Bruce Prichard shoots on Edge’s throat surgery

[Music] [Music] in wrestling in a tag team come January 29th he’s on Smackdown he’s teaming with Benoit here to take on Haas and Benjamin they started a series of singles matches with Charlie Haas and around this time edge says he keeps feeling pain in his neck one day while doing bicep curls he says all the strength in his left arm just leaves him and he couldn’t even do three reps so he talks to Chris Benoit he would just come back a few months earlier from neck surgery and he thought maybe edge is suffering from some sort of nerve damage caused by pressure on the spinal cord it’s probably the same thing that happened to Benoit so he flies home to Tampa gets an MRI and the doctor says if he took another fall on the ring he could wind up in a wheelchair he tells edge his spinal cord was being severely pinched and he should never even go near a wrestling ring again of course edge said the office wanted him to get a second opinion from dr. Lloyd Youngblood this is the guy who put Steve Austin back together Youngblood says the same thing the first doctor did and tells him he needs two different levels of his neck fused at this point c5 c6 and c7 he said he would have needed to get three levels feuds fused that would have ended his career but – there’s still a possibility so he decides to do the surgery but it’s postponed because he was advertised to appear during a tour in South Africa and he wanted to keep the commitment so even though he’s fucked up here he flew 18 hours to South Africa when a broken neck he says his left arm started to atrophy and his tricep basically disappeared during the tour he would go to the ring and tell the crowd why couldn’t wrestle and one time bill demott came out and kicked him in the stomach and the kick caused Asia’s left arm to completely lose feeling but it ended up returning so he winds up having the surgery on March 10th 2003 in San Antonio we’ll talk about the surgery in a minute Bruce but chat me up here was Youngblood the go to second opinion and how did he get that position Youngblood was the was the guy’s as you said he put Steve Austin back together and Youngblood understood athletes and he understood wrestling and wrestlers and he was kind of considered a neck and back expert you know you have different guys you have your knee experts your shoulder experts and you got your neck experts Youngblood was highly regarded as a neck and back guy he also understood it there was also another fell out of Pittsburgh who was also a neck guy who did Kurt Angle surgery and John Cena surgery doctor go I think was his name so there there were certain doctors a guys liked and they liked their methods and they liked the way that they operated in Youngblood was definitely a go-to guy for a lot of that let me ask this because I’ve always been curious you know when a guy needs surgery like this but he postpones it so he can go on a South African tour is he doing this because he wants to or is somebody from the office putting the screws to him to go most of know if they’ve got a diagnosis like that it’s like okay you know go get it done for this one he didn’t work it why he’s doing shit would build them on I don’t know but usually it’s guys say no I want to make the tour let me go make the tour and at least appear and let people know I’m here do personal appearances and do promotion what a scary surgery this is – the surgery is supposed to take three and a half hours but there’s complications two of the discs have completely ruptured and those parts has to be removed and then what was left has to be drilled out so they make an incision in the front of your neck and then move your throat over three inches to do this and they drill out the desks and then fill them with bone that has been removed from his hip after that they take a titanium plate that was put in the front of your spine and held in place by six screws and six anchors and they drill that into the back of your spine have you ever seen a photo from a surgery like that before yes how crazy is it to see someone’s throat moved over like that man it’s it’s real scary because I’ve had throat surgery and I couldn’t yeah its first of all it’s it’s scary it’s gross but just the the my new maneuverings could could end all your feeling you don’t paralyze you forever it’s it’s it’s terrifying stuff what a crazy business it is edge had said he heard that both Benoit and Lita did flights of stairs the day of their surgeries so edge felt like he had to up the ante so he wanted to do more he did a hundred and sixty flights of stairs that day and thus the recovery time was supposed to be at least a year before you get you know cleared he loses his voice a few days which I think everybody expects when they move your throat and he flies home on march 13th wearing a hard neck collar that he’s got to wear 24/7 for six weeks except when he’s in the shower so he has to sleep sitting up on his couch surrounded by pillows so he wouldn’t roll when he slept he says how about six days after the surgery there was a show in Tampa and he went and even walked to the ring with Rhino wearing his neck brace what do you remember about the surgery and what the perceived recovery time was gonna be and all that well I remember it sucked because you know here your edge is and we’re getting ready to do things with him and he’s out and with any of these kind of injuries that they could say six months to a year and it could be a year and a half could be two years the the part of it that always upsets me and I I always go back to use Marc Mero as the example and it’s exactly what edge is doing here well if Lita and Benoit are doing you know ten flights of stairs and I can do ten times that because I’m gonna come back faster if I do more I’m gonna come back faster and what happens unfortunately is you over train and you irritate what you just had fixed and it making everything else strong but it makes what is trying to heal weaker it usually results in more Rehab time so I just think that the that guys need to adhere to their rehab plan and take it take it easy at first but it was scary it was real scary and you’re just worried for his welfare more than anything it’s an interesting time man during his time off he gets a divorce from sean morley sister and it says the divorce didn’t hurt their friendship at all just before the surgery he also buys his mom a house so there’s a lot of crazy personal stuff going on here and he starts working out about four weeks after the surgery but he’s only able to lift like five pound dumbbells because he’s still trying to gain his strength back did you ever have a conversation with him while all this personal stuff is going on and he’s trying to rehab his neck like this yeah because you know it’s tough and when you’re away you feel isolated from the company and you feel isolated from what’s going on so I would try and just touch base with him from time to time and there were guys you know Brian kept in touch with him an awful lot and kept us updated but he you know he wanted to know what’s going on hey what are the plans and all you think about you become consumed and obsessed with the business and you’re thinking about what am I gonna do when I come back how am I you know how are they gonna bring me back what am I gonna do am I gonna be the same while I get to push and it all you have to do is sit there and think about everything around you in your career and there’s not a whole lot you can do about it so he was going through some heavy shit you know with the divorce and you know you try and make a joke with him and say hey man you know the reason you got divorced is because you’re home all the time the reason I’ve been married for 20 plus years is because I’m gone all the time and you know you laugh about this but it was unfortunately that was real life and that’s what he was experiencing and it it just felt like his world was crumbling all around him so he’s supposed to be on the sideline for about a year and just before he gets his medical clearance to return he sent to OVW for about three weeks and he starts the second week there it’s the ropes turns his foot and unbelievably sprains and swells that thing up immediately the doctor tells him he pulled and stretched just about every ligament and tendon in his right foot and he’s got to wear a walking brakes and stay off of it for four to six weeks so he takes a month off the heel and then his first night back in OVW in his very first match he broke his left hand and has to wear a cast unbelievable you

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