EPIC Undertaker Vs Goldberg! SHOCKING WWE Jon Moxley Promo LEAKED?! | WrestleTalk News June 2019

EPIC Undertaker Vs Goldberg! SHOCKING WWE Jon Moxley Promo LEAKED?! | WrestleTalk News June 2019

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Abdullah Alenezi Raw’s Alexa Bliss is the #1 contender to
Smackdown’s Women’s Champion! Raw’s Dolph Ziggler beats down Smackdown’s WWE
Champion again! And the Wild Card is thrown out the window as Smackdown stars barely appear
on this Smackdown show. WHERE THE HELL IS BUDDY MURPHY?! And what shocking Moxley promo
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Smack Bang in the Middle, SmackDowner and A Smack in the Face. This is the 4th of June
2019 episode of Smackdown Live. New Day opened the show to play a very lovely
video of WWE Champion Kofi Kingston travelling to Ghana, but he was then interrupted by his
Super Showdown opponent Dolph Ziggler. And if Ziggy’s return wasn’t surprising enough
a couple of weeks ago, we got some even more shocking news on this week’s Smackdown:
Dolph is still a Raw guy. So he’s been a Wild Card these past few weeks and I guess
no one noticed. He then played his own video package and repeated his mantra that IT SHOULD
HAVE BEEN HIM. Kofi then played another video recapping Dolph’s abandoned storyline of
him vacating the US title and walking out in December 2017, and Dolph responded by playing
THE FOURTH VIDEO PACKAGE IN THIS ONE SEGMENT, this time of his attacks on Kofi. The promo
work from both guys was good, but the whole thing was horrifically stilted with the various
video packages. And it led to Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods
defeating Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in a formulaic tag match – with Kofi pinning Sami with the
Trouble in Paradise. Dolph then laid out Kofi and Woods after the match.
Shane McMahon was backstage to show ANOTHER VIDEO PACKAGE, and said he’ll beat Roman
this Friday because he’s the best in the world. Oof, this show has not got off to the
best start, I hope the next segment can help it OH GODDAMIT MOMENT OF BLISS.
Yes, Raw’s Alexa Bliss brought her terrible talkshow from the red brand to Smackdown to
stink up the joint and interview Bayley. But hey, maybe this will be different now that
Alexa Bliss is a babyface – nope, she’s a heel again. Because of course she is. She
made fun of Bayley and arrogantly ordered better coffee in her favourite mug to be delivered
to her. Vince will turn a noun into a prop, remember. Carmella came out to talk about
how she’s a former Money in the Bank winner, and Charlotte Flair came out to say she’s
spoken with her “good friend” Shane McMahon, and he’s booked a triple threat for Flair,
Mella and Bliss to crown a number contender for Bayley at Super Showdown. Just kidding,
it’s at Stomping Grounds. Women won’t be wrestling at Super Showdown.
Perhaps more annoyingly though is the inconsistent character of Alexa Bliss, who has flip flopped
from babyface to heel more times these last few months than Big Show has in his whole
career. And now we’re in a situation where she’s feuding with The IIconics with Nikki
Cross for the Women’s Tag titles as a babyface on Raw, but feuding with Bayley for the Smackdown
Women’s Championship as a heel. How could anyone possibly care or invest in the Bliss
character if the company can’t decide who or what she is?
R-Truth told Mella backstage that the 24/7 title was ruining his life, and he’d asked
Shane McMahon to put a stop to the rules. Shane instead booked him in a lumberjack match
against Elias for the 24/7 title – with loads of Raw guys around the ring like Titus O’Neil,
Cedric Alexander, Robert Roode, Drake Maverick, EC3 and Mojo Rawley. I mean, that’s more
than the whole Wild Card Rule right there and we’ve already had Dolph and Bliss on
this show. Elias won the title quickly, but during the post-match melee was chased under
the ring by Truth who won the title back and ran away.
Aleister Black has yet to escape the promo Phantom Zone…
…And Shane McMahon came out for a promo segment flanked by Raw’s Revival. HOW MANY
WILDCARDS ARE WE GETTING TONIGHT?! It’s so sad to see Revival caught in the pull of
the OmniShane. Roman came out and beat up The Revival, but was attacked by Drew McIntyre
– because of course he was. Shane then speared him in a total repeat of the segment on Raw.
Thankfully we then got some decent wrestling, as Alexa Bliss, Charlotte Flair and Carmella
had a triple threat to crown a new number contender to Bayley at not Super Showdown.
Fire and Desire came out to distract Carmella – weren’t you feuding with The Kabuki Warriors?
And splitting up? – and Bliss won with a DDT on Mella. Oddly, Corey Graves called this
historic that a Raw star was going for a Smackdown title, which it might well be, apart from
the fact that Raw’s Dolph Ziggler is trying to win Smackdown’s top title this Friday.
Kayla Braxton continued her run of being the best new backstage personality in WWE, by
conducting the first interview with Lars Sullivan – who cut a generic I’m a big and scary
man promo. So we can’t find the time to debut Buddy Murphy or feature Alesiter Black,
but we can give this lumbering bore a 5-minute promo segment that accomplished nothing? But it’s okay, as we’re going to get an
Andrade match as he takes on Apollo Crews. Oh, no, he just hit the DDT and then Finn
Balor ran down to attack him and the match was over. Was that a DQ? Why not just give
Andrade the win? Finn was then tripped by Zelina Vega, and got laid out by Andrade’s
DDT. It’s okay Finn, Vega isn’t allowed to be at Super Showdown so that won’t happen
in your title match. This whole segment was also shorter than Lars’ promo, for the record.
And the main event of the show was the most heavily pushed thing, as Goldberg came to
cut a promo on The Undertaker. This was actually a pretty decent promo, and it was interupted
by Undertaker’s dong who appeared in the ring when the lights came back on. They had
a stare off, and then Taker disappeared when the lights went out. And the show ended with
the commentators running down the card for Super Showdown like the Smackdown ran short
or something. This was a very boring episode of Smackdown
Live. Outside of the visual of Goldberg and Undertaker standing in the ring together,
there was nothing happening on this show. The inconsistent character of Alexa Bliss
will be even more annoying as she’ll be on both shows for the next couple of weeks,
and the whole episode felt like a replay of Raw or previous weeks of Smackdown. This week’s
Smackdown Live is a SmackDowner. Great review, Luke. And an extra well done
for not getting distracted, because you couldn’t see it, R-Truth and Elias pinned each other
several times for the 24/7 title just under the shot.
Just as a quick disclaimer: I’m recording this video before New Japan’s Best of the
Super Juniors finals, so I don’t know who won the tournament out of Will Ospreay and
Shingo Takagi, nor the result of Juice Robinson defending his IWGP United States title against
the debuting Jon Moxley. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take part in some New Japan
banter! Because the Banter Maker Kazuchika Okada – BANTER
MAKER – has tweeted ahead of his tag match with Rocky Romero against Villain Enterprises’
Marty Scurll and Brody King: Peace Emoji! OK Emoji! High Five Emoji!
Wait, I just to need to Google Translate that from Emoji to Japanese to English…
2 0 5? He’s saying Marty Scurll should go to 205
Live… BANTER MAKER! Okada will of course be taking on Chris Jericho
for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship – New Japan’s top title – at this Sunday’s huge
Dominion show. But that’s not the only major belt Jericho is gunning for, with him scheduled
to take on Hangman Page to become All Elite Wrestling’s inaugural champion at August
31st’s All Out. It’d make you think that New Japan and AEW
are finally going to work together, which seems to be both the best decision for fans
and the wrestling industry as a whole. Unfortunately New Japan executive Michael Craven has reiterated
to Sports Illustrated that’s not the plan: “We wish everybody at All Elite Wrestling
nothing but the best in their ongoing endeavors, though we must stress we have no working arrangement
at this time. Again, we think our partners seek and deserve loyalty and an appropriate
amount of care. We want our relationships to be mutually beneficial over the long haul,
rather than just thinking in the moment.” The partners who deserve loyalty Craven’s
referring to are longtime New Japan buddies Ring of Honor, both promotions who have somewhat
been left high and dry by the departures of the Elite Bullet Club to AEW.
Still, names like Jericho and Moxley appear to have contracts where they can work for
both, at least for now until AEW starts its weekly TV later this year. And no matter where
they work, it’s all on the other side of the axis from the big industry leader WWE.
Moxley, the former Dean Ambrose in WWE, appeared on Jericho’s podcast last week for a shoot
interview on the creative frustrations working under Vince McMahon. While his revelations
weren’t surprising, that many wrestlers in WWE feel creatively stifled by the company,
having him voice his issues so publicly has reportedly made waves across the industry,
with a number of current WWE stars apparently also reaching out to Jericho wanting to do
their own versions when they leave. Of all the stories Moxley told, though, one
line was left mysteriously in the balance. When discussing how uncomfortable he felt
about turning heel the same night Roman Reigns revealed his leukemia diagnosis, and how McMahon
then used that as material for his character, there was one scripted line that was so bad,
Moxley told Jericho he refused to say it: “It is the worst line. I’m not going to say
it on the air, I’ll tell you after we’re done. It would have been like a thing where someone
would had to get fired, maybe me. They might have lost sponsors, like the Susan G. Komen
and all of that.” A Reddit user has now claimed Jericho revealed
what that line was backstage at Double or Nothing – as Moxley’s interview was recorded
before the event – and that line has now spread behind the scenes:
“I don’t know who’s more of a dead man walking, Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns. Only
difference I’m gonna kill Seth, and God is gonna kill Roman.”
A fan then tweeted the post to Jericho himself, however, to which he replied: “Total lie.”
Whether he’s referring to the line itself or whether it was him who leaked it is unclear.
Casting further doubt on the Reddit claim, WWE never use ‘kill’ in their scripted
promos. There’s been some absolutely huge Pokemon
news! Find out all the details by clicking the video on the right in today’s Gaming
News with Laurie Blake and Chopper Pete. And which NXT call-ups might’ve been leaked?!
Click the video below that to find out who! I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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