Bruce Prichard shoots on The Undertaker working with Mordecai

that’s not Adrienne people talk a little bit about something else that’s reported in the observer I’m sorry the torch about Mordecai which I’ve really looked forward to talking about now it’s finally here Wade wood right Mordecai is a creation of Bruce Prichard who pitched the idea to Vince McMahon and Undertaker the initial plan is to feed Mordecai to the Undertaker and there’s been some grumbling in the office that Kevin fertig who plays the character had plenty of charisma before the WWE quote/unquote ruined him overhauling his look for this role on a sidenote fertig actually had black hair prior to the skimming and some insiders point to Prichard as the primary reason for smackdowns recent string of subpar shows they say Prichard has been manipulating his way into more power by bad-mouthing co-writer Dave lagana behind his back to Vince McMahon the return of The Undertaker has also helped Richards cause as Prichard has long been considered one of takers main interoffice allies your response and Pritchard was a fucking asshole well he’s a shit motherfucker that’s unanimous I mean I even heard a guy say once that he would take a bullet for Tom but put one in verse now who wouldn’t you know Mordecai I don’t know if that was 100% my creation but I sure as hell had a lot to do with it it was Kevin verdict was in the developmental territory he was big kid had a lot of promise and looking to bring him in and the idea again I I like to look at black and white good and evil and very very clear I don’t like gray so and Taker had taken a liking to kevin verdict as well so as we were talking as we do you would talk to talent you would find out about their life their history and what what brought them to the business what made them tick and Kevin’s father was a man old school Minister the preached fire and brimstone and hated the wrestling business and just the way that Furyk would describe his dad to me was like he was brother love man but he just he he was the real deal and he was a religious zealot I guess would be one way to describe him so Kevin had this this idea of being almost you know try to be a quiet version of his dad through going back and forth we came up with Mordechai there was a guy named Dan Madigan who also was on the team that was infatuated with the Mordecai character he’s the one that did all the vignettes with Mordechai coming in before we actually paired him up with the Undertaker but we had to build we had to build opponents for the Undertaker it’s that character you’ve got to feed you got to feed him and we were looking for new matchups and fertig was new and it was a way to bring him in the the only problem was unfortunately I think that Kevin got in his head that he was the yin the Undertaker Jiang and that he needed to work very slowly and methodically and he moved in slow motion and just it died it absolutely died when he went out because he was trying to be a heel version of the Undertaker he hadn’t got over yet at that point so Vince lost confidence pretty quickly and that was put on the Shelf talk to me about you know the vision for what he’s gonna look like I mean you you very briefly described you know white and black light and dark I get that but the actual getup itself the symbol all that stuff who would have been involved in that process besides yourself well obviously we threw it to creative services and Madigan was a he used to call himself a boss catholic or something like that that was raised and you know went to Catholic school and was terrified of the nuns that would hit him with rulers and things like that so it was very anti stereotypical religion you know we had those overtones in there the white the white hair and the white eyebrows and all that that was that was Kevin’s idea to bleach his hair out completely white and do the white eyebrows just to give up it gave a really eerie look and I think we put contacts in his eyes as well and gave him those really like ocean blue eyes it was he was creepy looking but it was it was a pretty much Kevin was involved in it a lot taker was involved in it I was Vince was Dan Madigan and I would say that was the the people that really were invested in that character and tried to make it work you

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