FULL MATCH – New Day vs. Usos – SmackDown Tag Team Title Hell in a Cell Match: Hell in a Cell 2017

[SOUND]>>This is the first of two Hell in a Cell match-ups here tonight.>>And listen, both of these teams
came into this match expecting and prepared to raise the bar, raise the level
of competition and make history. This one is gonna be unforgettable.>>[NOISE]>>And look at this, already both teams, both teams leading the way and
going underneath.>>Not wasting any time.>>Looking for
some implements of destruction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Big E has got a chain in his hand.>>Look at New Day. Kofi King or
rather Xavier Woods has got a kendo stick.>>And it’s all legal.>>Let’s go, let’s go,
come on, [INAUDIBLE].>>There’s right out of the gate. Here we go inside Hell in a Cell.>>These four men looking to destroy
one another in the name of being called Tag Team Champions.>>And Big E, Big E so deadly serious. All before this match got started and
now the Usos and Xavier Woods went in to help out E.>>Doom and gloom of biblical proportions. What a prophecy from Big E.>>And Xavier Woods!>>Big connection.>>We can take them.>>The look on the face
of Xavier says it all.>>We got this!>>Remember guys,
this was the contractural rematch for the Usos after
the Sin City Street Fight last month. If they lose this match, they won’t get
another opportunity at the tag team title as long as New Day are champs.>>I have a feeling the team that doesn’t
win this match is gonna spend a couple of nights in a hospital. Watch this, watch this, watch this.>>Working together, look at this, steel
chain around the fist right to the face.>>Talk about taking it to another
level if you’re the New Day.>>A cover here rather and kick out.>>Big E is all business tonight.>>So is Xavier Woods, Xavier Woods
came out of the gates of hotness man.>>No, Big E thinking some kind of
thoughts, feeling some kind of way.>>Wait a minute.>>Big E the first to
collide into the steel.>>A 300 pounder right
into the steel structure.>>And then Xavier Woods sends Jey Uso.>>[NOISE]
>>And now Jimmy Uso.>>[LAUGH] my goodness.>>[NOISE]
>>Jimmy Uso just crushed Xavier Woods between his own body in
the steel mesh of the cell.>>[NOISE]
>>Watch this one more time, Jimmy Uso no concern for
his own well-being.>>[NOISE]
>>Taking down Woods.>>Listen, you got two teams as
familiar with one another as these are. Innovation becomes necessity.>>Wait, Big E!>>The spear into the steel. The Hell in a Cell buckles!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>E might have knocked himself out.>>Come on E.>>This cell is meant to contain all these
superstars but that’s not to say this cell can’t inflict unimaginable
damage on those who step inside.>>[APPLAUSE] This is awesome. [APPLAUSE] This is awesome. [APPLAUSE] This is awesome.>>So many incredible match
ups between these two teams, they’ve said it this past
week on Smackdown Live. No matter where we are, we put on a show. One more look at this,
Big E into the steel.>>Leave it all out on the table. Wait a minute! Ray Cesca 2000 turbo
is involved in broken.>>Ray Cesca might need first aid.>>I think it’s safe to say this is
the first time a trombone’s ever been used inside Hell in a Cell.>>The night of firsts.>>You think about the 20 year
history of Hell in a Cell.>>Whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute.>>Another one.>>This is a strategically
placed plethora of trombones.>>Hey, you gotta come prepared, man. Credit The New Day.>>Would this be Francesca number three? I think Jey Usos is about to. And they’re gonna need a new one.>>Confidently Xavier Woods
is strutting around the ring. As much as The New Day have a penchant for
having fun, being ridiculous we don’t
need [INAUDIBLE] cow bell.>>[NOISE]
>>There’s always room for a cowbell. Come on.>>Someone call Bruce Dickenson.>>[NOISE]
>>And Jey Uso getting beat down with
a cow bell here in Detroit.>>What else?>>[INAUDIBLE] You gotta be kidding me!>>With a gong.>>Why not?>>[INAUDIBLE] octupus here in Detriot. How have we not seen that yet?>>Only a few minutes into the match. [SOUND]
[INAUDIBLE]!>>One’s for the New Day for creativity. And a Hell in a Cell. And Xavier Woods is already
calling to end this match up. A Big E’s setting up Jey Uso here. Going up to the top rope.>>And a chair at Xaviar.>>Big E able to-
>>And a super kick. Collapsing into the cover for
the title and a kick out.>>Here come the Usos, Jimmy and Jey were able to weather the early
storm and regain their passion.>>Just tossed it and then Big E
would get caught by the super kick.>>That grew Corey and seemed like New Day
was poised to close this thing out and just like that it’s advantage Usos.>>New Day rocks! New Day rocks! New Day rocks! New Day rocks! New Day rocks!>>Wait a minute, now the kendo
stick launched in with Jey Uso.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Oh-uh, oh-uh, you got a trio of kendo sticks and a-
>>Batter up for The Usos.>>[NOISE]
>>And now Big E at the hands of a two
one on one attack here from Usos.>>[NOISE]
>>We say the New Day tap into
their barbaric nature. Now we’re seeing the same. From The Usos.>>Corey, we saw The New Day walk
out the champs from a street fight, a match where the Usos pick but
this is totally different.>>There’s no where to run,
nowhere to hide. And now it looks like The New Day’s
instruments of destruction are about to be used against them.>>Beautiful kendo stick.>>We want tables, we want tables.>>[LAUGH] That was a Judgian
blast from the Usos, all rise.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>We want tables.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>We want tables.>>Now it’s Xavier Woods outside the ring, the Usos turn their
attention towards Woods.>>Yeah, yes they’re coming. [SOUND]
>>Again, the Hell in a Cell.>>[CROSSTALK] wailing away on Xavier.>>This is what you want Kofi,
you see this? Do you see this?>>Yo, step back, dog.>>The street mentality of the Usos,
swing on sight and don’t stop swinging until it’s over.>>Kofi’s helpless on the outside. All he can do is watch.>>Man.
>>Watch this, Kofi.>>Jimmy has Woods pinned
inside with a kendo stick.>>He’s got him through
the chain link here.>>Don’t do this.>>Wait a minute.>>Good night Woods. [SOUND]>>Guys, Woods could be hurt bad. Physically incapacitated. This is as good as a handicap
match from now on to Big E.>>Getting a taste. Watch this again.>>Ooh!>>Hall of Fame father. [INAUDIBLE] Knows all
about the hell in a cell.>>With his head was forced
into a meat grinder. Again, a taste of just how bad it can
truly get inside the Uso penitentiary.>>Remember Byron, the New Day asked for this New Day demanded to defend their
titles in this unforgiving structure.>>Listen, there’s no tomorrow. If they don’t walk out of
here as tag team champions, they might not get another opportunity
at the title in quite some time. [INAUDIBLE] need this rate. [INAUDIBLE] walk out at all.>>Wait a minute.>>[INAUDIBLE] Overhead by [INAUDIBLE] Now Big E is starting to find
a way back to kill this match. And Jey or Jimmy Uso,
rather out over the apron. Right hand right on ear of the powerhouse.>>Nice
>>A measured strike there to the muscle of the new day and
now trying to manipulate big easier said than done here to your point Tom
>>And set into the steel post is Jimmy Uso.>>[LAUGH]
>>Another super kick.>>Xavier Wood still trying to recover,
Big E is out. All four of these men have been rocked
far in this Hell in a Cell match.>>My God and a back breaker and
what by Xavier.>>Woods got his knees up just in time.>>And Xavier Woods is clutching at his
left knee which was already braced for this matchup. Woods was willing to put
his body in danger for the sake of team
advantage.Watch this again.>>Look at this the power of E
driving Uso straight down Woods sliding in delivering a [NOISE]
a knee right to the spine.>>That’s incredible.Well
thought of him for Xavier to know exactly
where he needed to be. And Big E a like.>>That’s how crafty The New Day has
become, now four time Tag Team Champions. Now Big E directing traffic sending Xavier
once again back up to the top turn buckle, Jimmy Uso is in trouble up up.>>Down down. This could do it for The New Day.>>One two.
>>Hook to the inside leg.>>Broken off. [APPLAUSE]
>>And Jay Uso just there in the nick of time
to save this match up for The Usos.>>Big E the first man to his feet which
is somewhat amazing given the punishment that he’s endured.>>And Big E sending Jay to the outside.>>You would sense the toll match
has taken on all four of these men. And Xavier Woods once again
back underneath collected even more kendo sticks.>>How many kendo sticks are there? [SOUND]
>>You gotta come prepared for this kind of matchup
>>You’re abosolutely right. And obviously the new day
were overly prepared. [INAUDIBLE] turn around.>>Yes, yes.>>New day.>>And now what.>>Little payback in the Jey Uso.>>Yeah. What’s up Use.>>You wanna talk about a penitentary? We’d like to put you in jail.>>You going to jail, Use,
you going to jail, Use.>>Look at this, wow.>>The New Day doing
exactly what the Usos->>[CROSSTALK]>>Smart move A kendo stick right across the face.>>It is a great strategy.>>And light up the roots in the process. Across the face.>>It’s two on one now. [CROSSTALK]
This is a new day. Locked inside the Iso penitentiary,
Jey finds himself in solitary confinement. [INAUDIBLE] This is what happens when you come in the [INAUDIBLE]
[CROSSTALK] [INAUDIBLE] We’re about to find out how vicious, how cruel the New Day can truly be. You already got a taste of it. It’s gonna get worse. That’s just insult to injury. Become extraordinarily physical but
it’s also, it is two on one now, I can’t stress that enough. It has become a handicap match
in the favor of The New Day.>>And again, it’s all legal. Incredibly intelligent
strategy by The New Day.>>I completely agree with you.>>A face first off the steel and Kofi Kingston on the outside just
trying to get in the head of the Usos.>>Yes, yes!>>G-d.
>>Xavier Woods just trying This are pretty evil threatening smile
what does he have install here?On top of the steel post is
Xavier Woods looking down Jey Uso got free those
>>Jey escaped and just evaded disaster.>>Wow!
>>Boom! All for nought however for Woods.>>And Jey Uso, and run over by Big E. Jey Uso was able to get free. Now Jimmy Uso like a wild
man on the run and caught.>>Just ran into that
23 inch bicep of Big E. Wait a minute, Big E. Enziguri.>>No. Right onto the shoulders of Jey Uso. What’s Jimmy thinking?>>Wait a minute.>>We’re about to find out Corey.>>Jimmy Uso on the run.>>[SOUND]
>>And a steal.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Just when you think these teams have run out of ideas,
out of options, out of innovations. They go and do something like this. Look at this tag-team maneuver. Big E driven almost
through the steel cage.>>And Big E driven into one of
the solid support beams of the cell and then grinding all the way down the cell. Watch this again.>>I’d be surprised if that didn’t tear
a little flesh off the back of Big E.>>And meanwhile this matchup wears on. Now the Usos have turned the tables. They’ve got a two on one
opportunity on Big E.>>Big E’s a sitting duck.>>And a splash from Jey And
Jimmy followed suit. Cover here for the tag team titles. Big E still in it. The New Day is still in this match.>>You gotta give credit to Big E. No idea how he managed to kick out,
how he managed to survive.>>Big E’s running on adrenaline and
instinct alone right now. First the splash number one.>>Boom.
Here comes a second. And miraculously Big E endures and
escapes before the ref counts three.>>Well this match has been
a continuous scene of absolute carnage. [NOISE] Jimmy Uso just eyeing down Big E. Jey Uso is perhaps seeking
more tools to inflict damage. See Kofi Kingston on the outside trying
to shout motivations to his teammate, no. Not one, but two pairs of handcuffs
in the clutches of The Usos.>>And The New Day getting a rude
introduction to the true Uso Penitentiary here inside Hell in a Cell.>>These handcuffs will be more
effective than those kendo sticks, you can rest assured. Just when we thought these two teams
couldn’t take it to another level.>>And again,
Big E was right to focus on the Uso’s but how wise is this to take away the
powerhouse in Big E and, wait a minute.>>Woods is getting locked up as well!>>They’re going after both
members of the nerd A, and Xavier Woods is trying to fight out here. And Xavier Woods is trying to get free.>>[NOISE]
>>Jey Uso just throwing hands on Woods, who’s cuffed up. Jimmy doing work on Big E.>>[NOISE]
>>No, Xavier Woods is helpless!>>No, no.>>No, no and
Xavier Woods is caught up by the chain, on the handcuffs here
around the steel post. [APPLAUSE]
[NOISE].>>No, no.>>They’re making
Kofi Kingston watch this.>>Xavier absolutely defenseless.>>Absolutely helpless.>>The Usos, redefining
brutality inside Hell in a Cell.>>How about this!>>And look at Woods,
that’s all Woods can do!>>Boy, guys.>>And now the Usos. The Usos going to war Xavier Woods.>>They could fracture Woods’ ribs!>>And
Woods is helpless in this situation.>>Do the Usos care?>>[NOISE]
>>Of course, the Usos don’t care. Jimmy and
Jey are happy to deliver this much pain.>>[NOISE]
>>I mean, this is getting to the point where it’s
not just about regaining the tag team titles, it’s about making sure
The New Day never competes again.>>It’s never just been about the titles,
Byron. It’s these two teams wanting to
claim supremacy for themselves.>>Wait a minute [INAUDIBLE] to
the outside and a nasty fall and Big E swatted the kendo stick from Jey.>>No, look in the eyes of E.>>And Jey, Jey caught in by Big E.>>Belly to belly.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You do not want to be the target of
Big E in this kind of situation.>>I think Big E just snapped.>>Big E is seeing red here.>>Take him for a ride.>>No, no, no.>>Into the cell!>>The shell just shifted about two feet.>>[INAUDIBLE] Make him pay, make him pay.>>And again,
>>Let’s go!>>Kofi saying do it again, and Big E exploding in the space
takes out both Usos.>>Like a one man wrecking
tool right now in Big E.>>Big E coming at the Usos like
EV209 coming after Robo Cop.>>And
now Jimmy Uso tossed inside the ring. The straps are down,
could be game over for the Usos.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Big E, big ending. Cover to retain the titles. Shoulders down and a kick-out.>>Unbelievable.>>Wait for another superkick. Now look at Big E.>>Uh-oh, he’s got Uso trapped in
a stretched muffler submission. It might break Jey’s leg.>>Will the Usos tap out here? No, and Jimmy with a kick. And another superkick connects.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>And now Jimmy and Jey, boom one more time.>>The and now the Usos are going for
the homerun.>>And this is how the Usos got
the job done in Summer Slam remember, now going to the top here. Look at the Big E, center of the ring.>>Double.>>Big E could be done for. Hook to the leg and broken up by Woods.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Woods at the last moment.>>Handcuffed and all is Xavier Woods.>>Take a look at this. Double the impact. Jimmy and
Jey soar through the skies of Detroit. Bang, crash landing on Big E. And then Xavier Woods,
it wasn’t so much as a save. It was just Woods diving into
the chaos to try to save his partner.>>It was desperation,
Byron but it worked.>>Well, the Usos trying to figure
out what do we have to do next? What do we have to do to
put an end to The New Day.>>[NOISE]
>>And again, can those sticks in hand. The Usos look to pick apart-
>>And Xavier Woods. [SOUND]
>>Again, again, again, again. [SOUND]
>>And look at Woods!>>Woods trying to grit his teeth and
take it!>>Standing defiant in front of the Usos. And a headbutt! And look at Xavier Woods, lashing out!>>Woods is enraged and still handcuffed!>>His hands still cuffed,
and he won’t back down!>>No, no.>>And now Jimmy trying to pry Woods off,
and Jey hitting him with a kendo stick, hammering away on the ribs!>>Wearing the kendo stick out
on the body of Xavier Woods. And from kendo stick to steel chair.>>Look at this,
Woods defiant, still fighting. And the Usos poised to
inflict more punishment.>>No, no, Woods,
Woods center of the ring here. And the Usos setting
up one more time here. The double Us, and the steel chair. Cover here by Jey. And the Usos are five
time tag team champions.>>Third time did it.>>Here are your winners, and the new SmackDown tag team champions,
The Usos!>>Hell in a Cell has become
the Uso Penitentiary.

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  1. This will go down to be one of the best Hell In A Cell matches in this generation. There needs to be more tag team Hell In A Cell matches in the future. If they do that at next years Hell In A Cell, than the Tag Team division on the main roster would be taken more seriously. Tag Team is really being neglected on the main roster.

  2. I don't think ANYONE thought this match would be as good as it was. One of the best Hell In A Cell matches in years and it's from Tag Teams!

  3. Zzzzzzz attitude era was better wrestling has become laughable only one worth watching how is the female division and the fiend

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