Daniel Bryan WWE Ultimatum! Shane McMahon WWE WrestleMania Match! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 4 2018

Daniel Bryan WWE Ultimatum! Shane McMahon WWE WrestleMania Match! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 4 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I am Luke Owen and I hope everyone isn’t too bleary eyed after getting up early to
watch WrestleKingdom 12. Headline: Daniel Bryan’s WWE Ultimatum Daniel Bryan had his last wrestling match
for WWE on the April 16th 2015 edition of Smackdown Live, but had to take time off due
to the concussion-related injuries he’d suffered on that European tour. He shortly
announced plans to return to wrestling, but on February 8th 2016, Bryan officially announced
he was retiring. Even before he retired from WWE, Bryan gave
interviews where he said he had been cleared by outside doctors, but was unable to get
clearance from WWE’s Dr. Maroon. And without clearance from him, he will not be able to
step foot inside a WWE ring competitively. Last year his wife Brie Bella revealed that
Bryan had been travelling all over the United States to gather evidence to show he was able
to compete, and was on a serious mission to get back inside the squared circle. Since Survivor Series, Bryan has been involved
in a storyline with Smackdown Live commissioner Shane McMahon, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn,
which has recently added WWE Champion AJ Styles into the mix. Many have speculated that this
was leading to some sort of match between McMahon and Bryan. Or a tag match where Shane
and Daniel take on Owens and Zayn. Dave Meltzer wrote in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter
last year that if this match – or some variation of it – were to take place it would possibly
be at Summerslam 2018, but according to Bryan that might not be the case. His WWE contract is set to expire later this
year, and he has said that he plans to wrestle outside of WWE for Ring of Honor, New Japan
or even The Bullet Club’s 10,000 seat show if he doesn’t re-sign. And in an interview
with Sports Illustrated while as a guest at the Springfield Thunderbird’s hockey game,
Bryan said, “I assume that if I don’t wrestle by WrestleMania, I probably won’t
be wrestling with WWE at all.” This could mean that WWE and Bryan are actively
working on getting him cleared for WrestleMania, presumably for a match involving Shane McMahon,
Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Which is also backed up by Wrestle Votes on Twitter. Headline: Shane McMahon High Profile WrestleMania
Match In news that will come as no surprise, Wrestle
Votes – who broke the story of Neville leaving WWE last year – are reporting that Shane McMahon
is currently pencilled in for a high profile match at WrestleMania. Shane has been in featured
WrestleMania matches since his return in 2016, first wrestling The Undertaker inside Hell
in a Cell and against AJ Styles last year. When Shane was announced for WrestleMania
against Undertaker, there was a spike in ticket sales – although that could also be attributed
to Taker and the Hell in a Cell stipulation – and WWE believe he’s one of their biggest
draws. Whatever Shane’s match is, he will likely join the long-rumoured main event of
Roman Reigns challenging Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. Or will he? Headline: Elimination Chamber Rumour Killer An image of an Elimination Chamber main event
in February began to float online yesterday, reportedly from South African TV station SuperSport
TV, which showed Braun Strowman defending his Universal Championship in the Chamber
against Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Cesaro, Finn Balor and Big Cass. With Strowman challenging
for the title at Royal Rumble, many believed this was a leak and meant Braun would be winning
the triple threat. However it has now been revealed by WrestleZone that this is actually
a fake. The original image comes from a YouTube video
posted back in August 2017 featuring fantasy booking scenarios for the PPV. This image
was then photoshopped to look like it was on a TV. Sorry folks, but this is far from
confirmation that The Monster Among Men is winning the championship, and the rumours
are that Elimination Chamber will actually be for the number one contendership for the
Universal Champion at WrestleMania, which will likely be The Big Dog, Roman Reigns. Headline: Raw Ratings Despite heavy competition, Monday Night Raw
was up 6% for its first show of 2018, bringing in 2.86 million viewers. We don’t have the
Smackdown Live ratings yet, but we do have yours! 59% of you agreed with me with Smack
Bang in the Middle, with 22% thinking the show was SmackTastic. And in the WrestleRamble
poll, it was a close call but 58% of you disagreed with Oli and I thinking Smackdown was the
better show this week. What huge match was made for Royal Rumble?
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100 thoughts on “Daniel Bryan WWE Ultimatum! Shane McMahon WWE WrestleMania Match! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 4 2018

  1. They think Shane is the draw with opponents such as AJ and Taker? Ha. Ha ha. Hahahahahaha…

    Shane McMahon vs. Daniel Bryan? Yeah, let's put a guy in there that repeatedly shows he is sloppy – and especially about his punches – in there against a guy with a history of concussions. Smrt.

  2. I honestly believe the doctor and vince mcmahon conspired against bryan. DB was so fucking over and they wanted Roman as the top guy so they killed off his momentum with that concussion crap.

  3. what if Daniel won the royal rumble? kevin and owens enter the rumble shane enters to eliminate them… but also Daniel bryan enters to defend them but he wins it ?


  5. What is the point in wasting time showing us a photoshopped photo, just to say it's photoshopped? I cringe whenever I click on a video and it's Luke.

  6. If the elimination chamber winner determines the number one contender for the universal title then that means a smack down wrestler will win the royal rumble .. Nakamura vs styles at wrestlemania

  7. Okay, I think we need to have a chat about the meaning of 'ultimatum' and not giving in to the urge to clickbait your viewers…

  8. I think words were spoken during this video.. Unsure, really… Couldn't focus on anything but that terrible facial hair.

  9. My eyea must be blurry, cuz it looks like this guy has his ears tucked into his hat. 😞 just wear a knit cap ftlog!

  10. Cringing right now… As a South African, I must apologize on behalf of Supersport. Their delivery of international content is pathetic to say the least.

  11. Vince won't let Daniel Bryan wrestle at WrestleMania. He hates him in real life. Why? Because he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Mania 30. He's most likely still sore about it. He didn't even want Daniel Bryan to be at the Grandest Stage of them All. The only reason he did it was because the Yes Movement broke him. I doubt he'll let Daniel Bryan go into the Hall of Fame anytime soon. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of Daniel Bryan. He's got a nice beard. But Vince McMahon seriously hates him, and he'll never let him Wrestle at WrestleMania.

  12. Daniel Bryan enters royal rumble and wins and feuds with aj styles and have a title match at wrestlemania. That'd be the best but doubt it'll happen.

  13. Brock aint losing that belt before Wrestlemania.

    I'm calling it now.

    Reigns will put on a good showing at the Royal Rumble and will get several notable eliminations but will be eliminated (in guessing he will make it to the final four). Nakamura will win the RR to setup Nakamura v Styles at Wrestlmania.
    He will win his shot at Lesnar by winning the Elimination Chamber.
    Roman will then win the Universal Title at Wrestlmania. At minimum he will hold it for the rest of 2018 (unless something unforseen happens like injury).

    Asuka will win the Women's Title at Elimination Chamber.
    Paige will win the Royal Rumble and defeat Asuka to break her win streak at Wrestlmania and to win the title.

  14. Imagine Finn trying to get his rematch at royal rumble at elimination chamber but he doesn’t who gets it roman Reigns and he beats the beast for the championship
    Next day on raw Finn demands his rematch because he never lost that title kurt refuses Stephanie comes in says that the match will be tonight and
    FINN WINS!!!!!

  15. Everyone can relate:

    Me: Time to watch youtube
    Me: Ooh what a nice topic for Wrestletalk
    opens video
    sees Luke
    closes video

    Lol no offense

  16. If this is correct that means a smackdown wrestler will win the 2018 RR match. My guess is either Cena going for #17 or Ziggler pushing his quasi CM Punk gimmick now.

    I know Cena prefers raw but he’s a free agent and technically, the WWE title is the original belt where the record is held so him going for that would only make sense.

    Besides, Cena and ziggler stories are the 2 hottest storylines now. The Owens/Zayne/Bryan/McMahon story is stagnant until it’s revealed that Bryan WILL wrestle.

  17. nothing against Shane but he has now wrestled in 3 WMs if he goes this one too. taking up a Place that should go to a REAL wrestler

  18. i always wondered if daniel bryan did get cleared by many outside doctors that he could sue the wwe doctor for medical incompetence that hurt his career

  19. fuck these shane mcmahon matches man.. every fucking smackdown begins with either HERE COMES THE MOOOONEYYY or the flight of the valkyries.. I'm fucking sick of it ! All the attention goes to shane and daniel bryan !! I can stomach daniel bryan, but shane.. FUCK NO !! everytime he starts his promo he's so out of breath that he has to get the cheap pop to give him more time to catch his breath

  20. They steal our news and don't cite us. Absolute joke. People may aswell come directly to us for the real news! Not these morons

  21. Vince owns the company and triple h is head of talent relations and all that good stuff why don't they just tell the doctor every doctor in the world cleared him clear him or find a new job simple as that.

  22. if Bryan starts wrestling again I will stop watching wwe. never liked him. he was always not the strongest or toughest. plus if you are coming to pro wrestling expect to get hit hard and thrown everything to you but should always be ready to overcome this physical assault which he is not capable. nor was.

  23. Holy shit if that poster of the Elimination Chamber that leaked online is real we may have this at the Royal Rumbler. Braun will win at Royal Rumble (evidence in poster leaked online), Roman will win the Rumble. Lesner will take his title back at the Elimination Chamber. And at Wrestle Mania we will have either Lesner vs Roman (the winner of the RR), either Lesner vs Braun (rematch clause) vs Roman (winner of the RR).

  24. The All In show is on September 1st. Bryan's contract expires later in September. He's not going to be at that show, fucking numpty

  25. Aj loses title from zayn, aj gets screwed again and challenges bryan for a match , zayn vs nakamura,

    Shane braun vs hhh kevin owens

    Randy orton vs any raw superstar in raw vs smackdown

  26. If Bryan wrestles again his style will be heavily toned down so why would he want to come back? Rather let people remember you as you were not as you are

  27. I think there should be a tag match smackdowns tag champs vs raws tag champs winner takes all . so that means after mania tag teams can be on both shows as raws lacking teams and smackdown has to many . I miss watching raw waiting to watch smackdown to see how the story would unfold . smackdown has gone down hill a lot a lot is because its Luke watching a waterdown raw with same angles so if the writers want to do wat they did the night before just with slightly different people y not let all the locker room be on raw and smackdown so we don't see same match's over and over . thank god they going back to one ppv a month . will we see a stable that holds all the gold like the gd old days of heart foundation , DX can't remember wen a group last held all the gold

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