Bruce Prichard shoots on The Undertaker working with The Great Khali

that’s not area it’s a relief at least because after this Mark Henry mattes now Undertaker’s got something to really sink his teeth into oh yeah April 7th on Smackdown we see the debut of the great khali who’s here to beat up the Undertaker that means it’s gonna be his Judgment Day opponent on May 21st in Phoenix Arizona yeah yeah Undertaker and Great Khali man Bryan Alvarez would write colleagues selling if you can identify it as such was monumentally bad Kylie never took a single bump the entire time the closest he came was stumbling backwards and getting tied in the ropes and this is a miracle of a match that it ever happened I understand you see a guy that big and you think man that’d be a spectacle but then as you like to say in the bell rang what do you think Great Khali Undertaker I bet Undertaker still not talking to you over this yeah I want to mention Culley wins this is not a I mean we’re not we’re not squashing him here he beat the fucking Undertaker yes he did he beat him clean this is debut and his debut match like clean victory over the Undertaker and here’s a philosophy bringing guy in on top they accept him as a top guy and and here’s the other thing you know that the chop that Khali did look like shit hurt like hell Khali gave me that job working and I thought that my entire body had compressed my neck hurt for weeks and I’m thinking Jesus Christ he was just playing with me he’s a big strong massive son of a gun clumsy is fuck-all very sweet man very very nice guy but just one wasn’t very good I think that’s that’s the best way to put it and Vince you know loves the Giants and the big man and standing next to Kali you know he makes any and everybody look small Undertaker was dubbed the guy you know you think you can get something out of him mark tried did what we could but he was not he was not the work in giant that big show was a work in giant Andre was working giant well giant gonzales and colleague were just big motherfuckers a lot of times I think people assume when this match moves you would move it to SummerSlam but instead it’s moved from SummerSlam to an episode of SmackDown it’s not even the main event an undertaker would beat Khali after hitting him with the chair and then the chokeslam and that kept Khali down for the 10-count thank God how would you compare his matches with Khali to John Gonzalez about the same but they were I think they were a little better with Khali because there was I think that Khali again Khali just didn’t know but Hollywood works if sometimes and so there was a little natural potatoes taters being thrown on both sides or taker would like Khali up whenever Khali would be a little heavy in the ring so that attitude a little bit but not enough for the audience to notice we’ve got bad news for you next up is the great American bash where for the prior two years the Undertaker murdered a human paul baran of for Mohamed Hassanein o-5 can’t wait to see concrete concrete and got rid of okay well here we are great American bash of six July 23rd and Indianapolis is he gonna kill this year the fans the match is Undertaker Big Show in a Punjabi prison match I can’t believe this is fucking real life as if it’s not enough that there is a Punjabi prison match it’s not even with Great Khali it’s Undertaker and Big Show which I guess we should be thankful for but holy shit what is this this is the worst piece of shit TV ever go back and watch this great American bash oh six no I don’t recommend that don’t yes watch it no it’s awful well here’s the thing people people that have or at least have some kind of consultation or something but the folks that that built the Punjabi prison had never had never worked obviously and they built the sturdiest motherfucking structure you can imagine wait a minute so this is not a working punjabi prison now this is shooting Punjabi prison made with steel that was heavy as fuck non forgiving painted to look like bamboo and hurt like hell then you got the inner cage that no one has really figured out yet how this is gonna work and I liken this match to that king of the hill match thing that they had in TNA where okay you win then this guy goes in a penalty box and you hold the title til somebody else beats somebody else and all this other bullshit I can’t even tell you what the premise of the Punjabi prison match was they started in the inner cage and doors opened for a certain period of time like a minute or whatever than they closed and then you’re in the cage again and the idea was to escape from the inner cage to get to the outer cage to escape the outer cage and oh it was everybody saw it for the first time day of and Big Show and take her walking around on what the fuck are we gonna do in this so trying to get there look I give I give taker and Big Show mega mega kudos for going in and at least having some kind of a match in the thing and trying to make it work they did the best they could but it was a it was a flawed premise to begin with you’re looking for a you know another elimination chamber another Hell in a Cell something that would be and and the other thing it’s it’s a Punjabi prison so how does it make sense for anybody other than Kali who was a prison guard in India to have this fucking match what words so anyway hey we tried yeah you know sounded good on paper in the beginning allegedly Kali is removed from this match because he had some sort of elevated liver like that what was going on with that yeah it was some kind of a condition but he couldn’t get cleared by a doctor there was there was concern over his elevated liver enzymes I don’t even know what the fuck that means other than I know that he was not cleared to Russell he had this fucking match booked so you could only replace a giant with a giant that’s a rule so the match was in the bylaws a lot you

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