E70: West Coast Wrestling Connection on PDX-TV

E70: West Coast Wrestling Connection on PDX-TV

TK: Welcome everyone to the
West Coast Wrestling Connection! Todd Keneley and Jeff Akin! And tonight its going to be wild, its going
to be an asylum, its going to be a Rip City Streetfight and the Amerikan Gunz and the Whirlwind Gentlemen are
going to trailblaze all through the arena because it is falls count anywhere JA: No ring can contain this rivalry, Todd Keneley!
Tonight it happens everywhere right here in the West Coast
Wrestling Connection and it happens right now! *intense music plays * Announcer: Brought to you by
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Voodoo Doughnut Hampton Inn and Suites, The
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750 102.9 The Game! *music and cheering * Announcer: The challengers, Remy Marcel and Jack Manley The Whirlwind Gentlemen! TK: What a way to kick things off! Are you
kidding me? We are starting with the Rip
City Streetfight Anything goes, falls count
anywhere and the former champs are dressed for a fight. They are
ready for a fight I love what Manley said. He said These two handsome devils are going to take you to Hell! JA: We will see if that
happens. Its all on the line! No rules, falls count
anywhere! Announcer: And their opponents *music plays * Ethan HD Mike Santiago The Amerikan Gunz TK: The Gentlemen going to get the jump on the
champions and the official really out here
just to count to three or call for a submission because it is
anything goes falls count anywhere in or out of the building JA: Both teams have already
kind of split off one on one. We are going to do
our best to call all of the action for
you folks but its going to be everywhere!
You’ll notice two referees just in case this
happens All men are legal! Any pin fall will finish it. This is for absolutely everything, Todd! TK: Its tornado rules, which are fitting when
you got the Whirlwind Gentlemen out here. Look at this! Marcel got HD up! Going to take out th!
JA: Whoa! JA: Definitely an appropriate
metaphor but not enough to win the titles.
It has to be a pinfall or a submission Todd, I just went over all the ! That wraps it up. Every seat here is going to be a ringside
seat. You got to believe this thing can go absolutely anywhere. I don’t know if this matchup is even going to sniff the ring!
JA: There’s no reason for it to, Todd. Anywhere it can go and like we said in the very
beginning no ring can contain this rivalry and as they roll into the ring,
ladies and gentlemen, we will be right back. This tag
team championship match continues! TK: Welcome back everyone to
the West Coast Wrestling Connection! It is
totally insanity, total bedlam here! The Rip City Streetfight Anything goes, everything is legal, falls count anywhere! JA: Its interesting, Todd,
because both The Amerikan Gunz
and the Whirlwind Gentlemen have such effective double team
moves and they are completely
nullified right now. You have two singles
matches happening both of them just kinda just paired off on each
other and I have to give the
advantage to the champions, The
Amerikan Gunz. Both such accomplished singles wrestlers themselves
but man the Gentlemen just pulling out
all the stops That 2×4 getting all but broken
across the back of Ethan HD TK: Back in the ring, Santiago used the same weapon to really
drive it through Jack Manley and he is in position where he
can maybe pick up the win but now
rolls to the outside and he perhaps going to double
team or get Ethan HD some help HD hits the corner post hard and heavy like a
thief in the night and here comes
Santiago! Its perfectly legal!
JA: Remy Marcel thought he was paired off with Ethan HD one on
one now you’ve got a trade off. Mike
Santiago coming up from behind and Ethan HD going to work on
Jack Manley On the outside now Remy Marcel give up. He could tap out in this position and it would
count as the finish and the Amerikan Gunz would be
still your tag team champions TK: Ethan HD sends him down and this just
might be the x-factor of this matchup being able to divide! Getting
the cover here! That was close! Marcel got that board again right across the back and shoulder blades into the cover! You got two
officials out here to be able to stay on
top of all the action and on top of all the pin attempts and that’s a
great call
JA: Its one of the best calls
by WCWC Management that I’ve seen in
quite some time because there is no way one
official can keep track of all the action. Ethan HD straight into that steel chair! TK: The former champions now
find a way to double team in the midst of this war and that just might lead them to success What they do best they are
doing it right now. Santiago trying his
best to get back into the ring Everybody is just eating so much punishment in
this match but right now the former champs
seem to be the fresher of the two
JA: They’re feeling good right now, Todd. I think this
has to be an absolute relief to them. The usually
come out, they’re working so hard to watch for the
Amerikan Gunz as they cheat but now there is
no cheating They can do everything the Gunz
do and looks like they can do it a little bit better TK: Now I don’t know if Remy
Marcel with that pick maybe he is going to comb the
desert but he might find something. He
might find championship gold
JA: We ain’t found spit TK: There you go JA: Right now, Jack Manley has Ethan HD in a very dangerous position if he can get him up
and over onto that chair trying hard but Ethan HD knows what he is in for Gets there first!
TK: HD had on those magnetic
boots able to counter into a suplex of his own. Remy Marcel maybe thinking DDT here Got him hung out to dry! Drops him straight down!
Beautifully done So really neither team has the advantage.
Marcel on top of Santiago. HD on top of Manley at this point in the
matchup Even Steven in this wild way to
kick things off Rip City Street Fight JA: Now Remy Marcel and Ethan
HD trade those right hands, slapping each other across the face.
Insult to injury on both sides Ethan HD trying to get a couple
jabs in there. Remy Marcel going down but still Mike Santiago
and Jack Manley all but out of commission TK: Really is going to come
down to who is tougher Who wants it more? Who’s willing to go that extra mile and do perhaps even the
unthinkable. What a shot! Execution style Marcel didn’t see it coming I’ll tell you what Santiago kicked it into
ludicrous speed JA: Well they keep it going they’re going to end
up wearing plaid but now the Amerikan Gunz TK: They will be wearing gold!
JA: That as well! Amerikan Gunz teaming up right
now doing what they do best taking advantage of the fact
Remy Marcel is down and out on the apron Jack Manley got the worst of
that TK: What a playground of pain
these four men find themselves in Speaking of later on tonight how about Gangrel and Tyshaun
Prince Talk about a monster mash JA: This is two heavyweights.
One superheavyweight going at it. I don’t know if
the ring is going to be able to handle it
after the beating these two teams are giving it right now that’s our main event. That’s
one to not miss for sure. Now Ethan HD no! Jack Manley plants Ethan HD right on to that steel chair! TK: Countered that powerbomb
attempt into a hurricanrana right into the metal! JA: They are all down TK: Like I said, Jeff. It comes
down to who can dig a little deeper. Who wants it
more? Title hanging in the balance.
Here’s a pin attempt! by Marcel Only a count of two! What’s it
going to take? JA: I mean, these guys have hit
each other with everything I think at one point they
actually used a kitchen sink and they are still TK: Crowd responding. They are
loving every second of this. Two great teams letting it all hang out JA: Todd, before the broadcast
we were talking to the fans, asking
them who they wanted to see as the tag team
champions. I was surprised at how many were behind The
Amerikan Gunz You have to believe its just
because of their dominance in the
division TK: Might not like them but you
have to respect them and respect the legacy. Only
four time tag team title holders in
the history of this program Marcel has him hooked. He loves that Tornado DDT Can he hit paydirt? Yes and on the chair! JA: Little damage done to him
as well. I don’t think he is going to be able to
capitalize as quickly as he was
hoping to. That chair did a lot of
damage to both competitors Todd, the pace has slowed down
considerably. So much damage
has been done
TK: Boy they came down on that chair.
Some serious sleet in that storm Look at this! Using the chair! Trying to just stab the man in the back I don’t think he caught all of
it. These guys are digging down
deep Reaching well down into the playbook
JA: Trying everything they can at this point and there it is!
A spike DDT right onto the mat. No chairs,
no fluff. Just hitting the guy in
the head TK: How fitting is it that the
Amerikan Gunz would take aim and go for the head shot.
Go for that kill shot but a superkick by Manley Puts his team back in this
thing! Round and round they go only these two teams JA: OH MY GOODNESS!
TK: Right Through the chair! Look at the chair! Its bent its twisted! Just like the
mangled body of Ethan HD That’s got to do it. Its
absolutely JA: Oh my goodness! Mike
Santiago able to get in there at the
last second TK: The Whirlwind Gentlemen
have to take advantage. There is no way
Ethan HD can possibly be a factor in
this match any more I think Santiago is going to
have it go it alone Sense of urgency. Roaring elbow
going to do it? No! JA: Not enough! After all the
damage done, Mike Santiago gives it
his all and and there it is! Its the chain that won the tag
team championships for the Gunz and Santiago has it wrapped
around his fist TK: They had to hide it last
time. Its totally legal here. Spinebuster! Precise timing! Into the cover goes Manley! And again only a count of two. You got to
give credit the champs are hanging tough JA: Both teams! The champs the challengers. I don’t care
who you are every competitor in the match
giving it his all and Jack Manley just picked up the chain. Turnabout, Todd is fair play TK: Call Shakespeare and call a judge because it might be
poetic justice Hits him with the chain! Rights the wrong and the Gentlemen are champions yet again! Lets make it
official! Announcer: Ladies and
gentlemen, your winners and new WCWC tag team champions Jack Manley and Remy Marcel The Whirlwind Gentlemen! *cheering and music * TK: Those handsome devils did what they said they would do. They sent The Amerikan Gunz straight to Hell. They’re going to be more handsome than ever now
that they’ve got the tag team titles back for the second time!
JA: Two time tag team champions. The Whirlwind
Gentlemen, Todd what a battle, what a war All four men give it their all just showing how important
those tag team championship are but the Gentlemen reign supreme. Let’s give them their moment. Let them celebrate with the WCWC fans TK: Welcome back everyone to the West Coast Wrestling Connection we had a chance to take a
breath and clean things up. What a wild scene it was in that Rip City Streetfight and here’s somebody that would have been right at
home in that melee, Adam Thornstowe JA: Adam Thornstowe at home at most any situation
that involves a fight. Man has he got an unorthodox opportunity today Announcer: And his opponent Being accompanied to the ring
by Mr. Tubbs Ashton Vuitton! *music plays * TK: Ashton Vuitton prancing his way to the ring and we’ve got quite a clash in
styles when it comes to fashion and in ring exploits very unique matchup here JA: I don’t know how much
Ashton Vuitton is going to appreciate having to sully himself making contact with a man like
Adam Thornstowe who very unimpressed with that Ashton Vuitton TK: Indeed. Looked very
unimpressed Going to be interesting I don’t think Vuitton is going
to like being in there with Thornstowe He doesn’t like getting hit in
that pretty face and Thornstowe will do it time
and time again you got to believe JA: One of the last times we
saw Adam Thornstowe he was just mere seconds away from becoming the legacy
champion as he took on Joey Ryan who is still celebrating his Legacy
championship Wow! TK: I thought Vuitton likes a
little spray every now and then! JA: Mist me
up really quick TK: You’re right. Joey Ryan
continues on this 30 day really vacation, celebration hiatus. He is a veteran He’s pretty smart. He knows he
has 30 days before he has to defend that
gold and he is taking full advantage
of all those days How about that? A little
gyration there from Thornstowe and a little rude awakening you might say for Ashton Vuitton JA: Thornstowe saying Hey buddy
you want to shake it? I can
shake it Now lets fight. Lets get in the
ring and do this We’ve talked about it here many
times Ashton Vuitton is very deceiving Very deceptive how he
approaches any match He’s got that temper. But man Thornstowe so strong, so fast and can take an enormous amount
of punishment TK: Vuitton just paint brushes Thornstowe and that is not
going to go over well and now Vuitton going to find himself right in
the middle of the mosh pit as Thornstowe starts to work
JA: I don’t know how effective
a paint brush is going to be with all that ink
on Adam Thornstowe. I think he is
pretty comfortable with that TK: Taking him on a tour not exactly a catwalk here but a tour of pain pillar to post. Corner to corner Thornstowe takes aim. Going to
fire counter there by Vuitton. You
can never sell him short Finds a way to shine in that ring and now sticking
him with the jabs. Thornstowe JA: NO! TK: Vuitton wants no part of
that Going to take a one way trip to Pitty City. I love it! JA: Insult to injury on Ashton
Vuitton. Not only taking all those blows to the face but a little taste of the Menen TK: He’s been to LA, he’s been
to New York but Milan, all the fashion capitals. You ever think
Vuitton has ever been to Pitty City? Well he has now Here we go! Standing Moonsault beautifully executed, into the
press, into the cover! And almost a count of three Thornstowe having a lot of fun
out there right now JA: He came into this match
ready to fight and ready to make fun
of Ashton Vuitton a lot of these WCWC fans do a very good job on Twitter @TheWCWC or #TheWCWC we are on there with you every
Saturday night here on the West Coast Wrestling
Connection This could be it! TK: Vuitton had the kryptonite Thornstowe went for that Superman punch. Couldn’t connect Vuitton drove him down to the
canvas and you got to give credit, he
as turned the table in this matchup. Nice drop
toehold That puts Thornstowe in a position he doesn’t want
to be Not going to take kindly to this but right now there is nothing
he can do about it JA: Just humiliating Adam Thornstowe Knee to the back of the
shoulders there and just a two count but look at how bright red the chest is of Ashton Vuitton. Damage has
been done by Adam Thornstowe TK: I don’t think he is going
to do any summer line modeling now and no beachwear
with a chest like that. Its glowing red He’s gotten lit up like a
Christmas Tree by Adam Thornstowe Nice back elbow there by Vuitton Finds a way to hang in there Finds a way to extend matches and almost puts him away JA: Ashton Vuitton stays on Adam Thornstowe Vuitton is just so tenacious
when he gets in there Starts getting upset if things
don’t go his way He’s like a little petulant
five year old child so often. What was it? Last
week we saw him get a little discipline as deserved by a kid who gets a
little out of control Maybe Adam Thornstowe can add to that by pinning him
here in the middle of the ring but right
now Vuitton firmly in control of this match
TK: And not often that you see Thornstowe outgunned when it comes to the
striking department and right now that’s
what Vuitton has done. This
smothering offense that he is really known
for. He can take the fight out of you and a
lot of starch being taken out of
Thornstowe and there you go. Tubbs looking to get involved but he
thought better of it JA: He is picking his
opportunity Mr. Tubbs has been super
effective for Ashton Vuitton as of late and looking to add to it but
doesn’t want to cost him the
match either. TK: Series of shots in the
corner. Give me a break! Not again. We
saw him do this Gangrel. It was totally
ridiculous and now does it to another great
competitor. Adam Thornstowe but he has him cornered. Keeps
going to work. Thinking bulldog again and
drives him home. This will be a huge victory for Vuitton Only a count of two but right
now Thornstowe doesn’t look to have
a lot of fight left, Jeff JA: He really doesn’t. He came
out here ready to fight. Making fun of and mocking Ashton Vuitton and
now on the receiving end of so
much. Adam Thornstowe has come so close so many
times. The championship gold here in The
WCWC and that Todd is exactly why as he flips out of there and now keeping the strikes going onto the chest of Ashton Vuitton TK: Now perhaps. Sitdown driver a little nail in the coffin for
Vuitton Is that going to do it? Only a count of two. Thornstowe
fighting his way back into this thing You might say the boy is a
timebomb Here we go! Trying to close the distance! Does. Goes
upstairs pinpoint knee strike. Thinking a boot to the
midsection. Shrugged off nicely by Vuitton but he runs right
into fireman’s carry. Little Death
Valley Driver and he’s in the hot seat alright. Here’s the count only a count of two. Perfectly
executed There by Adam Thornstowe JA: Definitely back on his game
but its going to have to
continue He says its time for the stomp! Scum Stomp Here he goes! Going to set
Ashton Vuitton up but Ashton Vuitton sneaks out
of it. TK: Talked about a rude
awakening earlier. How about that? Reverse
neckbreaker On the mark by Vuitton Nearly puts him away JA: There’s that temper tantrum
that we see from Ashton Vuitton but
going back one more time Slowly losing it more and more Getting in the referee’s face
and that’s not a smart thing to do
TK: I swear man if its foggy on Christmas Eve
Santa is going to be calling Vuitton
with that chest so bright, won’t you
guide my sleigh tonight How many batteries do you think it takes
to run that thing? Thornstowe connects this time! Yes indeed! Superman Punch JA: Mr. Tubbs up on the apron! Gets into the ring?
TK: What is he doing? JA: Right in front of the
referee! Calls for the bell! TK: We await the official word Tubbs knows what’s good for him This is going to be the march
of the penguins he better have some happy feet
and get the heck out of here Announcer: Ladies and
gentlemen, your winner as a result of a
disqualification Adam Thornstowe TK: Thornstowe gets the victory but certainly
not the way that he would like and this
isn’t going to sit well with him. Mr. Tubbs sticks his beak where it
doesn’t belong JA: Well earlier Mr. Tubbs was so careful in picking his spots and just so blatantly just ran
in there frankly, Todd, that’s just
sloppy managing. Ashton Vuitton
getting into his face as Thornstowe heads to the back
the victor but like you said not the way
he wanted TK: Some dissention in the ranks here. Fans, we will be
back including that big showdown Gangrel and Tyshaun Prince.
Don’t go anywhere. West Coast Wrestling Connection returns right after this. Announcer: The WCWC Pacific
Northwest Champion Alexander Hammerstone! *music plays * TK: with champion gold comes influence comes high demand and I’ve been told, Jeff that Hammerstone very much in high demand of course Once ran in a pack. Ran with the Wrecking Crew. The roster of the Wrecking Crew has been
thinned out down to G3 and Jeremy Blanchard I have it on good authority that they are trying to recruit they are trying to lure
Hammerstone back into their ranks JA: I’ve heard the same thing.
I heard they were having some
lunch a little while ago to talk about maybe coming back to the
Wrecking Crew I’m not sure what the outcome
of those conversations were but could you imagine with the mean streak of the Wrecking Crew
we’ve seen here as of late and the winning streak of
Hammerstone If they rejoin forces, Todd they would be unbeatable
TK: They could certainly be unstoppable. We will see if
that comes to be. Cameron Cole now locking horns here with Hammerstone and tough to grab a body part on
Hammerstone. He is so big and so powerful and he has the skillset as well JA: He does. This is a huge
opportunity for Cameron Cole. The championship is not on the line. Its not being
contested in this match but still a win over the
Pacific Northwest Champion Hammerstone would do so much for Cameron Cole. This
is his second match. The second time
he’s been in the WCWC ring. Could you imagine if he a victory over the nearly unbeaten, nearly, Hammerstone TK: And you got to wonder what we talked about Hammerstone had a chink or two in his armor when
he left the Wrecking Crew he lost the Pacific Northwest
Championship to Gangrel at one point. Was
able to win it back but do you think now, we’ve seen him in
some very tough title defenses, would he
maybe like security of the strength in
numbers if he were to rejoin the Wrecking Crew JA: Well to take the wayback
machine and rewind a little
while Hammerstone was the Legacy
champion it was the Grappler who was
often ringside with him and was giving him some
coaching and tutelage there at ringside but also
getting very involved in all of those matches That had to have been a great
security blanket knowing that
the Grappler was outside. Well Grappler 3 or Jeremy Blanchard
or both would be just as desirable out
there I got to say a complete upside to Hammerstone in rejoining the fold of the
Wrecking Crew TK: Beautiful dropkick and
another by Cameron Cole. Really getting
great extension full force on those dropkicks. Takes Hammerstone
down two times consecutive Now a beautiful cross body! He
really should have stayed in the cover but decides
to go to the ground and pound
JA: He thinks he has to get a little more
damage in on Hammerstone and I have to say right now that I’m impressed with the strategy
of Cameron Cole. He’s moving
pretty quick He’s trying to use some
distance creating moves Those dropkicks where he can
get away quickly because I think he knows that he is maintaining
contact with Hammerstone he is just
deadly TK: Tried to throw some heat
across home plate and Hammerstone was
the one swinging for the fences The big time hitter there
caught him with the forearm and we got
ourselves a very different matchup now JA: Hammerstone just stalking
his prey and just so you know, folks at
home, that is cold concrete floor. There is no give. There
is no cushion. Cameron Cole about to eat the worst part of the entire ring! That rock hard apron TK: The strength of
Hammerstone. Cameron Cole a good sized competitor Hammerstone just presses him up
into that full gorilla press and now
he’s got him laid out. Wide open shots and now in essence a crucifix
position just to allow him to lay in the heavy shots. Those heavy
forearms JA: Hammerstone has moved the
tempo of this match to just a grinding pace and now lateral press Cameron Cole finds the
wherewithal to kick out but man he looks like he is hurt TK: Cole is going to have to
dig down deep. He is a youngster but he has some
veteran instincts Mentioned before one of his primary trainers is Booker T but I don’t think that’s going
to save him because he finds
himself in some serious heat right now doesn’t he?
JA: He’s nowhere near Harlem. He’s right here in the
West Coast Wrestling Connection with
the Pacific Northwest Champion and finding out exactly why Hammerstone has such a dominant
champion Just manhandling him and
throwing him to the size. Todd,
Hammerstone we’ve said it earlier in this
very broadcast but such a mean
streak he’s been so hard pressed to not only beat his opponents but
humiliate them I’m going to say it again, I
think adding him back to the
Wrecking Crew is a perfect match TK: Going to be very
interesting Its not going to be good for
the rest of the locker room If that happens that’s for sure Vicious shots here by the
Pacific Northwest Champion Title not on the line but Hammerstone competing fiercely as though it is. Really trying to take a toll here on his opponent JA: Well I think that’s the way
you have to compete if you’re a
champion You have to always have to act
as if your championship is on the line because if
Cameron Cole does beat him Todd, he has a complete claim to a title shot and Hammerstone
has to do it again So why not grind your opponent
down? Why not humiliate them and get
the victory Just be done. One and done TK: Hammerstone just stalking his opponent Cameron
Cole like we might see later on
tonight when a vampire faces something that looks like it
would come right out of Doctor Frankenstein’s laboratory The monstrous Tyshaun Prince Cameron Cole goes upstairs Swings with that enziguri and the Pacific Northwest champ is rocked and he is
reeling right now Cameron Cole has got to stay on
him. He’s got to keep it going but the strength of
Hammerstone but look at that! The speed of Cameron Cole do
not take that pause kid! Get on him! TK: Well as if he heard you unwinding these big right hands shot after shot. Thinking snap mare. Rolls through. He
really moves well in the ring. No
wasted motion takes his opponent down but he’s got to stay on him.
You can’t give Hammerstone a breath. What a dropkick! Pin him! Cover him! Huge upset in the making here! There’s the
count of two Three’s on its way! Not the case Not yet. Took too much time
there. JA: He did. Cameron Cole looks
shocked, surprised and upset but you said it. He took too
much time He has to stick. Hammerstone is
the Pacific Northwest champion and he has been dominant as
champion You do not quit dishing out the punishment and right there he had enough time to recover
and now Oh my goodness! TK: Vicious put on the brakes reversal of fortunes there. A full 180 Hammerstone drops him down JA: Lesson to be taken from
Cameron Cole. Upset that he didn’t get the pinfall. Immediately back on the attack
and now he is in position to nail that Stonebreaker TK: Fittingly enough moments
ago Hammerstone basically hit
him with a book end and now countered but it might be delaying the inevitable. The
incredible power and Cameron Cole survives again! Hammerstone going to
call the audible Not going to end well for
Cameron Cole! Powerbomb One two three, its over Announcer: And your winner Alexander Hammerstone! TK: If the first one don’t get
you the next one will. Hammerstone using his incredible sheer strength to find a way to win. Doesn’t connect with the Stonebreaker but unleashes a devastating powerbomb to get the victory but how much longer will this man stand alone? *music plays * Announcer: Being accompanied to
the ring by Mr. Tubbs Greg Romero TK: Back with more great action here on the West Coast
Wrestling Connection Who do you love? Greg Romero I’ll tell you what. I love this kid’s aggressiveness that
is for certain. He has had some impressive
outings and with Tubbs by his side you never know where this kid
could go sky is the limit Announcer: And his opponent *music plays * From Buffalo New York Dan Joseph TK: Last time we saw Dan Joseph had a very physical and competitive outing with another of Tubbs’ proteges in Ashton Vuitton and he finds
himself with another tough matchup here with Romero. Two of the top young rising stars of the
WCWC about to hook it up JA: Huge opportunity here for
both of them Dan Joseph feeling good,
bringing that high energy that he does all the time Ladies love that view TK: and Tubbs illustrated in that matchup between Ashton Vuitton and Adam
Thornstowe that he will outright get
involved in his men’s matches JA: Yeah but he cost his man
the match, Todd I think he got way overzealous in that and I don’t think Greg
Romero is going to want to see
that Just tell us how you really
feel, Todd. No more metaphors TK: Well those penguins live in
the icy snowy areas and he’s got
one heck of a flabalanche. JA: He’s just ready for that
cold weather I suppose TK: He’s well insulated That is for certain. Here we go both competitors lock up Dan Joseph trying to take
control early working over the arm. Both guys
go fundamental to start things off. Nice
reversal there by Greg Romero Two well rounded competitors We talked about the aggression of Romero, he’s a great
striker. Dan Joseph can submission grapple but a
great high flyer as well when he needh can come at you however they
need to Back to your point about Mr
Tubbs I wonder if he gotten into a new kind of meat.
Looks as if Greg Romero is wearing most of
a snake Got to wonder what happened to
the meat inside TK: I don’t even know where to
go with that. Short arm scissors here by Dan Joseph and maybe trying to size him up
for that Buffalo Wing. Likes that submission. We talked about his
submission skills Pinning attempt here but holding on to the arm. Wow How about that?
JA: Great work by Dan Joseph.
He likes that Buffalo Wing submission
but he also has that East Coast Swing that as we saw not too
long ago against Ashton Vuitton he can
hit with very little setup and very little warning using his head as a little bit
of extra pressure right there on the
elbow and Greg Romero having a hard
time not getting his shoulders down on
the mat TK: We have to be very careful
not to say Buffalo Wing too loud Tubbs might get the wrong
impression Look mommy the rhino is getting a little
too close to the car Alright, Dan Joseph holding on now using fundamental wrestling headlock takedown and he has
neutralized his opponent Romero. Tries to come with he headscissors Does so. Dan Joseph elevating here to try to
alleviate the pressure and find his way out and he does into a jackknife cover of his
own Great action here in the early
going. Great fundamental wrestling back and forth
JA: Well both competitors really giving it their all and and if I was scoring it at this
point it might go to Dan Joseph but its been very evenly
matched hold for hold TK: This is in fact the West
Coast Wrestling Connection JA: Not the West Coast Talking
Connection or West Coast Other Connection. I was going to say West Coast Morty
Connection Its the Wrestling Connection
TK: Thank goodness, the mute
Morty movement these past couple of
weeks has been in full effect
JA: That it has and thank you very much to our
fans on Twitter @TheWCWC for the hashtag MuteMortyMovement we are like seven or eight
weeks Morty free TK: Like a breath of fresh air I think Romero was thinking sunset flip but he got
caught there in the fireman’s carry
position by Dan Joseph. Comes up with a
Samoan drop into the cover Trying to put him away. Romero fighting with everything he had
to try and get out of there but eats a big
European uppercut JA: Impressive by Dan Joseph.
He took a couple elbows to the face on that and
still able to execute that Samoan Drop and struggling to get some
offense strung together but once again Dan Joseph able to outmaneuver
him keeps him there and gutwrench
over the top! TK: Really muscled him over
with that gutwrench suplex not sure if it was what he initially was looking for
but was able to turn on a dime and score with that offensive maneuver. A
nice throw and he keeps that full court
press on Greg Romero! At least he did until that Romero elevating. Beautiful leg
lariat and he turns the tables of the
match JA: Well Romero is going to
have to change his gameplan right there with that leg lariat trying to go hold for hold and Dan Joseph ended up on the
better end of that and now Greg Romero back to that himself
TK: It looked like it was going to be some bigtime
blues there for Romero but now he
gets into his rhythm
JA: Little shot of Mr. Tubbs
there in the great young fans of the West
Coast Wrestling Connection holding their noses in addition to penguins being built for the cold I don’t think they’re
built to be around other species Kids a little disgusted there. But he is moving to the other
side of the ring giving them a
break and now Greg Romero going to
work on Dan Joseph TK: And that was your moment of nature analysis by Jeff Akin
JA: I spend a lot of time in
nature There we go! Mr. Tubbs got into another position so he
could put TK: Sometimes I wish nature
would call for you and go to sleep for a
while You got to go you got to go Romero taking advantage and Tubbs got involved
physically again. The referee admonishing
him but damage done and Romero taking control of the matchup
and a big beautiful suplex really snapped him over. Into
the cover. Deep hook of the leg Only a count of two JA: I think that interference
by Mr. Tubbs gave Romero that little bit of
boost that we was looking for Look at that Mr. Tubbs looking pretty proud of himself Looking a little sweaty. He did
get all the way up on the ring
apron after all TK: The penguin looking proud as a peacock JA: I may not be a nature expert but those are two very
different things TK: I’m sorry sometimes my
commentary gets a little fowl Upstairs goes Greg Romero. Big
boot snakeskin boots but caught with the clothesline by Dan Joseph Man he can really kick it into
that second third and fourth gear. Rollup
attempt Trying to get the weight over
the shoulder JA: Oh wow! Look at this! Great move by Dan Joseph. Taking advantage of that kickout by Greg Romero TK: And the threads of those extremely tight jeans are
screaming as are the ligaments in the knee of Greg Romero JA: Well if I have a choice of
which one goes first I’m going to say the knee. I really
hope those jeans hold together. Able to get the ropes breaking
that but great opportunistic hold by Dan Joseph. Really showing all
the West Coast Wrestling Connection
competitors that he can at you no matter how you’re trying to
kick out, move anything he’s got you TK: Documented on how well
rounded competitor he was. He put that
on display right there with that
submission attempt A little wrinkle in his offense Both guys keeping a low center
of gravity They don’t want to get taken
over with that amateur style
takedown or maybe German suplex a whole slew of standing switches. Tubbs on the
apron trying to get involved. He
caught his own man? I think the official is going to let it go JA: Well turnabout is fair
play. We got a little bit with
Dan Joseph before and now with Greg Romero Dan Joseph reluctantly covers Greg Romero I say reluctantly. I think he
wanted to beat him on his own
but a win is a win
TK: Take advantage The match continues. You got to
go for the victory I don’t think Romero knows what hit him JA: You don’t expect that when
you see your manager on the apron you think they’re going
to be there to help you not potentially cost you the
match TK: and ever since that its been all Dan Joseph Nice counter there by Romero He’s looked for his rollup a
couple times. This time full handful of tights and he scores
the win! Wow. Resilient! Romero
Announcer: And your winner Greg Romero TK: Romero gets the win but he wants no part of Mr. Tubbs here it would seem. Tubbs trying to raise his hand in
victory Romero just slapping it away Announcer: From the hood of
Englewood, Tyshaun Prince! *music plays * TK: Tyshaun Prince has his game face on for certain. The monster can claim a big victim here in the legend Gangrel coming off of a tough victory over Eric Right Tyshaun Prince trying to prove that he is on the top of the WCWC food chain JA: We will see Announcer: And his opponent *music plays * He is the Vampire Warrior Gangrel! TK: Vampire Warrior Gangrel always has a bloodlust always has that lust for
competition He will certainly find it tonight in Tyshaun Prince Not too many people have taken
a number to face this monster Big Money JA: Gangrel stepped right up
though and what a different opponent
from the last time we saw
Gangrel in the West Coast Wrestling
Connection as he took on Ashton Vuitton Now Tyshaun Prince. Night and day TK: Night and day indeed but the man that hails from the
other side of darkness The Vampire Warrior been ready for that prematch
ritual Get ready for a little bloodbath Duck and cover! JA: Little shot of Tyshaun Prince who is
respectful enough to let him do his prematch
ritual but not at all phased by it not intimidated by the Vampire
Warrior I don’t think there is anyone
in the West Coast Wrestling Connection or
anywhere in the sport of
wrestling that would intimidate Tyshaun Prince
TK: He might not be intimidated but deep down he’s got to respect the legacy of this legendary competitor. He knows what Gangrel is all about and
that’s why he wants to be in the ring with
this legend. He wants to put one heck of a trophy on his mantle. This is Big Game Hunting for Tyshaun
Prince JA: He’s had some impressive
victories to date but one against Gangrel, former tag
team champion former legacy champion former two time Pacific
Northwest champion He knows what this victory
would mean for him but Gangrel brought his A-game tonight and he is not going to
give Tyshaun Prince a walk in the park TK: Not very often does the
Vampire Warrior give up the edge in size strength, physicality He does so tonight in our main
event He is going to have to change
his strategy. He is going to have
to stick and move JA: What he’s going to rely on
for this match, Todd to win, is his experience. He
has to be super aware. Hyper aware
of where he’s at in the ring. What
he can use to his advantage and just, frankly, something I
never thought I would say about
Gangrel but his speed. He’s going to
have the speed advantage in this match and
he’s going to have to use it TK: Tyshaun Prince though has deceptive speed in his own right as he tries to
charge in Now Gangrel, punches in bunches
going downstairs, upstairs, all points in between. Takes a
Herculean effort just to try to get this man
across the ring. Reversal by Prince and he takes the Vampire
Warrior off his feet early with a huge clothesline JA: Gangrel really got knocked into next week with
that Its one of those things where
you can prepare as much as you want but
until you get with that thing you have no
idea how much hurt there’s
going to be TK: Tyshaun Prince was throwing heavy bombs bone crushing bombs to the ribs of Gangrel and we’ve talked about it
before. How much longer can this veteran body endure punishment like this
JA: and every time you get hit
by Tyshaun Prince its like getting
hit with a car going full speed. Tyshaun is so damaging, so punishing
and he is relentless in his offense TK: Choking him out on that
bottom rope. Flirting with disaster breaks before five. Damage done. Trying to just take the life, suck the life fittingly enough out of the vampire. Gangrel back to his feet but those
strikes can do little against this monster.
Scoop and a slam and its a long way down JA: Coming off those ropes.
That’s dangerous up in the air! TK: We talked about it. Gangrel
having to dig down deep having to use his agility having to use Tyshaun Prince’s own size
against him. Prince doing the dirty work. Getting
himself on the mat but look at
this! Gangrel walks right into a
sidewalk slam. And there we talked about the
quickness the timing, the agility in his right of Tyshaun Prince. The
guy is an incredible athlete as he goes for the
victory JA: Very opportunistic. Taking
any opportunity that he can to get on top of Gangrel and Gangrel has absorbed so much punishment. We’ve talked about
how much can his body take but we also talked
about how much he can absorb He can take an enormous amount
of punishment but Todd, look at his face. I
don’t know how much is left in the Vampire Warrior TK: Well he is getting back to
his feet How many people have asked that
question over the years? Over the countless battles? Vampire
Warrior firing back again. Climbing through the flames but has the vampire, has this
monster met his match and a bearhug and this will again damage those already damage ribs of The Vampire
Warrior JA: Great strategy by Tyshaun
Prince softening him up earlier and now just
squeezing so tight, you can see the
strength the back right there across the traps, the trapezius muscles of
Tyshaun Prince as he just gets in there
deep and he’s right under the rubs
of Gangrel as well catching just enough of the
lungs to make sure he cannot get a full breath
TK: Great call there, Jeff He’s sapping the energy and strength of Gangrel but the
big man Tyshaun, who has to get oxygen in that big body, conserving
energy as well so really a win-win situation for him JA: We talked about it when
Tyshaun Prince was wrestling Eric Right and Eric Right had
focused on that knee he has such incredible upper
body strength He can squeeze on Gangrel Lift Gangrel. Look at that! TK: What a powerslam! Almost
drove him straight through the earth! Put
him in that pine box, put him in the
coffin! But no, not yet. Resurrected. Yet again but Gangrel not too many people have done
that to him. He’s seen about
everything I don’t know if he’s seen that
in his career JA: He got up and he had his
eyes wide open. We’ve seen that
before but there was a look of fear, a
look of doubt in those eyes. He doesn’t know
if he can take on Tyshaun Prince and
Tyshaun now going back to that bearhug just making sure that Gangrel
cannot breath cannot get that second wind and just trying to as you said
earlier suck the life out of the Vampire Warrior TK: There’s always a bigger
fish, there’s always a bigger scarier monster Has Gangrel met his match? Or can the legend defy the odds yet
again You got to love a big heavyweight fight. Big fight
feel here tonight in the West Coast
Wrestling Connection in our main event JA: Todd, you have to believe
that Gangrel has been in a
position like this before. He has
wrestled thousands of thousands of matches all over the globe. He’s been
everywhere and he’s fought everyone His experience has to get the
better somewhere he has to know where that opening is going to
come but Tyshaun Prince just so strong
and so powerful TK: Tyshaun Prince again goes
for the cover and speak on this. How difficult with the damage that’s been
done to the ribs probably hard pressed for
Gangrel even to catch a breath. How tough would it be
for him to kick out from the
massive frame of Tyshaun Prince?
JA: I think even if he was in
great shape how hard is it going to be to
kick out? There’s so much mass so much strength for Tyshaun
Prince and now Tyshaun has that nerve pinch in on Gangrel. So painful and his hands are so huge that he’s able to cover the entire shoulder of Gangrel with that TK: Gangrel fights back up again trying to get him in position I think maybe Gangrel was going to hook the head, think
Impaler but he walks right back into that
bearhug right back into this terrible position for him.
Tries to box the ears and free himself. It
worked the first time Can he escape the grasp of this monster for a second time He does at least momentarily
JA: Goes into those turnbuckles doing a little more damage to
those ribs but he gets the boot up. Not
enough at all to take Tyshaun off of his
feet. Now two Nope! TK: You don’t often see this here!
JA: Nails that double axehandle off the second turnbuckle on
the inside and is he Gangrel is going all the way
upstairs? TK: I don’t think we’ve ever
seen Gangrel on the top rope! And here’s maybe a reason why A tower of terror indeed for Gangrel goes all the way down. Huge
slam there by Tyshaun Prince JA: Tyshaun himself feeling the
hurt and there’s the speed of
Gangrel. The ability for him to just duck out of the
way. Wow, I can’t believe I said that. The speed of
Gangrel Rolls him through!
TK: Gravity takes over! WOW! Announcer: And your winner Gangrel! *music plays * TK: Gangrel gets the victory
and the veteran, this legend this incredible performer had to dig down deep He had to do some serious soul searching to get the victory in
this one JA: Well that’s exactly what I
said in the beginning, Todd! It
was experience It was using Tyshaun Prince’s momentum against him. Exactly what he did. He got the rollup.
A win is a win but Tyshaun Prince he’s not done. He is not done with the Vampire Warrior
TK: A look of disbelief, a look of frustration on the face of Tyshaun Prince but now to the victor goes the
spoils A look of survival quite frankly on the face of Gangrel. He
survived for the victory
JA: He survived, he got out, he
got the win but its a win nonetheless. Todd
I got to believe we will see these two
in the ring one more time Score absolutely not settled here in
our main event in the West Coast Wrestling

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