FULL MATCH – Rollins vs. Orton – WWE World Heavyweight Title Steel Cage Match: Extreme Rules 2015

we see some incredible WWE championship matches in cage Hogan and Bundy in that old blue cage the Skamania do so trying to try to escape early and a bad idea you and anywhere in flaws in a great tip you act John inside a steel cage Rollins delivers a right jump engaged on top of me look now spectacular as they forget my rolling man okay and Rollins back he tore into the corner microwave WWE anyway explodes into a clothesline so has Big Show of them to read championship you know there’s something to be said when you once that door closes could happen at [Applause] in arts plan and remember this was the rainy to the exact same thing and hit that RKO but he couldn’t do it right that was bad a couple of weeks back he’s that same move but he didn’t have that RKO his arsenal to use tonight because remember if Randy uses the RKO tonight the match is over mitii Rollins retains [Applause] he’s got a lot more weapons other than just the RKO row trick them in a corner by or and the stipulation that Randy chose was this dual cage to take away the authority from Seth Rollins and it was brilliant on the part of Randy Orton and it made net him his thirteenth World Championship the gatekeeper looks on this is where the Viper Hannity sometimes questionable I won’t opinion I would have try to get him to the caves right there when he had that we had Rollins down foreign cinema at the time he’s going to punish set for right that’s the Viper mentality I was talking about and escape violence again trying to go up over the cage and Randy off towards the attempt again that’s where you got to be careful throwing your opponent into the cage in the garden well the most opponents they’ll stick like velcro man David let him haul the cage wow it’s gonna go for the cover here try to put Randy away hooks the leg in order to got the shoulder up the stoic came looking I saw a shot over his shoulder moments ago Stowe [Applause] Rollins is calling for the door and the gatekeeper Kane toward the door under steel cage really so Wyler’s has to go through the door both feet hit the floor he went to match up and Randy Orton again this aforesaid normally-closed is what it’s driven in we wondered if Cain was gonna do his job there’s your answer cover by Seth look for the lag on over and to another near fall by Rollins [Applause] stunt driven into the the cage earlier conversation with Seth Rollins is afternoon silver Owens had mentioned he’s having problems with leg cramps I think that’s what exactly what we just saw [Applause] seven movements put that only does no now he’s got to change offensive mindset here type of Soviet proficiency I don’t know if it’s enough to replenish that before the match tonight I said this having some problems [Applause] I’ve had enough going into cage against the white for let alone if you’re less than a hundred percent driven off the cage you can’t buy Rollins [Applause] [Music] [Applause] understand is what you wanted this cage not taste it [Applause] Rollins is turned to punish brandy or hammering Iran’s has taken exception a lot of things Hortense said about him in recent weeks leave things Randy respects him as a champion and Rollins gonna let him stick over the top where both feet up hit the floor and Randy Orton quickly back to his feet Randy Orton now on defense in Seth Rollins up to the top of that cage [Applause] Oh Randy has just called said everything he can think of and Randy has a very vivid imagination how do I set be upset about that oh pretty cool by Rollins cover is it enough to put on away inside the cage two-count near fall again for Seth [Applause] w/e World Heavyweight Championship at stake in this match what two months ago is called the face of identity you ran New York by the authority and the future of the WWE Seth Rollins Seth Rollins believes the future is now we’re about to find out it’s hard to dispute that train of thought is how he is the current champion he wanted to change that fact though separate things got a lot through tonight whispers hey it’s one thing to win a championship by cashing in the contract surprise factors another thing to go inside a cage and knock off work shouting in our own step again analogy bounces off the cage we’ve been telling everybody that we’ll listen Kayne’s help Seth Rollins wouldn’t even be the world heavyweight champ is true was he cain’t Rollins would have never lent money the bank all its had a little something to do that he may have had an assistant Rollins certainly wasn’t to climb the ladder the cage are going nothing they could do nothing that case we are Gus climbing a 50-foot cage to the cage Randy with a clothesline and another one and here comes the Viper the power slam get out set try to escape got it on the leg Seth Rollins up near the top will somehow get over and Randy again not allowing that to happen that cage you up there on the top rope it’s dangerous there [Applause] in Randy Orton now this opportunity and Rafi right to the side of the face Rollins for the win and retain the title hooks the leg and a kick-out by Randy that was close [Applause] right to the side of the face of warden tornado survived now step with Randy down is going to try to escape again you’re right Randy is down this is a good opportunity to set bro let’s make it to the top climb over the top and get both feet on the floor is almost up there in the top Randy Orton pursue Seth Rollins is close to retaining the championship high above us here at ringside [Applause] stop the momentum look at Arden now oh my gosh dangerous you’re not kidding don’t look down Randy will fly there that is a long way down look at how they are and I’ll run right down to the ring it’s certainly a long way down to the floor [Applause] Rollins and Orton exchanging blows [Music] Randy has different plans headbutt we’re pulling out all the stops though college as well decided to stay top rope Randy or for the championship he got a near fall for him this can’t help but think as you watch that would have been a perfect spot for the Viper to snap up one of those RKOs and win this thing but it’s banned this is not while I was trying to steal one here snack in a rough to count almost had him and I saw a jaw set a tooth is it I thought he had him [Applause] let’s listen listen listen it’s so close for Rollins [Applause] big trouble in Rollins he’s looking he’s thinking should try to go up and over maybe through the door just cover or you get three options right now I think he’s going to go up and over Rollins again to escape from the cage Seth Rollins and now he’s hit the top rope here to get tossed a cage Randy Orton plays paint his lines he’s got both legs over Randy Orton I believe is gonna retain the championship and look who’s here look who’s here no Bloomberg can reach it’ll change security that trying to try to bend down and aren’t pulling rods back into the ring but his hair in his head [Applause] Supercuts from the top of the cage they organized the options I think he’s going to go for the cover for the championship company I think got the shoulder up Gordon was reaching back put that leg and that gave the chimneys Seth Rollins the kick-out it’s [Applause] to hear anything that J&J security has to say his job as a gatekeeper [Applause] James John so far skate keeper victory [Applause] big smile on Randy’s face he knows he’s closing in on the title [Applause] smile and globe later went to the gym but still I was able to counter pin it Randy there between the ropes of the cage Rollins trying to pull himself up he’s gonna go to I’m gonna go climbing I think so he’s gonna mr. Rollins he’s taking a lot of abuse his little shaky and Lindsay during their trying to escape again in his seat playing Orangeman play a defense all night against Roberts attentive state [Applause] Randy can’t find a way to pin Seth Rollins and said Rollins can’t find a way to escape [Applause] and he’s not gonna take the chance he wants to pin Rollins I don’t get it granny wants to pay wrong I don’t get it put the top rope [Applause] it’s there you could go we’re about to have ourselves a new World Heavyweight Champion we RKO and he cannot tonight whatever you want to do Randy he wants to finish this right off when if you do an RKO wait a minute look like he’s gonna try but our [Applause] it’s right there to the authority direct message to the authority and the boss Triple H can use the RKO I’ll go for something else [Applause] let’s kicked out the three teenagers this best shot that’s your time [Applause] there [Applause] [Music] [Applause] KO is bad but this is it ready [Applause] just ducked out of the way [Applause] now let’s call to the door he’s telling can’t open the door [Applause] door [Applause] Rollins has gotta crawl through the door of pulp feed out to hit Geordi retains the championship is closed his clothes but Randy are back to his feet backbreaker retorts time got to be eaten alive okay you don’t work much to pin Rollins make it supper granny could no big entrust cane or not are you kidding me [Applause] he could have walked out with the championship motto paper knockdown [Applause] legs River Falls to floor first is big step in defeating world heavyweight champion both the who is he going far was Kane trying to hit reindeers to try to hit South Robert Emms lost it J&J security upset the picnic aid of Seth now JJ was that be a chance what he’s in the red in J&J security following Kate into the rain [Applause] they’ve been Tamas now but building for four weeks equations and weeks [Applause] what I’m sure I’m understanding pain is just Chuck’s land Randy Orton and Seth Rollins the well we got a championship match still going on [Applause] with the cover his good name we’re we had stepped up to now he’s about to [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] we were [Applause] Randy let somebody dream centrioles will do it and Randy from using the arcade isn’t that what Seth said when he picked the stipulation see RKO is banned right there wouldn’t cover Seth Rollins oh my dream said rolls will do it [Music] [Applause] say no [Applause] the jokes laughs Oh [Applause] we’ll set that brandy lady would kick out of the cover [Applause] this is the shocker [Applause] to escape at the cage and retain his championship odd confuse yet the didn’t Randy technically use the RKO first period on taxicab driver you can do linear polyak in Ellora for either blues bands set should be the W world heavyweight champion disagree totally oh we could sit here and interpret it however we want but the bottom line is this Seth Rollins is leaving Extreme Rules as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion [Music] [Music]

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