Kids Meet a Luchador | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

Kids Meet a Luchador | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

– And push, and push. Here. (thud) (grunt) (playful music) – [Announcer] Hey, do you guys
know what you’re doing here? – No. – No. – Who are we gonna meet? – [Announcer] Close your eyes. (playful music) – Hi, could you please open your eyes? – Whoa, I never expected this. – Whoa! – (laughs) – (laughs) – Yes, yes! (speaking foreign language) – Do you know what
Peligro means in English? – No. – Danger. – So, what do you exactly do? – What do you think I do? – Oh, wrestle? Probably? – You’re right. I am luchador, Mexican luchador. You know, lucha libre? – No. – It’s Mexican wrestling. – Oh. – What’s the difference
of Mexican wrestling and wrestling in the United States? – Mexican wrestling is like, more action. More acrobatic, more work in the ropes, more flight, you know? – Flight? – Yeah, flight in the ring. And lucha libre exists,
good guys and bad guys. The bad guys no wrestle with rules. Good guys wrestle with rules. You think Peligro is good guy or bad guy? – Good guy? – No, I’m bad. (laughs) – I can tell because of your costume. And your name. – Yeah, exactly. – Do you ever wish you were a good guy? – No, bad guy. (laughing) – Does everybody in Mexico do this? – Not everybody but, yes,
it’s really popular in Mexico. – Yeah, why is it so popular in Mexico? – Because it’s, lucha
libre in Mexico is old. It’s around 87 years, exists lucha libre. – Oh, so it’s because of tradition? – Tradition, yeah. (speaking foreign language) – Hi. – Scariest costume I’ve ever seen. (laughing) – This is the, (mumbles) look. You okay? Is it okay? And push, and push. Here. (thud) (speaking foreign language) (bell rings three times) (grunting) (thud) – (gasps) (thud) (slap) (thud) (grunting) (thud) (groans) – You good? (taps on mat) – Are you sure? – (grunts) – Okay. – That was… Amazing! – (laughs) (speaking foreign language) – Good! There you go! Good job! (clapping) – Do you get ever hurt? – Yeah, sometimes. Yeah. But to do lucha libre, you need practice. A lot, a lot, a lot. You know how landing, how hit, how roll. This is really important because
if you don’t do good job, you’ll have injury. – Can girls be luchadors? – Yes! Do you want to learn lucha libre? – Yeah, I would wanna do it, but I’m not that good at wrestling and I’m gonna get really hurt and get a thousand bruises, probably. – Uh, depending on your coach. He needs to teach little by little. – Luchadors have coaches? – Yes! Of course! – Who’s your coach? – His name is (speaking foreign language). – Oh. – Like (mumbles) water. Maybe in the future you’ll be luchadora. You’ll be good or bad? – I can picture myself on both teams. – [Announcer] Audrey, if
you had a luchadora name, what do you think it would be? – Does my name have to be in Spanish? – Yeah. – What’s flying in Spanish? (speaking foreign language) – I also luchadora, my
character would be (mumbles). I would probably wear
a skirt that is so long and it had spikes on it, so everybody would have
to like, try to fight me, but to get me, they would
have to go through the spikes. What do you think about that? – I think it’s really good idea. (speaking foreign language) – How about we get some sort of demon? (speaking foreign language) – I’m the demon! – (laughs) – I did it! I’m– – It looks good! – How did you get started? – I started when I was 16 years old. And the lucha libre, I
have 40 years experience about lucha libre. – You’ve been doing for four years? – 40. – 40! – 40 years. – You must be like a god. – (laughs) Thank you. (speaking foreign language) – When do you think it’s time
for you to stop wrestling? (speaking foreign language) – Wow! – Thank you Peligro! – You’re very welcome! – Thank you Peligro! – Thank you, thank you,
thank you for here guys. Thank you so much. Okay? Don’t be scared, okay? – Okay. – Okay. Thank you very much. You’re the good guy. – Thank you. – Thank you very much. (speaking foreign language)

100 thoughts on “Kids Meet a Luchador | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

  1. Tomas and the little girl in the gray dress were so much fun to watch in this video. Very creative and sweet. Audrey was a pistol as usual; gotta love her sass.

  2. I've always loved Mexican food and culture. There is nothing that makes me more happy than lucha libre. I thought it was so cool this kid and the luchador were speaking to each other in Spanish like a special bond.

  3. For some reason i thought that was Fat Thor in the thumbnail, i have no clue why. Thought they were interviewing the actor for thor.

    And when she said “do you ever wish to be a good guy” and when he said “no” it REALLY reminded me of the Bad Guy Anon Speech from Wreck It Ralph (i dont think it was in the second one, cause I wasn’t really a fan of it.)

    “I’m bad. And that’s good. I will never be good. And that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be than me.”

  4. Before these kids are so small and little but look at them now! Im so proud of these kids growing! Lile If u love hiho kids!

  5. I liked how audray said " scariest costume i've ever seen " 😂 and just see the reaction in 2:54

  6. This was, quite honestly, the most wholesome and warmest person I've seen in a long, long time. I LOVE Peligro so much. Never heard of him before, but after today he's on my follow list.

  7. That was really nice to see these Mexican wrestlers 🤼‍♂️ but I really like see The kids meet up with punk rockers including rancid and the casualties

  8. Wait why were the comments disabled in the latest video? Is it because there was hate or was it because of that COPPA YouTube law that's messing up people's channels??

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