E125: West Coast Wrestling Connection on PDX-TV

E125: West Coast Wrestling Connection on PDX-TV

(Theme Music Plays) Ladies and Gentlemen,
the following contest is scheduled for one fall introducing first: From Seattle, Washington! Julian Whyt! Jeff Akin: Yes, the Caller ID
clearly said Morty Lipschitz,
but what an incredible time to come back. Our Main
Event tonight: A Ladder Match for the WCWC Legacy
Championship, but right now in
the ring: Julian Whyt. Owen Travers, you might
not remember me, but I remember you.
I’ve done my homework and I know you’re the
real deal. Tonight you’re going to learn
that Julian Whyt is the real deal. RA: And ladies and
gentleman, his opponent from South Lyon, Michigan Owen Travers! JA: Owen Travers has been an
exciting newcomer here in the
West Coast Wrestling Connection. Morty, I’m
really excited to see him here up close and personal. Let’s
hear from this relative
newcomer! Tonight I step into the ring
with a straight-shooter. A man who fights to rise in
WCWC, but you see tonight,
Julian Whyt, I fight to rise too. I fight
against this. So let’s lace up
our boots and take it to the next level
because this… is… Travers! JA: We’re half way through the
month of October and Owen
Travers showing his support
for breast cancer. JA: Very popular with the fans
here at the WCWC. And Morty,
like I was just saying, our Main Event
tonight: a Ladder Match for the WCWC Legacy Championship. But,
not to be left all by their
lonesome… your best friend in the world,
The Grappler, will be defending
his newly won Pacific Northwest Championship
against none other than Adam Thornstowe. Morty
Lipschitz: Who is the ladder
wrestling tonight? I’m curious. JA: The ladder… that’s not how
it works. ML: That’s not how it
works? The ladder doesn’t wrestle?
JA: Who hired you? ML: You did! Now wait a minute!
JA: No, I did not. ML: I’ve seen a broomstick
wrestle before. JA: I’m sure, I’m quite
positive you have! ML: I saw you wrestle once.
It was not pretty. JA: That was, that was
a long time ago… ML: I’d have rather
had a broomstick. JA: I’m not going to talk about
that. ML: I would never do that. Let’s talk about the match. JA: Right here, Julian Whyt and
Owen Travers kicking things off
here on this huge episode of the West Coast
Wrestling Connection
championship action. Two guys looking to get their
hands on championship gold one
day soon. Owen Travers taking control
early in the match up. Fans of the West Coast Wrestling
Connection can keep up to date
on everything that’s happening in the WCWC
on social media @TheWCWC Instagram, Facebook,
and Twitter. ML: He’s wearing pink. Does
Jeremy Blanchard know that we’ve
got somebody trying to steal his
outfit? His uniform? JA: I don’t that’s the goal at
all. He’s bringing awareness to
breast cancer. This is October. Breast Cancer
Awareness Month. ML: It is. ML: Ok, then I forgive him for
wearing that. Because he should
be wearing that. JA: He should! Didn’t realize
wearing pink was a crime… ML: Was not, kind of, almost
pink? JA: That’s purple… That’s not even almost
pink. ML: Oh, ok. ML: Alright! So what’s going
on here in the ring? Not much. JA: Not much? What we’re seeing
is a great fundamental match up
between two competitors. Really… ML: Ha,
he pulled his hair. Look at him. He pulled his hair! He pulled
it, you agree? JA: No, yeah,
absolutely. He totally pulled his hair. ML:
Oh, we’re agreeing after all
these months apart? JA: We do. I don’t know if all
the fans on social media
@TheWCWC agree, but let us know. ML: Did he pull
his hair? JA: Hooks the far
leg… JA: Two count there. Julian Whyt
kicks out, but you can see the
damage done. Owen Travers has been firmly
in control of this match-up. ML: He looks like a wrestler
too. Believe it or not. JA: The.. He is a wrestler. ML:
That’s why he looks like one. JA: Julian Whyt with that leg
lariat. Very high. Almost across
the forehead of Owen Travers. Definitely
changing the pace of this
match-up. And Travers, one of the most
dangerous spots of the ring. The corner. Woah! ML: If it’s dangerous, why
is he still in the corner? JA: Well he’s not anymore.
That dropkick just… ML: He should know better than
to go to the corner to begin
with, Jeff Akin. JA: Well he should. Julian Whyt
paying the price for not knowing
that. ML: Looks like Owen paid the
price for being in the right
place at the right time. The wrong place at
the right time. JA: Either way, Julian Whyt
going for that win, hooking the
far leg. Not this, Travers kicks out. ML: But notice Julian Whyt was
smart enough to go for that pin,
go for that cover, that’s how you win. You go for
that cover! JA: That’s right.
ML: Ok. JA: Pretty much the only way to
win the match. One, Two, Three,
and right now draping Owen Travers over
that bottom rope there. Referee giving them a five
count. ML: For what? What was he
doing wrong? JA: You can’t use the ring as a
weapon. ML: Why not? JA: It’s in
the rules… ML: What rule book
are you following? JA: The West Coast Wrestling
Connection rule book. ML: I’d like to read
that sometime, Jeff. JA: It’d be nice if you did. ML: A two count. That was uh… ML: Very, very close. JA: Both of these competitors
have a lot of speed. We haven’t
really seen that happen yet. Julian Whyt notching
up the tempo just a little bit.
That back elbow taking that pinfall attempt, but
now slowing down again. Not the
match I anticipated when I saw
these two on paper. ML: I was anticipating about a
uh… I can’t picture it to be
quite honest. I though he would out-class… JA: Have you ever watched Owen
wrestle? Watched any of his
matches? ML: Well yeah! JA: I haven’t
even been here I watch on PDX
TV, I watch on YouTube. I even watch him on the FITE
app. F I T E. Catch the West
Coast Wrestling Connection as well as Paragon Pro Wrestling
on the FITE app. It’s free. It’s
where you’ll see Owen Travers nail that bulldog
on Julian Whyt, hook the far
leg! And just a two count as
Whyt kicks out once again. ML: That was an awful quick
count by ref Smilin’ Dave
Jackson, I might point out. JA: Well then maybe it was
a 1.25, the point is… ML: Smilin’ Dave Jackson needs
to learn to count in appropriate
timing. JA: The athleticism of Owen
Travers goes to the outside… ML: Athleticism? He
kicked him in the face! JA: Yeah, from the floor!
That was pretty impressive! ML: It’s a kick to the face!
That’s not a wrestling move! JA: We’ve seen Owen Travers all
the way up here before. This
could be impressive! This could be devastating! He
comes out with that big splash! RA: The winner of the
match-up: Owen Travers! JA: Travers continuing his
winning ways in the West Coast
Wrestling Connection. One of the most popular
wrestlers to grace the ring in
quite some time. JA: Don’t forget fans, coming up
later tonight we’ve got the
Pacific Northwest Championship on the line! And in
our Main Event, Morty Lipschitz,
it’s a Ladder Match The first ever in the
history of The WCWC! ML: Two ladders will duke it out
in the middle of that ring,
right? JA: No. No… No… ML: Explain it to me later.
JA: Yeah, yeah I will… Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be
right back with more of the WCWC
right after this! RA: Introducing first! A man who
refuses to give me any
information… Matt Striker! JA: Matt Striker making his way
to the ring from Bayside, New
York. Anybody who’s
watched the WCWC… ML: Now wait a minute, he said
not to let anybody know where
he’s from. Maybe he’s moved?
JA: Uh… perhaps. ML: All the young ladies
are always after him. JA: I wouldn’t know
anything about that. ML: You wouldn’t know
about young ladies? That’s for sure. Striker: Ian Sutton. Last
time you and I wrestled You embarassed me. In fact, you
embarassed yourself, and this sport that
I love. So tonight, I return the favor. RA: From Stanton,
North Carolina… IAN SUTTON! JA: Proving that stereotypes are
alive and well in professional
wrestling. Here he comes! Ian Sutton. Well how y’all doin?
Ian Sutton here. Hold on, I’m trying to get
this… there we go… Tonight I’m wrestling
Matt Striker. I wrestled Matt Striker before
and I danced all over him! Tonight I’m doing the same
dang on thing! How y’all doin? JA: Now Morty, it was about six
weeks ago these two faced off in
a match before Caught that match on YouTube
a couple weeks ago. Ian Sutton kind of embarassed
Matt Striker in that match. ML: He embarassed me with his
dancing more than he was
wrestling.He doesn’t dance well There you go, Matt!
Take it to him! JA: Striker looking to get a
little bit of revenge after
that. I think, uh… ML: He is! JA: On behalf of all the fans
he’s doing all that he can. We’re seeing a lot
more wrestling! In this match-up! And that’s
what you can expect anytime you
step into the ring with Matt Striker. ML: You think
Matt’s a bit angry? JA: It looks like
it. That’s a… Well, he just said it, you
want to wrestle me? Get up! Matt Striker, he’s been a part
of the WCWC pretty much ever
since we debuted on TV. He’s been fighting
his way into a… Top level matches, main event
matches, title shots. I haven’t
seen this level of intensity out of him
in a long, long time. ML: No, he’s very angry. To me
that match with Ian weeks ago
was a total debacle. It was a bunch of dancing and do
I recall Matt losing that match
inadvertently? Something horrible happened
there. He has the right to get
even and I think he’s going to do it from the
looks of it right now. JA: Two count there. Ian Sutton,
this is a guy who’s not going to
shy away from a fight. This is a special
treat for him. To be in the ring
wrestling another person. He’s usually in
the mud. Wrestling an, I don’t
know, pig? Or whatever they have in North
Carolina. I don’t know. ML: And he just got a beautiful
nose job from Matt Striker. That
was a beautiful thing, his nose will now be
leaning a couple of degrees off
center, but it wasn’t pretty the
way it was anyway. JA: This is a classic move here
by the master of wrestling, Matt
Striker. Is that what this is? ML: It’s a… he’s trying to do
that chiropractic adjustment. I
know that Ian was complaining earlier today
that his neck was hurting, so Matt’s trying to
help it not hurt! JA: It must be some new wave
form of chiropracty where they
use wrist tape… ML: They do! You’ve
seen it before. JA: No! Well, just
now apparently! ML: It’s, it’s, it worked! Look
at him! Ian he seems more
relaxed now doesn’t he? JA: Hopefully Sutton’s insurance
will cover that because it looks
like he’s going to be paying the price
for some time. ML: He’s totally relaxed
down there. Totally relaxed! Most relaxed I’ve seen Ian
Sutton in a long long time!
So… Matt, thank you for helping
out your opponent! JA: Maybe Matt should take a
little for himself. He’s the
opposite! Exact opposite of relaxed
right now! Look at this guy! ML: Embarassed. How
would you feel, Jeff? JA: I’ve never been
embarassed in my life. ML; I could change that. JA: I doubt that very much.
Have you looked at yourself? ML: Ooh, what? You’ve got a
problem with the outfit today? JA: Oh no, not at
all! Not at all… ML: Wait till the next couple
weeks. I’ve got some new stuff
to debut in a couple weeks. Oh and you’ll love this
one. Oh, new… new duds! JA: They from one of our
incredible sponsors? ML: They certainly are. Who
do you think the sponsor is? JA: That would be
Kash Ross Creations! ML: Kash Ross Creations has
outfitted Morty in a beautiful
coat. JA: So, fans, just because I
have a lot of respect for all of
our sponsors… I want to say that he can
actually put you in a suit, much
better, much nicer, much more professional than what
you see Morty Lipschitz in. Morty just proves that he’ll
give you exactly the custom
creation that you’re looking for. ML: Wow. That was heavy. Let’s get back to the match… JA: Well, Sutton paying the
price still for that chiropracty
a little while ago. Middle of the ring on his
back, Striker with the cover. He actually pulled him off! ML: And put him back down. JA: He could’ve had a three
count right there and Striker
pulled him up. Morty Lipschitz, I know you’re a
bit of a friend of Matt Striker. As a fan, if you will, you could
look back on that and see this
is a huge mistake. ML: Uh, he could be, Matt
Striker, he’s trying to prove a
point to Mr. Sutton that what he did in the previous
weeks was not appropriate. JA: Not appropriate or not,
shows a win in the win column… DDT! Plants Matt Striker in the
center of the ring! If Sutton
can get him covered this could be a, NO! No,
he’s got him locked… Looked like he almost had him.
Tried to have him almost into an
inverted… An inverted Dragon
Sleeper of some kind! The camera angle couldn’t quite
catch where all the knuckles
were. ML: But we do get great camera
shots. You folks are watching
the same thing we’re watching and these camera guys
do a great job getting in close
to all this action! JA: Production, the ring crew,
the security the support,
everybody here in the West Coast Wrestling Connection
does an incredible job. We’ll see how the ring holds up
as Matt Striker buries the head
of Ian Sutton into that ring! ML: Knock some sense
into Ian Sutton. Although if he hits him on his
head, that might be the wrong
place to knock sense into him. You know what
I’m talking about, Jeff! JA: Why? Why is he
going for another one? Sutton is all but out! ML: He can, that’s why. JA: Because he can. ML: He’s proving a point to this
youngster from Farmville, USA. Look at the look on Striker’s
face. Is he an angry man still?
You bet he is! JA: Even the fans think
this it too much! Come on! Matt Striker’s going for a
third! A third Pedigree! Ian Sutton already needs medical
attention after that second one,
and now come on! ML: He’ll need more. JA: It’s a miracle that Sutton
can even hold himself up after
the beating that Matt Striker has
purpetrated upon him. And the
referee checking to make sure that Ian
Sutton is healthy… Striker… ML: I’m not sure what Matt
has in mind right now. JA: Definitely a… a
master in the ring. ML: It’s a mid-section
chiropractic adjust-ment is
what I’d call that one coming
up. JL: I don’t think his
mid-section is going to take the
brunt of this one, Morty. Come on, not like this… No! No! Who would?! Come on! Sick! RA: The winner of the match-up: Matt Striker! JA: Morty Lipschitz, you’re
going to look into the eyes of
that man and tell me he’s healthy? Tell me he’s sane? ML: Matt Striker? Yes he is. He
was abused, he was embarassed
recently. He’s just getting even. JA: Getting even? And then some!
Is that how things work here? The pendulum can’t swing back to
middle, it’s got to swing all
the way to the other side. Come on! Somebody’s
got to stop this! ML: Why don’t you go stop
it if you’re so upset? JA: I’m not going in there with
Matt Striker! ML: You’re afraid to? JA: Absolutely! This is just
sick as he continues to embarass
Ian Sutton. Well Morty Lipschitz, we’re
going to see if embarassment
continues as Adam Thorn… Come on! Trying to run
a broadcast over here! ML: He’s not near the
broadcast booth. JA: He’s not, but we’re
trying to…*sig* ML: You’re getting all
excited for nothing! He’s getting Ian Sutton what he
justly deserves from Matt
Striker. JA: Justly!? ML:
End of discussion! JA: This is sick! My goodness…
Ladies and… Oh no! No, no! Come on! We’ve got to go to
break! Come on! Don’t! Don’t do it! Don’t do it! I think we’re running
over on time. If we’re continuing this ladies
and gentlemen, we’re going to a
break here in just a moment. Matt Striker begs off
at the last moments. Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen. Right after this, the Pacific
Northwest Championship will be
on the line! Yo Grappler III, I tasted the
Pacific Northwest Heavyweight
Title not too long ago. I defended it against Big Jack,
and tonight I get it right back
from you! RA: Ladies and gentlemen, the
following contest is scheduled
for one fall! And it’s for the
West Coast Wrestling Connection Pacific Northwest
Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first
– The challenger! From Reno, Nevada! He is the King of the Indies! Adam Thornstowe! JA: Adam Thornstowe who we can
now call a former Pacific
Northwest Champion! Cashes in his rematch clause.
We’ll see what happens when stepping into the ring
with The Grappler. RA: Ladies and
gentlemen, his opponent is the current,
reigning, and defending West Coast Wrestling Connection
Pacific Northwest Heavyweight
Champion! Led to the ring by Jeremy
Blanchard and the Thrillbilly,
Kassius Koonz! From the Wrecking Crew! Your
West Coast Wrestling Connection Pacific Northwest Heavyweight
Champion The Grappler! JA: Fourteen minutes later he’s
done introducing Grappler III.
ML: Grappler! JA: One! The Grappler and
the Wrecking Crew… Putting his now third Pacific
Northwest Championship on the
line against Adam Thornstowe. AT: You just want to see this
face on TV all day long! JA: The official holds it up,
the Pacific Northwest
Championship That’s what this is all about. It’s been a real rollercoaster
ride for Adam Thornstowe, having
won the championship just
a few weeks ago. Just to turn around and lose it
almost immediately back to the
man he pulled it off of. The man who
seems to have a stranglehold on
the championship. Your friend, and just about
no one elses… Grappler III. ML: It’s The Grappler! Pardon
me! I’ve been listening to the
audience out here screaming,
“Grappler III! Grappler III!” He is The Grappler! The only
Grappler! The only Grappler that
counts! That’s him in the
ring right now. JA: Well if he counts, you’ll
call him Grappler III. That’s
counting 1, 2, 3. You’ve got the legendary
Grappler that we’ve seen here in
the West Coast Wrestling Connection for years and years.
ML: I haven’t seen him! JA: You haven’t?! He was just
out here a couple months ago. Laid his boots right there in
the ring. ML: I must have missed
that… JA: And a fight! A war! With the
man who now calls himself “The
Grappler” Of course we can’t forget The
Grappler’s old tag team partner,
Grappler II! ML: I could forget about it. I never met the man. JA: Now we’re looking here at
Grappler III, but you are right,
he is the only active Grappler in professional
wrestling today, but that man
right there couldn’t care if it’s Grappler 1, 2, or 3. Going for the win! Going for the
Pacific Northwest Championship! Thornstowe wants to hold
that gold once again! And he won’t pin The Grappler
that quickly. Match is what, a
minute old? And he’s trying to go for a
quick, cheap win? Not going to
happen. Grappler is too tough. JA: Well Morty, you kind of
opened this, so let’s see you go
a little further. You’re Adam Thornstowe, let’s
pretend that for a minute. ML: I don’t want to
be Adam Thornstowe! JA: Pretend you actually spent
some time in the gym… ML: Ok… Ooh! I’ll
pretend though… JA: Yeah, watch what
you ate, got in shape. But, if you’re preparing for
this match-up, what do you do? What are your keys to victory
against Grappler? The
Grappler… (three) And the Wrecking Crew? ML: I just like to lay
down and get pinned. That’s what I would do. I know I can’t beat
him! Fair and square. JA: He’s going to have to beat
three people, it looks like. Kassius Koonz on the ring apron,
and Jeremy Blanchard… ML: Hey, what did Blanchard do
to Thornstowe to deserve that
kind of beating? JA: Oh a European uppercut… Rolling him around the outside
just a little bit. Throwing him
back in… Just watch the monitor,
watch the match. ML: I’m looking right
there at the monitor! And Thornstowe’s getting
what he deserves! That eye massage we’re
so popular with here JA: An eye massage? ML: You’ve never had
one of those? JA: No! ML: Here let me do it right now!
JA: No, that’s a… yeah… ML: Oh you don’t want a test?
JA: No, I don’t know where those
fingers have been! Actually I DO know
where they’ve been and I still
don’t want you touching my eyes. ML: It was a good grilled cheese
sandwich, courtesy of The Brunch
Box earlier tonight. JA: Ooh! ML: It was
incredible! Free samples! JA: It is a great thing with
Brunch Box, not only is the
grilled cheese sandwich amazing, but they’re also often
the buns on the burger!
YouGotstaHavelt Cheeseburger! And the Redonkadonk chee… ah
so good! I’m getting distracted! ML: Now you’re probably going to
say there was a problem here
while Kassius Koonz was toweling off the bald
forehead of Adam Thornstowe. JA: You said it… ML: It was sweat!
Trying to help him out! JA: Oh my goodness! Look at
that! Inverted Atomic Drop
crushing the spine of The Grappler! Sends
him to the outside. Ladies and gentlemen, stay
tuned! We will be right back! We’ll join this match
as quickly as possible! JA: Welcome back ladies and
gentlemen. Thornstowe got tired
of waiting for The Grappler to get back in
the ring, taking the fight to
him on the outside, but Morty Lipschitz, you know this
better than most, you can’t win
the championship on the outside. ML: It’s got to be pinfall in
the ring, or submission. That’s
how you win the belt. And I just honestly cannot see
Thornstowe being able to pull
this off. After that illegal jump
from the top rope. JA: Illegal jump from the top
rope?! My goodness! Listen to
the fans! They’re itching, they’re dying
for Thornstowe to get the 1, 2,
3 once again! ML: What do they know? They only
paid a few bucks to get in here. JA: Standing moonsault over the
top! Hooks the far leg! And
almost! Almost a new champion! ML: Athletic prowess of The
Grappler saved him on that one. JA: Yeah…
ML: You admit that, don’t you? JA: Of the two competitors in
the ring, it was definitely The
Grappler who showed the athletic prowess… ML: He did! He kicked out of
a… pretty significant move
that Thornstowe put on him JA: What’s that
move called, Morty? ML: It’s called a wrestling
move, Jeff. JA: Ok, ok… just
checking… ML: I believe it’s
called a summersault. JA: Something like that… Well that was definitely not
a summersault right there! Thornstowe going to be moving up
a couple risers in the choir! JA: Oh! Grappler finds a way! RA: The winner of this contest
and still West Coast Wrestling
Connection Pacific Northwest
Heavyweight Champion The Grappler! JA: So what’s the story
on this one, Morty? Was a “eye massage” coupled with
a “towel off” and the relaxation just proved too much
for Thornstowe? ML: You said it Jeff Akin. I
need not say anything else. You
got it perfectly! You did a heck of
a job out here! JA: Oh yeah yeah, check that
out! Well I’m going to go ahead
and speak for the fans of the West Coast Wrestling
Connection and say Adam
Thornstowe was robbed! Right here on television,
in the middle of that ring! JAL: At the end of the day
when it’s all said and done Adam Thornstowe lost
his rematch and… Wait a minute… What’s Striker doing out here? JA: We just saw Striker
physically assault Ian Sutton.
Took a moment… Took a shower, put the shirt on.
Out here to congratulate
Thornstowe? ML: We’ll find out. ML: Never take your
eyes off Matt Striker. Good rule of thumb. JA: I’m wondering if you’ve ever
said anything with more wisdom
than that… ML: Except I like your bow tie. JA: Thanks! Bow ties are cool. ML: Tie’s cool. I didn’t say
anything about you being cool. I like you a little bit now, but
your tie is cool. And I’m worried about you. JA: I don’t know if I’m more
worried for Thornstowe or Matt
Striker. Looks like almost a show of
respect. Almost as if the two
men want to see who is the bigger man. The tougher man. Ladies and gentlemen coming up
in our Main Event: The Ladder
Match! For the WCWC Legacy
Championship! We’ll be back after this! CO: Hey there! It’s Christy
Olson backstage at the WCWC with Adrian “The
Adrenaline” Matthews! Adrian, you’ve already been
victorious against “The Rock
God” Ricky Gibson once. He wants a rematch! What’s going through your mind
going back out there? AM: I’m fine with Ricky
wanting a rematch against me. Because last time, he tried
cheating. And now I want to
prove to everyone no matter how hard he tries. How
hard he fights. How much he
cheats. He’s not going to beat me. Not today, not tomorrow.
Not here, not now. I have this in the bag. I know what you’re
going to try to do. I’m going to beat you
everytime you try it, Ricky. CO: And that match is coming up! RA: Introducing first! Lead to the ring by Mr. Tubbs! He is “The Rock
God” Ricky Gibson! Ricky Gibson: Welcome! It’s already clear that I make
all the women trip and stutter
over their words. But tonight, Adrian Matthews,
you’re going to be tripping and
stuttering… over me… Wooo! JA: I don’t want to be the one
to talk over the “Rock God”
Ricky Gibson… ML: Well then dont. JA: I didn’t! ML: Don’t! RA: I must also add that Ricky
Gibson is accompanied by Janice! JA: Janice! ML: His love! JA: The love of his life! That guitar that has brought him
to the top of the world! He’s
the “Rock God” RA: Ladies and gentlemen, his
opponent – From Denver,
Colorado! He is “The Adrenaline” Adrian Matthews! JA: Adrian Matthews
chasing off Mr. Tubbs. Probably a very wise choice
to start this match off. ML: No comment to your comment. You’re being rude as usual with
poor Mr. Tubbs. He can’t move that fast! JA: That’s for darn sure! He moved a lost faster than
he used to, though! ML: He’s lost a
couple of pounds. JA: I’d say so. ML: Not sure from
where, but he looks… You’re right, he’s got a little
extra gait in his gallop. JA: Yeah, I can go along with
that. A little pep in his step! Adrian Matthews taking
the WCWC by storm. Fighting off maybe a little
bit more than he can chew… Oh my goodness! Look
at Ricky Gibson! We’ve seen a real edge to Ricky
Gibson in the last couple weeks. Demonstrated right
there. That knee off the Off the second turnbuckle
on the inside. ML: I think his guitar…
What’s the guitar’s name again? JA: Janice! ML: Janice? Is it… oh that’s
right Janice Joplin, Janice… JA: No no no no no, just…
Just “Janice” ML: Just “Janice”… Oh! “Just
Janice”, that’s a good name! JA: “Janice” ML: I think Janice has done
something to stimulate Ricky. JA: Can you blame her?
She’s incredible! Have you hear her sing? ML: I love her strings. JA: Oh great. I like
her g-string the best! ML: I’m not going there. JA: What? It’s a nice
note! It sounds good! That’s how Mr. Tubbs is losing
weight right there! All he’s
doing is eating the head of the competitor! And it’s “The Rock God” Ricky
Gibson who goes for a cover and
gets a two count. ML: Adrian’s cheating!
He’s punching him! I thought punches were illegal
in this sport? JA: They were open.
They were open. ML: Open? How do you
have an open palm? JA: Open palm strike! ML: His fist was closed! JA: Hitting him with a… Trying to go for some
knuckle blows in there… Now I want you to take
a minute and look At the strategy of Ricky Gibson
here. He’s really focused on the
back of Adrian… ML: Smart! And I’m sure that
it’s come from his manager, Mr.
Tubbs. How to handle, uh, some pretty
boy like Adrian Matthews. He’s a pretty boy. I give him credit!
He’s athletic. But he’s pretty! He shouldn’t be wrestling.
He’s too pretty to wrestle. JA: Uh, I’m not sure what that’s
supposed to mean. ML: It means he’s too pretty to
wrestle! He’s going to get out
classed, out wrestled Out finessed. JA: So you’ll only have guys who
are so ugly wrestling they have
to wear a mask? ML: No, he does it for
personal protection. He’s so popular that if he took
his mask off, he would have no
privacy. JA: You automatically…
ML: The Grappler… JA: You automatically assume
because I was talking about
someone that’s ugly. ML: I know where you’re… We’ve
been hanging around for years. I
know you. JA: Lateral press! ML: How do you get
“Lateral Press”? JA: That was a lateral press. And now… The “Rock God” doing what
brought him to the game. Shin across the neck
of Adrian Matthews. You call him a “pretty boy”, but
you also give credence to his
athleticism and… Despite the offense of “The Rock
God”, Adrian Matthews has had an
answer to everything that’s
been thrown at him. ML: I didn’t hear any questions
thrown his way. JA: So the proof we’re not even
watching the same match… ML: There’s some… Oh! What happened to Tubbs?! JA: Boot the face! ML: By whom? That wasn’t very nice! JA: Look at the air that Adrian
Matthews catches going after
“The Rock God”! ML: I’ll give him credit, that
was a beautiful, beautiful
maneuver off the ropes there. Was that a “springboard
something”? JA: Sure was! Springboard Splash
off the top rope! Hooks the far leg! Covers! And Ricky Gibson
able to kick out! Unbelievable! Great pinfall attempt. Something we will not
see in our Main Event Pinfalls don’t get it done.
It’s a Ladder Match where you’ve got to grab the Legacy
Championship belt off from 15′? ML: It’s up there high! JA: Janice trying to get
involved, but the referee goes
and gets her out of the ring! Matthews puts him up! Takes him down! And Matthews pulls out the win! RA: Ladies and gentlemen, the
winner of your match-up! “The Adrenaline” Adrian Matthews! ML: You know, as much
as I love Mr. Tubbs, I think Gibson needs
to find a new manager. He’s on a losing streak. He’s a
much better wrestler than this. JA: I’m not going to
argue with that at all But, he went up against Adrian
Matthews who’s been on a hot
streak! The fans of the WCWC
solidly behind him. And a huge landmark victory over
the former Tag Team Champion. ML: Yes sir. JA: Morty Lipschitz,
it’s right after this. We’re going to take a few
minutes over this commercial
break to set everything up! The very first ladder match in
the history of the West Coast
Wrestling Connection! The Legacy Champion, Ethan HD,
putting that belt on the line against “The Gentleman Brawler”
Eric Right! And ladies and gentlemen, that
happens right here, right after
this! CO: Eric Right joining me now.
Eric, you’re about to hit the
ring in a big ladder match What’s going to be your strategy
going out there? ER: Strategy! Well quite simply, I
climb the ladder. I take the belt. Any strategy other than that
is anyones guess. Because you never know
what’s going to happen. Tonight, it’s a historic night. Two men go into
that ring tonight. Trying to climb that ladder. Also trying to climb that
proverbial ladder to the top of the wrestling business. Two men. But only one can
climb that ladder. Only one will walk away rich. While the other
walks away broken. Only one will
fulfill his legacy. And the other will be a
footnote in history. But you know, Christy… Tonight, I fulfill my legacy! Because this wrestling
is in my blood! And it’s what I do
better than anyone! So Ethan HD… You
were a great champion! But you’ll be but a
footnote in my legacy. Put ’em up! CO: And that match is next! KC: Tonight, Kate
Carney presents Ethan HD vs Eric Right
in another Legacy Title match… EHD: I’m going to rise up that
ladder faster than my Twitter
followers are going up. ♪FollowThat RA: Ladies and gentlemen, the
following contest is scheduled
for one fall! And it’s for the
West Coast Wrestling Connection Legacy Championship! It will be fought under
Ladder Match rules! The first man to climb the
ladder and retrieve the Title
becomes the champion! Ladies and gentlemen,
introducing first! With over 2800 followers! And presented by Kate Carney! He is the only wrestler
in high definition! From Chi-Town, Illinois! He is Ethan HD! JA: Conspicuous by its absence
around his waist, he is the
Legacy Champion. But that Legacy Championship
belt, Morty Lipschitz, is
hanging 15′ above the ring! The only way to get it down… The ladder! Ethan HD calling for
the bell to be rung… Eric Right comes out and
this match is underway! Morty Lipschitz, if you want to
take a second to go over the
rules in this match? Ok, thank you! That’s
pretty much it! ML: Uh, I…So this…
The ladders aren’t wrestling! I’m disappointed! JA: Really glad that I asked you
to go over the rules for the
match. ML: Well I know the rules! You get up on the ladder, be the
first one to get the belt, then
you win the belt. JA: Right! ML: That’s the rule basically?
JA: That’s it! ML: See I’m almost on
top of my game here. JA: Ethan HD making
a point now… It’s important to note,
it was announced – Kate Carney has been
banned from ringside. But I do understand that
she’s been contesting that. Quite vociferously as a result
of the fact this is a ladder
match! What are they going to do?
Disqualify Ethan if she comes
out here? ML: Good point, Jeff Akin.
Finally got a good point. JA: (I always have
good points…) ML: And frankly, I hope HD does
the “whoseywhatsit” to Eric
Right for what happened to
me a few weeks ago. JA: Right now, you talk about
the “whoseywhatsit” is going for
a suplex! Is what we’re going
to “whats that” Oh! Drops Ethan HD right
across the ladder! Fans, this is not going to be a
match for the faint of heart! This is going to be a war! This is going to be
an absolute fight! For that Legacy Championship! ML: You’re right, it’s not going
to be a wrestling… I’m sorry,
I was so intrigued by watching ladders flying!
Uh, I forgot where we were. But this is, this
is going to be… We call it in the northwest,
a “Slobberknocker Ladder Match” Where at least nothing is
illegal. Everything goes. And may the best man… Well, may Ethan HD win actually.
I should have saved that for
later. JA: Eric Right taking on a bit
of a different spin right now! Oh! You usually call it an
“Airplane Spin”, but tonight
we’re going to call it “The Helicopter Spin” Ethan HD knocked right across
the face with that ladder! ML: Now question: If the only
way to win is to get that belt
off, why did not… Or why did not, Eric Right put
that ladder in the center of the
ring and get it when he had Ethan HD down? JA: Because Eric Right has
respect for the great athlete
and competitor Ethan HD is and knows that he’s got to keep
him down long enough for him to
climb each rung of that ladder,
get to the top… Unsnap that championship belt
and pull it down. He needs to make sure, as it
appears he may have done! With Ethan HD down and out! ML: Oh look! Wait a minute! Look who’s here! JA: Carney comes out apparently! Apparently made her point! Now I
would say she’s not at ringside,
she’s in the ring! Oh my goodness! Did you see the
leg of Eric Right get caught?! ML: It doesn’t look good. This
could be trouble for Eric Right. His leg was in a definite
predicament of a position! Or positional predicament! JA: Yes, it was..
Something like that, yeah ML: I’m doing the best I can. JA: You’re doing… you’re the
best… ML: It’s darned exciting
out here! ML: I’ve never seen
one of these before! JA: Right to the mid-section… It’s going to make it difficult
for Eric Right to catch a full
breath. And now, taking a page from
Eric Right… Coming in… OH MY GOODNESS! Carney got her hands up,
but not quite fast enough! Morty Lipschitz, these guys are
not going to be the same
competitors walking out of this ring, if they’re even able
to walk out! ML: If they can even walk
or move or do anything! Someone’s taking the girl away!
Holy cow! Kate’s hurt! That’s not going to
help Ethan’s cause any. JA: That might right there! Using the ladder as a weapon. As you pointed out, no
rules to this match. You can use the ladder as a
weapon. They need to use it as
the means to grab that Legacy
Championship belt. ML: And my question,
I’ll be very honest… If there are no rules in here, Why do we have not one, but two
referees outside the ring? It doesn’t matter what happens,
except that belt has to come off
that hanging device? JA: In the history of
professional wrestling, there
have been controversial endings to these matches. You
want to make sure we’ve got at
least two sets of eyes on that belt to make sure that
the person who removes it from
those chains, from that hook, is the person
who is awarded the Championship. ML: And it takes four eyes to do
that? Not one set of two lousy
eyes? What’s the difference? JA: Have you seen our referees? ML: That’s what I’m saying.
JA: Very good. ML: Ok. ML: So two of them is no better
than one which is no better than
the other! JA: OH MAN! These men are sacrificing their
bodies for that Legacy
Championsihp! Morty Lipschitz, there’s
a lot of championship… “Legacy” for lack
of a better term. In this match, if Ethan HD, a
former Pacific Northwest
Champion… A former Tag Team Champion, all
those years that he carried one
of the most iconic Tag Teams in the WCWC. ML: Yep. JA: Eric Right, the only
Grand Slam Champion in the history of the
West Coast Wrestling Connection having held the Lightning
Division Title, the Tag Team Titles, the Legacy Title, and the Pacific
Northwest Championship! Wait a minute… theres… ML: Looks like he might be able
to reach that belt! Nope, not tall enough. Oh! JA: Chair right into the knee
of Eric Right! And if you remember earlier when
he got knocked off the ladder,
his leg looked like it got caught in there. ML: Looks like the same area. JA: Ethan HD trying to slash the
tires of “The Gentleman Brawler” ML: Smart man, Ethan HD! Take that weak spot
and make it weaker! JA: Especially with the legs…
I haven’t seen someone climb the
ladder and grab the championship belt
without their legs. ML: You certainly can’t climbe
the ladder unless you go hands
up… You know, kind of like a crawl
to the top of the ladder? JA: It would be difficult. ML:
Because this ladder going to
sway in the ring. It’s not balanced
on a nice solid piece of ground. JA: The mat’s pretty solid. I
don’t know if you’ve spent a lot
of time in the ring… ML: Look at it go up and down! It’s a little bouncy! JA: Bouncy?! Maybe we should spend a little
time on this match-up… ML: Nah, I don’t
think I”d like to… JA: Tell me just how
“bouncy” that ring is. ML: Ah.. I don’t
want to do that… Here come the blind guys again
to see what kind of damage they
can cause. JA: Coming in, of course the
referees in the West Coast
Wrestling Connection have a concern for the health,
safety, and well-being of these
wrestlers. Which is an ironic statement as
one of the competitors throws
the other one Ethan HD throws Eric Right
into those steel steps! ML: I’m assuming these two guys
had to sign a contract to agree
to this type of match. So, I have no sympathy… ML: He’s done something
with the tonic! JA: Oh no! ML: That was a bad idea! JA: You can smell it over here!
ML: Oh! ML: I had to drink that
recently. It wasn’t pretty. JA: Yeah, it’s not..
It sure wasn’t pretty! ML: Are you insinuating
something, Jeff Akin? JA: No, you can read into that
what you will… ML: Oh, ok. JA: Ethan HD’s got
that ladder set up. ML: Looks like that might not be
in good position with that
ladder. Uh oh! JA: He swings for the fences! And it looks like we might
have an in-park homerun! Ethan HD is down and out! ML: Except with a homerun,
you’ve got to run around the
bases. I don’t see anybody moving,
let alone running! JA: Eric Right’s getting up, and
he’s checking the stability of
that ladder… He may have sacrificed the only
way he can get up and grab that
championship belt! ML: Question: What happens
if the ladders are broken? Then the match can’t
have a winner? JA: We’ve got more ladders.
They’re right over by the entry
way. There’s a couple under
the ring… ML: Oh! ML: Some are kind of small. JA: They are, but you know,
these guys want the belt, they’re going to figure out
a way to get it! ML: Hey! What’s this?! JA: There’s a fan! ML: What’s he doing?! JA: There’s a fan! Can we
get security over here! ML: He’s a fan, but
look at his… JA: OH MY GO… ML: There’s some sort of… JA: Some Eric Right fan came out
and grabbed him! ML: I was going to say, there’s
some resemblance to Eric Right,
but maybe just a fan dressed up with that? What? What is this?! JA: What’s going on?! Hey guys, guys! Get
him out of here! Get him out! (Call the… Yes!
Call the police!) Alright lets, sorry… ML: Oh! Ethan’s got
a taller ladder! Eric Right is outside the ring
on the hard canvas. JA: A fan got involved! What.. ML: But here’s the match
situation right here! Look! Ethan’s trying to
unhook the belt! Eric Right is on the floor! And look! We’ve got a winner! JA: There it is! There it is! RA: Ladies and gentlemen,
you’re winner of the match-up! And NEW West Coast Wrestling
Connection Legacy Champion! Ethan HD! JA: It was a war. It was a
fight. It was a battle for the
ages! ML: And it was a
heck of a match! JA: It was.
ML: Absolutely! JA: Morty, I have some notes for
what I want to say about that
fan… ML: That was a shock to me!
I don’t know what he… What he’s got a…
an Eric Right mask? Or some kind of Eric Right
look-a-like stuff on… JA: I don’t know about that.
Either way… Ethan HD, still your
Legacy Champion! Will remain so. We’ll know a lot
more about what’s happened. I’m sure we’ll hear
from Eric Right. Ladies and gentlemen… Unbelievable contest for the
Legacy Championship! Right here! On the West Coast
Wrestling Connection!

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  1. I was shocked with the fan! He looks like Eric Right. Who is him? And what connection has with The Gentleman Brawler?

  2. Something tells me that The Bonu$ Boyz are the reason why Kate Carney keeps escaping security, and coming out to the arena even if she is banned from ringside.

  3. Can someone in the WCWC strip Grappler (3) of the Pacific Northwest title, strip Ethan HD of the Legacy title, and, more importantly, FIRE KATE CARNEY?!

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