John Cena vs Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins World Heavyweight Championship WWE Royal Rumble 2015

threat match there you see the chicken broccoli championship mr. money w every single when I show up you’re nowhere to be found [Music] [Applause] [Music] tonight John for Seth Rollins and that number is too [Applause] very important for Seth Rollins Seth Rollins – for some reason doesn’t win this triplet prep match tonight as John mention he could big attention you can always win the title and we got a little taste to the end of Monday Night Raw last week but that’s a little John Cena cake the most lopsided championship match and his store the WWE World Heavyweight mr. ha [Applause] and guys is about the delegator be real or submission wins the match no countouts no disqualifications this man’s chasing Brock Lesnar in the shape that he looks like he’s in here tonight ever before in the history end said’s of SummerSlam when he delivered nearly everybody’s got a plan and now cedar stock take place Thursday feed on Rollins this Seth Rollins about to get a little taste this is gonna hear in the back of my neck standing up another destruction by Brock Lesnar smug smirk on the face of Paul Heyman he knows what his champion is like Stephen Hawking is almost way across the suplex row Bowl champions it’s hard on his shoulder these guys none of these guys may be both of these guys again and Lester is just tossing these guys around like they weigh 75 pounds [Applause] with the need a good head of Brock Lesnar every Leicester down in the front ledger in as a junkie legs working his feet now John Cena may behoove Cena in violence to do this we’re gonna double-team Lansing to turn this into a run one affair Cena believe it John Cena back Cena has won 15 World Championships a lot of what that you’re not kidding [Applause] unless they’re smarty now outside the ring and now while isn’t going to take a toilet seat okay well I don’t know I think I’m concentrate on John Cena has history waiting for him [Applause] release says with the help of John Cena Cena gonna take out the talk about the shape Brock Lesnar’s in what about Paul Heyman WrestleMania winning streak last year not even stunned again like ready to do a wall [Applause] watch this [Applause] thanks to Cena inside here Lester does not even use tables to cause destruction continued Rollins try to make Brock Lesnar’s head look like watermelon at a Gallagher you gotta agree with you JBL don’t think there’s any sweeter to this scary Rollins you see there the Rangers out [Applause] continues Rollins can lay in the ring all day he woke in a count-out victory is lesser still do that down here no kidding Brock Lesnar is still somehow moving around those steel stairs and shot Cena John Cena just clapped his hands in front of us just left headquarter your screen a look of disbelief on Cena’s colonizer as we thought it was going to be [Applause] good championship is at stake [Applause] this is a championship five guys at this juncture perhaps this right now it’s gorgeous it did but you saw three AAS to Brock in a row the Kirk stop at the Bayliss – what a championship match we have here the row of immortality awaits John see if he wins a doctor so one on one matchup for this point at X or loses that championship we’ve got two doctors working on Brock Lesnar here drinks to defend at WrestleMania on the inside of the ring Brock Lesnar down on the outside whiplash that neck against you this has shows you how much [Applause] this assault by J&J security this is why they were hired like it or not the WWE world champion if he is carted out of here guys four carats in platinum chain World Heavyweight Champion it could be yet get ready the sound out of the future Brock Lesnar down man [Applause] Seth Rollins surveying the situation that thing’s absent nearly helpless with the Money in the Bank briefcase in hand [Applause] a lesser has not moved since being driven through the table by obscenity we’re getting Pearlman area information now that plotless are suffering from at leisure to win the WWE World Championship in the Fed section of Cena Cena quickly with all the top again Rollins from behind with bigger matches than John Cena has had he killed it gave it because he does it right now he fights going through hell what about Brock Lesnar with Cena [Applause] the closest thing [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] water performance by Seth Rollins he still or the championship opportunity whenever you got together when you go find the time to catch it on the architect [Music]

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