Bruce Prichard shoots on Edge’s Early Career

[Music] [Music] eventually in his 11th grade year he decides to enter another contest and this time it’s to win wrestling lessons from Ron Hutchinson and I find this interesting because Jay was supposed to enter the same contest but he doesn’t add them somehow someway winds up winning and this is essentially 3000 dollars worth of wrestling training and it’s going down in May of 1992 he’s running stairs running around the stadium just a daily torture routine and believe it’s what he would call it and eventually he learns how to take flat backs and fall on his stomach and some of the guys that you might remember or recognize from this same class where Joey Legend and Johnny swinger he’s training one weekday in all weekend and this happens from May of 92 until July of 92 and then he has his first match that’s sort of an interesting idea to me because I feel like most people would be in training longer than that before they had their first match right Bruce I would definitely hope so I think you know again it depends on the individual and how quickly they’re able to pick it up a lot of times I’d like guys have at least six months training under their belt before I want to put them out in front of an audience but you know it’s interesting you’re talking about being the wrestling guy in school and and I was that wrestling guy in school everybody knew me as wrestling guy and tomorrow on the morning deuce with Bruce at for something to wrestle I’m gonna show the newspaper article when I was a senior in high school about me wanting to be a wrestler and my dreams of of all wanting to be a wrestler so I was that guy I’m gonna show that tomorrow on the morning deuce that’s pretty cool so it’s sort of interesting the way he trains because not everybody trains at a performance center like the W he has his practice ring was a 12 by 14 boxing ring so it’s not even a perfect square and a much harder map than that of a typical wrestling ring there’s a low ceiling with exposed pipes you can’t do any sort of top rope moves is that a guy mean the low ceiling so no top rope moves you’re old-school you probably like that because it forces you to get better at your bat work but a boxing ring that sounds brutal is it not it’s horrible because there’s no give about you know a boxing ring is actually reinforced and stable because you don’t want any bounce in a boxing ring for people’s footwork and a wrestling ring obviously you want that give to absorb when you take a bump so yeah training in a boxing ring working in a boxing ring sucks big ones it’s not a lot of fun at all and then not being able to train in at least a 16 foot ring square little difficult well of course wrestling is not necessarily going to pay the bills when you’re starting out so once he graduates high school he starts training full-time but he needs to get a real job so he works at johnson control making car seats for Chryslers but he tries to play a prank on someone well I guess his Foreman put him up to it it didn’t go over that well and he wound up getting fired in wrestling that would just be a rib right I mean he could have pissed on somebody and that would have been fine I was just gonna say did he piss on one of his coworkers I find it funny too because when you go back and you look at his first match he would tell you that he wore a pair of Oakland Raiders Zubaz and a pair of Converse high tops he’s trying his best to be sort of Bret Hart influenced with his look how big of a deal where Zubaz and the wrestling business once upon a time we’ve touched on it a little bit but I don’t think a lot of our younger fans really understand what a big fucking deal is new bands work well Zubaz were the baggy workout pants the company was actually owned by the road warriors animal and Hawk everybody warm they they looked cool they were comfortable as hell and if you were friends with Joe and my you had a shitload of them just shipped to your house or they would bring him to the locker room and everybody could take their pick whatever the hell they wanted so it was this was the look back in the day if how you knew if somebody was a professional wrestler they wore Zubaz had a Ribeira jacket in a fanny pack in a mullet your wrestler gotta have a mullet so he starts working a second job eventually as a bouncer and he’s doing this even while he’s underage which may or may not be illegal and eventually he has an opportunity to get some bookings for IWA wrestling but in order to make the shots for these three shows you have to ride on a bus for 30 hours to Winnipeg but it’s worthwhile that’s Adams first TV exposure and the Booker there is the natural Don calles well when what I was getting to is a dark match on his way to making the TV debut he does a leg drop off the top rope and immediately realizes something’s wrong the bump on the ass brought a cyst to the surface and it was right on the end of his tailbone so he had to go to the doctor and the doctor had to freeze his ass and cut it out but then it wouldn’t stop bleeding so the doctor says no problem just wear a maxi pad back there to let it heal and that way you can avoid having a blood stain on the ass of your pants so when you watch Edge’s debut here not only is the match not awesome it’s got a maxi pad on his asshole well where do you wear your maxi pads didn’t dusty call those a muffler have you heard about this this is like a wrestling legend now John nortis talked about Dusty’s muffler falling out are you in the loop on this I’ll please enlighten me so apparently he would stuff a bunch of toilet paper in his asshole because he was nervous that something might leak out well sometimes in the middle of a match one specifically with John Nord the muffler flies out have you heard of a dusty muffler before yes well you know I’ve traveled up and down the roads with dusty and I’ve known dusty since 1977 and I never heard of a dusty muffler it sounds sort of like a dirty sanchez does it not a dusty muffler since ninety Berta if the Cincinnati bowtie may be kinda like a dusty muffler you gotta like stuff that she did in there to keep the shiznit Ian if you know what I’m talking about so adam and joey legend decided to form a tag team not too long after this and they called themselves sex and violence and animus naming himself here Sexton Hardcastle which edge says maybe a friend used to nickname him as a kid and somewhere along the way Jay decides to go to wrestling school and he’s wrapping up and he’s going to come out as Christian Cage and he joins the tag team as well they become pride and glory and the other fellow in the school here with them is a fellow named Keith Keith would be known as Zakk Wylde when did you first hear about Christian cage or sex than Hardcastle as independence was it the funkin dojo is that the first time you met him or just the first thing you heard about him or what can you tell us about that that was the first time I really took notice of him was when they came into the funkin dojo both of them Jim Cornette Adam and Jay and I believe Val too at the time sean morley they were a part of our Canadian contingent was what we called it because we were looking to get more Canadian wrestlers in you had to have in order to have television on in Canada and to get certain tax breaks you had to have so many Canadian performers you had to have so many Canadian producers and executives and different things working on on the show or you had to pay exorbitant taxes so we were looking for Canadian talent and this was during that time and it was somebody Bret had recommended but the first time I really got to know him was when they came in for the funkin dojo well it’s one of those things that we’ve all heard about that this sort of becomes like on the independence a traveling band of gypsies and everybody eventually meets everybody and as they’re working across the state lines here they’re gonna run into a guy working the Michigan Independence named Terry Richards who would be later know Terry Richards ass RINO so eventually these guys become fast friends and during this time Adam and Terry hop in the car and drive for 24 straight hours to Universal Studios in Orlando and you might ask why are in the world are they doing that it’s their chance to be on TV for WCW and work as Enhancement talent Adam was gonna be in and wrestle as Demian striker he’s gonna wrestle Ming and Kevin Sullivan and that Kevin Sullivan match if you haven’t seen it you should go out of your way to see Kevin Sullivan was pulling no punches brother that thing was awesome to watch he also took a chokeslam outside the ring and if you remember at the time WCW had like a rotating wooden platform that they had to ring on so he’s actually taking a chokeslam from the giant who we now know his Big Show on that platform do you ever hearing about that Bruce no not that in particular but good god I can imagine that just had zero give and had to be painful now one of the things that Adam says is that even though he was only there for three days he felt like WCW had the inmates running the asylum even by this point and it just sort of cemented that the WWF is the place he really wanted to go and sometime in Ontario he’s working an Indy shot and he meets the guy in the crowd named Karl DeMarco who he talked about a lot here on the show he’s Bret Hart’s business manager and he says he sees something an atom sean morley and Rob another student from the school they kept in touch of course and then eventually Karl wound up becoming the Canadian president of the WWF sometime past and eventually Adams done with college and he’s got some financial problems like a lot of young wrestlers do and the call he’s been looking for comes on May 10th 1996 Jay Carlson says Karl DeMarco has been trying to contact you to work a house show at cops Coliseum so Adam works his very first match that night against Bob Holly who’s known as Sparky plugg at the time before the match Bob comes up to him and asked him how long he’d been working Adam says three and a half years and Bob’s roll rolls his eyes and walks away that night of course Adam was introduced to Sexton Hardcastle and he walked to the ring using I guess what was Rob Van Dam’s theme music and a CW walk from Pantera well Karl DeMarco often book talent like this that you guys wanted to sort of try out that he have enough stroke with the company I know you’ve joked in the past and called him a bison head and laughed at the title of you know Canadian president but he could get in D guys books right for a look he could make suggestions and he did make suggestions yes all the time Karl Karl was the one that suggested Trish did they that trish stratus back in the day as well there are a lot of people karl suggested when adam goes to the ring to wrestle bob he starts the dance bad on purpose and the referee timmy white later told him he was wondering what the hell is this kid doing do you remember the sexton Hardcastle gimmick did you see it oh god it was a stupidest thing it was like the the Cabbage Patch dance I think is what it was that he would do and he would do it really badly and it was absolutely god-awful and I remember you know Bob Holly coming up to him and saying you got to kick your ass something like that I love it I don’t thought the match went really well and when he gets to the back he was congratulated by Jake Roberts who told him that he had it ultimate warrior told him he loved it and Razor congratulated him to how common is that for some of the the senior spokesman for the company to go out of their way to go compliment a youngster on his match that night hey man if you’re good and you you’re looking out there I think that all experienced talent is always looking for their next opponent really and truly you know it’s dusty and savage used to look at your brother uh hey you look really good taking the elbow off the top and they got it kid uh-huh so you’re always looking for that next opponent George Steele told him after that night he would do what he could for him and paid him five hundred dollars but things didn’t move as quickly as he hoped he was taking some other independent bookings but barely scraping by and then one day Karl DeMarco calls and says that Brett who was the WEF champion at the time out with a knee injury and Karl thought it would be good timing for Adam to go to Calgary and show Brett what he can do in the ring Adam didn’t have enough money to make the trip but his mom and grandparents helped kick in so he could make it there and Brett tells them he could train at his house but I Adam didn’t feel comfortable asking to stay there so he reached out to Johnny Smith who had only met two other times but he felt like he had no other options Johnny agreed that he could stay with him even picked him up from the airport gave him a bed and even let him eat his food so all these years later Adam still fills a debt of gratitude to Johnny for him being so kind here of course Brett had a ring set up and an indoor swimming pool and you know lots of opportunities for him to train but there’s other guys they’re training to like Ken Shamrock Mark Henry and test I don’t know that a lot of us are familiar with Brett’s sort of running these training camps if you want to call him that out of his house how did this come together Brett was injured and we were looking for Brett you know at this time looking kind of for something for Brett to do Brett had the ring in his in his pool area though and there was a guy by the name of Leo Burke who was training people and he had worked for Stu Hart for many years one thing about Brett Brett always liked to take care of the old timers as well Leo was somebody that Brett thought was a really good trainer and we had some guys like Ken Shamrock and Mark Henry who needed just more more training needed to get better so Brett said hey you know bring him up here the dungeon wasn’t an ideal place to Train trained guys to take bumps and do everything so Brett opened up his house and had Leo come in and train and Brett was able to work with him a little bit it also kept Brett fresh while he was rehabbing his knee it was good for all of us and it was a place for some of these Canadian guys to go and get seen and learn something else Brett had positive notes for Adam he told him to come back after he did a summer tour with Grand Prix Wrestling and that afforded him the opportunity to work seven or eight times a week and he’s doing all of this of course as Sexton Hardcastle and he winds up working a lot with bad news Allen who we know as bad news brown so they’re working against the suicide blinds here and the suicide blinds is Adam and Jay as the tag team eventually Adam talks to Brett about bringing Jay back in to Calgary to Train and Bret agreed and they make living arrangements with Michelle Billington who was dining my kids ex-wife and they wind up staying in her basement along with tests this feels really really weird and I know it’s great that Canada so friendly but what do you think about edge test and Cristian sort of living in Donna my kids ex-wife’s basement that’s a mouthful is it not you know that that whole Calgary group can be a little [Music] different there that was a what God was that politically correct or what they’re different did you ever meet Michelle Billington can’t say that I have okay item suss around this same time training with Brett he gets them in the ring with him finally in exchange holds an item said at the end of two weeks working together Brett says I’m gonna talk to jr. I think you’re ready so Adams then getting the then world champion to go to bat for him and put in a good word that’s pretty amazing do you remember Brett bringing up Adam and Jay to the office I remember when I remember specifically when Adam was brought up because it was my rack collection it was through Karl and Karl saying I you know we’ve really got these air these good kids a and everybody says hey in Canada and we went ahead and put them under you know very small developmental contracts just so that we would have them under some kind of paper so they wouldn’t go to WCW or go anywhere else wasn’t for a lot of money I don’t even know if it was guaranteed or paid them anything of significance but it allowed them to be under contract and continue to get work and we were when we were ready for them to bring them up and take a look at him next so eventually Adam goes to Winnipeg for a tour and gets word from home that Karl had called said it was important that he call back in Adam didn’t have a cellphone so he scoots over to the sheriff’s office and cats Lake Ontario and calls Carl from there and that’s what he learns that jr. has a contract with his name on it and it’s waiting to be signed at Stanford this is big moment so even though he’s sick with the flu he jumps on a plane and flies there and when he gets there he has to work matches in the television studios against your brother Tom Prichard and Michael PSAs and of course they taped the matches and Michael hit what edge would call quite possibly the stiffest left jab DDT combination in the annals of wrestling history and when edge doesn’t complain Michael sends in a good word is that the way you remember hearing about this well any left jab from Michael Hayes is gonna be one of the stiffest things that you will ever take in your life good god you count your teeth after every left jab Michael throws just for the record doot-doot-doot but they did get a glow J definitely got a glowing report he was smooth he was good didn’t bitch and complain and was there and he had a good look so yeah he got a glowing review so at the end of the week he gets invited up to Jr’s office Jr hands in the developmental contract and says the sky’s the limit but it’s up to you so take this contract Tom get a lawyer to look at it and send it back Adam takes it to the hotel reads it and signs it and brings it back the next day and he thinks most people would probably say that’s pretty dumb but he didn’t care he was 23 and living his dream now this isn’t nearly as glamorous as you might imagine he gets 210 dollars in the US money every week and jr. also says he can take as many Indy dates as he could because they want to keep the ring rust off of him until they had an idea for him you

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