Full HD WWE NXT Sami Zayn vs. Tyson Kidd in Steel Cage August 12th 2018

Full HD WWE Sami Zayn vs. Tyson Kidd The following contest is cage match making his way to the ring from Montreal Quebec, Canada weighing in at 200 See me This arena is absolutely electric right now for this steel cage match guys and I assure you this is not your typical match We’re going to see these competitors do things inside that cage that they didn’t even know. They were capable of Allow me to point out just how focused he appears to be here tonight I know that’s the same thing Cole. In fact looks to me like he’ll settle for nothing short of a victory here in this way And his opponent from Calgary, Alberta Canada weighing in at 204 typing Corey there’s a lot of different ways. Tyson Kidd can beat you and as Tyson Kidd might say that’s a fact Let’s not forget about his opposition who also comes into tonight looking to prove a point Oh, I should hope so cool. If you don’t go into every single match looking to make a statement then you’re just wasting everybody’s time Feel caged action kicking off here guys, and I think we all hit the jackpot with this match guys this it’s going to be great So much power behind that punch nice job by Tyson Kidd Let’s talk about Tyson Kidd for a moment. How do you see him getting it done here tonight? Getting out of the cage is gonna come down to timing. It’s hard enough to climb a cage Let alone after you’ve been beaten not to mention the guy who just beat you up is probably chasing you up the wall Now we have Sami Zayn on the attack, I’m simply devastating elbow drop Now we have Sami Zayn on the attack He got some serious air on that one And now she’s starting to ascend the cage solid strategy always pays off And here he goes advancing up the cage wall, I like it Here we go it Zayn and now he’s forced back down off the cage You just got to be smarter about when you climb the cage. It’s that simple Though that was a hard shot what a strike turn it around It’s Sami Zayn with the reversal all the reversal by Tyson Kidd Now Tyson Kidd has controlled the tempo of this match He’s in trouble he’d be smart to stay put there In a head pounding DDT Versus that one And here’s the counter not going to win many matches with that moves Up in Sami Zayn just dig deeper right now and find his way out of this one He doesn’t want to absorb much more punishment if he wants to win this match the amount of punishment He’s absorbed in this match is Absolutely insane a lesser man would have given up and walked away by now a very crucial part in the match for him here He simply cannot let his opponent gain too much momentum Now there’s the counter This is what makes him one of the best in the business right turns it around He’s going for it all place ins playing to the crowd when he should be focused on winning this thing stay down man Nice job by Tyson Kidd Here’s Kidd now, he’s scaling the cage wall climbing here Look out. He’s charging his way up that wall. Here we go Look at this and now he’s making his way up the cage scampering has begun I see kid wins. Tyson Kidd wins Here is your winner Tyson Extremely impressive win guys. Hey, they both give it their all but in the end we were left with the best man standing What a match that was ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for joining us

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