86 thoughts on “How to Take a Parrot In & Out of Cage | Parrot Training

  1. i have a ringneck that i just got on saturday i was putting a toy into his cage and he got out but now he wont go bk in ive been trying everything to get him bk in but he keep flying away from me when i get by him what do i do please can someone help me the lady i got him from said he was semi tame but he scared everytime i go to his cage what do i do please help me asap

  2. I have a Jardine too!!! He flies and lands on my head and then bites me when I try to get him off. Should I clip his wings?

  3. What should I avoid doing with him? (places I should avoid touching ect.) He tries to feed me and then it leads to trying to mate with me. He has been nippy and we think it may be hormones. I also think he might be jealous of my boyfriend (who would also like to hold him)

  4. my parrot is scared of me…… He never comes near me……. when I give him food he doesn't eat it from my hand ……. what treats should I give him or what will my ring necked parrot eat…… now he only like apples. should I give him millets or sunflower seed or pumpkin seed… what will he love the most

  5. hi everyone ,if anyone else is searching for how to teach a parrot tricks try Pycanta Parrot Tips Protocol (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my colleague got great results with it.

  6. Would like to see the actual training of a bird not with a trained bird- cause it isnt as easy as shown 😏

  7. Why you make this tutorial ?????? If I place that stick in the cage of my bird it will die or be crazy!!! Your parrot is trained!!!!

  8. My budgie is very strange and she does step up in side the cage but not when she's out side the cage and it's such a pain getting her back in the cage plz help :/

  9. my parakeets come out of the cage by themselves, i know the target trick, they just won't step on to my hand- been trying since two years

  10. Hello, my macaw don’t want’t to go back in his night cage. Wat do I have to do, to geth this right. We like al your video’s And learn a lot of iT. Thanks by the way. Greats from Holland.

  11. I got an Alexandrine parrot a few days ago.When I try to take him out the cage using your way he doesn’t come out of the cage.Is there another way to get him out of the cage?

  12. Please say after how many days we will give permission to parrot to come out and then if the are run away from house then


  14. I am a parrot owner and love all birds! This is horrible to see such a small cage with absolutely no toys or anything to do whatsoever! Please learn about parrots before getting them!

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