that allowed Rollins to finally meet his brother and sister now to some hilarious news WWE has done another batch of trademarks for a bunch of NXT stars but in one case they misspelled the talents name the wrestling organization filed a trademark for low sure I rather than yo Sheree the rest which were correctly spelled were for the Forgotten sons marina Shaffir Jessamyn Duke tan era Vanessa Bourne Jia Li and Dakota Kai we finally end today’s news with the final match card for clash of champions 2019 WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley defends against Charlotte Flair Seth Rollins and braun strowman defend the raw tag team titles against Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler Seth Rollins braun strowman then go on to face off for the WWE universal championship Kofi Kingston defends his WWE Championship against Randy Orton while drew Gulick defends the cruiserweight title in a triple threat match against Humberto Carrillo and lence a dorado the new day defend the smackdown tag team titles against the revival the MS challenges schinsky Nakamura for the Intercontinental Championship while Becky Lynch defends the raw women’s title against Sasha banks Roman reigns and Erick Rowan face off in a No Disqualification match women’s tag team champions Alexa bliss and Nikki cross defend against Mandy rose in Sonya deville and finally United States Champion AJ Styles defense against Cedric Alexander well guys that’s our news for today let us know your thoughts down in the comments below if you liked this video don’t forget to check out our previous video ten huge shocking WWE 2019 rumors you need to know about also check out our other high rated videos by clicking at the upper right hand corner or down in the description field don’t forget 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