IT WONT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS IN WWE! Stone Cold Returns! Bray Wyatt Hidden Message Revealed! Raw

clash of Champions is less than a week away and raw is in Madison Square Garden for the first time in years and in the return of Monday Night Football and you can be certain that WWE will be pulling out all the stops to put on a spectacular episode a Monday Night Raw but did they deliver join us now as wrestling me looks at the good the bad and the downright ugly from the night September 2019 edition of Monday Night Raw raw is coming to you from the mecca of professional wrestling New York City’s Madison Square Garden Renee young Michael Cole and Corey graves are here to call the action the show starts off with the sound of shattered glass as Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way down to the ring to mediate tonight’s Universal Championship title match contract signing Austin recalls some of his favorite memories from his time in the ring at Madison Square Garden challenger braun strowman comes out first and goes to shake austin’s hand but austin ignores him insert a failed get these hands joke right here Universal Champion Seth Rollins enters and Austin then shakes both men’s hands Varane tell Seth he likes being tag-team champion but he’s going to love being Universal Champion no way that’s ever gonna happen the OSI decide to crash the festivities with AJ mocking Austin’s age and presence in the ring style says Anderson and gallows deserve a tag team title shot tonight but things quickly break down as the OSI enter the ring but the tag team champions make short work of them before Austin delivers a stunner to Styles this immediately leads into the first match of the night though as Cedric Alexander takes on AJ Styles in a non-title match AJ is still hot from being humiliated by strong cold and he tries to take his frustrations out on Cedric however ceedric isn’t playing punching bag tonight and gives as good as he gets leading to Anderson and Gallo’s interfering leading to a disqualification and a win by Cedric however it’s not over yet as it looks like hard times for Cedric is Anderson and gallows administer a post match beat down but the o’seas Takas cut short thanks to the Viking raiders making the save and then listen taking the quote-unquote Viking experience leukemia survivor Roman reigns comes out to promote cancer awareness month the big dog recalls his own battle last year when his leukemia returned thanks to the fan support he was able to battle it successfully Rhodes introduced a group of local cancer survivors and encourages the fans to support Connors cure the next match is war Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair team up to face Smackdown Women’s Champion Bailey and Sasha banks these four superstars were once a group known as the four horse woman but now they’re pitted against each other in a dream tank team match millenium flare attack Balian banks on the entrance ramp before the match starts and it’s all action from there on with all four women being down at one point and a match looking like it might be a double count-out ultimately Charlotte counters a Bayley roll-up with flair landing the natural selection and covering Bayley for the win Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair win with a clean win at that the next matchup of the night is lucha action as Grandma tally goes up against Rey Mysterio now following his decision to stay in the game until he can pass the torch to his son Dominic race seems reinvigorated defeating his lucha house party member with the frog splash after the bout Rey helps up meta leak and the to celebrate their match together fans are then informed tonight we’ll see a 10 man tag match between the OSI Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode versus braun strowman Seth Rollins the Viking raiders and Cedric Alexander the next matchup of the night is the Triple Threat King of the Ring semi finals between Samoa Joe ricochet and Baron Corbin all three men vie for the chance to go to the finals at clash of Champions for the King of the Ring tournament it’s often said that anything can happen in the WWE and the same applies to Triple Threat matches as superstars must contend with two opponents here ricochet seems to have the match in hand hitting the recoil on Samoa Joe followed by the 630 splash however Baron Corbin seizes the moment and throws a ricochet out of the ring covering Joe for the pin shockingly Baron Corbin wins and is now in the finals if chad gable manages get through and he probably will this would be the only way to get him over with the fans next up its one-on-one women’s action as Natalia goes up against the Lacey Evans Natalya gets her win back from last week defeating Evans with the Sharpshooter but after that match it’s time for a new episode of Firefly funhouse Bray Wyatt talks about Seth Rollins and braun strowman implying they’re the reason the fiend was Unleashed brain tells Rollins and strowman they have new friends they won’t save them from the fiend and the main event of row a 10 man tag team match between seth rollins braun strowman Cedric Alexander and the Viking raiders vs AJ Styles The OC Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode it’s an excellent display of all 10 wrestlers talent and a wild brawled at sea Cedric score the upset win on styled after he avoids a phenomenal forearm and hits the lumbar check Stone Cold Steve Austin arrives to celebrate with some Steve Wiser’s as raw closes out but that was a quick recap what about the good the bad and the damn right ugly let’s start off with the good there’s number 1 the return of the rattlesnake while the ratings won’t be in until tomorrow it’s likely Stone Cold’s appearance tonight boosted roars opening Austin is still a proven draw and although contract signings have been done to death this one served two purposes hyping Sunday’s match at clash of Champions and laying the groundwork for the 10-man tag match even better neither settle brawn attacked each other during the signing a wrestling trope we’ve seen far too much of number two proper promoting the WWE did a good job promoting the matches on tonight’s show whether it was announcing them ahead of time on social media or announcing them during the show it’s a move WrestleMania has argued over the last few months and it makes sense to give the fans a reason to tune in to its weekly television shows number 3 a good finish the WWE is obviously big on Cedric Alexander as seen by his push over the last few months putting Cedric into a match against AJ Styles was about more than putting on an entertaining match as it helps show Cedric’s our rising star and that AJ might have not have been able to beat him the Sanderson and gallows is interference putting Cedric into the main event was another good move for pushing him to but the best was giving him a tag-team win over AJ styled Cedric may not fare as well in an eventual one-on-one match but the WWE has created the possibility of him winning and made him a worthy challenger to a former WWE Champion number four finally using the Viking raiders it was great to see the Viking raiders actually do something more than squash a local tag team of the week they’ve definitely done that each week for the past month number five a useful 10 man tag match when you have as many stars as that WWE does it isn’t hurt to run an occasional 10 man match as it gives the fans something they don’t see on a regular basis it allows undercard stars a chance to get the rub from being with bigger stars and it builds up tank teams as well the WWE shouldn’t overuse the 10-man match as they’ve done with two out of three Falls matches when used prudently it’s an effective booking tool number six the Baron buildup continues although fans weren’t enthusiastic about Baron Corbin’s Universal Championship bid against Seth Rollins the WWE is apparently still big on pushing Corbin as seen by his advancing to the finals of the King of the Ring tournament if Corbin does win the crown it’ll be interesting to see how the fans react to him more than a few people saw Corbin has finished it based on his poor outing against Seth Rollins however could this be the momentum he needs to reconnect with the WWE Universe or will it be a waste to the tournament number 7 can we get more lucha stuff there were high hopes for a clash between lucha legend Rey Mysterio and Lucas star Graham metallic but ultimately they didn’t disappoint the only problem was WWE didn’t give it as much time as it deserved put this on pay-per-view give it 20 minutes and it no doubt steal the show Annamarie Bray Wyatt’s hidden message there was a new episode of Firefly funhouse this week on Raw and as always there were small little details that fans might have missed during the episode rambling rabbit warned of stranger danger as he saw brawn and set with somebody backstage very and his funhouse companions list who it could have been including the Texas rattles snakes Stone Cold Steve Austin and mentioned how the clock is stopped at 3:16 ever since he stopped by he hushes them all up pray then offers to fix the clock and bashes it with a hammer which leads the clock turning to 1119 but what’s the significance some have suggested that Bray will do something big at the Survivor Series which will be held in November this year 11 being the month and 19 being the year it could also be referencing another Bible verse similar to Stone Cold’s most famous phrase Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass but this one being 11 19 Ezekiel which mentions I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them I will remove from their heart of stone and give them the heart of flesh or it could be Matthew 11 19 which reads the Son of man came eating and drinking and they say here is a glutton and a drunkard a friend of tax collectors and sinners for wisdom is proved right by her deeds is there a connection well many believe it’s a reference to the Undertaker who debuted for the first time in WWE on 11th November 1990 no this wasn’t his first televised appearance at the Survivor Series as part of Ted DiBiase million dollar team this was his appearance on WWF Superstars as Kane the Undertaker that was pre taped before the pay-per-view and only shown after we love these kind of messages and it only brings more intrigue as to whether the fiend is ready to take on the Undertaker he could even end the Undertaker where he started at the Survivor Series that was the good what about the bad is number one Samoa Joe BER wall most fans suspect Samoa Joe wasn’t gonna win the King of the Ring his performance ending at round 3 only reinforced his image as a talented player you can only get so far in the WWE whether it’s repeated failures to win world championships it was all too short US Championship reign Joe is clearly gone as far as he can in the WWE it’s a shameful waste of an excellent talent but it’s also a reminder of the limited opportunities in today’s overcrowded WWE number 2 ricochet rebound ricochets loss tonight was disappointing especially in light of how well ricochet has been doing since his main roster debut it’s too early to say whether his careers going through a momentary lull or whether this is a bad sign for the man many predicted would become King of the Ring but that was the good the bad what about the damn right ugly his number one stone cold finally drops a beer nana which is kidding we don’t think anything could have been considered as being that ugly on this episode of raw what did you guys think what were your opinions of raw what’s your theory behind Bray Wyatt’s message be sure to leave your comments down below subscribe if you haven’t already follow us on Instagram and Twitter and I’ll see you next time with some more wrestling content

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