Bruce Prichard shoots on The Undertaker vs Kurt Angle

that’s not abriel so let’s talk a little bit about what’s next it’s the Royal Rumble January 29th Miami Florida and during the undertaker ordering the Kurt Angle Mark Henry match for the world title after angle pins Henry the lights go out and Undertaker’s here he and angle have a stare down and take your indicates that he wants the belt why was it done this way Royal Rumble he’s just back out of nowhere I want the Bell it’s a big stage and it’s just something to be able to get out in front of everybody on the you know kind of a pay-per-view to pay-per-view type thing and started out there obviously we reiterated it on television you know it’s funny because I go back to the American Badass with Undertaker and Kurt Angle where taker wasn’t sure if he could get a match out of Kurt and then once he got in the ring with Kurt I think if Undertaker had the preference of working with Kurt Angle every night for the rest of his life would probably want to do that because they just had great chemistry and worked so damn well together and trying to recreate that as well now you got a new character in the Deadman and Kurt I didn’t really love the promos on the way here though it’s Kurt Angle saying things like you may be the Phenom but I’m a wrestling machine and you know the only thing we have in common is once the bell rings I don’t have a soul either because I’m a machine and then of course the Undertaker is well come no way out you’re gonna rest in peace but they make up for it because that no help match if you haven’t watched it in a while no way out of six February 19th in Baltimore badass Bryan Alvarez will give it four and a quarter stars really really a good match towards the end angle hits the slam he’s going for the cover but taker puts him in the Triangle again and the refs checking the arm when an angle suddenly jumps over into a bridge and gets the pin so it’s a damn incredible match with a nice finish that wasn’t necessarily sort of paint-by-numbers lots of good stuff if you haven’t watched this in a long time go out of your way to see it these guys are pulling out all the stops they’re going through tables and everything in between on the way here what do you think of this match I you said it all man it was absolutely excellent and this was again showing that and I would go to I would go to take her after the matches with Randy and then this particular match with angle and say see told you so because you could take that Undertaker character the dead man and he was able to adapt adapt the style to work with anybody including an Olympic gold medalist they made it believable you believed throughout this whole match and they believed in angle especially after he pinned the Undertaker it was it was all logical it was just put together beautifully and told a great story and for that for the time that they were in the ring bell the bell the audience was mesmerised they they could suspend their disbelief and they believed that those two guys in the ring we’re giving everything they had which they were to win that badge and they didn’t know who was gonna win and I think they were waiting okay how are they gonna how are they gonna fuck how they’re gonna fuck hurt how they’re gonna get out I think a lot of times I’ll be how they gonna get out of this match got out of it with with the pinfall and that was that was nice as well we’re gonna talk about that another time but very quickly wadis Vince use an old Jim Crockett name it feels like there was major reluctance for a long time to use WCW names there was never a Starrcade until recently there was never a wargames until recently but great American bash for whatever reason it got the nod why is that dusty push for it no I don’t know if dusty was with us at the time but I think that it was just the first one for you we owned it we owned all those trademarks we owned all the names so when we would go through things just like why not you know why not bring it back it’s it’s too I love the name you know the great American bash so let’s make it our own you know you bought the shit you own it then let’s why not do it and Vince finally gave in and it was one of those you know we’re getting the original idea was to do it July 4th but we did at the end of June and it’s like okay yeah great we’ll have the great American bash he would go back and forth on that sometimes because it wasn’t a traditional WWE event so he didn’t look at it as you know anything big and I just I loved the name and we kind of fought for it and thought it would be a gets it was a good summertime name great American bash shit fourth of July America hotdogs apple pie shit why not you

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