Full reaction to The Shield reunion: WWE Now

Full reaction to The Shield reunion: WWE Now

Cathy Kelly here for WWE Now,
coming to you from Orlando, Florida. This Monday on RAW it almost ended very
badly for Universal Champion Roman Reigns. That is until this happened.>>Storm is cashing in. We’ve got a second championship match. Wait a minute. [MUSIC]>>Boy.>>My god, my god. Rollins, Ambrose, The Shield,
The Shield is here.>>They are quickly
rejoiced that The Hounds of Justice were back after Seth Rollins and
Dean Ambrose hit the scene up to stop Braun Strowman from cashing in
his Money in the Bank contract. The Big Dog himself led the charge, reminding us all that
RAW is The Shield show. The reunion caught us all by surprise, but
maybe the signs were there at SummerSlam, like Dean Ambrose wearing
a Shield-like vest, and the new Universal Champion
sporting Shield colors. Though not everyone was thrilled
with The Shield’s reunion, Strowman promised to break The Shield
after what happened on Monday. The Hounds of Justice seem none too
concerned with The Monster Among Men, as they were all smiles in their
first tweet as a group since 2016. What will The Shield’s next move be? Find out Monday when RAW comes to you
live at 8-7 Central on the USA Network.

63 thoughts on “Full reaction to The Shield reunion: WWE Now

  1. They need to change that stupid theme song. Like it's perfectly clear that the theme belongs to roman, not the shield.

  2. Everyone on Raw Mention that Roman Reigns is The New Universal Champion and he is "Fighting Champion".

    But There is Once a Guy Who Called himself A "Fighting Champion" And Used to be Called as Fighting Intercontinental Champion

    No one in Raw Mentioned That Seth Rollins is New Intercontinental Champion.

    You'll Forgot WWE That When Brock Lesnar is Absent Seth Rollins is only man that defended his Pride Every Night. And He Makes The Intercontinental Championship Most Prestigious in WWE and That Time Intercontinental Championship is Only Main Championship in RAW.

    And Roman Reigns? He Stoles "Fighting Champion" Word From Seth Rollins.

    Vincet Kennedy McMahon Roman Still Sucks And You Can BELEIVE THAT

  3. Just another roman initiative to get him over. Typical political agenda from the WWE. And yet Vince tries to fool u fans and treat u like puppets to get excited for the reunion. This experiment is gonna fail again and I gonna make Ambrose and rollins look worse and are lap dogs of trying to get the big dog over.

  4. Yea let's bury Finn Balors, let's bury Braun Strauman. Just so we can try to get Roman Reigns over and the fans won't boo him or walk out of the arena no more.

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