Did the WWE Exploit Goldberg and the Undertaker?

Did the WWE Exploit Goldberg and the Undertaker?

That do you guys rock it also did you see Did you see the the Goldberg fight? Yes Oh my god, horrific bad superstar showdown Goldberg in his 50s against the Undertaker in his mid to late 50s Having a wrestling match it was horrific it Should’ve happened. Well, they were selling it. So the discuss about the first two minutes of the match Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, so they do it. No women were allowed to wrestle right and they’re doing it because they’re making a lot of money off of the These deals to do it, right? So what they do is they mark it and they put all these fights on and at the very end of it They headline it with two legends and Goldberg and and the Undertaker and I wash it and Goldberg rushes at the Undertaker at this One spot Undertaker moves out of the way and go over hits his head on the on the post. Yeah He splits himself open like for real and right away there you knew it wasn’t fake because everybody doesn’t do blood it was half knocked out and he was really in bad shape and then so He’s he can tell that he’s just not doing well. He’s almost he’s concussed. He has a concussion, right? so then he goes he’s still going on and they’re still letting the Fight go on and then he at the very end of it He goes his his move is a jackhammer because he picks up these people’s Doesn’t he did a big show right picks him all the way up over and he slams him a big shot was Excel feature So he does it to the Undertaker, but he but he stole my stuff that he basically drops Undertaker on his head Yeah and it was any shouldn’t have done it and then the Undertaker just takes him out take it returns the favor by Tombstoning him on hand on his head which he usually puts the head between the meat So the knees hit first, he has his head at first, which is Cardinal. No. No, that’s a stone cold So Goldberg apologized for it on Twitter and knew that, you know, just and you know I it was I don’t think he needed to apologize I knocked himself out but I just I don’t know if you necessarily needed to book that fight. Yeah. Well, that’s money It’s so I know I don’t know Ryan can verify this or an oil money? But Saudi Arabia decides, they those people would they decide who they want. It’s like fantasy booking right? It’s like having your own mattress Competed long history of their right never has a cycle will pay you this much. You come fight this person right? It’s madness What do you think that paycheck looks like ten million each each person you think so, maybe maybe because I’ve heard Millions It’s beyond Saudi Arabia that much because you just mentioned the women aren’t allowed to wrestle there I don’t know if this is true or not but I saw a couple people tweeting about how they were frustrated about the Disney situation where They’ve talked about how how Bob Iger talked about how he’s not going to film in Atlanta anymore but that Disney is opening up a theme park in Saudi Arabia where she’s like them What no I’m saying like Kendall. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah That was interesting. I didn’t know that they were opening up a theme park in Saudi Arabia Yeah, when Georgia can give them the money started haveá– can’t then maybe that’s all another conversation kind of crazy Do you think that the WWE should not be wrestling and I don’t think so. No, I don’t watch these matches I try not to and this one I’d only watched this because Ryan and them were tweeting about it that day. So I Watched it at the end of work on Friday, and I was just like flabbergasted by it all about globalization But still it’s it’s a ten year contract Ten years what they’re supposed to fight. This was having a WrestleMania type event every year Russell might if the neck I mean every insider for the next ten years Wow, that’s a contract with the WEA. Yeah

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  1. WWE is not Pro Wrestling. ROH is Pro Wrestling. Vince never wanted to be in the wrestling business, he wants to be in the entertainment business.

  2. Exploit? They did it because they wanted to. They got paid millions. And it ended up being one of the most embarrasing matches in wwe history. This match was wwe in a nutshell.

  3. Lmao Roxy saying they are opening a park in Saudi Arabia. When the truth is they had a conversation about it last year in May, and will need to to discuss further in future but nothing is concrete.

  4. The Undertaker needs to retire…it is beyond a joke and get's to the point his legacy will begin to erode due to moments like this. I recall an interview he did …where on the topic of retiring he said that he did not want to get to that stage in his career where father's in the crowd where saying well you should of seen him year's ago when he was in his prime….when that happens it will be time to retire. Well that time has happened from 2014 on wards.

  5. Undertake should’ve retired years ago. His last really great performances were his wrestle mania matches against Shawn and triple h. Ever since then it’s obvious he just isn’t in wrestling shape anymore. He can barely get through these matches anymore

  6. Why cant you do things in Saudi Arabia? Because if their customs? People need to realize morality is a fictional concept. Thered are 1000s of places on this planet that have wildly different customs. So because one of them has archaic views on women you cant do any buisness there? You do know every Muslim on the planet doesnt agree with gay relationships. Does that mean every Muslim on the planet should be scorned and not allowed to do things? You see how these way left liberal shit starts to get real tricky when you break it down. And I'm a Democrat. Saudi Arabia is a place that exists on this planet. You should be able to go there if you so choose

  7. The Saudi's want these classic wrestlers that they never got to see wrestle in front of them and they're willing to pay insane amounts of money to make that happen. Goldberg and Taker apparently got 2m a pop for it. Both of them knew that they didn't have anything left in the tank, and neither of them cared because they were going to get 2m for less than 10 minutes of work.

  8. No, they’re both grown ass men that don’t need the money. If they were 2 teenagers who got fucked on a payoff then I’d say yeah they were exploited.

  9. I haven’t seen the show or the match but I’m not surprised it wasn’t great, Goldberg is & always has been bad in the ring. 10 years ago, Taker could’ve carried him in the match, but Taker’s too old now to do that.

  10. & I know it’ll never happen but it’d be nice if everyone that takes some “moral stand” by not watch the WWE shows put on in Saudi Arabia keep that same energy with Disney. Or with any other US company that already does business in Saudi Arabia. & keep that same energy when WWE does shows in any state that recently passed those abortion laws that make it illegal even in the cases of rape & incest.

  11. Super ShowDown was basically a Live Event 🤷🏾‍♂️
    The beginning of the match they had it setup like Goldberg to squash Taker like how the Lesnar vs Goldberg Survivor Series 2016 was!

  12. I take issue with the term "exploit".

    They're two grown-ass men who took the Saudi blood money with clear eyes, knowing full-well they're over the hill and would embarrass themselves.

    I don't feel bad for either of them. Enjoy selling your souls for those sweet, blood-drenched authoritarian dollars.

  13. Austin's neck got broken by Owen Hart on a traditional piledriver (landing on your ass with the other wrestler's head between your legs). That move was banned.

    Only Undertaker and Kane were allowed to do tombstones (landing on your knees with the other wrestler's head between your legs) because of their height and strength. I seriously doubt Undertaker did it to Goldberg on purpose…he just doesn't have the strength/stamina anymore.

  14. It's on the wrestlers for agreeing to it. If they haven't saved up enough money throughout their career and want more, then they open themselves up to the criticism with matches like this.

  15. Fam said, "no women were allowed to wrestle" bruh! Wtf is this bullshit… There comes a point where you gotta refuse the money, fam

  16. HHH need to take over the business before it’s too late . The man obviously knows what the fans want and he understands how the wrestling style has evolved with his NXT superstars . Stuff like this wouldn’t happen with hhh running the place because he wouldn’t need old washed up stars to sell ppv because he would utilize that platform to showcase his nxt stars which are the future of wwe

  17. Goldberg had a minor cut on his head on the way to the ring, it would've busted it open upon impact with the ring post

  18. I’m not the biggest fan of Disney or the WWE doing business in Saudi Arabia. But the optimistic side of me wants to believe these moves are a progressive step forward (culturally) for its people.

  19. The regular talent is exploited more than these guys are. The match was going completely fine until Goldberg concussed himself. They shouldn't be booking 50 year old in the first place but in comparison to their usual practices paying both of them millions to have a match for 5 minutes isn't really exploitation.

  20. Exploit? They are payed actors. Undertaker exploits his character when he knowingly cant perform anymore. Historically. wrestling has always had old stars perform.

  21. The Tombstone happened first, that fucked up Goldberg even more. He couldn't even lift Undertaker because he was out of it, but he did lift him. The landing wasn't so smooth, then again Undertaker couldn't even chokeslam Goldberg either.

    Both guys couldn't do much, except for Undertaker going Old School.

  22. AEW! AEW!

    In all seriousness WWE needs to let these vets retire in peace. They obviously cant wrestle anymore.

  23. This was disappointing to watch as an undertaker fan… year after year I’ve been supporting him and also defending him. It kills me to say this but I think it’s time for him to truly retire. 30 years is a hell of a run.

  24. You have two performers in their 50s who are part time at best who sloppily put together a rushed match for a shit ton of Saudi blood money! How else did anybody exoect this match to go? Thankfully neither man ended up paralyzed

  25. Goldberg apologized because he knew he was concussed and should've stopped but didn't. WWE makes more on these Saudi shows than on wrestlemania; estimates are $200 million+ per show, so yeah they can pretty much demand whatever they want. And they're actually running 2 shows per year for 10 years, or a total of 20 in Saudi Arabia.

  26. Goldberg and The Undertaker have given their all to Wrestling. The Undertaker and Kane are my personal favorites and Crown Jewel didn't do any good to their legacy. I love Goldberg too: so seeing these two icons endangering themselves because WWE is so short of what to do with the roster and don't make larger-than-life characters like Taker and Berg anymore so they call semi retired company idols to fill in the void that Vince McMahon created by destroying wrestlers's gimmicks and butchering storylines. Goldberg and Taker did too much for WWE so let them live and do as they please, Vince. (Such as The Undertaker wanying to go to Starrcast's Meet & Greet fans and interview thay Vince blocked, irate).

  27. HBK even had to give in to the all mighty Arabic Saudi money, to return after almost a 10 year retirement. The Almighty Dollar!!!
    I dont blame him. His saudi paycheck was more than most of the rosters combined!!! Believe me!!!

    Btw Taker isnt in his late 50's his is only 53 years old. Mind you, HBK is in his 50's and is the same age as Taker. And he stole the show last time in Saudi Arabia….
    dont confuse and blame age, with simply being our of shape and sloppy!!! I believe HBK embarrassed the whole roster last time, that he was still the showstopper and was in better physiclly shape than the ones 20 years younger!!!

  28. Lol comparing abortion now to the enslavement of women in Saudi Arabia. This channel knows no bounds. I don't think it even realizes it's own hypocrisy

  29. UGH… soon as i saw the girl i knew this was gonna be 'THAT kinda show' thumbs down. get people with interest rather than small tits and a fake tan.

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