FOOD IS LIFE | What do Sumo Wrestlers EAT?

In this video, we’ll find out how sumo
wrestlers get as big as they do. What would you eat if you had to consume 10,000 calories a day like a sumo wrestler Do share your food fantasies
down below. For me hmm I would not let it go to waste.
I’ll be enjoying as much of my favourite food as possible. For breakfast, I’d love
me some bacon, oatmeal, bread, butter and sausages. For lunch, I’d have some fried
chicken, burgers and hot dogs, with a side milkshake and a bucket of fries. For
dinner some nice medium steak, roasted lamb, pasta, with bread mashed potatoes
and buttered veggies on the side. And this epic meal day would be finished off
with some ice cream, pies and creme brulee.
All this talk of eating this much food and this many calories has not always
been the case for sumo wrestlers, or Rikishi as they are called in Japan. In
the past, they’re more wiry and muscular. Sumo wrestling though has no weight
class. Since a sumo wrestler would lose the match once any part of their body,
other than their feet, touches the ground or is pushed out of the ring,
it simply makes sense for them to become big immovable objects. So what does it
take to become a big, rotund, immovable mountain of a man? It’s mostly a
combination of three things – training, routine and diet. Every wrestler belongs
to and lives in a sumo stable and a typical day starts with intense training.
As early as 5 a.m. for the lower rank wrestlers, with the higher ranked ones
starting a bit later. And breakfast is not the most important meal of the day
to a sumo wrestler as they do not eat breakfast. I could definitely imagine why
as it’s probably a bad idea to be pushed and tossed around with a belly full of
food. Sumo wrestlers enjoy only two meals a day. The main meal is lunch at around
11 a.m. and is prepared and served by junior wrestlers. The star of this meal is a
thick stew called Chanko Nabe. It’s a one-pot dish that would often
include chicken, pork, beef, tofu and of all sorts of vegetables like daikon, cabbage,
mushrooms and carrots, flavoured with fish stock, miso, soy sauce or other
Japanese condiments. This protein-rich dish is the key to a sumo wrestlers’
bulking up program. Along with chanko nabe, a rikishi would also have several bowls of rice, some pickles, dumplings and omelettes. And
another important part of this meal is beer. A few pints of this golden
liquid would definitely help a rikishi meet his caloric goals. What you would not find in abundance though in a rikishi’s diet are processed foods and sugars. And
to keep all those calories and store them as fat, a rikishi would then nap for a few hours after a hearty lunch. They would then do their chores in the
afternoon and have dinner at around 6 p.m. Dinner is more freestyle, with some
riskishi dining out and enjoying food that they like. Most often, though, they
would still not let this chance to bulk up go to waste.
What you may find quite surprising about sumo wrestlers though are that they are
considered healthy because of the very intense training and work out that they do, they store fat differently than the average human, hence, they have low
triglycerides and cholesterol levels. If you liked this video please give us a
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One thought on “FOOD IS LIFE | What do Sumo Wrestlers EAT?

  1. Consider this: an average adult male eats about 2,500 calories a day. This makes a sumo wrestler's diet about 4X that of the average Joe!!!

    Because of their training, they store fat differently than an average person and is less prone to heart attack or diabetes at an early age. And 'chicken only please' on game day! That's because they believe that they should be like chickens – standing steady only on 2 feet inside the ring – or they will lose the match!

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