720pHD WWE Raw 09/09/19: Natalya vs Lacey Evans

dine Corbin oh oh whoa whoa hang on [Applause] [Music] [Applause] is on top of the world after a woman’s right to Natalya last week on Monday Night Raw Natalya not happy he’s got an opportunity at retribution Evans and Natalya meet live next she’s Buddy Dayron nominated for a People’s Choice Award Lacey Evans with a rematch tonight against Natalya let’s show you what happened last week Natalya not like me what Lacey Evans had to say about her earlier today with a go right at relations before the start of their mash Natalya attempted to take advantage using dishonesty and gaining an upper hand on Lacey Evans who would battle through adversity and do the right thing and outsmart her competition right thing of course is well it was a woman’s right that Lacey Evans would deliver to pick up to win over Natalya the classiest New York City’s been in I mean decades especially for everyone where they live [Applause] that’s near [Music] that Queens is a borough of New York City nonetheless here comes the Italian set to go one-on-one with Lacey Evans here tonight Natalya seeking retribution Renee I know you did talk to Natalya she is really looking forward to this match tonight Maddie’s been in a new tent what happened last week the ward retribution was the war first word that came out of Matty’s mouth just disgusted with everything lady individual no friends in the locker room nobody wants to be associated play together tonight daddy’s gonna shut her down okay you have that backwards once again Lacey Evans has no desire to be associated with anybody in her locker room she’s a sassy southern belle she is a megastar what if being a sassy southern belle have to do with bringing any fight Murray its classing up the joint Renee and listen I don’t know what you have said last week Lacey outsmarted Natalia period point-blank and Natalia now firing up here on Lacey Evans lady her temper get the best of her and Natalya business Oh the feisty one that breaks the rules of attacks people this is ridiculous it’s about time you know what everybody just picks it Natalia all the time I like when this version of her comes out to the right it’s brought out the best Lacey Evans is also beaten best so Oh Natalia is sucking up the legs looking perhaps for the Sharpshooter her submission maneuver better England who look at Natalya twisty Lacey inside-out Lacey with nowhere to go trying to use her long arms and just barely gets to the bottom rope to force of breaks against Italia’s problems obey the referees count look at her up there’s hair pulling in there better no way shape or form this is classless this is despicable the official doing what he can but now Lacey Evans rolling up ditalion attire rolled right through pick Jessica’s clothesline takes down Lacey cover now by Natalya is it enough to put her away in a kick-out by Evans dahlias got determination all over tonight we’re gonna step through for the Sharpshooter here start move by Lacey crawling the bottom rope Lacey’s scrambling she doesn’t know what hit her Natalya has been relentless we’re gonna take a breather and suck her Natalya yeah look at that cracker outside the ranks again once again Lacey Evans outsmarts Natalya and the tile Eddie her emotions get the best of her here in this matchup and Lacey just laid in wait and then launch the attack is dimness into motion Oh [Music] rajaiah bounced off the apron a couple of times look at Laci go play taint aggression aggression here tonight it’s his payback Renee if the time you was doing it you would have been say no it’s fine Maddie’s upset she just wants revenge but Lacey’s doing it she’s doing it better and this is exactly why you should be on the Lacey train it was interesting the way she usually April yeah of course it was elbow cover by Evans is that enough Aaron a kick-out look at this relentlessly stomping in the corner daddy looks like she’s fading at this point basically this looks bothered do you know how difficult it is to maintain class when you’re in a brawl Cole it’s very very difficult and Lacey excels out of cover violation Natalia and a kick-out yet again if I were in charge of New York City I would replace that nasty out on Ellis Island with the Statue of Lacey Evans and here’s the Talia fighting back to her feet looking to create separation on Evans it’s all right listen I Relations has the guts to tell the truth and be honest I think she’d agree with me now Lacey Evans from the second rope and I’m Natalia looking to take advantage [Applause] [Music] right to the ribs Italian wasted time pandering and paid for it hey every day give me your tired your poor Canadians we’ll take them all one nation under lacy dominates how you started this match very aggressive it went just like last week I’m glad she’s got a lot of other games she’s got good hygiene Renee with a boot and now natty looks to take advantage the tie you’re gonna step through sharpshooter time right in the middle of the Ring Lacey nowhere to go she’s got a [Music] [Applause] now what what if this Natalia won’t for at least the whole preparation to reverse the decision I hate it Natalia is the winner Natalia picks up the win here tonight on Monday Night Raw much to mr. grieves cigarettes a patriot cold offensive [Music]

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