E54: West Coast Wrestling Connection on PDX-TV

E54: West Coast Wrestling Connection on PDX-TV

Closed captions by the WCWC
Todd Keneley: Welcome to the West Coast Wrestling
Connection I’m Todd Keneley, he’s Jeff Akin, and tonight we have got a tidal wave of action including our main event lumberjack match for the Pacific Northwest Title as Hammerstone defends against Adam Thornstowe Akin: No where
to run, nowhere to hide and the tag team title chase continues for Jeremy Blanchard as he teams up this time with Grappler 4 to take on the Whirlwind Gentlemen, and ladies and
gentlemen that match happens right nowAkin: This episode of the West
Coast Wrecking Connection is brought
to you in part by The Brunch Box, Beds 4 Less & Furniture Too, Voodoo
Donuts Kash Ross Collections Dave’s Killer Magic Shop The Pita Pit, Sparky’s Pizza Sports Radio 750 The Game TK: What a way to kick things off, the WCWC Tag Team Titles on the line and what’s that old adage? The third time’s the charm?
Well, that’s what we are looking at for Blanchard,
couldn’t do it with Kross couldn’t do it with G3 tonight he teams with G4 and if they don’t get it done,
I don’t think he’s gonna get another shotTK: And Jeff Akin, apparently the mute Morty movement continues Akin: I’m not complaining I am not complaining at all TK: His face is matching his tie right now he’s steaming Akin: A little red TK: But speaking of steam, the
red hot tag team champions You gotta think with that big victory over Blanchard and G3 they cemented their title reign, they are now worthy champions, they feel it they’ve got that confidence,
and they bring it into the ring tonight, along
with the tag team gold. Akin: We don’t
throw the phrase around lightly, Todd, they are the undisputed WCWC Tag Team Champions but look at this They’re out there, they are all
business they know what a threat Jeremy
Blanchard and any member of the Wrecking
Crew is, they didn’t come out in their suits all
happy and dancing, they came out in
their gear ready to go.Ladies
and Gentlemen the following contest is your
opening match and it is for the WCWC Tag Team Championships Introducing first the challengers, to my
left, the team of Jeremy Blanchard and Grappler number 4And their opponents to my right, they are the current and defending WCWC Tag Team Champions the Whirlwind GentlemenAkin:
Well you saw right there the Grappler not only favoring his knee but he’s got that classicOrthopedic Boot on. TK: An orthopedic boot that he’s used to win many a match when he was an in
ring competitor a boot that he’s used to
interfere in many Morty: Now, now
gentlemen gentlemen, gentlemen how often must I tell you he does not interfere he’s coaching the opponents to give them a better chance
Akin: He’s coaching them with
his orthopedic boot? Morty: It’s orthopedic
Akin: As I said orthopedic
boot, I had a hiccup TK: I think he’s ready to pull
a pitcher out of the bullpen if
it comes to it he’s got that boot on for a
reason I don’t recall seeing him wear
in it recent weeks but we’ve got to get back to
the action at hand, our regularly scheduled tag team title matchup and gentlemen, the champs off to a
great start doing what they do best, double
teaming making the frequent tags Morty:
Oh! Oh! double teaming is legal for
them! TK: They’ve got the right Morty: Okay for them, but
for anybody else it’s not legal TK: They’ve got 5 seconds
to do it Morty and they used about 2.5 of them, here you see it again beautiful tag, Manley to the
outside they play by the rules, unlike
some people I know Morty: Is that Todd’s rules?
Akin: No They are the official pro
wrestling rules there’s a rule book Morty: I’d like to see that
book Akin: It’s in the back TK: Todd’s rules are used to use every cliche known to man That’s my one and only rule.
Morty: Thank you? I don’t think you’ve used them
all Akin: On, not yet he’s got more, Chapter 2 of Todd’s rules are puns But that one is owned
apparently by me Morty: Yeah Kind of like Mute Morty’s own on me Akin: May have known that
one TK:With our forces
combined imagine what we can do Akin: Ha
Ha! The world could be ours, but,
Todd Kenlely and Morty Lipschitz okay, what is that, what is
that! Morty! Morty: That’s the old
world renowned famous neck massage, you’ve
seen it many a time Akin: A neck massage up against
the ring ropes? Morty: Of course, it’s a good
way to soften the tissue it’s a great thing, you should
try it at home Akin: I don’t think that’s
gonna happen, especially with that help from the Grappler,
who once again shaking that knee, reminding us
that his knee is hurt, that’s why apparently he’s having to wear that
orthopedic boot, Jeremy Blanchard going to work on Remy
Marcel this match is quickly quickly just devolving into a Wrecking Crew TK: What a way to kick things
off with the Tag Team Titles on the
line We’e got ourselves one heck of
a championship sandwich tonight, kicking off
tag team titles on the line, into the
cover now goes G4, later on tonight, another member of the Wrecking
Crew Hammerstone, puts that Pacific
Northwest Heavyweight Title on the line It’s is going to be a
lumberjack match Morty no where to run, nowhere to hide Morty: I’m getting over the
cliches right now I can’t progress past those,
they are too dymanic, I’m sorry Akin: They apply perfectly,
there’s another what’s that again, is it the super deluxe neck massage
Morty: Actually it is I believe it’s $89 2 for $100, that was number 2 TK: Tag is made and I hate to admit it Jeff,
but right now the Wrecking Crew really beating the champs at
their own game but keeping a fresh man in
there, making frequent tags and they are dishing out the punishment and who better to do that than
the turn-coat, and now the Grappler
gets Akin: AAAH! TK: gets involved, what a wide
open shot and apparently Morty looking at
a fuzzy monitor again Morty: I didn’t see it,
no, it’s a I just see the Grappler
standing there looking innocent which I’m sure he is, as always Akin: Nothing smells- lateral
press just 2, nothing smells as bad as desperation, and that’s what All I smell coming from the
corner of the Wrecking Crew Morty: Excuse me!! I showered
this morning Akin: He’s out of the corner You are still very fortunately sitting at our broadcast
position TK: 2 full hands of fro, oh!! My gosh, a hair whip and you’re going to see some
follicles fly Morty: Is that like a Cool
Whip? on some apple pie TK: Hair and drops the elbow does Blanchard and he has looked at
the top of his game, I’ve gotta tell
you this, Blanchard is as serious as a heart
attack, he knows that this is quite possibly his
last chance he has had his game face on
throughout this tag team title match Akin:
Well it wasn’t so long ago, when Jeremy Blanchard turned his back on Mikey O’Shea causing the tag team titles to be held up, lateral press! Just 2 there, he had in his mind that he would join
up with the Wrecking Crew bring the tag team titles home but the Whirlwind Gentlemen
have been his foil ever since and like you
said probably his last opportunity at these titles for the
foreseeable future that’s why you’ve got the
Grappler out here That’s why you’ve got Grappler
4. Come on! is that part of the massage
package? Morty: No, but he was helping
him off the concrete floor that was a very gentlemanly
gesture by the Grappler Akin: Right into the steel ring
post? Morty: Well, the kid couldn’t walk straight I guess TK:
Apparently it’s a full body massage and
Blanchard now drops the knee down again 12 to 6 on the clock and you’ve gotta think it’s
only a matter of time before you’re going to see the
1-2-3 and new champions crowned and
now insult to injury Akin: He has the opposite of a fro, fro, fro fro TK: He is folliclely
challenged that’s for sure Akin: Like a gypsy or something? sorta reminds me of, and I’m
going to totally nerd out here for everybody watching at home it looks like Lieutenant Eyelia
on Star Trek: The Motion Picture TK: Well all right Akin: If
anyone gets that reference @JeffTAkin on Twitter we’ve got plenty more TK: That
one was just for you Akin: Laughs TK: Jack Manley checks in for
the champions that’s right, I said the
champions sending Blanchard to the outside Gonna leave him alone in there
with G4 although you’re never alone
when you are in with the Wrecking Crew, nice
springboard bulldogInto the cover, looking to
retain and Blanchard at the last split second makes the save or
this thing would have been on ice Akin: What is the Grappler Blanchard sent to the outside
and now Grappler getting in the ring TK: This
isn’t Freebird rules Akin: LOADING
THE BOOT! come on TK: Referee back is turned, Grappler turns takes him, he hits his own man right in the midsection Maley goes for the cover and he gets it, the Gentlemen find a
way Ring Announcer: The winner of
this match and still WCWC Tag Team Champions The Whirlwind GentlemenMorty: This is a total travesty of injustice! I’m disgusted, I’m going to have to
go call Judge Judy one more time, she’s
been busy I’m gonna get her on the phone,
we’re gonna make sure those belts go to the Wrecking
Crew! And soon, I’m done! TK: Well from shine to outshine and that’s what the champions
did they outshined the Wrecking
Crew again and Jeff Akin, with friends like the Grappler who needs enemies Akin: The
Wrecking Crew definitely has not benefited from him
interfering in their corner, we’ll see what
happens in the Lumberjack Match as
Hammerstone defends his Pacific Northwest
Championship against Adam Thornstowe in our
main event coming up tonight on the West Coast Wrestling
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Huddle with Mike Ragz, 3 to 7 750 and 102 9, The Game Pat Kelley: With me now is Morty Lipschitz, Morty my question for you concerns the Wrecking
Crew and the Grappler they seem to be in a bit of,
well disarray? Morty: There’s disarray, I
admit it I admit the Grappler, who is been a star for years and a sound, moral human being well, there’s a little problem
here somewhere, I’m not sure what it
is, but I’m looking into to it, but don’t worry about
the Wrecking Crew don’t worry about the Grappler,
it’s going to be fine because Morty Lipschitz said so, and that’s all I have
to say Pat: Looks like it might be fine, well, to find out, keep
watching right here with the West Coast Wrecking Connection Ring Announcer: He is from the
Elite Models Academy in New York City Ashton Vuitton TK: Welcome back everyone to the West Coast
Wrestling Connection what a way we kicked
things off tag team titles on the line The Whirlwind Gentlemen do it
again the Wrecking Crew in shambles
and it might be a horrific night for them Hammerstone still has to defend the Pacific Northwest Title,
but we switch gears right now to 1 on 1 action, as we see Ashton Vuitton and Jeff, he’s got some momentum going in his own right Ashton Vuitton, tonight with
the biggest All American boy, Duke Dalton,
Tubbs, don’t think I forgot about you
either, get in my way I’m gonna knock your head off just I’m going to knock
Vuitton’s head off with Old
Glory One nation TK: Stars and stripes forever Duke Dalton so patriotic, what an American competitor he is and fresh off a victory over Mike Santiago, impromptu match, Santiago got the jump on
him but Duke able to hang in there
and get the win Akin: Look at the Duke Dalton so much respect such a strong patriot, and he
loves the fans of the West Coast
Wrestling Connection looks like he’s autographing his t-shirt and giving the shirt off his
back to one of the fans of the West Coast
Wrestling ConnectionAll the more reason to come to
a live event with the WCWC follow us on line @TheWCWC for all of our live event information, Duke Dalton taking are of our incredible fans TK: What do you
think Ashton Vuitton thinks of those
t-shirts? He’s such a fashionista Think that’s something he would
rock? Akin :No, I don’t think so at all I don’t know that Ashton
Vuitton would ever be seen in a t-shirt TK :Oh but come on man, the red,
white and blue? those colors never fade TK: Getting set for action now and I mentioned the momentum of Big Duke Dalton, on the flip side we’ve gotta play devil’s
advocate Ashton Vuitton victoriousin his last outing as well so both guys really on the rise, really
should be a good one Akin: Ashton Vuitton has the
edge the X Factor of Mr. Tubbs at ringside, not the most athletic of supporters out
there but certainly a factor when it comes to the outcomes of
matches as we see time and again Duke Dalton though, actually paid Mr. Tubbs no mind so far but I think he is taking the challenge of
Ashton Vuitton quite seriously Ashton is a very serious
competitor here at the West
Coast Wrestling Connection, an
incredible athlete in some of the best
shape of any competitor I’ve seen
here for a very long time TK: Duke off to a great start offensively, and he’s going to
keep the pedal to the metal with
that nice snap suplex and now drops the leg center of the ring Dalton going for the 1-2-3 Duke mania running wild Akin: All over the place getting the fans behind him TK: Ashton Vuitton, you can
never count him out, you cannot judge a book by it’s cover but Vuitton so lethal in there in the ring, he is extremely
aggressive he’s vicious and not just offensive as he goes for a
little cat walk Akin: Catwalk,I mean as you see by Duke Dalton all
it has done is add insult to injury Duke Dalton unimpressed He sends that boot right into the money maker, the face of
Ashton Vuitton TK: Dalton gonna give him a
little discount nose job Wanna talk about rhinoplasty but resourceful Ashton Vuitton goes right
downstairs again turns this thing around and now using his assets right to the knee of Dalton breaks the big man down and
when you get Dalton horizontal it will nullify that strength and size
advantage Akin: What he’s trying to do is
get rid of that lariat, take the lariat
out of the equation which really, look at that! Mr.
Tubbs as well draping his knee across that steel ring
apron without the knee he’s not going to be able to
get the leverage he needs to follow through, get Old
Glory all the way Very sound strategy by Ashton Vuitton TK: I’ve seen Tubbs go after a chicken wing many times like
that but not doing after the leg of Duke Dalton, dropping the leg down is Vuitton and an interesting variation on
the leg lock here, kinda has the makings of an Indian Death Lock Akin: Well, just the added pressure slapping the knee
right up into there above the patella bone Mr. Tubbs very proud of his client right now TK: Grapevining the legs again and he is coming in with a game plan, you gotta believe to
take out that vertical base of
Dalton and a handful of hair, now you see
that vicious nature, what is he’s just passed to him here? He’s gotta refresh, a little
spritzAkin: Whatever it takes, I
suppose Keeping it going, you know you have to
oh TK: Sometimes you have just got
to freshen up Akin: Just a little
bit you have to question the
strategy of Ashton Vuitton working on his hair, he limited
the amount of time he was able to put on the knee
of Duke He had that 5 seconds to break if he had gone for the chin or
somewhere else on the head that was legal, he
actually could have held that and done some real damage TK: Excellent point but you’ve gotta admit Vuitton is really neutralizing Big Duke, and not too many
people guys can go toe to toe with and dictate the pace of the
match like Vuitton is doing the spinning toe hold and now really hyper extending that leg and couple that with a elbow shots to the quadriceps he is dismantling the lower body of Dalton and you would, I would say
Akin: OH! TK: If anybody can style and
profile, Vuitton can profile had he locked in
the figure 4 Akin: Ha, ha, ha very true very true now, look at this Duke Dalton very heavily,
heavily favoring that knee, not able to
put as much behind any of these impacts that he’d want too and you can see the pain on his
face Working through it, doing what
he can to try and get that pinning
combination and a 2 count TK: You’re right Dalton loves that big reverse neck breakercan really snap it and add all that body weight and he
didn’t get quite everything behind it now he’s got him up maybe thinking snake eyes lookout here taking him on a trip to Philadelphia to Akin:
OOOH! TK: 205, might be more like Killadelphia, but can he get speed he needs, no Akin: He
can’t he realized it halfway though
and he goes in puts the forearms right hands across the head of Ashton Vuttion, he’s trying to get a
little bit of feeling Knocked out, because of the
adrenaline running into his knee, but he’s having a
hard time right now TK: Usually Duke will close that distance in a hurry with that concussion kick in
the corner but this time he just hobbled
over there Could not, and what in the
world? Akin: What was that TK: Right
in the eye that hair spray or perfume or whatever itwasRing announcer: Here is your
winner Ashton Vuitton TK: Call it what you will but call it effective, right in
the eyes to Big Duke, who is still just clenching his eyes and Vuitton steals a victory Akin: It’s unbelievable he had to hide it in his tights hair spray or body spray, or
whatever it was cost Duke Dalton more than that, a heck of a win, Ladies and Gentlemen, speaking of
costing someone a win the lumberjack match for the Pacific Northwest Title on the line, Hammerstone and Adam Thornstowe it doesn’t get any bigger than
this tonight in our main event TK: Some serious shop lifting Pat Kelly: This is the Vampire
Warrior Gangrel, and sir it seems that the Wrecking
Crew is alive and well and you tonight have a match with G3 Gangrel: I’ve got a little bit
of history with the Wrecking Crew, but it
doesn’t matter looks like their numbers are
growing 1, 2, 3, 4 I don’t know how
many Grapplers that you grow in the Portland
area, but I’ll gonna tell you this you keep bringing them it doesn’t matter who or what comes from the Wrecking Crew,
I’m going to knock them down 1-2-3-4-56-7 it’s gonna end in a 1-2-3 ha hah! Kelley: Coming up on the West
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Ring Announcer: This is Grappler Number 3 Akin: Well it continues for the
wrecking crew as Grappler 3 makes his way up to the ring on his own he may have a battle to face, proving himself to the
Wrecking Crew to the rest of the Wrecking
Crew, but honestly,Todd Keneley may be to his advantage that
the Grappler is not ring side with him Ring Announcer: And his opponentfrom Santa Cruz, California the Vampire Warrior Gangrel TK: Excellent point, Jeff that you are making, because
you don’t want to have problems, you don’t
want to have somebody to cost you a
potential victory in a high profile matchup, which it is everyone you step into
the ring with this man, the legendary Vampire Warrior Gangrel, the Grappler instrumental in Blanchard and G4 not getting it done with the tag team titles on the line we’ll see what G3 can do in there with the Vampire Good luckStill to come huge Lumberjack Match, main event for the Pacific Northwest Title with the slide that the Wrecking Crew has been undergoing is tonight the night is Hammerstone finally right
for the picking?Is tonight the night Thornstowe scores gets his destiny, his time to become the champion If there was a night for that,
Todd, it is tonight we’ll see what kind of number has in this, but seriously Grappler 3 going up against
Gangrel The Vampire Warrior coming off
a big historic victory over Matt Striker in his 2 out
of 3 falls match Gangrel won 2 consecutive falls to become the victor in that one that matchup, Striker got
himself disqualified in that first fall and then the veteran instincts
of Gangrel to score the second fall, what
is ever truly about the victory because
then Striker like a mad man, went on an attack with that chair that so
poses the question is the Vampire
Warrior 100% for what promises to be a tough match with G3 Akin: Not the first time that
these 2 tussled in the ring before, as
a matter of fact the last time they wrestled
each other 1 on 1 Gangrel actually broke the nose of Grappler 3 and was pretty violent, these 2 guys are very physical competitors
and not afraid to cause a little damage on their way to the top AK:
Corkscrew elbow for the cover, one of this
signatures these guys have had high
profile matches in the past, they were the
finalists in that tournament for the Legacy Title faced off against one another after that battle royal, and of
course it was Gangrel that went on to win the title, a title that was
stolen from him by Caleb Konley and now Gangrel hits hard on heavy on the fall
on the concrete floor, you have
the fact that safety was pointed
out, obviously there are no pads on that
floor, it’s cold hard concrete, the damage done to
that clothesline by Grappler 3 may
be felt all the way throughout the rest
of this matchup and that’s gotta send
shockwaves through that veteran body, time tested, battle tested body of Gangrel, that’s gotta hurt and the Grappler, G3 now, in control and choking using that middle rope The Grappler had been pretty effective throughout that tag
team title matchup when he started, until
the end when it counted most Akin: That’s when it does
count, it’s the finish professional wrestling, it
doesn’t matter what you do on the way to the end,
it’s the finish the win, the loss, that’s what
matters and the Grappler cost Jeremy Blanchard
potentially any shot at the tag team titles for the foreseeable
future, 4 in a row 3 in a row, 0 for 3 that’s about all you get G3 in control of this matchup Right now he’s got the Vampire looking pretty anemic, I’ve
gotta say he’s in control, and a big European uppercut Gangrel’s gotta get back to
quickening the pace, do some fanging and
banging, but right now G3 in total control Akin: Grappler 3 doing exactly
what the Wrecking Crew has brought him on board he’s beginning to do, that is
taking charge but Gangrel, getting
that head of steam! Not enough at all, a back elbow by Grappler 3, sends everything
back hooks the near leg and a solid
2 count TK: But you notice, Gangrel kind of hobbling around out I think those attacks by Striker with that chair, took effect he doesn’t have the same type of speed you know, he doesn’t have that much like Duke Dalton in that
previous matchup He doesn’t have the speed to
close the gap and have that same type of intensity as G3 goes for the cover, behind a lot of
his offense Akin: I think too, let’s not
discount the damage done by G3. Matt Striker may have led down the foundation with those chair attacks, just
those vicious brutality that he laid across
him Grappler 3 has been absolutely
precise in his dissection of the
Vampire Warrior so far Grappler 3 Todd, he is running and gunning controlling every aspect of
this match at some point you’ve gotta stop the bleeding, how important
would a G3 over Gangrel, a decorated competitor, I think it would do wonders for the Wrecking Crew
going into our huge Pacific Northwest title main event, Gangrel tries turn around with the cover,
cannot come up with the 3 count Akin: Well
Grappler 3 kicking out with a little bit
of authority there and he’s getting Gangrel is getting on his feet, getting
the crowd behind himGrappler 3 in a bad way was very shortly, a moment ago,
controlling this match, going for more now, not a place you want to be
going toe to toe with the Vampire Warrior TK:
Gangrel getting the better of that exchange, but runs right
into a boot G3’s got him hooked maybe thinking DDT putting on the brakes is Gangrel goes to the mid-section Oh oh! It’s hammering time Impaler spikes him, here’s the cover and
anothervictory to the
legacy of GangrelHere
is your winner Gangrel Akin: The losing ways of the
Wrecking Crew still continue, Grappler 3 quite a showing, but Gangrel
proved to be just too much, Alexander Hammerstone, headed into out
main event tonight, the lumberjack match
for the Pacific Northwest Championship with no Wrecking Crew momentum on his side Todd, this could be Thornstowe’s night TK: Cannot wait, will history be made, we will be back right after thisAkin: Still in the ring Bubba: Like I said these guys look so much alike it’s really hard to tell them
apart Wow! Akin: Oh! Bubba: Very intelligent move tag with the other Dark Shadow,
Nick Price is going in for a tag, but the
one I believe is in is Midnight Bubba: Got
kicked in the ribs Akin: So everything Bubba: Irish whip Oh there you go Akin: Wow! Bubba: No, no, no, no, no Akin: Right on his shoulder
Bubba: Oh no, no, no Oh no, oh no Akin: Normally Akin: Really when you see that
press slam you when he come off with these
Dark Shadows Bubba: Oh no, I
can tell you that somebody from the back
needs to get out here Akin:
Bubba These Dark Shadows these are
dirty players, he dropped him right on his shoulders Bubba: Right
exactly I’m telling you right now, that
kid can’t move his arm Akin: If he could move his arm,
he’s unable to do so now through there to the ring post
Bubba: HOW ABOUT A CONCUSSION? for your trouble, he showed up
today you get a couple of thousand
dollars from WCWC and a concussion! What’s wrong with these
Shadows? Akin: Very Christmas-y, very Kwanza, very
Halloween the way that they came out,
Nick Price is not going to be going home the same man he was
when he showed up and agreed to tag with TKO Cody Smith, look at Cody,
he wants in bad! He wants to help him out Bubba:
He wants to help him out Oh, oh, oh my goodness Akin: Midnight, twilight they do work together Bubba:
Can you imagine? A spine coming across a knee
like that. The average person watching
this on their little handheld phone or computer whatever they call
then nowadays could you imagine if you had
your spine draped across a human being’s
knee You wouldn’t go to work for 5 weeks Akin: Well, Bubba
Blanchard, it’s not just draping the spine across the
knee, it’s also that damaged shoulder He was press slammed into, mere
moments Oh, whoa! Bubba: My god in heaven are you kidding me? They just collided in mid air Double cross Akin: I can just
watch the wind get blown out of both of them, and they are
clawing working to get back to their
feet, Nick Price barely on his knees, crawling he almost went for a cover, now
both of them go for a tag, Dark Shadow number 2 is going to give Cody Smith big clothesline, comes up there’s a back elbow from the
other Dark Shadow and another clothesline, TKO
Cody Smith cleaning out, scoop and a slam He’s going after the other one boot to the midsection, gets
him up! Takes him right back down Bubba: Picks him right back up TKO Cody Smith has been itching
to get in and now he’s got his hand on
the Dark Shadows he means business, gets him
running he’s got him lined up, it’s
Midnight on top of Twilight He ducks over, he moves, he
grabs here comes the other one Bubba:
Oh there they go Shadows are back Akin: Back in control with
Midnight and Twilight get together, you end up with the darkest of night and right
now TKO Cody Smith is feeling
exactly like that Bubba: That’s a weird looking
snap suplex It’s effective For these athletes it’s
extremely hard Akin: This Dark Shadow,
Midnight, I believe very unorthodox offense and everything he’s done so far unique press slam, unique suplex right there, right now he’s got
him in a front face lock, TKO Cody Smith
Bubba: Oh a little hot shot, a little hot shot Draping his throat above the
top rope Akin: We haven’t seen any of these shadows before, so I
think Price and Cody Smith were not able to
prepare Oh no, I think we know what’s gonna happen here a little meeting of the minds
right there but not which you would have
expected Bubba: Yeah that was is that a legal tag? Come on Scooter! Akin: He goes
all the way around Since we’re in Salem, Oregon,
we’ll call it the 503 Nick Price on the Dark Shadow Midnight, I
believe to the outside Bubba: I think that is Midnight Twilight is in the ring,
Midnight’s on the floor I think we just figured it out Akin: Cody Smith’s got him up
on his shoudlers T K O he rolls him up Bubba: We might have figured it
out too lateBubba: It was too
late we figured out their names too
lateYour winners of the match, Nick
Price and TKO Cody Smith Akin: Bubba Blanchard I don’t think we’ve seen the
last of either of these teams, an impressive
debut by the Dark Shadows, but it is
Nick Price and TKO Cody Smith victorious Ladies and Gentlemen on line and on social media
thewcwc Stay tuned to more on the West
Coast Wrestling ConnectionEric Right: That’s a humdinger
of a burger! You want some old school stories brother, go to GrapplerBook.com Get one of these books and read it, you’re going to like it. Go
to Grapplerbook.com Get your copy! It’s got some old school
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the West Coast Wrestling Connection, visit us on social
media, Twitter, Facebook and
You Tube The WCWC and WC-WC dot com The WCWC on social media It’s where we are at.TK: The West Coast Wrestling
Connection as we get set for our huge main event, Lumberjack Match, by first a lot of questions in that one, and
who will go away with the goldAnd his
opponent, from Lake Vermilion Minnesota Nick PriceTK: Talking about questions, how impressive has Nick Price been as of late? He’s been in there with the
very biggest the best, the toughest, you
think about his wars with Kevin Kross and with none other than Pacific Northwest Champion, Hammerstone Price hasn’t gotten the wins in those matches, but looked
fantastic Akin: In the last match I was
talking about how it wouldn’t matter what
leads up to the win or the losses, but
the reality is that the showing you make,
your competitiveness your fighting spirit in those
matches really does count for something Nick Price has proven himself
to the fans of the West Coast Wrestling
Connection that he has a deep and strong fighting spirit and really the Shadow is about to have a little shed unto his ways TK: Shadow though, can keep Price in the darkness If the Shadow can get the
victory both guys looking for the win should be an interesting
matchup, anytime you are in there with one of the
Shadows, you never know what to expect, who’s behind that
mask Akin: Well, regardless of who
is behind that mask they are so completely unorthodox, they come at you sometimes a very traditional way sometimes a very technical
fight, sometimes just absolutely creepy look at that, just not letting
go using the hair of Nick Price to
hold onto that headlock, this Shadow very vicious and very precise
in his execution TK: Well, it’s a surprise, you
never know what you to expect you might be in there
with a scientific wrestler you might be in there with a
brawler you don’t know what to make of
it It really makes it so difficult to come in with any kind of
game plan as the Shadow goes to the eyes, a weak point
on any man and there aren’t a
whole lot of weak points on Price although he’s had his share of
injuries including that knee over the years, but has the stuff to be able to
battle back full head of steam by Price big wide open shot right to the Shadow, Price in control early Really think a victory would do
wonders for Nick Price, he’s had great performances but would love to cap it off, notch one in the win column, nice butterfly suplex, floats over quickly into the cover, looking
to put him away Akin: Well, Todd you said it a win is going to do so much
for the Shadow Excuse me, for Nick Price TK:
For both Akin: For both really, Price he’s made such a showing in his matches with
Kevin Kross and Hammerstone, but at some
point you have you have to be able to deliver
you have to be able to bring home the win, and
so far Nick Price has not been able to
do that in quite some time TK: Price
taking too much time and it might be execution style here Akin OH! TK: Electric chair by the Shadow Akin: Nick Price rides the
lightning all the way down to the mat and that is not a position you ever want to find yourself
in TK: And he might be trapped
under ice if Shadow goes for the cover time will tell Shadow gonna make him think
about it punish him, just choking him on
the bottom rope, he’s got 5 seconds to work with, breaks before that pivotal 5th count, but man the damage being done Akin: The
damage is done, draping him across those
ropes that choke across that neck and
the arm death just creeps ever so
closely as it saps the life out of blood, the oxygen out of you
the Shadow continuing his assault on Nick Price TK: And the bell might toll for
Price here because the Shadow in total,
total control you know I think that Price though when he went to
that top rope he saw light at the end of the tunnel,
it was just a freight train coming his way in the form of the Shadow, and he is hobbling around thinking
better of it, he knew he didn’t have the speed in
that leg so he went he transitioned to the right
hand, the Shadow hooks now, he’s got a guillotine choke he can put him away with this he keeps this locked in, he’s
got Nick Price down to one knee! TK: He’s gonna fade to black Akin :It’s absolute assault, it’s
absolute battery against Nick Price as right now the Shadow just has
that completely locked in, hand goes
up and down once TK: He’s gonna get him
here I’ve gotta believe, I don’t think Price
has anything left. Akin: OH WOW! It’s gonna take a
lot more than anesthesia to put down Nick Price in that case, he’s
back to his feet and fighting back against
the shadow TK: If Price can fight back
from this he may truly prove that he is indeed the hero of the day, what a shot there
by him As he continues to battle back Cannot count him out It’s in not time to call the Sandman, he is not fighting in there Akin: The
Shadow going once again not a disposable hero, he
continues the assault on Nick Price, Nick
Price hooks him in a front face lock Up TK: Drives him down Price is wrong for this Shadow, there’s the coverThe 1-2-3 and he gets the winHere is you winner Nick Price TK: Despite the mind games by the Shadow in the end it was truly Nick Price who was the
master of the match, Fans, when we
return main event time, it is going be one you don’t want to
miss We’ll be back right after this on the West Coast Wrestling
ConnectionMan: Look at this one a 2001 Dodge, it’s flawless beautiful lines Grappler: Wait
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You Tube The WCWC and WC-WC dot com The WCWC on social media It’s where we are at. Ring Announcer- Introducing from Reno, Nevada Adam Thornstowe The following contest This is THE main event and is a Lumberjack Match And it is for the WCWC Championship TK: Main event time on the West Coast Wrestling Connection
and there is challenger, out of Reno, Nevada Adam Thornstowe he came with his own personal
mosh pit as the ring will be surrounded,
this is in fact a lumberjack match, I cannot wait it’s the way scores have been
settled for decades Ring Announcer :Thornestowe: The Pacific
Northwest when I first got my shot at
Hammerstone the Grappler gave his brass
knuckles and knocked me out. Then I
climbed the ladder again and Matt Striker messes up my arm, and
Hammerstone beats me again. But tonight Hammerstone, there’s no running, there’s no people
running in for ya, because I’ve got some
of my best friends to make sure Adam Thornstowe is the new Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion!Ring Announcer: Ladies and
Gentlemen his opponent from Valhalla He is the WCWC Champion Hammerstone! TK: Not to be out done,
Hammerstone coming with his own arm of personal Lumberjacks, and what a motley crew that looks to be Got Ethan HD, a couple of the Grapplers, Kevin Kross the Toll man, the ring will be surrounded, if you get thrown
to the outside you’re gonna get thrown back in, you might eat some punishment
too, there is nowhere to run,
nowhere to hide in a matchup like this Akin :Thornstowe laid it out better
than we could possibly, 2 times he has had a shot at Hammerstone and the
Pacific Northwest championship, the Grappler intervened one time and threw
some brass knuckles, and the 2nd time it
was Matt Striker who ran out an interjected
himself into the match TK: But fans I’m told we’ve gotta go to breaks as this
Match starts, we’ll be right
back! Sports Radio 750 and 102 9 The Game, is Portland’s only
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sports station Dan Patrick Live, 6 to 9am Jim Rome, 9 to Noon John Canzano, noon to 3. The
Huddle with Mike Ragz, 3 to 7 750 and 102 9, The Game TK: Welcome back everyone, main
event lumber jack match and that stipulation competitors surrounding the
ring, it’s to keep the fight in the ring so nobody can run It’s to prove who the better
man is and who earns the right to call themselves champion, right now Hammerstone’s got that honor,
will it be that case after our main event
Akin: Well he has that honor but let us say by hook or by crook He gets it done a little both
of both ways powerful competitor, but now face is covered TK: Some hooligan tactics right
out Akin: Hey TK: From the hockey playbook,
took the t-shirt over Hammerstone so he couldn’t
see he got the scoop and the slam
and went for the cover early and look at this Hammerstone trying to run for
the hills good luck in a match like this,
nowhere to go Thornstowe drives the elbow down and Thornstowe all over
Hammerstone who sometimes like a
quarterback heads to the sidelines to try and
stall to try and get that time out, it’s not
gonna happen in this style of matchup Akin: Got that
Wrecking Crew Grappler’s strategy that he
comes up with when things aren’t going your
way get out, reset the tempothat’s exactly what the lumberjacks
are here for, to make sure that does not happen TK: It
might be oy to the world after that
Michinoku Drive, he’s thinking “scum
stomp” Hammerstone trying to get out and again the lumberjacks there
to put on the brakes Thornstowe, what a shot there They’re going to put him right
back, it’s like he’s crowd
surfing Akin: Crowd surfs all the way
back into the ring and now down to the floor TK: Adam Thornstowe he’s been to his share of punk
concerts that’s for sure, what I think this might be something a
little new from the champion from Valhalla Akin: He, he, he, Hammerstone
finding himself in the worst part of
the mosh pit that you can on the floor, and now in one of the most dangerous positions
in the ring, in the corner running across to the other
turnbuckle TK: It’s been virtually all Adam Thornstowe so far, the
challenger a step ahead Look at the springboard here Kevin Kross grabbed him that’s not what the lumberjacks are there for Jeff Akin: No,
but they are they are as opportunistic and if anybody is trying to show the world that he’s a top competitor on
the West Coast Wrestling Connection, want to
make that impact it is absolutely Kevin Kross TK: Thornstowe was looking for
that springboard, he would have kept
the pedal to the metal and now Hammerstone draping the shirt over Adam
Thornstowe going for the cover, after the
damage done because he the challenger, Thornstowe, hit
face first feet on that apron courtesy of Kevin Kroos Akin: That steel apron, that
canvas wrapped over steel galvanized and sharp has pushed his face right onto it Hammerstone just adding to the rakes that gauntlet across his face, so vicious TK: It’s like he’s starting a
lawn mower just mowing over the competition for a year here on the WCWC Akin: Threw him to the wall And the gunz, the American Gunz the Grapplers well, gotta keep their hands off TK: Well Kevin Kross the Toll Man, he’ll take what
he wants He’ll dish out some punishment Take liberties as the champion goes for the cover and Thornstowe was thrown right back into the, served up on a silver platter and Thornstowe hasn’t been the same ever since he hit that apron, and now
raining down the pain is the champion, Hammerstone Akin: Driving those elbows
right into the shoulder of Thornstowe causing
so much pain and damage, runs all
the way across the back and down the
arms as well Great gut wrench throw by Hammerstone, he has so much
power well now he’s going to show you just how much power he has,
leave it to him Hammerstone to be his own best spokesperson TK: And we may be only have just begun this just might be the
appetizer in a full 5, 6, 7 course meal that is the suplex
party Hammerstone, big smile on his
face on his kisser, he is in
complete control now in this is such an unpredictable style matchup, you’ve got all those
combustible elements surrounding the ring Akin: I don’t know what we will
get TK: The shot of Kevin Kross is
absolutely staring daggers at everyone
across the ring as Thornstowe tries to
battle back and a big knee lift there
by Hammerstone but you can tell he’s feeling the effects of this war as
well, this one’s been physical since the opening
bell Akin: I think it’s exactly what
we thought this would be the last 2 times these guys
faced each other Thornestowe was in mere moments of the championship, but look,
Kevin Kross laughing, enjoying every minute
of this, such a dangerous sociopath, the man almost just picking out his future victims right now TK: This is a good
setup for a Saturday night out for
Kevin Kross Northern Lights Suplex speedily enough here in
Portland, Oregon with the bridge, and only able to come up with a count of 2 if we’ve seen anything out of
the challenger Adam Thornstowe, it’s just how
resilient how tough he is adding insult to injury by the
champ Akin: Well, at this point when
you are in a match of this caliber, against a
competitor like Adam Thornstowe, that kinda of taunting, that’s just a waste of energy, he needs to be
saving that Thornstowe has so much drive he has so much speed, he can
come out of nowhere and completely turn around, and
if he loses this match because of doing push ups, you know he gonna be feeling like an idiot low bridge, and Hammerstone out, he might find kind of
friendly territory for him, but not if
Thornstowe has anything to say about it,
take this Akin: WHOA! TK: Taking to the air, Oy to
the world Oy to the atmosphere down goes Hammerstone Akin: And now both competitors
out, Thornstowe getting back to
his feet he has to get Hammerstone into the ring, and
he does and listen to the fansHe’s got the champion right where he wants him Here comes Thornstowe can the challenger fly, a
beautiful full cross body, taking aim and he might be taking names and making a name as the new Pacific Northwest
Champion nobody home for the Superman
punch, Hammerstone had the kryptonite, but he can’t get out the way of that he’s rocked, standing moonsault we’re gonna to have a new
champion HISTORY MADE no Akin: So close TK: Oh whoa! Akin: So close TK: An eyelash away from history being made in this main event that hasn’t disappointed, what a match. Akin: Thornstowe can’t
believe it Hammerstone is completely relieved, he gets to fight another moment, he still has
his grasp on the Pacific Northwest
Championship can Thornestowe continue the
momentum? Or is Hammerstone going to take control of this match up Hammerstone getting physical
with the choke now and a big running knee lift Hammerstone with deceptive He’s deceptive when it comes to quickness, and now a big throw
again a huge suplex, just taking the challenger pillar to post and now it’s Hammerstone taking
aim Akin: Oh no, here we go, he’s
got him setup for the stonebreaker. NO! Thornstowe gets out of it, what
a kick! Right to the face TK: I think I just saw a molar and incisor go, and we might
see the title go from around his waist, looking
for it again, this time he hits it Center of the ring, Stonebreaker and that’s gonna do it Akin:
NOOOOOOOOO! MY GOODNESS, Thornestowe breaks
out of the Stonebreaker Ladies and Gentlemen, you saw
it here Hammerstone cannot believe it he is beside himself TK: And for a first time in a
long time doubt creeps into the psyche of the champion A champion who oozes confidence and now you’ve got a champion You’ve got Hammerstone not
knowning what going to take to put this guy out Akin: Todd Keneley you
covered with the destruction of the Wrecking Crew We’ve seen the Grappler costing
matches them losing everything, he’s
down is this the nail in the coffin
are we Are we going to see the
explosion of the Wrecking Crew? right here tonight, will we see
a new champion crowned, Thornstowe coming from off those ropes and
doing everything that he can kicking. punching, getting Hammerstone as far away from him as he can TK: To your point the Wrecking Crew is holding on
by a thread but it’s one big thread, in the
form of the Pacific Northwest Champion Hammerstone who still fighting on, finding a way to stay in this matchup and looking to go high risk,
going all the way up, the champion
thinking devastation here, he can Superplex as we’ve got quite a battle going, being drawn in
the sand Between these 2 warring factions Akin: Adam Thornstowe still in a very dangerous spot and Hammerstone headed up as
well, all the lumberjacks lumberjacks about to go at it
as well We’re about to have an all out melee explode Oh my god! TK: Superplex Superplex Akin: Oh my goodness! TK: To
the outside BODIES EVERYWHERE! Akin: TODD KENELEY I HAVE NEVER EVER IN MY CAREER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THAT BEFORE These competitors might not only be out of itTK: An incredible move, you
heard what the fans think, and they are right, but
right out of nowhere HOLD ON We’ve gotta get a camera back
THORNSTOWE He blasted the challenger with that “Orthopedic Arm Brace” Akin: NOT LIKE THIS! TK: Here’s the cover, no!Akin: Not like this Ring
Announcer: Here is your winner and still WCWC Champion Hammerstone TK: This has gotta feel like a horrible case of
deja vu for Adam Thornstowe, and that’s the
culprit right there again Thornstowe had it won, robbed and Hammerstone retains in the most dubious fashion the Pacific Northwest Champion, now look, offering his hand to Kevin Kross, because Kross played a role in this as Akin: And Kevin Kross staring at the Pacific
Northwest Championship Just eyeing down, hungrily But Adam Thornstowe, quite a
showing Ladies and Gentlemen, this has
been the West Coast Wrestling
Connection, we will see you right here next tie Adam Thornstowe came so close! TK: Hammerstone needed help,
what does that tell you Hammerstone… needed… help

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  1. Excellent match by Vuitton!  Really great work on Dalton's knee.  Very impressive work once again. Best wrestler in the WCWC!!

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