Whoa, it’s all bloody Oh defeat, you’re doing you really want to choke around in Trouble oh Wait, I know you you’re from that weird family, aren’t you? We’re not weird. We don’t like rustling How do you know if you’ve never been I’ve never had rectal bleeding before but I’m pretty sure I’m not fine about How about I shove her head up your ass, then we can find out Anyways Right about that rock for huge fans. Thank you so much more advice Would you give us we want to be the next Q? What are your names get mining? It doesn’t matter what your names are you walk around here interrupting the rock you like You haven’t seen the Sun in 20 years you like you just stepped out of Oliver Twist Please sir. May have some more advice you want some advice. Here’s the rock sit biceps your mouth Thanks, Duane. Got it Good morning wrestling nerds. Well, this is where we see whether or not you get to go on to WWE This is our short thud. Hello. Why do you want a wrestle? I’m the toughest bastard in any room Probably shouldn’t swear. I wonder if ladies present Sorry miss. Sorry about that. I Call your name that means you’ll be coming with me to Florida Paige Thank you all very much You have to take my brother no one deserves this more than Zach I wish you the best son This is the end of the line for you Do you know what it’s like toward one thing in life and then your own sister takes it away from you it was my dream to Who wants this to be out there, you’re not just doing this view you’re doing it for the family Paige I myself have come from a wrestling family too. I know exactly what it means to you Don’t worry about being the next me be the first you What sterling Johnson how are you prove it this Is cookin yeah and on vain days, oh my I’m sorry

100 thoughts on “FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY Trailer (2019)

  1. a TURD ! i tho i was in the US but nope, it is in LONDONISTAN, and i watchd 20 minutes of that shit for the brunette cunt, she's uber fuckable . maybe more tits, but i like that kind of pretty faced gothic cunt, a pal skin to spank is cool, and she's pretty facefuckable 🙂

  2. This movie is a great movie. It has a great story and meaning behind it. I highly recommend watching it

  3. anyone over the age of 12 still watching WWE (with exception to extreme disabilities) pull your head in and grow the fck up,
    bunch of virgins

  4. They should show the part where she gets buttfucked by multiple black dudes in front of her boyfriend. It's really heartwarming

  5. I watched the movie and it's amazing and the fact that it happend to her is just incredible *** (5 stars)

  6. I love female wrestling…..been watching female wrestling since GLOW wrestling 80s … the real GLOW wrestling not the fake GLOW Netflix show…….

  7. Paige story but this one is fat 😏.. from charmed… His bro zack didn't been accepted.. so his bro become angry with her… Later she have a change against aj lee look so different n win.. later she gain neck injury n quit wwe 😂😂

  8. lol i just can't look at her in the same way after all those nasty sex tapes with her, she looks like a common hoe, the actress playing her is way fuckin' hotter.

  9. Oh look, a likeable female lead who has CHARACTER?! Good lord, didnt think it was possible in these trying times with the left going bat shit crazy. Good movie though!

  10. All I’m gonna say all top ropes scenes are fake they pause it then continue on ground I was at Monday night raw and they were filming after the show the rock came out and callled cm punk and we had to do chants it was Paige vs aj lee

  11. must say im a fan of this alternate ending for cersei…drops the incest act, and rolls up with one of those gladiator guys, only to transform battle and entertainment. well done babe, marcella #2 can take care of herself

  12. I wonder if they including her home made video of being a multi ethnic bareback fuck toy in this inspiring family fun movie.

  13. I hope they cover making the sex tape in this biopic. This chick is a freak. She just can’t get enough meat, on film, in her mouth, on film.

  14. This movie was fantastic! A strong female lead without it being shoved in your face! The WWE has done what mainstream Hollywood has long forgotten, writing a great and relatable female character without having to insert progressive/feminist nonsense 🙂

  15. this movie is a joke, where is all the porn Page did the year before she win? Internet is full of her shit and the movie reflect a totally different Page… what a lie for losers.

  16. Im laughing so hard reading the comments!!🤣 Dwyane Johnson is 'the rock'!!lol.. idk what yall thinking.

  17. Why the fuck is he making these movies. He should've been making his 3rd Terminator movie, he's making shit like this.

  18. EVERY WRESTLING FAN MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO > [WWE: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver]

  19. People who arent sure if they should watch this movie.
    its a frickin cool movie and as a bonus there is Cersei in it.

  20. if you haven't seen this movie you haven't lived this is one of the best and sexiest movie I have ever seen in my life

  21. Advice to young girls everywhere. Be a total slut when you grow up and film yourself having sex with your co worker for the world and your family to see and you just might get your own movie based on your worthless whore life!

  22. great movie..but i wish they did not change some in it.. like the ending where paige defeat aj .. she looks more confident in reality ..and the crowd never boos her.. plus. ..they never show how she won the nxt champion..

  23. I'm tempted to watch this because that girl is hot. Other than that there's no way I would watch this pile of shit. Still deciding though…really like black hair…….

  24. It's been 10 years since the movement started.
    Hollywood is now supporting the men hating community agrh cough cough I mean Feminism.

    Woman power shown wrong in several movies by now…

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