Baron Corbin wins the 2017 Money in the Bank Ladder Match

>>An old face.>>Surprise, surprise.>>[APPLAUSE].>>[LAUGH]
>>How about this.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>They know they can’t go up unless one of them’s taken out.>>No, we’re not climb, we’re gonna fight.>>There’s some respect between these two.>>These guys have incredible respect for
each other, as you say, Tom, there can be only one. And we’re about to witness
one hell of a fight. [NOISE]
>>And Styles right after Nakamura,
both men firing back at each other. Two expert strikers going at
it here at Money in the Bank.>>Styles with a little bit of an edge,
and now the response from Nakamura. [NOISE]
>>And Styles fires back here at Nakamura,
trying to light him up. But it’s AJ Styles who
responds with a frenzy. Wait a minute.>>Ho ho.
>>Got a hold of Styles here from behind, trying to wear down Styles,
trying to take him down here to the mat. [NOISE]
>>Now, wait a minute, and the Exploder again. [NOISE]
>>Nakamura loaded up one more time.>>Firing up again,
looking to dish out another one.>>Coming what a counter,
what a counter by AJ Styles!>>[APPLAUSE] [NOISE]>>All of these competitors with an incredible resume,
all their championships, still their career will change forever. Whichever one gets that briefcase
with that contract inside.>>A change just inches away.>>And both men connected on those shots.>>Now, Styles trying to reach out here,
and Nakamura hand in the face of Styles. Styles and
Nakamura trying to reach out, no. Corbin! [NOISE] Corbin took them both out,
Corbin took out both men. Styles and Nakamura were dropped.>>There’s no one in sight.>>Corbin up to the top.>>Corbin’s got it, get it, Baron.>>Corbin reaching.>>Get it, Baron.>>Corbin trying to unhook the briefcase.>>Taking a lot of time.>>Trying to grab the briefcase.>>He’s got it, he’s got it! [SOUND]
>>Baron Corbin is Mr. Money in the Bank.>>Here is your winner, Baron Corbin.>>[APPLAUSE]>>You could not have a more unpredictable competitor become Mr. Money in the Bank
than Baron Corbin, the Lone Wolf.>>Baron Corbin has just earned the ticket
which will now change his entire life.

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