Braun Strowman takes charge against The O.C.: WWE Hell in a Cell 2019

Eric now trying to get over his corner so
far away, tag was made, in comes Styles, and
Eric not able to make the tag. [NOISE]
>>Smart move by AJ Styles.>>What a backdrop.>>Wow [CROSSTALK] What
a heck time on that backdrop.>>Nobody was home for a moment, but knocking on the front door
is the monster among men.>>Boy.
>>And I think someone is about
to get these hands on. Strowman!>>[NOISE]
>>Strowman taking out everything. United States champion,
Anderson Gallows, it’s Strowman out for the first time tags into the matchup. And! 385 pounds!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>He is fired up!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And suddenly, he’s all alone and
I don’t blame him.>>I know what he’s thinking.>>What?>>That’s a big man,
but he’s gotta go fast!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Gallow’s one of them, Anderson taken out, and there’s only one
left, bam the United States champion.>>[APPLAUSE]

100 thoughts on “Braun Strowman takes charge against The O.C.: WWE Hell in a Cell 2019

  1. Fans: a no disqualification match seth vs the fiend, who will win?

    WWE: Im about to ruin this wholemans carrer

  2. People didn’t pay to see a DQ. How can a match even end in a DQ in “Hell in a Cell”.?!?!
    And also the boring champ “the man” Won again.
    Show was a garbage

  3. Very very very worst main rooster in wwe history…. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 roman and Danielbrayan match only very great and superb.. hey wwe universe you give a like these stupid story lines and matches like bray wayat nd seth Rollins match ending inside hell ina a cell, your goin to very very down level..
    Hey i want ask only one question to you … r u think this was a hell in a cell. Main rooster.. ????????????????????????????????? Boooooooooooooooooooooo…….

  4. I’m sure everybody agrees with me that first of all the things should’ve went to boost up his character and ability to scare his opponents.2. What a sucky way to end a match in Hell in a cell when there’s no disqualification.3 Graet match but it could of been better

  5. What was the point of getting the club back together, giving them a new name and giving them new merchandise…just to book them like trash? WWE has officially killed any and all momentum that the O.C. has and turned them into jokes. It’s mind boggling how badly they screwed this up. It should have been a slam dunk. AJ Styles wins the US championship. Gallows and Anderson win the tag titles. Finn joins. They become the Undisputed Era of the main roster, and run Roughshod over the WWE for a while like the Shield did years ago. That would’ve been amazing! But instead, AJ is made to look like a joke, and Gallows and Anderson are back to jobber status

  6. They’re giving braun strowman the big show treatment. They just do not know how to utilize him properly. He was a big dummy for resigning with the wwe. Vince obviously brainwashed him to believed he was going to become wwe world champion.

  7. Viking Raiders Ivar & Erik officially past the point of no return with these characters. Not even Braun Strowman's presence can interest the crowd in them. Strowman properly the focus here, because he IS over with the fans. Come the draft, WWE needs to ship Igor and Aardvark back to NXT and give them back their old names, War Raiders, Hanson & Rowe.

  8. When they drop the highlights for the fiend and Seth everyone dislike it who with me ? Dislike it so much they have to delete it and repost it 😂

  9. Braun Strowman is so good, too bad they squandered him like they did Ziggler, Roode, Nakamura, Rusev. And they'll do the same thing to The Fiend. THIS COMPANY IS SO STUPID.

  10. You make Strowman a middle card , and wasting Big wrestler like Aj Styles Who can actually bring a good show to the table. Uhh WWE creative team you really suck !! I think Aj will do better on AEW

  11. I swear, if they don’t put Finn Balor in the OC and have them form their club cause I think Finn balor was one of the ones who came up with the bullet club so it wouldn’t be copying. And then they can have the club on wwe and NXT

  12. 1st why the hell are they pushing VR so much? Ok they are good but not this much
    2nd why Strowman tagged with them? O.o
    3rd why the hell Gallows-Anderson-Styles didn't leave wwe when they could? In six months they will disappear from tv shows

  13. WWE loves to screw its talented Superstars 😂 AJ Styles is your United States Champion. He's not more than a James Elsworth copy these days. What about O.C ?
    Gallows and Anderson deserves a lot better. Strowman is not more than an oversized piece of meat who loves to lose from Brock Lesnar. I've lost the count how many times they have faced and Strowman lost. He's no longer "The Monster Among Men" WWE screwed his character. Now revive his character by a solid feud with Tyson Fury. As far as Viking Raiders are concerned, All they do is to beat some jobbers and O.C, Make them appeal like a threat WWE !!!

  14. Morons ranting aj deserves better yes he will but now a days he is helping elevate new wrestlers and just look how good aj acts.

  15. WWE probably pissing off their fans by wasting Styles and Strowman as mid carders.Probably also destroying the momentum OC had at the beginning!

  16. WWE is wasting the OC as a backdrop for Strowman vs Tyson Fury. Damn. OC was one of the hottest acts in the WWE the last two months with Badass Kevin Owens and Thr Fiend Bray Wyatt and they all botched them lmao.

  17. damm theyve really ruined Gallows and Anderson. When they won the tag titles it looked like maybe they were change things up. But nope they lost them like a week later and have been jobbing ever since

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