Bruce Prichard shoots on The Undertaker working with Mr Kennedy

that’s not Adria let’s talk about where we go from here Kali is gonna have to have double knee surgery he’s out for a while so thankfully Undertaker starts a feud with mr. Kennedy Kennedy is in the ring on an episode of SmackDown cutting a promo and Undertaker comes down tells him he’s gonna rest in peace Kennedy threatens to hit him with the microphones hanging from the ceiling which is a fun little gimmick that Kennedy did but the mic blows up and hurts his hands so it’s a fun little way to get something going why were these guys put together well Ken man I thought ken was a hell of a worker and Ken was one of those guys that could cut a great promo Ken got natural heat with the audience but he also was able to so damn entertaining that the audience liked him as well but Ken had I think by this point had already worked with Batista maybe maybe not but Ken was proven himself to be a hell of a hand and you got four Undertaker had been working there you go from Mark Henry to the Great Khali give me somebody that can work so Kennedy got that nod and he was thrown into a little little deal with the Undertaker here for a while well it’s it’s fun for me because I really enjoyed Kennedy and I don’t know when we’ll talk about him again so let’s briefly discuss it now you know he’s a guy who for whatever reason has been reported to have heat and even a few weeks ago he was on record as saying he thinks maybe the reason he was never brought back is because of some things he said when he left the company and he should have handled it a little better chat me up did Kennedy have heat where and how and when did it come from why don’t we see more of him in the WWE you know I don’t when I was there and I wasn’t there when when Kennedy left however you know before that I was there for for Ken when he got injured there was the big push with the Money in the Bank thing then Ken got injured it was a little bit of a feeling that Ken was injury prone in it was almost afraid of success in some ways so there was that rap on him plus you know didn’t always help Ken stock that you know Paul Heyman was a big Ken Kennedy fan and he would constantly promote Kennedy which didn’t always help you but I thought Ken could go and I like Ken and thought that done right with the right guy that that he could really get over and I think Kennedy did get over unfortunately he would get to a certain point and for whatever reason would fumble the ball whether it was an injury or something else and look everybody says stupid shit when they leave I think that you know you’re upset and you’re put in a position where you’re asked questions or whatever and you do you do what’s gonna further you now because well I’m not working there anymore maybe this will endear me to another crowd and I guess Ken might have done that but I don’t know what the heat was if there was any heat I for the most part when I was there at Ken’s seemed to get along with everybody and there was just that feeling of being injury prone the match here is not the best match ever there’s no mercy match it only gets a star in three quarters from Brian Alvarez it’s roughly a 20 minute match and takers going to take the belt and just nail Kennedy in the head with it and tada that’s your finish the next night on the raw family reunion show Undertaker will challenge John Cena for the WWE title it lasts a little over four minutes before Big Show and Booker T run in for the DQ Kennedy comes out also so it’s a bit of a small but that gets us a rematch set up for Survivor Series on November 26th which is Undertaker and Kennedy in a first blood match and this is a better match to me than the first one but it’s sort of interesting because there’s no blood yeah I have a first blood bench MVP comes out and and Kennedy is bleeding from the mouth and MVP comes out wipes up the blood and tries to hide the fact that Kennedy’s bleeding and a turnbuckle is exposed Kennedy drops Undertaker on it and it almost looks like the Undertaker pretends to get color but when he stands up there’s no blood MVP hits the ring the ref stops him I thought it was no DQ the ref takes a bump MVP tries to hit Kennedy but Clark’s take her instead of course taker comes up bleeding here and loses the match this is a really weird finish is it fair to say that Kennedy and taker just didn’t gel I mean this is memorable because of the silliness with MVP but hey it’s not what it could be yeah I didn’t think it was that bad it was you know one great but it wasn’t that bad and the finish was the finish Undertaker got screwed with with Kennedy hitting him and seeing the blood but it was it was an old finish that we used to do god we used to do it with guys bleeding like stuck pigs and have somebody come out and wiped the blood off of him good no he’s not bleeding and or wiped the blood wiped the blood on the other guy and wipe the blood off of them and that’s how they would lose the first blood match because the referee would come too and see the other guy with blood on him he’s not bleeding and ring the bell so it’s a variation of that finish I didn’t think was that bad well let’s keep it going I can’t believe they wanted more of this the Armageddon pay-per-view on December 17th in Richmond Virginia was a Hearst match probably not the his most memorable feud here but the Undertaker throws Kennedy into the hearse drives it out of the arena to win the match what do you think that this elevate Kennedy at all yeah I think it did just by being in the ring with the Undertaker and it got him in got him in a high-profile issue and on television that where he was working with somebody that people actually cared about so I think it was good for Kennedy and it’s one of those that maybe they didn’t have the greatest matches in the world but yet they have some pretty entertaining promos leading up to it and it put Kennedy in a position of being top guy and being in the ring with a top guy you

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