Kevin Owens on how he got to use the Stunner: WWE After the Bell, Nov. 27, 2019

Kevin Owens on how he got to use the Stunner: WWE After the Bell, Nov. 27, 2019

100 thoughts on “Kevin Owens on how he got to use the Stunner: WWE After the Bell, Nov. 27, 2019

  1. I look forward to the KO Stunner. When he does it. Wonder how he will do it. Maybe a pop up stunner? Call it the KO stunner

  2. Kevin>Seth and Roman
    He has mic skills
    He has attitude and charisma
    He is a fantastic in-ring performer
    He is a fantastic seller

  3. Never a fan of anyone using the finisher stunner. It's too specific to Austin and too recent that he still uses on appearances. Use something else and be your own performer.

  4. Nice copy from Austin, but u need be more crazy! Fien got a ugly mask and become famous now, I think Owens need be more crazy or wild and he will be too! Take times bro!

  5. "Polarizing is a very special thing to be in our industry".

    People who complain about wrestlers being "shoved down their throats" should really listen to what KO is saying here. It's hardly a negative when a top babyface gets a hero's welcome in one city and gets booed out of the building in another.

  6. I still cheer for KO using a stunner, he looks cooler than his old finisher. And Kevin Owens is actually a Stone Cold Biggest Fan for doing this.

  7. He is completely making fun of stunner that stunner doesn't even suit him
    Look at his fat body
    The one who hit the stunner perfectly is
    Stone cold steve austine

  8. Sorry KO I’m one of those that hate you for using a stunner as a finish and if you are trying to polarising? Then you are trying to become John Cena which is sad

  9. Screw you Corey. I wish the entire locker room would kick your tail for your tweets about Mauro. You will never be as entertaining and professional as Mauro. You are just McMahons yes man puppet who stirs up pointless controversies instead of calling the match. You and Michael Cole need to be replaced ASAP

  10. His arms are too small to be doing the stunner
    But if you have to do it it should be a pop up into a stunner at least it makes it a little different

  11. Why I never see any wrestler in or outside WWE using F5 beside Brock. Is it Brock trademark his finisher not allow anyone used it.

  12. i like all of Kevin Owens moves; because they are all high impact, and anyone of them could be an finisher !!! WWE superstars just need to be greatful; the pile driver is banned, because that is still my favorite kevin owens move !!!

  13. I’m glad they upload these little clips because good god I could not bare to hear Corey Graves for a podcast length show

  14. Corey shoulda been in trouble for saying what he said to Mauro. Matter of fact, they should take his After The Bell thing down. Screw Corey

  15. Corey Graves is f**** garbage and the worst commentator in WWE history. If you are reading this Corey go back to the bingo halls that's where you belong because you're a f**** nobody

  16. I've been wondering for years why no one had been using the Stunner as a finisher, I did assume it was being essentially locked away because the move was related to Austin. I do think KO needs some improvement when doing the move though, he looks a bit too stiff jumping into the stunner after the boot but that's just my take.

  17. There's a former Universal Champion in this video. I'm sure he'd have something valuable to say if given the opportunity.

  18. The thing is we love KO using Stunner but his Pop-Up-Powerbomb makes it feel like a big deal as he is more muscular so it suits him

  19. Kevin Owens is starting to head towards a stone cold kind of gimmick, he’s become a little more badass and chill in terms of his character so the Stunner as a finisher could work but I prefer his badass pop-up powerbomb, it’s unique and no one has done it like Kevin

  20. Kevin was bluffing all through the interview all he meant to say was that "I was getting booed and not being a fan favorite so I stole that move" of course Kevin, people are hating you for a reason

  21. I get how in the wrestling business, critique exist but screw Graves for bullying somebody, as seeing how he Cheated on his wife with kids with one of his co-workers.

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