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[Applause] hello and welcome to get the table a wrestling round table discussion podcast with myself Adam Wilborn and their dad Lee boys discussing a burning wrestling issue but before we get enter if you’re a fan of this sort of thing make sure you subscribe to what coach dressing on either iTunes or Spotify for daily wrestling podcast where you not only review Raw and Smackdown but also we review paper views we have roundtable discussions we have interviews and a roundup of the week complete with a bloody good quiz of course on wrestle culture but gents many times we’ve sat here on a Tuesday morning and lambasted WWE and moaned about a terrible product three hours that really dragged on Monday night but last night’s Monday Night Raw kicked ass it was brilliant arguably one of the best Monday night Raw’s in a long long time what did you two think of it up skip to work honestly I was on such a high and as you pointed out those three hours especially here in the UK where it’s very early in the morning and you often have to watch it on the old double speed try and make the decisions for yourself or what you might have to cut out of the show just to get to the meat of it there was no filler no fat on this show to speak of that left me with any kind of bad taste in my mouth there was one segment which I could really pick on and because there’s only the one segment I feel no need to pick on it the rest of the show was so incredibly satisfying the threads that followed throughout the show to lead to the incredible finale which we’ll all get to not to mention the fact that the happy real-life news at the start the show almost created a celebratory torned that they were able to like then working to the rest of the event everything else was their job to make up the start was the real bit the rest they could have easily kind of ruined and crapped on that good news with a show that just left us feeling deflated and they didn’t they basked in the celebratory atmosphere of it and it was just it was wonderful so so satisfying what I loved about this episode of Raw and I’m gonna get very wordplay and I apologize in advance it started actually felt raw we’re talking the most overproduced treacly like bastardization of pro wrestling under this modern sports entertainment thing but enough of that this was an episode of Raw that felt raw and lived up to its name from the raw emotion of really wonderful of course it was wonderful opening segment to that unhinged and dangerous climax which form a just took everything that I hate about that show all my complaints for how it’s over produced and so searingly fake and just subverted everything about they way the way they produce angles because what we’ll get to obviously Batista’s return was just so vital and real and raw I want to get to that and I want to talk about looking forward to Wrestlemania because we’re what less than I think six weeks away that sound about right something like that I think just understand your week in a bit till Fastlane now and then yes or four or five weeks just just under six weeks to go likes a total WrestleMania then and a lot of the time especially before Fastlane we can sit here and accused WWE of sort of spinning their wheels of keeping the storylines going that they need to for Fastlane and keeping everything else on the back burner I’m not really developing everything obviously we had Roman reigns’s big announcement it also felt like overall they had one eye on WrestleMania which often doesn’t happen this time of year well what’s funny you should say that is what you described is very much a reality they get the angles shot to get the big moments out there and the ether and then from there it’s pretty much a diminished return but the difference this year is that beyond the Royal Rumble which obviously set into motion the two big big big matches so it hasn’t felt at all like we are in the midst of WrestleMania season this for me was the insight and incident to finally crack on with some of the more different aspects of the card occurs for ages it didn’t feel like WrestleMania but God Almighty it feels like WrestleMania sees and now Frank God it took forever I really liked it instilled such a sense of purpose in so many of the characters as well I mean if we’re gonna talk about Roman reigns the character again there was almost a soft launch back into his in-ring career would that be down with where Heyman Seth Rollins made the save for Dean Ambrose and you could possibly picture them joining forces with braun strowman to take out roles for heals that have up until this week were floundering heals with absolutely no purpose on the shoulder so ever all of a sudden they’ve now got a regroup and take on the shield and braun strowman potentially that’s a purpose that’s at least gonna get them through fast win and potentially spring off say three or four storylines off the bucket out you had button for the most part all the babyface is succeeding in their own lip battles that night which again I think we’re probably going to have to get their feet in this incredible dark clothes and angle when the entire evening has been a story of light a story of happy endings much in the same way that when Roman departed Michael Kors line of not tonight because we didn’t need a sad end in that night this was the evening where we were wrong foot into thinking we weren’t gonna get one all these incredible resorts and all these baby faces finally getting some vindication and a birthday party at the end what can possibly go wrong about that this was and I’m gonna drop his name because we’ve spoke a lot about him recently this was chris kreski level universe building where all these characters that were feeding it’ll big storylines still had a reasons to be in their own individual little angles I would just like to take this moment to apologize to Bruce Prichard because obviously buried him yesterday night back on the job brother love I’m so sorry man you’ve come to rescue us all and I’m so thankful so thank you Bruce I always you want to talk about where we go from here with the likes of Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch but that closing segment I think everyone assumed when they found out it was going to be Rick for his big 70th birthday celebration on Monday Night Raw with Becky Lynch obviously not being involved in WrestleManias main event as it stands and obviously with yes with Charlotte Flair and association with Rick I think everyone assumed well it’s gonna be Becca llege she’ll pop out of a cake and break his arm or she’ll run down to the ring and even when she got arrested you went she’s gonna be back but that swerve of Batista I just want to talk about it because hey it’s it’s just the personification of what I want from my rest thing I think and a shot-for-shot it was perfect wasn’t you had all the legends coming out you had the roster on the ramp all clapping them down you thought this is a nice little loving fine OK for Ric Flair you know you weren’t that bothered and it wasn’t just the fact that you wasn’t just the fact that the most part rich things you’ve ever said yeah because what I think is I’m gonna get to it wasn’t just the fact that you had to produce the beam-down Blues also the way that they they showcased that as well yeah absolutely phenomenal the presentation of this entire thing was just utter pitch perfect like just absolutely wonderful and we may never know the answer to the question how big is Batista’s dick but this was inch perfect because what I loved about it again to reiterate the point because God knows they’ve done enough of it over the last 10 years at least it is such a rank overproduced show in which nary a minute goes by without thinking why does that character not know what that characters do and why is that character not acknowledging that camera like it doesn’t it’s relentless absolutely relentless ROI is largely about how utterly fawni and micromanage and over produced it is the way in which Batista dragged that cameraman literally by the scruff of the neck to make this visual of what I’m doing is the most real thing you’ve seen in years and years and years and you just drag the cameraman where we’re driving yeah it was a sinister menacing reel just what a heel performance it I just watched it it was as you said like the Roman reigns news and again we’ll get to him and it underscores what a massive story is because usually before I watch the show in full I will just go on YouTube as Michael Hamlet said and just go right he’ll skip Elias he’s gonna get interrupted isn’y w we know that they’ve set their YouTube channel up accordingly they yeah this is it this is it and but I thought no absolutely not I’m just gonna watch the show in full because they’ve commanded my attention in arguably before last night a very ugly and cynical way all sins are forgiven because it was just so beautiful a moment I watched the entire show in full having not watch that main event final and spoiled and my jaw was open for the entire duration and I don’t care how old Batista is I don’t care how long he’s been there and I don’t care from now how often he turns up a star as a star and that was one of the best highlight moments of his entire career and if you think about it he’s stolen 20 19 s TV already and he stole 20 18 with our promo yeah they’ve done two things to build this match which previously nobody wanted everyone ruled the rise at the very thought and Batista’s performance his acting just sold to be on a completely we am we could be facetious of our brief Richard was producing segments backstage for WAV for 20 years and if that didn’t if that wasn’t him that’s not say his fingerprints weren’t on it because the very introduction petites are dragging that cameraman was the point at which I was just similarly as surgeries as jaw drop I’m absolutely captivated but all the little visuals all the takeaways so we all kind of bomb it away this morning but glowing praise for this incredible segment with the T sir but there are so much more to pickup than just his reveal and just his dragging of Ric Flair I’m a big fan of corded colors and coded gear in pro wrestling and I love the idea that the Ric Flair color scheme they picked for that celebration was blue this color that we associate with Batista there he is with his blue shades and his blue nose ring little clues a little things look they could be happy accidents we’ve talked about do to be benefiting from them as well but why not enjoy picking apart segments that we love so much the line do I have your attention now that we associate with CM Punk’s fights with Triple H fights with the system the system that we know it was audacious yet Ball Z we know that Batista has had these sort of similar issues with the delivery system in the WB machine Vince McMahon and how they can transpose that onto a storyline feeling Triple H to get to a match which on another day we might not exactly be that excited about oh yeah all of a sudden Triple H Batista as it was a Smackdown last year as surgery points out in the 2018 one of the best segments of the year they’ve now twice made us feel like this could be the most exciting match on the card and how many years do we get that with Triple H contests so where do we go from here looking forward to Wrestlemania looking at what happened on Monday Night Raw let’s start with Batista and Triple H can I say one more thing about this performance cuz I’ve been sort of fusiform I praise about it I’m buzzed about it I can’t say enough good things about it his tiny little laugh before he rode in Triple H’s face was just absolutely magnificent it wasn’t oversold it wasn’t overstated it didn’t verge whatsoever on camp it was just sinister he couldn’t help himself he wanted to send a message to Triple H but that was just for him that was just for him that laughs Thunder stop the acting was he’s a professional now it’s fresh like then you can absolutely damn well tell because it was absolute perfection as for where that match goes they’ve kind of reverse the dynamic which again would be strange and I could be pedantic about it if I didn’t care so much about how it was pulled off because it was so good I don’t know how they arrived at the March to be perfectly honest but I’m in one of these positions now where I just simply couldn’t care less I just want to see it as for the match itself we have slack in this office and we were talking about that’s all we’ve been able to talk about all morning was how dynamite this angle was and a few cynical whispers crept in from various corners of the office and it’s saying well it’s all well and good pulling off this amazing story line but when Batista’s in-ring conditioning and Triple H’s arrogance gets exposed in like a twenty five to thirty minute match like we’re going to look like idiots for being excited about this but I don’t think that’s where this has gone and I’ve got the trust we talked about this on the podcast podcast yesterday I’ve got so much trust about where we’re calling from here like I can’t imagine Triple H so fresh off like a really brutal injury that only John Cena’s ever recovered in a similar timeframe to what we assume and Jim lately I’m covered from the fact that Batista was very much gust after about five seconds I’ve just got this feeling and I think it’s the trust they’ve built over the course of these two angles that were gonna get like a 14 to 15 minute WrestleMania 23 esque mini banger in which they just smoke and mirrors the whole thing with like table wreckages and big power moves like a box and much but in a pro wrestling ring I just got the faith now that that’s where they’re gonna go Triple H knows how those matches with the Undertaker in October November last year we received as well the Australian and Saudi Arabia won I know it’s triple in 35 he’s done ladies lesson there’s an exception but I think he knows this time around again as you say we don’t want to be kind of full than held to these comments now and then laughter after WrestleMania but I’d rather go into this full of optimist that yeah they’re just both of them are gonna realize and learn from the mistakes they’ve made in previous occasions Batista especially I don’t think after all the two and influent we’ve seen with between theater and we to be over the years he’s gonna want to come back to feel embarrassed or disappointed there’s a lot of wrongs to be righted from that 2014 run and that can be done pretty much in one night at WrestleMania off the back of two or three incredibly male for second side these will get to Roman reigns in a second but I feel we need to also develop what looks well what is going to be the main event of Wrestlemania an intriguing development on Monday raw with obviously Becky Lynch getting involved in the tag match and then the subsequent fallout with Ronda Rousey and Stephanie McMahon what did you think of all thought it was a very interesting development which I can’t predict going forward which makes sense or a character perspective because it’s been foreshadowed that Ronda Rousey for all of her personal grievances with Becky Lynch really wants to progress this women’s division that’s why she’s came she wants to emulate a success in that regard with UFC with WWE this makes sense or a character perspective and feeds into the drama and the unpredictable nature of the storyline I just thought everything on the show bar as Amplatz says we got the exact same complaints which well might address or might not who knows we were discussing this morning the fact that they’ve managed to convince the crowd who relentlessly booed the even to the suggestion of Charlotte Flair being involved in the match last night they were chanting Triple Threat I think that’s in macula Ryan I think that’s everything that Vince McMahon used to be excellent that he it’s fine for him to be the ideas guy his job is to sell you his ideas and that’s what he’s managed to do I love we talked about this before this is the most organic triple threat in company history and I love and completely believe Ronda Rousey’s motivation the a she just really wants to get hands-on Becky Lynch she’s somebody chasing Redemption as she’s not yet got but B she understands the level of a star aura and what she’s brought to this division and how she can elevate it the idea that she was just screaming for Vince and got Stephanie Stephanie rarely presents herself as a second prize and did Rhonda’s lying I am NOT your worker I’ve been waiting for that line what was yes came back for just after SummerSlam 2013 emasculated absolutely everyone presented herself as its dominant domineering authority figure to whom everyone is beneath I’ve been waiting five and a half long years for someone to say that and for Ronda do it I didn’t care that she floored the prom where she often does because that line was just perfect that shot yeah Stephanie McMahon holding the belt backstage with Triple H and not really knowing what to do next was just Ronda flushing this power this oppressive power that we as viewers feel let alone the wrestlers after wrestle underneath them and I don’t care now if that belt is vacated or Vincent one just tries to give it to Charlotte and says no that would be top but in Charlotte versus Ruby right then you can both end again about that and then you’ve got the situation where let’s see a human a vacant title and then you’re set for backlash because it’s well Rhonda saying well not only did you not beat me for the title by I’m an unbeaten champion Ron has not had to lose to potentially leaves that belt however they spin off this now we still got the triple threat we’ve still got the rematches and we’ve still got the payoff this was some of the best creative writing without at least taking another Becky Lynch short core we said after that incredible tyson austin s promo the night after the rumble where rhonda and Becky finally came face to face we said I wish we could have the much right now and they’ve not put a barrier up they’ve put more adventures and more things for us to get excited about on the way to Wrestlemania and then not very good at this now I know how many times have they had a match that you can’t wait for that for a big full pay for you in two months time and by the time he rolls around you’re like not really bothered anymore now it’s just building and building this excitement for not only the showdown which we’ve been anticipating since Survivor Series but now this triple threat with so many different possible permutations yeah absolutely as an angle this just has undermined two-and-a-half years of my work I say this company is creatively bankrupt and they don’t know what they’re doing they completely shoved two middle fingers in my face and told me to go F myself because on this night they prove that I don’t know at this point whether it’s your broken clock metaphor and it probably is it’s gonna be terrible and me let’s face it let’s just get used to that idea now well again like I don’t mind being wrong I want to like this thing like we don’t often cover New Japan Pro Wrestling on the site because it doesn’t really do that well and we all want to stay in full-time employment I can’t really be indulgent about this sort of thing I would rather look like an idiot and have to go and say you know what double WB knocked it out of the park last night with a dynamite show that I can love and used to look forward to the biggest show of the air then be proved wrong like prove me wrong more often I would love that Roman said it didn’t he said he hit a home run and then it there it was there was the invitation for the rest assure to do exactly the same and they did it before we get to Roman very quickly we should arguably discuss the lesser points or do a bit w/e here aren’t we because people want to hear about Roman reigns and our takes on it and much like the Thursday to Monday announcements I’m gonna make a wait stick around your concrete size that anymore either coming late jamuna my job just after the break we’ll discuss before we should we should cover up things that people arguably may say were low points of they of this show the revival lost again to Alastair black and ricochet it’s for a second week running I went into a match going this is going to be fantastic but how on earth does anyone come out of this look well how does it on earth does everyone ie two of your most recent NXT columns who are phenomenal and your your newly crowned raw tag-team champions how do they come out like that looking good and they don’t the revival that but arguably the damage has already been done to the revival I would say so yeah the ends justify the means to me this week sees I don’t I don’t I don’t know I’m a very stubborn and pedantic man and when you see something like this this malignant kind of book and it just really really upsets us because it’s just rank storytelling isn’t it it’s how do you get from plot point A to B in the quickest and most destructive fashion ever right how does a challenging team get much against champions just beat them it’s just rubbish it was seen a few years and years and years is rubbish extenuating circumstances might be behind it the match itself wasn’t enough of a bummer for me to really care even though the revivals work was very cheeky and I’m a big fan of management get into fight I just it was rank storytelling this on a really good show this was like very much a blemish this again could be me giving him a free pass because I was so positive about so much else on the show but I did like how this week was almost a bit of a make good from Vince the triple Eight’s like right I’m sorry I broke all your toys us we can we try and glue them back together like now in NXT they’ve been forced the revival or his toys yes they’ve been forced brilliantly to have to rebook around these call ups and we’ve seen alistair black and ricochet put together in a team in the Dusty Rhodes Invitational classic whatever it’s called so they’ve been established on Raw as this tag force which might not stick around they might not be the revival for the tag girls but we can now receive them on both shows as a fairly unified force until they’re both called a proper after wrestlemania most likely a single stars and i quite like that i admire them trying to make goddamn what happened last week I can personally cope the revival laying down I’ve seen a lot of criticism on that today but this is one of those occasions where I feel like WB’s broken system allows the burials like this because we’ve seen characters fixed after two or three weeks they’ve at least got the belts and the revival of good enough in the matches to make good on say a rematch in a couple weeks time or all of a sudden you care about – and all over again that was a benefit we said this about Oscar in December and January and look where she is now hmm so I have to disagree with that take any other issue yes he’s a lingerer in what about Alexa bliss and a moment of bliss and it’s it’s uncomfortable for all the obvious reasons and I think that’s what’s so disappointing and a woman shouldn’t be getting sexualized on WB television in 2019 . I think we can all agree with that not least or the comment section won’t not least a performer in Alexa bliss who may not be amongst the elite in terms of in ring but was one of the most pushed and most profiled and thus most over talents that they’ve had since the kind of their 2015 Women’s revolution should we’ve talked about her as a potential opponent for Oscar she’s a character that you ask what she’s going to be doing at the major pay-per-view under the reduced nur to be in a flirty talk show host that doesn’t particularly seem to have discerning tastes in one character or another she’s done this with Finn Balor she’s done this with ec3 she’s got type Punk’s muscle-bound hunks and well yeah always comes out I’ll pivot on her mushy but yeah it’s just it’s disappointing I think to see Alexa bliss cast like that as it would be any of the females currently on the roster but especially somebody like Alexa bliss it wasn’t just the betrayal of Alexa bliss in this segment which annoyed me a high heaven and again there’s only two things on the show which annoyed is would I want to read reham ffice eyes the point that it was just so outstanding I want Finn Balor to turn heel and I want to turn heel yesterday because his babyface promulgate is just rotten he’s [Music] get that it was absolutely awful in conception and delivery and the reason why I want to turn heel and I’m gonna put my little stupid after New Japan hat on if you just indulge me for one minute the guy ours Prince Dave it wasn’t just a fantastic heel he was a borderline revolution he was so so good in that rule and again he subvert the whole idea of that you meant have been extension of your real life personality because finn balor as we know it’s very sound all-round well-liked and a very progressive dude but he is just a far better heel than he is a babyface and his performance was just awful he wanted to take it to a crack in our sanctuary didn’t he that noise it was cringe really out of your body right let’s get the point that maybe most people have been waiting for now Lacey Evans no Roman reigns what did you think of all this and what can you see in his future because a lot of people are arguably getting a bit ahead of themselves and booking you into angles and saying why isn’t he back in the main event picture he’s only just recovered at the end of the day from leukemia he’s in remission yes but what what do you see his future well in the short term I think he’s perfect to be brought back in with a very limited rule I think if we are looking at a quick shield reunion I was shielding Stroman against the raw dorks however like Sony they’re for a hot dog and a few Superman punches so accidental partridge is on this show called the beach shield we’ve all agreed on this cause Oxman right it’s just I think he now more than ever can actually be that Roman reigns for a couple of months he doesn’t need an enormous WrestleMania program because the poppies gonna get is gonna be enormous he’s gonna be received arguably not the condition for a feature singles yeah so like there for a change like less is going to be more from Roman reigns and I think that’s an ideal way to sort of reintroducing back into into the storylines before it becomes normalized and before it becomes a little bit ordinary again they’re opening promo I mean you know as our weary commentators or Talia yeah it’s something that we can all relate to and it’s you know it’s it’s full of pathos because you want to see a character prevail in storyline terms but this is so much more and Roman reigns is that the the R or R compared it to you it’s you know coming from England we obviously very sort of achiever football results and football like relationships with football clubs Roman reigns has been this guy there’s been the team that everybody hated the most and that second pop when he just heard those words in remission it wasn’t like your team score in the winner it was like a team score in the second lay on to confirm that what you thought was gonna happen was over the line it wasn’t your satisfaction it was relief it was it was all the positive emotions all at once balled up from this nervous energy that the fans waiting to unleash and I think do we do we knew that and I think that they played with that and as we’ve talked about on other podcasts they were they were really walking a tightrope that if he wasn’t delivering the best news or god forbid the very worst then this was a pretty ugly bit of promotion on their part to say that he was coming at all I mean for me it still kind of was but courage it’s it’s not ideal but I think they just about got it right for me I did I’m I’m not so convinced about the male shots that came out immediately after the segment saying buy the shirt unless I know that some of those proceeds are go into various charities but ultimately I think it what your heart it stayed real-life enough it didn’t actually get that pro-wrestling I think that would have been the problem later on when we saw him come up with Seth Rollins that was almost divorced from the opening segment the opening segment was as real as it got and you just sensed he was instructed to go out there and and do and say as he wished and it was kept as far away from Richland Burrell know as possible yeah I’ve got two takes on the Roman reigns so if obviously the first is that it’s just such a relief in such a heartwarming moment especially for that company I mean it’s just absolutely incredible and again like the fact that this guy’s overcame something like that just the the word is pathos as you say like I watched it and I was conflicted because I’ve always been a supporter of Roman reigns honestly go back and so many of I articles and you will see that I love the performer and I always thought the idea was that it was what he symbolized more than what the man was that people were alienated from him and the mere fact that he’s overcame this made me think like should I really be critical of so many wrestlers when we don’t know what they go through and how just the Warriors that they are on that ring I shouldn’t really be by burying Baron Corbin that often and then he comes on on my air probably sure but as for Wrestlemania which I honestly can’t wait to see that man back in a reign just because he is earned it like we’re watching the WrestleMania 24 special from WrestleMania 34 in Roman reigns having getting his head stapled back together after risking a concussion to get over as a babyface in a match he lost was getting treated backstage and in a really stark moment just said I just hope people know that I’m trying my hardest son hanging off his son hanging off is on I’m trying my hardest here and it just made well up I’m not afraid to admit that so I really want to see Roman reigns do something you at WrestleMania and just one last thing as well i-i’ve in pockets w delirious coming for criticism over like really sudden I’m like totally dissonant like plot developments they’ve done in recent months the retconned Dean Ambrose he’ll turn this became babyface overnight and the triple powerbomb spot Elimination Chamber both those things happening individually made me think like 1/8 or you can if that cheap heedful and beef are inconsistent character portrayal but now we know mmm so w AE doesn’t know what they’re doing it may be on the back of those moments and on the back of his spectacular episode of role or should maybe trust them a bit more until next week this isn’t gonna sound all that attractive on paper but as you say like an explosive euphoric squash I could honestly see something like Roman reigns in Baranov and go in a minute at WrestleMania an absolutely definitive squash of his character that is universally despised by a man that is now a university loved with nothing more than a Superman punch and a spear I don’t think that would be the worst use of Roman reigns at WrestleMania nor this awful boring Colin character for that matter especially if he dodges the pinyon when they have whatever this tag match is likely to be a truly exciting time to be a WB fan a great Monday Night Raw to enjoy and just nice to be positive if I suppose it’s the best it’s the best feeling to look I’ve won it I wanna have this more often yeah it’s not our fault we’re so negative don’t blame Lafayette don’t blame what culture wrestling don’t hate the player hate the game let us know your thoughts on all of this in the comment section below you can let us know on Twitter at what Coach you do we do ey sure they can follow all three ways you can follow Michael handful it’s at Michael home follow Michael ceedric at Bruce pitch yard I’m so sorry mate I’m a civic you can follow me at Adam Wilbon as I said make sure you subscribe to what coach dressing on either iTunes or Spotify for daily wrestling podcast my thanks to the dadly voice thank you for watching and we will see you soon

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