CM Punk To Talk To AEW Stars! HUGE WWE WrestleMania 35 Ending SCRAPPED! | WrestleTalk News

CM Punk To Talk To AEW Stars! HUGE WWE WrestleMania 35 Ending SCRAPPED! | WrestleTalk News

Oliver, come out to play, I showed up for
our face to face where are you? Face me you coward! Well he’s not here so I’ll go and find
him, I’ll just read this news first though. Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I’m El Fakidor Laurie Blake. And coming up on this episode of a news beginning:
AEW files new Pay per view trademarks, potentially? CM Punk Tweets AEW confirmed?! And a huge
WrestleMania 35 match has been scrapped. But first some spoilers for last night’s
NXT so if you don’t want to know skip ahead in the video. On last night’s episode Triple H was in
Full Sail to announce that Tommaso Ciampa has had to vacate the NXT Title due to an
injury, subsequent surgery and now recovery. He said that Johnny Gargano would Main Event
NXT TakeOver New York, presumably for being the closest thing Ciampa had to a friend.
But who would he face? A really rather brilliant five way match decided
it between Adam Cole, Matt Riddle, Velveteen Dream, Aleister Black and Ricochet. With the Undisputed Era man picking up the
victory with a smartly last shot to Ricochet who had the match won. So now it’ll be Cole vs Gargano for the
NXT Title match 2 out of 3 falls. And if Johnny wins the title here he’ll
have proved the apt age old saying if you want something done right you have to wait
for your nemesis to injure themselves. There was also an update in the episode about
Ciampa’s shoulder surgery where we got to see Ciampa going into the local medical facility
with his family. It was enough to melt the blackest of hearts. Doctors explained the severity of the injury
saying “This spinal cord is starting to compress right here, With a hard hit to the
head it could paralyze.” In an industry where falling on your head
is just a casual Tuesday thing that is obviously bad news so the surgery was a matter of urgency. And thankfully the surgeons said “Things
went perfect, Not good, but perfect.” He’s now calling himself the greatest medical practitioner
of all time. Unfortunately that good news didn’t stop
all the hurting for Ciampa. They said the surgery could take up to a year
to recover from and he had to watch as his precious goldie was put up for grabs on NXT. Tweeting: “A small piece of me died tonight.
The greatest 237 days of my life. Black heart, gold heart, broken heart emojis” I’m not crying, you’re crying, shut up. Someone having a better time of things in
NXT, despite a bit of a losing streak recently is Kyle O’Reilly. Kyle appeared on Edge and Christian’s Pod
of Awesomeness where he revealed that as far as he knows WWE creative have no plans to
split up Undisputed Era. When asked if the lads would like to make
their main roster debuts together Kyle said: “Oh, absolutely. I know we all don’t want
this thing to end anytime soon. I know it’s wrestling. Eventually someone’s gonna have
to go through the barbershop window right?” “It would be wonderful to eventually go
to the main roster as a four-man unit because I think it would be something very unique
and very special and it’s something that’s not really… a four man group? It hasn’t
been done in a good while up there so I think that could be really cool and I keep my fingers
crossed that we do eventually get that opportunity.” Over to the old blighty side of NXT now as
yet another huge match for NXT TakeOver New York has been made official – although we
all totally knew it was happening. On the show Johnny Saint and Sid Scala made
the match between Pete Dunne and all-caps WALTER for the United Kingdom Championship
official for the ppv. So that match card stands at Johnny Gargano
vs Adam Cole for the NXT Championship, Shayna Bazsler defending the NXT Women’s title
against Io Shirai, Bianca Belair and Kairi Sane, War Raiders defending their belts against
the winners of the Dusty Classic, and although it hasn’t been made official on TV yet,
Velveteen Dream vs Matt Riddle for the North American championship. If they can squeeze a Keith Lee vs Dominik
Dijakovic, Dijakovic? Dijon mustard then I’d be a happy bunny. While WWE has been getting it’s ducks in
a row for Mania weekend, over at AEW they’ve been trying to own the very concept of ducks. OK maybe not, but according to PWInsider Cody
Rhodes has been filing for quite a number of trademarks, including Bash At The Beach,
Battlebowl and Bunkhouse Stampede. All three were listed under ‘Entertainment
in the nature of wrestling contests. Entertainment services in the nature of a wrestling club;
Entertainment services, namely, wrestling exhibits and performances by a professional
wrestler and entertainer;” None of the titles have been previously trademarked
but Dusty Rhodes had a hand in their creation. He also filed for the trademark ‘Prince
of Wrestling’ under the description “Entertainment services, namely, live appearances by a professional
wrestler and sports entertainment personality” Could this be a new name that Cody intends
to go under in AEW? Or is he filing the trademark on behalf of someone else on the books? Did
he just like the sound of it and get into a bit of a trademarking groove? Hard to tell. But Cody did respond to all of this stuff
coming out with a Tweet that said: “I’d turn off the google alerts on trademarks.
They’re personal and most aren’t intended for AEW. I’ve filed/claimed over 50 the
last few months. I’m just trying to get some of Dad’s cattle back. That’s the
story.” But Cody getting the cattle back didn’t
stop people having a cow man. Pro Wrestling Eve Tweeted the American Nightmare
as they have been using the BattleBowl name as a January tradition in their promotion. “Hey @CodyRhodes
Read you’ve put in a trademark app for #BattleBowl, we’ve kinda made that a January tradition
in EVE and we’d really like to keep the cease & desist letters we’ve received to the 1 WWE
sent us for #SHEvivorSeries. Mind looking the other way next Jan?
Cheers. Peace fingers emoji” To which Cody said
‘I don’t mind at all. Have a great show.’ Wrestling promotions getting along. Disgusting
hippies. –ADBREAK– But it’s not just the names of events that
AEW has reportedly been hoovering up, it’s people, and there’s another one to add to
that list of prospective signees. Dave Meltzer, he’s not been signed, he’s
reporting on it. He said that UK independent scene performer Sadie Gibbs has signed with
the company. The 26 year old has a background in gymnastics,
track and field and CrossFit and has recently competed in Stardom. All Elite has not officially confirmed Gibbs’
signing and there is no word on when she will debut with the company. But if she is signed
she joins the likes of Brandi Rhodes, Britt Baker, Nyla Rose, Kylie Rae, Bea Priestley,
and Penelope Ford. And also CM Punk? I heard his name so that’s
him to AEW confirmed. But seriously you guys. CM Punk announced
on Monday that he would be appearing at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo and would
be joined by a number of indie wrestlers including Matt Jackson of the Bucks of Youth, Kenny
Omega, Marty Scurll and representatives from Pro Wrestling Tees. The post itself was quickly followed by tweet
replies from Matt and Nick with Matt saying: ‘let’s sit down and have a diet pepsi’ And Nick saying ‘let the rumours begin’.
Kind of takes the fun out of it when it’s all so knowing. Not even going to speculate
now, it’s rubbish. But also… CM Punk to AEW confirmed. Even though he did say yet again that he doesn’t
have any interest or intention of returning to pro wrestling. And apparently WWE doesn’t have any interest
or intention on sticking to plans. Although this one sounds like we dodged a bit of a
bullet. According to PWMania WWE’s creative team
have been having second thoughts about the Raw Women’s Championship Match at Mania
35. As if the Charlotte’s in the match, Becky’s
outta the match, hotswapping wasn’t a dead giveaway.
However the site is reporting that creative had initially intended for the match to finish
much like the ending to Evolution where Rousey defeated Nikki Bella, walked up the ramp and
celebrated with the entire Women’s Roster. They say that Mania match would have finished
with Lynch winning the Raw title and then emotionally hugging Rousey and Flair in the
middle of the ring. Stephanie McMahon would then come out and take the credit for inventing
women. Sorry old habits Steph would arrive and bring the entire women’s
roster with her who would give all three competitors a round of applause to end Mania 35 on a heartwarming
note. But with Rousey’s recent heel turn, which
wasn’t planned heading into February, creative no longer think it’s a good idea to end
Mania in a big love in. Hopefully Lynch beats down both Charlotte and Ronda, stands tall,
just on her own, centre of the ring, the motherflipping Man.
Right, well that’s the news. Time to go out and find Oli for this face to face, but
first I better change my shirt to a black one to look moodier, and wear glasses to scare
him with my intelligence and wear what I wore yesterday so he’s unsettled by my
smell. ——
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    I agree with Laurie, hopefully they don't end WM35 same as they did Evolution!!! Hopefully Becky beats Ronda & Charlotte (hopefully Becky pins or better yet submits Ronda) & celebrates her big WM main event title win all on her own!!!!!!!

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    Either reply like a normal human being or fuck off cause can’t even come up with a racial or offensive swear that hasn’t been already said to me

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