8 Coolest WWE Car Entrances

[INAUDIBLE] coming on, Stone Cold Steve,
>>Stone Cold Steve Austin is driving his
pickup truck right up to the ringside.
>>I can’t believe it!
>>This, ladies and gentlemen,
is how you do it like a boss,
what a fitting way to enter Center.
They’re fired up, it’s so loud,
Sasha Banks just doing it
the only way she knows how.
>>[INAUDIBLE] the ring at
a combined weight of 528 pounds,
Eddie Guerrero and
the world heavyweight champion, Batista!
Batista [INAUDIBLE] Batista’s so big,
you almost need to [INAUDIBLE]
>>As we said earlier,
Latino Heat is back, the lone rider,
and he’s having fun again!
>>Come on, baby!
>>Don’t fall out, the world heavyweight
champion [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH]
I’ll tell you it’s been a long
time coming since we’ve
seen Eddie Guerrero [INAUDIBLE] [SOUND]
>>What is this,
JR, The Fast and the Furious?
[INAUDIBLE] Look out!
>>I’m not sure, Greg,
[INAUDIBLE] right here.
>>It’s here, whatever or whoever he is.
[SOUND] Guys, look out!
>>That poor Mustang,
right through the Wrestlemania glass.
>>The champ is here.
>>That’s Big Show!
That’s Big Show!
>>Is that Big Show?
>>Somebody stop him!
Yes, it’s Big Show,
who do you think he is?
A seven foot tall,
500 pound man’s driving a truck.
>>Look at this, Big Show,
Big Show [INAUDIBLE] is here!
[SOUND] A monster with a monster truck!
>>What is he doing?
>>Whatever he wants!
>>He’s trespassing.
are stunned.
>>That Big Show!
>>Big Show telling to turn
around right into Daniel Bryan.
[SOUND] This is big, this is JBL style.
>>Well leave it to JBL to have this
type of an entrance at Wrestlemania.
>>[LAUGH] You’ve gotta be kidding.
>>I’ve never seen that happening, Kit.
>>I’ve never seen a motorcade entrance,
[LAUGH] In all my years being
in this industry, it’s great.
>>Well history was made
again here at Wrestlemania.
>>There’s the champ, there’s the champ!
>>The longest running
champion in ten years.
>>There’s Austin.
>>Wait a minute!
[NOISE] Austin’s on a zamboni.
Austin’s is coming in the arena.
>>Don’t let him in here.
>>He’ll run us over.
>>Stone Cold, Stone Cold is here.

100 thoughts on “8 Coolest WWE Car Entrances

  1. Id have to say eddie guerrero was the most likeable and not gimmicky. All the others were nice but eddie and dave were just vibing in a clean low low!

  2. I can debate this all day with you guys but maybe it's just my bias talkin but Sasha Banks is the best, maybe because I got a caddy just like that one

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