Ibushi wants more from Okada! #njwtl

Ibushi wants more from Okada! #njwtl

Okada, you gotta bring more than that. Let’s just wrestle. Let’s show our pro-wrestling.
Let’s do it. I’m having a great time. And I’m looking forward to
becoming a dual champion.

9 thoughts on “Ibushi wants more from Okada! #njwtl

  1. Ibushi was denied of the IWGP Heavyweight Championship for too long. Time to win this once and for all. GO, GOLDEN STAR!

  2. Comes WK, the Rainmaker shall yield to the Rainstopper, the Golden Star!

    When Time Bomb returned to NJ,
    the Golden Star fills the sky.
    The Unholy Suzuki-gun rises!
    And you and I… must die.
    From the crimson blood Mox rises!
    Creating a way from shore to shore,
    turning Chaos against Bullet Club,
    'til Chaos exists… no more…

  3. Kota ibushi rules and deserve to be iwgp heavyweight champion. I can't wait to see him defeat the rain man, kazuchika okada

  4. ドームに向かってこのカード全く盛り上がってないけど大丈夫かな?両者とも気持ちがさほど昂ぶってない気がする

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