Goldberg vs Kevin Owens Goldberg defeats KO in 13 seconds ᴴᴰ Full Match Fastlane 2017

[Applause] you [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] yes never lost a one-on-one WWE pay-per-view match but tonight farce his first title match since Armageddon in 2003 gopher goes after the universal championship and I the former no chart at the University of Georgia turned one of the most explosive and intense superstars to ever step inside the ring at Survivor Series he beat Brock Lesnar in a minute 26 he eliminated Mercer from the Rumble tonight he’s got pay on his site there’s water [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Kevin Owens baby in the sights of Goldberg but I assure you looking into the eyes of this champion Kevin Owens and zero intention of relinquishing his universal title tonight for 188 days Kevin Owens’s pelvic championship Kevin Owens was 14 years old with norburg won his first shuttle ECW World Championship back in 1998 can I say me at Fastlane with the winner going to Wrestlemania as the universal Pappy that put the stake Kevin OH exposed to the codes on ESPN SportsCenter this weekend you said Goldberg is not prepared for the kind of match I will bring to him [Music] [Applause] all right since tonic 7oa defiant race to face several acidity he doesn’t believe the hype he doesn’t believe the hype that is surrounded Goulburn because stupor hills are fantasies they don’t accept [Applause] this only hummus is kisses for one fall and it is for the universal candy instead introducing first the Challenger from Atlanta Georgia weighing 270 pounds [Music] [Applause] his opponent from Maryville Quebec Canada weighing 266 pounds he is the universal champion Kevin [Applause] so here we go Cowen’s goldberg for the universal championship the official will separate the two men Kevin Owens but the longer this match goes the more favors him never knows is looking to outthink Goldberg in this match Roberge said I never made a promise I didn’t follow through on he will deliver tonight he claims will be no lack of preparation his older he’s been training six days a week multiple times a day all in preparation for this match Goldberg constraining the Kevin Owens has been doing a night in and night out as the universal champion Kevin Owens is at the top of his game right now [Applause] let us think about it a little bit play some mind games with the Challenger a very common option in the playbook of feminine but very successful Byron whether you agree with it or you know never know who’s going to dictate the pace of this match smart Corey really saw how quickly Goldberg took out Lazarus Survivor Series [Applause] Goldberg’s pacing around the ring like a caged animal Helen owns a casually strolling working his way into the mind of Goldberg get into the mind of gold where the only guilty intensity that Goldberg already has but how long could go verse sustain that intensity Byron that’s Kevin Owens game plan let’s Goldberg burn himself out door buzzes frustrated making say crow [Applause] never knows with confidence [Music] no question and in suits really confident individuals until Kevin Owens and Goldberg and against Kevin Owens your point guys playing those mind games on the throw Goldberg off the game [Applause] maybe herb irons Goldberg to keep up the intensity that he does his heart rates up it’s going to burn him up quicker in Kevin Owens Kevin Owens is taking his time maybe this is what Kevin Owens meant when he said I’m going to simply outlast over exactly what he meant it’s Goldberg pacing back and forth it doesn’t look like much but when you’re that intense all the time it will exhaust you remember the champions advantage comes into play here gentlemen Goldberg has to beat Kevin Owens Kevin Owens doesn’t have to win no question about that [Applause] was interesting about the last time there that always dipped out of the Rings Goldberg did not seem bothered he actually went down and fixed his food just for the d-pad had a bit of a smile on his face how do we know this is how it’s over respected and again guys just remember the smash hasn’t even started the penalize you wrong [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] and it gets the chance ready now [Applause] over my cold work always distracted oh my god go [Applause] here is your winner [Applause] Kevin Owens Fabian skip unsteady many occasions has just failed the title but I [Applause] they’re gonna see that is almost so real and you know what this name this me go bird person letter from the universal title at WrestleMania in all the song all the hesitation for Kevin always really backfired [Applause] sawing didn’t backfire firing Kevin Owens former best friend inlet backfires Jericho the fellow would wake up here delivered by fools or jackhammer to a lot of people myself included didn’t think it was possible but Goldberg called his shot came back to WWE and is now marching the WrestleMania as a universal vicious run a collision course with rock cleanser Goldberg gets 1/4 run and the superhero but a piece away and nobody is happier they’ll enter on Raw talking moments on the WWE Network lenders advocate Paul Heyman he’ll talk about Goldberg is lesser for the universal championships and for weeks and WrestleMania [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Applause] welcome to rock oh my gosh I won a on this is WWE Hall of Famer Jerry the King Lawler it

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